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Dear future self,

Dear past self,

Dear best friend,

Dear Flame General,

Dear Sultana Nanamo Ul’ Namo,

Dear Elder Seedseer,

Dear Admiral,

Dear Ser Aymeric de Borel,

Dear Mother,

Dear Father,

Dear (sibling name),

Dear person I’m jealous of,

Dear potential lover,

Dear former potential lover,

Dear lover,

Dear (someone dead who is important to you),

Dear (someone in your free company),

Dear ex-lover,

Dear former best friend,

Dear (someone you want dead),

Dear (whoever you wish to write to),

And this is why I always obsessively talk to all NPCs as I progress through the MSQ. You find out so many fun little things.

The Keeper of the Entwined Serpents is one of Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna’s three bodyguards (the ones you usually you see when you’re at the Lotus Stand), in particular the dark-haired male Midlander Hyur. He’s present during the portion of the Heavensward storyline in the Churning Mists when Kan-E-Senna visits the Mists Moogles, and in fact he’s the one who laments that the Moogles have the Elder Seedseer sweeping! During Stormblood, he’s the only one of Kan-E’s bodyguards we see when the Alliance leadership is gathered at Porta Praetoria in the Lochs, though there’s also some Twin Adders officers present at the time this dialogue occurs.

What the Keeper is referring to something detailed in the Encyclopedia Eorzea about the aftermath of the Battle of Carteneau:

The Twin Adders, however, would not return to the Shroud for some time, as Kan-E-Senna volunteered her troops to form search parties and return to Carteneau, providing assistance to friend and foe alike who lay wounded - but breathing - on those hellish plains. The compassion of the Elder Seedseer, herself an accomplished healer, would save no small number of men from their fates.

(Pg. 46, emphasis mine)

So we it’s confirmed on two fronts that Kan-E-Senna assisted both Alliance soldiers and the conscripts of the Garlean VII Legion, and that furthermore, at least one Garlean defected to the Alliance. Honestly, I suspect there are many more, and my best guess is the majority of those are in Gridania/the Twin Adders due to Kan-E-Senna’s actions.

I hope we get to see the ripples from that in more detail as more MSQ goes alive over the coming months.

[ OOC ] Gelmorra/Duskwight Lore Bomb

@gelmorra used to have this posted on their Tumblr, but it doesn’t seem to exist anymore.  Considering how useful it was to me as a Duskwight roleplayer, I’ve taken the liberty of reposting it here.  I hope it helps others as much as it helped me, and huge thanks go to the original author for compiling such an amazing collection of Duskie tidbits!

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A Worn Pamphlet, Page 1

The Garlean Empire, is your enemy. They will steal your freedom, ravage your women, and crush you under their boots. Any voice of dissent, any small freedom stripped, and your children brainwashed. 

This, is the lies your leaders spew forth at you. A warning of the ‘evil’ of the Garlean Empire, and reasons as to -why- you should fight against them to your final breath. Why mothers should cheer as husbands and sons march off to war, why they should hold their head up with pride when the only memento of them they are returned, is a letter saying in what worn battleground they died.

“Look To Ala Mhigo!” Their voices will shout, gesturing to the throngs of refugees that crowd your streets. The refugees themselves starving, or being used for little better than slaves, or fodder for the gladiatorial pits. “Look at these proud refugees! How they lost their home, and have been forced into such dire straights because of the Empire!” Their tears welling in their eyes, as the Monetarists’ lackies thrust those refugees whom can work into mines, laughing as they serve them piss and hard tack for food, and a single gil for a days work.

“Look at how their soldiers have taken our women!” The cries of anger from your crowds rising, as the screams of a port town in a Garlean province fill the air. Limsan Pirates, sanctioned by the state pouring out of their vessels, to soak the ground in the blood of the ‘enemy’… Women captured, ravaged and spoiled, before finding themselves tied upon the ship as the men ‘enjoy’ them, before selling them to a pleasure barge when they grow bored.

“How cruel they are to the world! Stripping it’s resources to build machines of war, and cities of steel!” The Seedseer cries out, the refugees denied from her lands at the behest of ‘elementals’, as the Hyur, Elezen and Miqo’te bow before this ruling race, that threatens them with the very elements should they step out of line. This race that values the lives of their citizens less than a single shrubbery. This race that would have all of their citizens live at the -mercy- of plants, instead of overcoming it, and achieving greatness!

