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Title: Armor Crafted by My Own Hand

Pairing: Prince Sidon / Link

Rating: General 

Tags: biting, kissing, fluff, confession scene, fish person loving a blondie, sweetness with a bit of bite

Summary: On a rainy, cold day, Sidon confesses his love to Link

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Lounging atop one of the watchtowers that sat at the end of the Inogo Bridge, Sidon gazed glumly at the rocky path that led away from the bridge and up into the mountains. Overhead, the sky was as grey as his mood. From that veil of grey, a heavy rain fell, turning the world into a blurred wash of blues and greens. The air was chilly but nothing his thick skin couldn’t handle. Though to anyone without tough Zora skin, it was a probably bundle yourself up and stay inside kind of temperature.

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With praise and thanksgiving they sang to the Lord: “He is good; his love toward Israel endures forever.” And all the people gave a great shout of praise to the Lord, because the foundation of the house of the Lord was laid.
-Ezra 3:11

Don’t be discouraged if your beginnings are small. Keep sowing seeds and trusting God today, and watch how things begin to grow.

Celebrate everything God has done so far. Even in the foundational stages. Write down something in your life that is in the foundational stages, then pray over it, asking God to show you how to celebrate this stage right now. You might not always feel like you’re growing or making progress, but God is working in your life day by day, and with every big or little thing He does, it is worth it to celebrate.

When God moved upon the heart of King Cyrus to begin the process of rebuilding The Temple of the Lord, the Israelites rejoiced when the foundation was laid. They didn’t wait until the Temple was complete to rejoice. They rejoiced the moment the process began.

Are you willing to rejoice the moment the process begins? Are you willing to praise God even though you can only see a part of the greater picture? Are you willing to keep sowing seeds, even if you don’t know how or when things will grow?

God wants you to trust Him from the foundation all the way up. He wants you to keep sowing seeds even if they take awhile to grow. You may be starting small, but you serve a big God, who is with you in every step of the process.

Written by @morganhnichols for #TheDevoCo


She attempts to stand
upon uneven ground
atop a broken earth divide,
awkwardly balancing
between woman and child

Fissures of inheritance
the infectious bane
of her own existence,
formed beneath calloused soles
of sister, mother, grandmother

Charms contained within
the broken locket placed
delicate around her neck;
sacred curse of ancestry adorned,
yet blessed by envious men

Gaping hole expectations
inscribed in faint palm lines
anticipate a descent from innocence,
as brute, unforgiving hands voyage
forging reckless trespass

They emerge in procession
seeking temporary resolve
within the brimstone depths of
her fractured earth pedestal; built
by brother, father, grandfather

Instinctively she continues
heart blind and bound
planting seeds of trust, inside
the empty moral vessel
of a nutrient void society

Bedded upon a shroud
of ivory bridal linens,
virgin hope buried in white
between quivering legs; her
ever consuming crimson tide
an ossuary proclaimed by men

Sabrina Escorcio
September 11th, 2017

Photo credit, Tom Bragshaw

There’s a decrepit beauty in waiting & waiting & waiting; a journey where the clouds are hope and they rain and rain and rain. & the seeds of trust in Allaah grow and grow and grow and blossom into trees of reverence with fruits of faith and fruits of love and fruits of belief that it was all worth it. The wait was worth it.

Of Wings and Payback

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Imagine: feeling Lucifer’s wings/feathers and them being really soft.

Warning: Fluff, Suggestive themes, slight Wing!kink


“Remind me again why you’re here?” You questioned lightly, not really complaining as nimble fingers traced patterns in the palm of your hand. You had long since realized that the archangel you were leaning against was quite the cuddle. No, really, not a day went by without Lucifer pulling you close and into some kind of embrace, much to the Winchester’s consternation.

That said, the devil didn’t quite understand the concept of personal space, or rather, he completely ignored it in favor of annoying your brains out. Still, ever since the incident with the demons, you had let him, knowing that he didn’t mean any harm and unfortunately-fortunately, the seed of trust that had been planted lingered and blossomed into something else entirely.

“Because you want me here?” The archangel answered cheekily and you let a slight laugh bubble up from your throat. Lacing your fingers with his, you tilted your head to the side, looking up at his chin from your half-laying position on the couch, head supported by his shoulder.

“Well, I’m not protesting, at least.” You told him with a smile, appreciating the normal temperature of his skin. You weren’t completely ready to admit to wanting him yet, but you knew it was inevitable. The archangel had nestled himself into your heart and mind and made himself a permanent spot. It was infuriating and you often found yourself raging at him privately in your room, careful not to let him hear you through an accidental prayer.

Noticing the softly shining feathers draping behind Lucifer, you wondered quietly how he could be comfortable sitting like that. Really, walking in general would be a challenge, considering the size of those things. Studying the feathers, you took in the disorganized mess they were in, sure, they glowed like a lightshow, but they seemed almost neglected. It looked really… Itchy.

