White Medal - Agbrigg Beast LP.

Released on Seedstock Records, 2010. Limited to 200 copies. 

I snagged the first press with xeroxed covers, not that I mind owt like this but it’s nice to have card sleeves. You have to treat xeroxed stuff like gold.

Anyway, this was the final record I needed to complete my White Medal discography collection (I still need to get some the odd tape) but it’s done. Took me a couple of weeks, most of the stuff isn’t that hard to get or very expensive to acquire but as I live pay check to pay check it sorta is for me.

Agbrigg Beast is the 2nd demo release under the moniker of White Medal (George Proctor of Mutant Ape fame). First listen of any of his stuff in WM and if your familiar with black metal it doesn’t sound like the typical blend. For this band he makes the sound his own. Chaotic, raw and punk sounding black metal for me I think it’s unique in the genre.

The demo starts off ‘Agbrigg’ which is probably his most famous song. Starts of slow and lumbering and jogs on at a familiar pace which is like most of the EP. Things get interesting when you get to the melancholic song 'Lost’ which is has a great sound. Shows that amongst all the dark and dreary sound of White Medal there is a something epic sounding.

As for a demo I really like the rough recording I think it plays to the aim WM is going for, after all Yorkshire is a bleak place at the best of times.

As a fan of White Medal and black metal, to any new folk I meet I urge them to listen too this.

Yorkshire Pride.