“The Empire will strip you of your freedoms!” They cry in unison, as the Brass Blades cut the throats of those they swore to protect… The Yellow Jackets turn a blind eye to the fights in their very street, and the Wood Wailers concern themselves more with poachers, than crimes against their people. “Your freedom to speak, stripped!” Their heads bow in shame, as the dissenters among you are dragged into the alleys, or into trial for ‘crimes against the state’. 

The Empire, is not perfect. We do not offer you pure freedom, or a life of luxury… No. What we do offer however, is -peace- within our provinces. We offer order. PROTECTION against those primals your leaders -ALLOW- the beast tribes to summon, before crying to the Warrior of Light to save them from their folly. We offer you -FOOD- and work for -ALL-, so no man or woman needs to starve upon the street… A home, while not grand, will protect you. A purpose, will guide you, and -peace- will flourish.

“What of Doma!? What of how you put them to heel?!” The voices ring true from among your mind, and we bow our head… Doma, was unfortunate. But, they forced a war upon the Empire. They took the offer of hospitality, the kindness of bringing them into the fold, and spat in our face. They chose, to fight as warriors against the Empire… And so, the Empire treated them as Warriors. 






Epithet Bestowing for Operation Rhalgr’s Beacon

The Eorzean Alliance had designated Flame Captain Kale Aideron to be the presiding officer for an awards presentation conducted to recognize the achievements of soldiers and fighters from as many as six different nations in the liberation of Ala Mhigo. Captain Aideron had served as the joint commander of the grand formation, and thus represented Flame General Raubahn Aldynn, Chief Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn, and Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Seena in bestowing epithets and awarding decorations.

As the military medal is unique to the professional arrangement of the Grand Companies, the Ishgardians of House De’bayle were instead awarded medals from the Order of the Twin Adder, in recognition of their service provided to both nations from the Lavender Beds. Additionally, fighters not belonging to a Grand Company were awarded as high a decoration from an appropriate army as deemed proper.

Without further ado, the following is the list of campaign participants officially recognized…

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Keter - Chapter 07

Seeking Seedseer 

Smoke wafted through the building as the orange glow of flames lit the hall. Leo crouched low to the ground, holding a cloth over his mouth to filter out the ash in the air. Sweat dripped down his face as he stood to his feet, setting down the body of a young boy in his hands. The smoke stung his eyes, his fingers creaking against the leather wrap on the hilt of his sword.

“I swore an oath to my family, and to these people, to protect them,” Leo grunted out, tears streaming from his eyes, stepping forward as he held the blade in both hands. “I’m sorry to you, but I will not fail them further…” Leo charged forward, seething with rage as a shadow figure rose from the floor, towering almost twice Leo’s height as red eyes burned deep within its head.


Leo slowly opened his eyes, his caravan coming to a stop outside of the Blue Badger Gate of Gridania. He took a soft, deep breath as he came to his senses.

“Rise and shine buddy, we’re here,” spoke Aki as he stood from his bench and gave Leo a tap on his knee. Aki glanced over, spying Mystis leaning against the back wall of the caravan. Mystis drooled slightly, their mouth hanging open and softly snoring. Aki laughed as he tapped Mystis on the shoulder. “You too, time to go.” Mystis snapped awake, startled by the touch on their shoulder.

“Wh-what? We made it?” Mystis asked, wiping the drool from their lip. They fixed their hat, sweeping back some of their hair and setting it straight. “Who are we meeting with?”

“The Padjals, at least,” replied Leo as he straightened out his coat. Given the proximity, might see Raubahn as well, who knows.” Mystis stepped over, and followed close behind the trio walked down the long covered path into the city.


“Welcome Marshal Spencer, Captain Shisen, rise,” spoke Kan-E-Senna with a smile, as Leo led Aki and Mystis in kneeling before the Padjal. “I do not believe we have been acquainted. Of whom might you be?” Mystis looked up, meeting eyes with the Seedseer, and standing to their feet.

“I am Cadet Mystis Nykoto of Sharlayan, under charge of Commander Spencer,” Mystis spoke with a bow.