“Isn’t that uncomfortable?” You asked dubiously, glancing at the angel only to find him studying your face intently, a certain light in his eyes that you knew to be careful of. The wings rustled and flared at your question and while it was impossible for him to open them fully inside the library, they still made an impressive sight.

“Sometimes, you humans seem to enjoy crowded places, it has a tendency to make it harder for us angels to fit.” The slithering purr made you shiver, suddenly all too aware of the fingers twisted in your hair. His face was inches form your own, hovering just above it, eyes locked with yours. Your cheeks flared with heat and your breathing hitched.

Without noticing, you had curled your body, leaning closer to the chill of Lucifer, One of his thighs between your legs, hands clutching at his shirt. The anticipation was coiling in your abdomen and goddamit, you could feel the angel’s breath caressing your cheeks.

Then, just as you thought he was about to lean in and actually kiss you, the bastard tilted your head to the side and pressed a lingering kiss to the corner of your mouth. Breathing heavily, you blinked in surprise and sat back on his knee, gathering your bearings.

Not that it helped the embarrassment and slight humiliation flooding you though and you had to keep yourself from keening in disappointment swearing revenge against the devil beneath you. Catching sight of the hypnotizing movements of glowing feathers, you didn’t mind Lucifer, who had wrapped both arms around your waist, pulling you closer into his lap.

Straddling the devil faintly made a pang of embarrassment shoot through you but you forced your mind off the matter. You wouldn’t be able to get off him anyway, not when he was jailing you with his arms. Leaning forward on your knees, you pressed your chest to Lucifer’s, arms reaching up and over his shoulders to reach for the feathers. Raising yourself up a bit you cared little for Lucifer’s choked groan. Instead, you ran your fingers through the impossibly soft feathers decorating his wings.

You would’ve never guessed it from the look of them but the softness of the feathers made you think of a fluffy cloud. The rich amount of the quills treading through your fingers gave you shivers and your eyes drooped in enjoyment.

The archangel’s keen snapped you out of your trance long enough to take in your position. Pressed against each-other like this made for quite an intimate scene and you were tempted to pull away. But the intriguing reaction of your angel made you pause and think better of it. Raking your nails down the wing-bone, you reveled in the reactions such a simple action drew from Lucifer.

You were acutely aware of the hands squeezing your ass, pressing you further into the angel. The panting breaths echoing around the room were anything but subtle and after a few more caresses, you retreated, nails digging into the angel’s nape as you forced his head to tilt back.

Dark blue eyes stared up at you with an abandon you never knew Lucifer was capable of and the reverent look in them made you faintly uncomfortable. Still, you crashed your lips together in a frenzy of tongue and teeth, nipping at his lower lip as you drew back just as quickly.

Sliding off his lap, you pressed a single innocent kiss to his cheek before sauntering away from him. Enjoying the burn of his gaze that followed you until you turned the corner.

Heh, payback is a bitch indeed.


winterfallcn  asked:

How do you think Cat would react to Jon and Sansa ending up together? I think about this a lot.

This is such an excellent question!

Cat’s dislike of Jon had much more to do with Ned, than with Jon. What men go off to war, “cheat” and bring their bastards home with them? Cat felt like Ned was in love with Jon’s mother -it hurt her pride, and it hurt her heart, which is likely why she always kept him at arms length. I really feel like if she’d known Jon’s true parentage, she would have loved that boy like the rest of her children.

BUT -had she done that, Sansa and Jon would have truly been raised as siblings, and then Jonsa really would have been kind of squicky! lol

So, I believe that if Cat were still alive to see how Jon fought to return Winterfell back to their family, how he jumped to protect Sansa immediately (regardless of how she treated him as a child), how he respects and values her enough to leave her to rule in his stead, and this loving bond they share, seeded in trust (much like her and Ned), I think she’d be quite proud of Jon, and happy to officially welcome him into the family fold as her son-in-law! And holy shit, wasn’t that the most clunky run-on sentence EVARRRRRRR!! 😂😂

Forgive me … I just woke up and haven’t had any coffee yet ……

Because apparently I haven’t posted about it, but if in the course of shifting things around with Jilka’s arrest in Order 66, I think there’s a way to sort of extend Maze’s involvement in the series, better seeding his failing trust in the laws of the Republic and seeding his decision to save Zey, further developing his relationship with Ordo and further building the respect Ordo does actually have for Maze, and more properly framing that Maze has figurative battles of his own to fight rather than existing solely to dislike Ordo.

