seeds of deception

Sorry, school is not teaching your 6 year old how to deal with racism. By throwing them to wolves you are teaching them to accept being a second class citizen. You are encouraging them to accept anti-black rhetoric as normal.

It doesn’t matter if it is not directly stated, kids fill in the blanks with the help of deceptive seeds being planted. 

If you want to teach your kids anything, then you actually have to TEACH THEM. 

Cordelia Sakamaki: Headcanons

Alright onto the first and my least favourite wife then I’m taking a break till tomorrow (hopefully) to get to the rest. These ones might not be as long since we already have a lot of canon info on Cordelia and also I don’t have many for her because I have a big bias against her. I’m sorry. 

Cordelia’s very conception was orchestrated by Karlheinz and the Vibora King (a.k.a. the Demon Lord) Burai. Her mother Menae was sick with Endziet and died in childbirth.

She was often cast aside as a child due to her illegitimacy and had little to no parental love (explains why she turned out to be such a grade A parent am I right?)

She has three half brothers and two half sisters, all are her father’s legitimate children. 

She first met Karlheinz when she was 10 but didn’t really become acquainted with him until she was 15. By that point he had started courting her and planting the seeds of deception into her head. She fell head over heels and wanted nothing more than to marry him and get away from her otherwise shitty living situation (that was Karl’s fault to begin with.)

Cordelia was rather promiscuous to begin with and had fooled around with a few of the Vibora that served her father. Her promiscuity became worse after Karlheinz taught her that having affairs and incest was okay. (Really I think if this fuckwad wasn’t in Cordelia’s life then she’d just be bitch who slept around. That’s much better than an abusive mother who sexually assaults her son -ugh)

She never liked children and never wanted any. She told Karl to go fuck himself when he began demanding she get pregnant. 

She despised Beatrix with a passion and her hatred grew when Beatrix got pregnant. She loathes her and her children. When Christa came into the pictures Cordelia merely stated the youngest bride was a fucking joke.

After Shu was born Cordelia began attempting to get pregnant in fears that Karl would cast her aside (he practically was at this point but she was trying despite not wanting children.)

She hated being pregnant and her pregnancy was very tough on her.

She knew she was carrying twins from the way she carried. The further along she got she would see multiple arms, two heads on opposite sides of her belly and the kicks drove her insane. Ayato was further back and often kicked her spine but his kicks were mistaken for one of his brothers so she had no clue that there was a third baby in there until Ayato showed up 24 hours after Kanato.

Cordelia didn’t want to breastfeed but did because she knew Beatrix did and wouldn’t be one upped by “that hag.” That aside she made the servants tend to the triplets unless they were hungry. The only one she would occasionally coddle was Ayato because he had some worth to her as the oldest.

She started having her affair with Richter not long after Beatrix came into the picture but stopped when she was trying to get pregnant with the triplets. Once they were born and she was feeling randy again she went back to him. She also had a large string of lovers outside of her brother in law.

When the triplets killed her she was completely taken off guard.

She was murdered in June of 1995 (around the same time Yui was born).

Thank you all for 1,300 followers.

 Now, normally I do not pay attention to my follower count. Obviously I am very grateful for the amount of support I have received in my short time on Tumblr, but I never wanted to allow it to change the way I acted/how I portrayed Optimus Prime. Optimus would not bother making a big deal out of it, so why should I?

 But 1,300 is a milestone. In my eyes, a follow symbolizes a nod of respect. It means that someone liked what I had to say, or liked a drawing or perhaps, even a fanfic. That they recognized what I had to offer. So, from the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you. Thank you all for everything, for your kindness and generosity and warmth and love. Thank you for allowing me to lead you.

 Here’s to a thousand more~

Conjunx Endura:

 hellovivirose: My deception loving, knock out obsessed better half. She is on of the most important, influential people in my life, and is so very skilled at both writing and drawing. Running three blogs, she singlehandedly manages to make everyone around her feel good about themselves on a daily basis. I love her with all my heart.

 robotsandramblings: Senpai turned best friend, she helped make TFcon 2015 a worthwhile adventure. Before we had ever even met she became one of the most inspiring transformers fan blogs of all time, constantly showing up on my dash and in my notifications. To this day I am elated when I find she has found something of mine (whether it be fan fiction or art) to reblog.

paixchasseur: An Optimus roleplay blog that made me aspire to create my very own. She is the reason I even exist as Autobotprime. Above all, her writing and narration of Optimus’ life is so detailed and vibrant you can feel the emotions being tattooed on your skin and left to sting with a wonderful burn for hours.

 elitecommanderess: One of the most successful Elita-1 role plays I have ever seen, and also a key member in our TFcon ‘Hottobot squad’ she is a loyal and avid follower of mine on all social media and truly one too the funniest, bubbliest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Her knowledge of Transformers spans far beyond my own and her love of Optimus is as pure as  the matrix itself.

 oneshallstand: Another Optimus roleplay blog that I have always admired from afar, she is so passionate about what she does and so acknowledged by the community, saying that I know her as a friend is a true honor. The wording and literation of each post she makes gives me endless inspiration to pull from, and I find myself humbled that she even knows I exist.

 megabee33: She is another friend I hold so very close to my heart, as I have come to see her grow in both art and the fandom itself, she gives 110% no matter the situation, and always /always/ has something kinda day thought provoking to say about everything. She’s smart and understanding and I am grateful we have become old friends.