“Cadet Nykoto was instrumental in our success at Rhalgr’s Reach,” Leo spoke in. “Without their actions, the loss of life would have been far greater.” Leo stood at ease, his fingers resting over his belt buckle.

“Very well, then you are to be commended,” Kan-E-Senna spoke, raising a hand slightly above her shoulder, as to motion to the red-haired padjali behind her. “Raya, please see to it that Cadet Nykoto is awarded full military honors for their actions.

“Yes sister,” Raya replied with a bow.

“Now as to the cause for your summoning,” started Kan-E-Senna. “Your reports to the Alliance state that you came into contact with a sort of shadow creature.”

“Yes Elder, once again, it was our Cadet here that was attacked by the beast, but not enough to cause any ill effects upon them,” Leo explained, as Kan-E-Senna stepped forward.

“I see, and from the reports, do you believe it to be the same beast as you encountered before, or at the least, of the same species?” asked Kan-E-Senna as she gave a quick look over and examination of Mystis.

“The same… whatever they are, yes, but very much not the same beast that I faced,” Leo replied calmly, as Mystis turned their gaze to their commander, looking on in a bit of shock.

“Very well, you know how best to combat them, so we shall leave you to that. From this moment forward, until further notice and your mission completed, you  and your company are all dissolved from our service. You shall be held as a mercenary squadron, and given the freedom of operation such groups tend to employ. Wages and dues will be given as previously, so do not let that trouble you and your men.”

“Very well, thank you Elder Seedseer,” Leo spoke, bowing graciously as Mystis and Aki followed suit.


“Commander, you’ve battled with one of these… beasts, before?” Mystis asked, following next to Leo as they marched to the inn. “I never knew…”

“Very few do,” Leo responded, looking forward, rather than over to acknowledge Msytis’s question. A few awkwardly silent moments passed before he spoke up. “I have, which led to this very group being formed.”

“Th-this group?” Mystis asked, still staring at Leo. “How long ago what that?” Mystis waited in silence as Leo let out a long breath.

“Close to nineteen years have gone by…” Leo spoke, become uncharacteristically quiet in his response. “I was surrounded at the time by many that helped form this group.” Mystis nodded as their looked over to Aki, a slight blush to his cheeks as he seemed to be avoiding looking at Mystis.

“Were you one of those members, Aki?” Mystis asked with a laugh.

“Please, I’m not that old…” Aki laughed out, giving a slight ribbing to Leo. The group laughed together, as Leo seemed to not retaliate the gesture from Aki.

“I’m not old either,” Leo laughed out. “Just extra experienced with life.”

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Palace of the Scams: One Brave Wood Wailer Speaks Out! The Shocking Truth Behind This Sordid Seedseer Scheme!

Unearthing a Legend:

It was on a day much like any other that unsuspecting explorers unearthed the entrance to a series of monster filled ruins, or so we were lead to believe. These ruins which are believed to be those of Gelmorra, an ancient subterranean city, quickly gained the apt nickname Palace of the Dead (PotD) among the locals. Apt, this modest reporter says, not because of the numerous undead roaming the halls, but because of the number of hapless adventurers that go gallivanting merrily through the labyrinthine corridors looking for treasure only to return as a ghost of their past selves!

With such a suspicious situation, I would be remiss if I did not investigate further, and believe me, dear readers, what I found was nothing short of a scandal!

Exclusive Interview:

For safety, this interview was conducted under the condition of anonymity.

Q: “Good afternoon, Ser. It is my understanding that you work as an entrance guard for the Galmorran ruins?”

A: “That would be correct, Ma’am. I’ve been stationed there since the ruins were first discovered.”

Q: “Wonderful. Now, you said that you had information you wished to share with the lovely denizens of Eorzea about these ruins?”

A: “Damn right I do. That sinkhole is the worst thing to happen to Quarrymill.”

Q: “How so?”

A: “Well, not counting the massive influx of foreigners and adventuring buffoons, the entire pit is just a giant con the Seedseers are running.”

Q: “Could you elaborate on this ‘con,’ Ser?”

