seeds of happiness

I want the job, I’m going to get the job.

🔮 coffee grounds- for feeling energized and standing out

🔮 lavender- to ease my anxiety

🔮 rose petals- for confidence and to remind myself that I am a badass witch and I got this!

🔮 sunflower seeds- because sunflowers make me happy and calm

🔮 clear quartz- for calmness

🔮 citrine- to show that I am creative and the right person for the job

🔮 rose quartz- for positivity

🔮 a bay leaf- I can not burn them in my apartment, so instead I wrote “job at _____” and repeated “I want the job, I’m going to get the job” as I crumpled the leaf up and placed it in the jar

🔮 cinnamon- to add that extra zing that will make the interviewer remember me

🔮 finally, I sealed off the jar with a green candle to represent money and work. I repeated “I want the job, I’m going to get the job”


So it’s raining, and this little guy is just sitting there on the deck all floofed up….

There was originally around three or four of them but the other ones flew away leaving this poor chicken sitting there all by himself. 

He seems pretty content - he’s calling softly and just being all cute.

Why u no find dry place birb? Why u sit in rain?

“Bubbly Friend” Protection and Cleansing Jar Spell

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This spell is made to protect, as well as cleanse negative energy and promote happiness. 


  • Jar
  • Apple Seeds (protection, healing, and purification)
  • Cinnamon (protection, healing)
  • Clove (protection)
  • Rosemary (protection, purification)
  • Sea Salt (protection, purification)
  • Lavender (protection, purification, and happiness)
  • Anise Seed (protection, purification, and happiness)
  • Drawing of an Axolotl {optional}


  1. Clean out the jar, to make sure that there is no random energy left in it.
  2. Make a layer of sea salt at the bottom of the jar, and gently push the apple seeds into the salt until only half of the seed is visible. 
  3. Cover the salt and apple seeds in rosemary and lavender.
  4. Next, add in the cloves and the cinnamon, and top it all off with the anise seeds.
  5. {Optional} Hold the drawing of the axolotl, and visualize it radiating warmth and happiness. Add it to the jar, and then close/seal the jar. 
BTS as things my mom's said
  • Seokjin: "Are you full? Do you want some more? I made more! Did you take your medicine?? You can take another one every four hours, it's been four hours."
  • Yoongi: "If you went to bed at a half decent time your whole life would be much easier."
  • Hoseok: "I like this AGUST D fellow. OK OK OK. *to the tune of 724148*"
  • Namjoon: *trips up the stairs* "God dammit! Every damn day! *whispers* Why does this always happen to me?"
  • Jimin: "Do you hear the birds? They want your cereal and I'm half tempted you throw the bowl out the window. The birds are hungry and I didn't buy seed."
  • Taehyung: "Nothing says happy retirement more than shit bags! We all know he's just going to be cleaning up his dogs shit for the rest of his life; it's practical."
  • Jungkook: "You see, I love this show because I know all the answers." *is watching family feud*

I think this one is finally done! Or as done as I can get it right now. I put in more grass seed, so again, I’ll wait for that to grow in a bit before adding more leaf litter. And then the last thing is installing the RHP and locks on the doors. 

I am super happy with how this looks! I’ll probably still make some small decorations to assist the theme, because right now it’s just kind of any random forest. But it’s a very pretty forest, so I’m totally fine with that, since it’s very likely that I’ll procrastinate making the extra bits until they’re irrelevant.