“But being vegan is so expensive!” is one of the most “popular” arguments against veganism I hear when talking about it with people. And when, sure, it can be, it really doesn’t have to. I’ve been a college student for over five months now, I live in a dorm and my only money comes from my social scholarship. And I have no problem with maintaining my lifestyle.

I decided to make this post to show people in similar situations that it is possible to go and stay vegan and healthy on a budget :)

I shop for groceries once a week and spend around 15, max 20 (on special occasions) dollars. And this is what I usually buy:

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Garden Magic Ideas
  • Altars on tree stumps
  • Blessing next year’s seeds
  • Planting seeds/plants in the design of a symbol or sigil (e.g., symbols for sun/moon/Earth; sigils for health, growth, harvest, abundance)
  • Hanging charms around the fence, on some plants (e.g., tree branch, tomato stalk), or on posts in the garden
  • Herb-enhanced compost or soil mix
  • Crystals placed around the garden beds
  • Birdbath- collect rain water and moon water, sun/moon charge crystals or charms, leave offerings, or just to forge a connection with the birds and other creatures who use the bath (giving back to the Earth)
  • Paint symbols or sigils on flower pots
  • Growing specific plants (herbs), recognizing all plants unique energies and learn from them
  • Garden meditations