A: “That’s what I’m here for, isn’t it? These Seedseers, you see, they saw the discovery of entrance to the ruins at Issom-Har as a golden opportunity to decrease the number of adventurers bumbling around Aldenard. Only problem was, they had to figure out a way to keep the adventurers coming back, so they got together with a dodgy looking Bishop and made these supposed “magic” sacks that had a variety of items in them. That’s where the real problem starts.”

Q: “How so? Surely an increase in item availability is a good thing.”

A: “Oh sure. At first it was great. I was able to get two new sets of boots that I had been looking for at a decent price. That was before the inflation though. There’s been such a huge influx of items now that those same boots are barely worth a handful of Gil. It’s great if you’re buying, but there’s almost no profit left for honest craftsmen!”

Q: “That does sound like quite a problem.”

A: “And that’s not even the worst of it. Those strength and steel ‘pomanders,’ that the adventurers use in the ‘Palace?’ They’re narcotics. A lot of adventurers use them right before they leave the ruins, and let me tell you, it’s not pretty. Salt dried on their skin so thick it could pass for amour. Nasty stuff.”

Q: “So you’re telling me that the Seedseers are ruining the economy and causing an outbreak in drug addiction? How terrible!”

A: “Oh that’s nothing. That’s their cover for something much more sinister. Those ‘mimic’ chests? The pox disease they give people doesn’t just make them ill. It drains them of their very life essence. The Seedseers have it set up so that the stolen life energy is used to create the adventurer’s armor and weapon inside the ruins, and the adventures never get that energy back. Materializing those weapons outside of the ‘Palace’ only slaves them further to the it, because it steals massive amounts of energy with each additional weapon. They would literally die if they lost their connection to Galmorra. I’ve seen it happen.”

Q: “But what is the purpose of all of this?”

A: “Seven hells, I don’t know. I’m just some entrance guard that’s been stationed there long enough to know too much. In fact, just talking to you is putting my life in the hands of the Twelve. The Seedseers dispose of anyone they believe knows too much. How else did you think those dead bodies got to be hanging from the ceiling on some floors? They certainly didn’t climb up themselves, that’s for damn sure.”

 Picture submitted by Caize K.

Q: “How horrible! I would be terrified if I was in your position.”

A: “I don’t remember the last time I slept. I feel like all I’ve ever done is stand guard at the entrance. In fact, I’m not sure how I was even able to leave for this interview. I don’t think I’ve ever been relieved from duty before. Are you even real?”

So there you have it folks, the exclusive inside scoop found by yours truly through dedicated sleuthing! Remember to share this life-saving information with friends and family!

Written by tenacious reporter, sometimes stalker, and apprentice in calumniation Talamh Rugadh. @unstablearth

It’s taken me a while, but here’s a post I’ve slowly been writing up for fyeahffgirls! Final Fantasy fans love honoring the wonderful ladies of the series, but many brush over XI and XIV in their creative works because they just don’t know enough about the games or their characters. Hopefully this post will serve as an introduction to the women of Eorzea, and hopefully it will help spark some interest in the game as a whole!

It should be noted that nearly all of Eorzea’s political factions are governed by women. (The only exception to this is the eternally absent Holy See of Ishgard, who have very little influence in XIV’s plot.) All of these leaders are completely different in their morals and their approaches to ruling their respective peoples. There are even a few female antagonists; they are shown to be just as brutal, if not more so, than their male counterparts.

Eorzea is generally far more friendly to women than most fictional fantasy worlds and even many other Final Fantasy worlds. We see this not only in the high-ranking political spheres but also in almost every aspect of everyday Eorzean society. Female NPCS own and operate businesses just as often as the male ones do, and women make up a significant portion of each city-state’s armed forces. Exactly half of Eorzea’s pantheon - known as the Twelve - are female. In the English text, gendered phrases such as “brother in arms” and “sister in arms” are used with equal respect. XIV is not perfect in terms of its portrayal of women - sexual harassment is occasionally played as a joke, there’s some violence against women that’s shrugged off as “the norm”, there are hardly any notable women of color or openly lesbian, bisexual, or transgender women - but there’s a lot to appreciate in XIV’s established lore all the same.

Here are some of XIV’s most influential female characters, who together make up most of the game’s cast. All images are either official character renders or screenshots pulled from my own XIV: A Realm Reborn playthrough.