For background, I believe that the storyline where Republic Domestic Security (RDS) arrests Jilka after the breach at the Treasury would be better if RDS arrests Besany quietly much closer to the Battle of Coruscant. It makes the danger more immediate to the core group, this is a consequence that has been hanging over Besany’s head since the beginning of True Colors, and emphasizes Besay importance to the intelligence portion of the plot because she’s a valuable target for RDS. Jilka, in this scenario much closer friends with Besany than in the original material and generally more familiar with Ordo, tells Ordo and the rest about Besany’s disappearance, which leads to them discovering she was quietly arrested; here, the group does not have to involve Zey because Besany’s arrest is disconnected from events he’s involved with. Ultimately, Ordo, as in the source, knocks over the RDS truck to rescue Besany.

But where does Maze get involved, especially seeing as Zey isn’t?

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oh my god i have to add this to my list of mistakes later

you know seeds of trust??? i have like twenty of them because….. i thought they were like pokemon held items that just boost support point gain or something. I DIDNT KNOW YOU HAVE TO “”“USE”“ THEM UP LIKE A CONFECT/ETC OH MY GOD… WHERE DOES IT GO……. ALL THIS TIME THE SEED DID NOTHING


i wish to simply enjoy being a being breathing,
flooded by the precession of nows,
soaking-in the inter-being-ness,
recognizing the i and every you
in and as the universe;
becoming more by way
of being more
as i lovingly smile
and take grateful,
mental bows.

—  me ॐ

Did I ever write about that idea i had for patching up Maze’s storyline, properly seeding his failing trust in the laws of the Republic and seeding his decision to save Zey, further developing his relationship with Ordo and further building the respect Ordo does actually have for Maze, and more properly framing that Maze figurative battles of his own to fight rather than existing solely to dislike Ordo

i’ve been thinking, and

if xanatos had never fallen, how different would star wars have been?

perhaps, if he had not fallen, had grown and become a jedi, or even left the order on amicable terms, a parting that was sad yes but better to leave and live a happy life than to stay and be bitter, inviting Darkness into his heart, if his mark on qui gon’s heart had been warm and nostalgic instead of cutting and cold, perhaps qui gon would have been more open with taking another padawan, with taking obi wan, been more emotionally present for him, allowed him to grow and flourish without the stifling thought of “what if he falls what if he betrays me like him” looming over their every interaction with choking, skeletal hands

perhaps obi wan would therefore have been more confident of his position as qui gon’s padawan, secure in the knowledge that his master respects and cares for him and genuinely thinks that he will become a knight worthy of note, their communication with each other a strong thing, a pure thing untarnished by potential betrayals?

so when anakin is discovered, perhaps obi wan would have already been knighted; he’s in his twenties, and ready for his trials, and confident with the support of his master. he could most definitely have been knighted by then. or if not, when qui gon approaches him with thoughts of anakin’s training, prophecies swirling in his mind, his thoughts roaring with the force’s commands of train the boy he will bring balance, would have been able to understand qui gon’s motivations better, taken the time to think without thoughts of rejection and being unworthy clouding his judgement, would have perhaps more graciously stepped aside with the knowledge that yes, his time with qui gon is at an end, but not all endings are foreseen or final, would have accepted this as just another duty given by the force. he would perhaps have seen this small slave boy from tatooine with stars in his eyes and the force curling around his fingertips and seen instead of a replacement come to tear him from his master’s side a small boy who longs to be free with a destiny that would make galaxies tremble in his wake.

perhaps he would have understood, and told his master he agreed, and said that we must do as the force wills, and i will help you master, of course i will

maybe he would have been kinder to the boy, as they leave tatooine, anakin staring at the retreating dunes of sand with a desperate triumph in his face, and been more understanding when anakin’s eyes fill with tears at the thought of his mother, all alone, still a slave, and comforted him as a jedi does, with infinite compassion freely given, planting a seed of trust that would grow into something of legend years into the future

the boy is dangerous, mace says, disapproval in his eyes as he stares down at anakin, but this time instead of agreeing obi wan steps up, jaw set, with all due respect, master windu, so are we.

so, with that, they go to naboo, the council’s grudging acknowledgement of anakin’s destiny and his need to be trained a real thing, obi wan’s readiness for the trials a real thing, and qui gon’s grateful hands on obi wan’s shoulder a real thing as they jet off to free a suffering people.

the battle begins, and a shadow of black and red strikes quick and true–qui gon dies at the hands of darth maul, and a padawan’s trials are complete. there is mourning, yes, and a grief too great to be spoken, but this time there is no resentment towards the boy. their start is unblemished by unspoken hurts. it begins with a death, with grief, as it always must, but their beginning starts with fondness, with respect, with the future stretching out before them full of bright potential instead of the shadowy gray of grief and unwanted duty

years, decades from now, when anakin’s nightmares begin, perhaps obi wan would be able to listen, would trust that these dreams are prophetic, and would ask a friend, discreetly, to check on a certain tatooine slave woman, because a jedi’s duty is to protect and to save, and shmi skywalker’s life, just like any other sentient’s life, is infinitely precious.