Y'shtola (pronounced “yahsh-TOH-la”)

  • I’m putting Y'shtola first not because she’s the most important but because she’s become something of a representative for Final Fantasy XIV. She’s a favorite among Japanese fans and has been given the most attention outside of her own game. She’s slated to appear in both Theatrhythm: Curtain Call and Final Fantasy Tactics S.
  • Y'shtola is a Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te, and she is the Scions’ agent in La Noscea. If the player begins their journey in Limsa Lominsa, Y'shtola is the one who will recruit them to the Scions. She is a conjurer.
  • Y'shtola is intelligent and kind but often critical of other people’s failings. She is at odds with Merlwyb, admiral of Limsa Lominsa, for the Maelstrom’s treatment of the beast tribes.

Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn (pronounced “MERL-vib BLOO-fiss-vin”)

  • Merlwyb is the admiral of the thalassocracy of Limsa Lominsa. She is a Sea Wolf Roegadyn. In the original Final Fantasy XIV, when only male Roegadyn were playable, Merlwyb was the first female Roegadyn ever to make an appearance in the game. (Read this post for an account of one fan’s efforts to include female Roegadyn - their efforts paid off!) In the Roegadyn language, Merlwyb’s name means “Sea Woman, daughter of Blue Fish.”
  • Before becoming admiral, Merlwyb followed in her father Bloefhis’s footsteps as a pirate by succeeding him as the captain of the League of Lost Bastards. To attain the rank of admiral, she competed in an event called the Trident, which is essentially a no-holds-barred nautical race around the southern coast of Vylbrand.
  • Although formerly one of the most notorious pirates of the age, she has taken steps to crack down on piracy since becoming admiral. She is an authoritarian ruler, and more than one freedom-loving Lominsan has labeled her a tyrant. She has also received criticism for her overwhelmingly aggressive policies against the sahagin and kobold beast tribes of La Noscea, and many argue that the actions she’s taken against these beast tribes borders on immoral.

Kan-E-Senna (pronounced “KAHN-eh SEN-ah”)

  • Kan-E-Senna (referred to more informally as Kan-E) is a Padjal, a non-playable race. She is the leader of Gridania and its armed forces, the Order of the Twin Adder; her title is Elder Seedseer. As a Padjal, she is able to communicate with the elementals of the Black Shroud and govern Gridania in accordance with their will.
  • Kan-E is much older than she appears, although her exact age is unknown. She was able to hear the elementals from a very young age, and she was only five years old when she was able to avert several natural disasters with her gift of prophecy. This granted her inclusion into the Stillglade Fane, Gridania’s elite league of conjurers, and she soon rose to the rank of Elder Seedseer.
  • She has two younger siblings, Raya-O and A-Ruhn. Although she used to live with them deep in the Twelveswood, her duties in Gridania now keep her away from them most of the time.

Nanamo Ul Namo (shown here with Raubahn Aldynn)

  • Nanamo is a Dunesfolk Lalafell. She is sultana of the desert city-state of Ul'dah.
  • Though she is the seventeenth of her line to rule over Ul'dah, Nanamo’s powers of authority are severely weakened by another branch of the city-state’s government. The Syndicate, who are comprised of the six wealthiest people in Ul'dah, seek to undermine Nanamo’s capabilities as leader. Some even seek an end to the sultanate altogether. Not by any means naïve to these internal threats, Nanamo finds herself hard-pressed to carry out her will.
  • Nanamo’s greatest ally and confidant is Raubahn Aldynn, the only member of the Syndicate to prove his unwavering loyalty to her. Raubahn organized the Immortal Flames, a new branch of Ul'dah’s military, for the purpose of returning more military power to the sultanate. Raubahn himself leads the Immortal Flames as their general, and he represents Nanamo in all foreign affairs of war.
  • Nanamo has done her best to provide for the countless refugees seeking asylum in Ul'dah, but some dialogue in the 2.2 story hints that she has not always done so. For twenty years, Nanamo has chosen to turn away refugees from the Garlean-occupied city-state of Ala Mhigo, leaving them to stay in camps scattered throughout the desert of Thanalan.


  • Minfilia is a Midlander Hyur of Ala Mhigan descent. She has acted as the leader of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn since Louisoix Leveilleur’s death at Carteneau five years ago.
  • Minfilia, though a capable leader, struggles to follow in her late mentor Louisoix’s footsteps. She loves each of the members of the Scions and fears for not only their safety but for the safety of all Eorzea.
  • Her birth name is Ascilia, although this is kept hidden from others for her own safety. Minfilia’s father, Warburton, was a key figure in the Ala Mhigan resistance against the Garlean Empire, and he stole Garlean intelligence for several years. Much of the Scions’ knowledge of the primals comes from his efforts. Warburton was killed in the year 1562 of the Sixth Astral Era, however, and Minfilia was adopted and raised by the famous dancer F'lhaminn.
  • Minfilia expresses more of a desire to learn about the Echo than any of her comrades. This curiosity has been the driving force behind her motivations as a character from 2.1 onward.

Yda (pronounced “EE-dah”)

  • Yda is a Midlander Hyur. She is the Scions’ agent in the Black Shroud, along with her partner Papalymo. If the player begins their journey in Gridania, both Yda and Papalymo will recruit them to the Scions. She is a pugilist.
  • Yda is upbeat and cheerful, although she often receives criticism from Papalymo for her laid-back attitude. Despite her tendencies to be a little ditzy, however, she is a skilled fighter and has proven her match against even the most dangerous of foes.
  • She likes sylphs and moogles.

Livia sas Junius

(CONTENT WARNING: Livia’s bio contains details that some may associate with incest.)

  • Livia sas Junius is a tribunus of the Garlean Empire. She serves directly under Gaius van Baelsar, one of XIV’s key antagonists, and helps carry out his plans to conquer Eorzea. As of yet, Livia is the only female Garlean antagonist.
  • Livia is extremely sadistic and has no qualms about destroying those of no use to her. She demands nothing less than absolute respect of her subordinates.
  • Livia was adopted and raised by Gaius van Baelsar after her homeland was conquered by the Empire. She is fiercely loyal to him and will obey any of his orders without question. It is also heavily implied that the two are lovers, although this doesn’t by any means decrease her credibility as a villain.
  • She is never seen without her mask, but her towering height and graceful posture suggest that she is Elezen.

Alisaie Leveilleur (shown here with her twin brother Alphinaud; Alisaie is on the right)

  • Alisaie is the granddaughter of the late Archon Louisoix Leveilleur, the former leader of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. She is a Wildwood Elezen.
  • Like her brother, Alisaie has a sharp, sarcastic wit, although she usually lets him do most of the talking when they’re together.
  • Alisaie is working with Urianger of the Students of Baldesion to unlock the secrets of the Binding Coil of Bahamut; she believes that this is the key to securing Eorzea’s continued safety.


  • Yugiri is a relatively new character from the 2.2 story plot. She hails from the nation of Doma, which was recently destroyed by its Garlean conquerors.
  • She is of an unknown race, although it is speculated that this race may eventually become playable in a future patch.
  • Yugiri struggles to find a place of safety for what remains of her countrymen, and she will go to any lengths to keep her people safe. She has a special fondness for Doma’s children, and many of them look up to her as a role model.
  • Yugiri is highly proficient in Doman fighting techniques, and she eventually joins a league in Limsa Lominsa where she can hone her skills. It’s possible that Yugiri will eventually be the guildmaster for a new, undisclosed job.


  • Tataru is a Dunesfolk Lalafell. Her name is most likely a reference to the Tarutaru race from Final Fantasy XI.
  • She is the Scions’ secretary. Despite her lack of battle experience, she’s a valued member of the family.
  • She is extremely romantic and loves to sing love songs.
  • Look at her, she’s just such a cutie.
  • Okay, she’s not that influential, but I couldn’t make a list and not include Tataru.

If anyone has any questions at all about Final Fantasy XIV, please feel free to ask me! I’m not a loremaster by any means, but I’ll do my best to help you. As a longtime fan of the Final Fantasy series, I’ve loved every bit of my adventures in Eorzea and couldn’t give the game a higher recommendation, especially because of its complex and well-written female characters.

Prompt #3 (The Twelve): No Goodly Soul

Dark stood before the pillar and the tablet, the waterfall’s rush drowning out the sounds of activity on either shore. Over and over, she read the words inscribed in the stone.