with this, with the saving of anakin’s mother, perhaps anakin would come to obi wan about his nightmares of padme. obi wan would know of them being together, of course, because there would be no secrets between these two brothers by bond, obi wan remembering how, perhaps, in another life, he might have also loved a woman as anakin loved padme. reminding anakin that the dreams of anakin’s mother’s death were averted and that this too, shall pass.

perhaps palpatine’s grip on anakin wouldn’t be quite so strong, quite as total as it was, and when the council comes to anakin, asking with obi wan’s mouth to spy on palpatine, perhaps anakin would have said yes. perhaps the sith lord would have been discovered by this chosen one, would have been defeated by him, anakin’s destiny realized on coruscant, with a lightsaber in hands unencumbered by a robotic suit and his soul brother by his side, his expecting wife safely at home, instead of decades from now, the mistakes he’s made crushing him into dust as he gasps his dying breath in his long-lost son’s arms.

if xanatos had never fallen, what then?

“I’m sorry. That’s something we have in common”

Never forget the importance of those words, 

And never forget how much they meant for both of our kids at that precise moment. 

Those words were the seed of Katara’s trust for him. She trusted him the second he uttered those words (”I was the first person to trust you! Remember, back in Ba Sing …”) and in mere seconds sworn enemies found themselves drawn to one another in unspoken understanding and without meaning to, they created a link–a very strong connection that neither could help but feel. (Because there is no doubt in my mind they both felt it!!! Otherwise why did they both longingly look back? Why would Katara feel so hurt and betrayed by Zuko afterwards if she hadn’t trusted him from the start?!?! Ya’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!) 

Those words were, although unintentionally, the beginning of their friendship, even if things didn’t work out between them right away. 

That one, simple, beautiful sentence…. “That’s something we have in common”

That’s where it all truly began. And to me that is breathtakingly beautiful. 

Because these two people, raised to hate  each other, found understanding and solidarity in the most unlikely of places because they both shared an extremely painful loss and maybe, just maybe, at that moment  they were reminded that perhaps  they were all just human after all, with both sides suffering because of the same damnable war. 


anonymous asked:

Maybe Crusher it's a case of the vocal minority appearing highter that the seilent majority. There is classic fans that want solo sonica and don't really appear to be very positive about a lot of things. And they never shut up. But those are more often seen in places like Sonic Stadium or the Sega Forums.

That may be so, but a vocal minority is still a vocal minority, and annoying though the bad seeds may be (and trust me, I get annoyed with them too), it’s unfair to paint an entire fandom/sub-fandom/etc with the same brush because of them.

After all, no one likes it when the critics do it.

presidentnerd  asked:

Is Joslyn, King Douchbag, an anti-Tuxedo Mask because I feel like every speech he would make would be so negative, Mamoru would jump universes just to stand on top of some tall object and give him a disapproving glare.

Yes, seriously, Mamoru judging King Babysitter so hard. “The bond between a father and daughter is like new ground, freshly tilled, where the seeds of trust and support flourish and grow. STOP BEING A DICK.”

All the girls playing Pink Princess, though.

Usagi struggles, and she’s only sticking with it through stubborn perseverance. THIS IS NOT WHAT BEING A PRINCESS IS SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE. Usagi is Sansa Stark. Poor Sansagi. She keeps trying until she gets to the death by chocolate, at which point Usagi tosses the keyboard down and refuses to touch THIS LYING HURTFUL GAME ever again. Chocolate was the enemy. CHOCOLATE. YURUSENAI.

Ami dives into the game as Ami dives into all games. She’s got notes and spreadsheets and effectively utilizes her save points and basically masters it in like three days. She tries to share her information with the others. They brush it aside, each determined to best it on their own. Ami rolls her eyes and starts her 87th game of Skyrim while she waits for them all to get bored with their inevitable deaths.

Minako at first finds it all hilarious. “Oh my god, what is wrong with these people? GET SOME B-12.” After a while of playing, though, it all begins to feel a little too uncomfortable. Dark, oppressive kingdom intrigue, death around every corner, Minako seemingly unable to prevent any of it no matter what she does. She doesn’t say that, of course, she just stops playing with the dismissive reason that the romance in the game sucked. She plays Hatoful Boyfriend instead. MINAKO IS PLEASED WITH HER DECISION.

Mako is at first pleased with the game. There are no real controls, no arcade elements. She can play this! BUT THIS IS THE GAME SHE CAN PLAY. She’s so upset. SO UPSET. The game is deeply unfair and half the things in it seem irrational and she can’t make good progress and NO I WANTED TO SAVE EVERYONE WHY CAN’T I SAVE EVERYONE. Mako is about to put her fist through the monitor when Minako intervenes and loads up Hatoful Boyfriend for Mako instead. Mako hates everyone so, so much.