Though storms of blood approach ye

There was certainly enough blood in this war. She thought of the troubled expression of the Keeper of the Entwined Serpents, and his hope that his former countrymen would put down their arms rather than fight the combined might of the Alliance, their Warriors of Light leading the van. He had been lucky, at Carteneau, to be spared by the Elder Seedseer. As was the lupin warrior and his troops, once they learned of Doma’s liberation.

How many other conscripts were never given the chance, who pressed on to fight despite their fear, who saw no mercy?

Hells open, Heavens weep

The priests had always told the stories of the seven hells as Dark had grown up. How one’s wicked soul was sent to the hell that corresponded to one’s sins for uncounted time, until it journeyed through the other five to witness the judgments on other sinners. At the gate to the seventh hell, if one’s heart showed regret and remorse, the soul passed to heaven—but a soul who did not repent would be thrown into the void of the final hell.

Dark wondered idly how many men and women had flooded the gates of the six upper hells, how many would repent eventually—perhaps that was why the heavens wept, she thought. They knew how few would reach forgiveness.

No goodly soul need ever fear

What constituted a goodly soul, she wondered, in a world where soldiers threw themselves against one another? Where the ideology of one nation or tribe conflicted with another’s? When soldiers followed orders out of fear for themselves and their families; would those men and women be judged as harshly, or would their desire count as goodly?

The measure of His Reach

She looked up, and up, at the massive statue overlooking the landscape far beyond the little valley where once monks trained, and now the Resistance headquartered. She always found it interesting that a nation that followed a god of magic be so concerned with physical strength. How does a nation dedicated to the Destroyer rebuild?

The setting sun’s rays struck the rocks, the light a brilliant crimson as the dust of Gyr Abania refracted through the beams. Dark turned to face it, closing her eyes against the brightness, the light spots dancing against her eyelids. She smiled. Azeyma the Warden, keeper of fire and the sun, was the patron of her birth month. As a child, Dark’s mother had told her that the noble lady would ensure the sun’s rise every morning, no matter what else happened.

Tomorrow, the sun would rise again on Ala Mhigo, and the Destroyer’s children would continue to pick up their shattered lives. Maybe, just maybe, there would even be a bit of room for mercy for the soldiers on both sides.

Dark turned back to the shrine and completed her prayers.

Ala Mhigo Chronology of the 6th Astral Era

(Cuz why not?)

Original post here

Year 10:   Survivors of the Sixth Umbral Calamity form small communities in Gyr Abania, descending into conflict over the area’s limited resources. Many flee Abalathia entirely as the floodwaters recede.

Year 1135:   Anshelm Cotter unifies the military might of Gyr Abania’s warring clans and builds a citadel on the shores of an eastern lake, marking the birth of the city-state of Ala Mhigo.

Year 1150:   A system of tolls is enacted, to be collected from merchants travelling through Ala Mhigo and Gyr Abania in return for safe passage between Eorzea and the Near East.

Year 1154:   Ala Mhigan pikemen drive out the invading Hyuran nomads from northern Othard, and tales of their courage and martial prowess resound across Eorzea.

Year 1179:   Ul'dah enlists the services of Ala Mhigan mercenaries, and the soldiers of fortune swell their ranks as the kingdom besieges Sil'dih.

Year 1190:   With the expansion of maritime trade, the number of Ul'dahn merchants taking the land-based eastern trade routes begins to decline, and Ala Mhigo struggles to sustain itself on the meager tolls.

Year 1313:   Sharlayan enlists the service of Ala Mhigan mercenaries to subdue the beasts that roam the hinterlands and ensure the safety of their outpost.

Year 1353:   Ala Mhigan mercenaries are contracted by Ul'dah in the sultanate’s effort to purge the city of the undead droves.

Year 1466:   King Manfred abruptly asserts his sovereign right to the East Shroud, dispatching General Gylbarde and his men across the Velodyna River to seize Gridanian territory. This incursion marks the outbreak of the Autumn War.

General Gylbarde ambushes the Gridanian troops en route to Finesand, surrounding and spilling the blood of the Gridanian column with six thousand men

General Gylbarde thrice deflects the desperate advances of Commander Osbern. In addition to capturing Osbern and scores of his officers, Gylbarde’s army also seizes possession of Claustrum, the Seedseers’ legendary staff. The First Battle of Tinolqa concludes with a decisive Ala Mhigan victory.

Year 1539:   The Darklight Raiders, a mercenary group under the command of Gerbald the Red, eradicate an enormous poisonous snake in the Aurum Vale, earning themselves fame and fortune.

Year 1544:   The Darklight Raiders fail in an attempt to purge Cutter’s Cry of the chimera that lurks in its depths. The mercenary group is effectively disbanded as most of its members are slain.

Year 1546:   Theodoric the First ascends the throne as king of Ala Mhigo.

The conflict between King Theodoric and the Fist of Rhalgr intensifies. In the name of quelling the insurrection, the king leads a vast army to the site of the monkhood’s main temple, razing it to the ground and massacring its disciples.

At nineteen, Raubahn Aldynn is ordered to suppress an angry mob as an officer of the Ala Mhigan army. He earns wide renown when he succeeds in the task without spilling a drop of blood.

Year 1554:   Raubahn is assigned to the border forces as the XIVth Legion closes in. He and his comrades undertake a series of diversionary maneuvers which succeed in keeping the imperial forces at bay.

Raubahn makes short work of an imperial magitek contingent in a border skirmish, toying with the enemy, and is promoted to a position of high command for his deeds. His impressive accomplishments on the field of battle earn him further trust and acclaim among his men.

Year 1556:   Raubahn is struck by an imperial sniper, suffering grievous wounds. Withdrawing from the frontlines, he returns to his home village in the mountains of Gyr Abania to convalesce.

Year 1557:  The people of Ala Mhigo revolt against the tyrannical King Theodoric. The kingsguard is complicit in the uprising, ignoring their liege’s orders and opening the gates of the palace to the revolutionaries.

Seizing the opportunity amidst confusion and political upheaval, the XIVth Legion subjugates and annexes Ala Mhigo with little resistance.

Still nursing his wounds, Raubahn leaves Gyr Abania at twenty and four to wander the realm.

Year 1559:   Raubahn, now twenty and seven, arrives in the Sultanate only to be mistaken for an imperial spy. He is imprisoned by the Brass Blades and forced to fight in the gladiator pits.

Year 1571:   The Archons of the Circle of Knowing infiltrate occupied Gyr Abania in an attempt to assist those Ala Mhigans who seek asylum abroad, but many lives are lost when the Garleans catch wind of the defection

Year 1572:   The city states of Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah and Gridania form their Grand Companies. Subsequent events leading up to and in the aftermath of the Seventh Umbral Calamity are detailed in Memories of the Calamity.

pssst hey I made a draft fr the thing I’m working on and it stars everyone’s favourite Garlean engineer p.s I tried

Final Fantasy XIV Bioware Romance

NPC in focus: Cid nan Garlond

Romanceable by All Races.

Characters related to NPC in focus: Wedge, Biggs and Nero tol Scaeva

First Opportunity For Romance Flag- Recovering the Enterprise

Note: Yes going all the way back here while it’s sort of fresh in my memory haha here goes

It’s been some time but you and your two comrades had managed to find and recover the engineers lost airship. It was surprisingly well kept despite being in the snow for roughly 5 years.

You arrived in Gridania whilst your young Elezen comrade went to go discuss the docking of The Enterprise with the Elder Seedseer, you found the Garlean with arms folded, staring intently at the creation he remembered not.

You think on what you might say, opting for something comforting. “So, anything jog your memory yet?”

He sadly shakes his head. “No not yet my friend. I do however feel that something is there…” he stares down at his hands. “I cannot believe the hands of mine made something like this…”

Flirt Option/Romance Flag: It is impressive

“Well it is rather impressive. Sure you may not remember right now but maybe those hands of yours, when you get to work, may trigger something” You say in confidence, and he raises his brow at you.

“You believe so? Well tis comforting for you to say, my friend. Mayhap it will”

There was some awkward silence for a moment.

“Well I’d best be off…Let me know if anything comes up” You say as you slowly walk off in the other direction. He just watches you leave and you could swear you heard little tiny gears turning in that brain of his, you began to wonder what he was thinking.

Did he realise you sort of…flirted with him? Oh boy.