 Inspirational Artists:

 haloangel21: One of my very best friends, she has an insanely unique style, one that uses a rather chibi-vibe to bring emotion to her accurate and heartwarming work. She has inspired me to be my very best throughout the years and her use of angles and shapes in her work is just overall very impressive.I love her work, with all my heart and soul I am constantly amazed at every new piece she comes out with.

 temporaryglitch: A friend I have come to know as my ultimate mentor, she paved the way for Transformers Oc’s early on with everybody’s favorite Kia Soul 'Beatbox’ so much so that my own character, Remix, was created with the single thought, “I want one too.” She is as professional as they come, her art is clean and painting style is unique to a point where you can pick it out in an astrosecond. Having spoken to her several times, and even received /praise/ for my work from her, I am extremely grateful for her hospitality in supporting me on my journey as a budding artist and am always floored by her latest piece.

 dataglitch: Though I have only ever spoken to her a few times, she was my inspiration in the coloring aspect of my art. She gave me the courage to play with light and shadow and enormous amounts of bright colours. Her style is so recognizable and admired by the community, and her love of robots knows no bounds. Though I doubt she’d have the time to sit here and read my heartfelt nonsense, I want to thank her, for helping me find my style and then giving me a reason to perfect it.

 schandbringer: The most incredible nsfw work I have ever seen, they bang out their comics faster than you can say “otp” They became my inspiration for all things smutty and provided me with incredible references when learning anatomy. I want to thank them as well, for all their comics and doodles and incredibly erotic pieces, they will forever be my favorite nsfw artist in the fanbase.

 half-skimmed: Writer and essence of the word “vocabulary” their skill and craft is always on another level. I have yet to read a fanfiction by them that repeats even a single word, and with new scenarios and otp smut always popping up, I am constantly engaged in this artists amazing dictation and style. There is always a certain classiness to a fic that makes it unique and I sometimes spend late nights rummaging through old fics with my heart in my throat.

 Who Kept My Head Up:

 Andy Pessoa: Andy and I began talking on Instagram a few months back, at first I was just a fangirl who wanted to know everything I could about the recording sessions and voice actors for 'Prime’ But we got to talking and quickly became friends, discussing video games and art projects and his latest auditions. We’re kind of like each other’s cheerleaders and I’m honored to say he’s one of my friends.

 Jose Lopez: Recently Mr. Lopez has also been speaking with me, not so often as I made that sound but every now and again he would reply to my comments on Instagram. Finally, after almost 6 months of praying he not only liked a few of my newest pieces but commented on them and provided praise I had only ever dreamed about. He is another artist in my life that has changed the way I look at art all together, and I’m very pleased to be on his radar.

 Franco Villa: The producer/writer of the IDW Fan-designed webcomic “Seeds of Deception” Mr. Villa contacted me months prior to this and asked if I would like to create a cover for their new Metroplex comic ((coming soon)) Of course I jumped at the chance, and I am so privileged to be working with the sister company, thank you.

 Peter Cullen: Without Peter, I wouldn’t be here. I’ve told the story before, along the way I’ve found so many like-minded fans, who have found light at the end of the tunnel through Optimus’ gentle voice and can-do attitude. Meeting Peter this year made me realize what an extraordinary influence he is in my life, because above all else he is my hero. I would take a bullet for that man.

 Artists to watch:

 auroralion | koroa | shoguru | sibylance | noblevices | marsarttacks | 72stars | glitterhobo | era-7s | mariocog | misakisartblog | undeadkitty13art | artsy-xelor | blockcomics

anonymous asked:

The ending still makes me mad. How could you not find it insulting when your partner thinks about and still loves another person while raising your children as well as getting married etc? I can't justify it.

Will knew and accepted of her love for Jem. Tessa knew and accepted of Wills (canonically platonic, but very dependant) love for Jem. It wasn’t this secret they held. It was a very strange situation, yes, but that is what made it all the more divine.

“They say you cannot love two people equally at once,” she said. “And perhaps for others that is so. But you and Will—you are not like two ordinary people, two people who might have been jealous of each other, or who would have imagined my love for one of them diminished by my love of the other. You merged your souls when you were both children. I could not have loved Will so much if I had not loved you as well. And I could not love you as I do if I had not loved Will as I did.” 

I think that quote, sums up what I have to say about the whole circumstance. I think you’re viewing the manner without taking into account the characters and the feelings they held toward each other, and the trust they held with each other.

You are acting as if Tessa was just this girl who married Will without loving him, and therefore was having an emotional affair with Jem which obviously diminishes her love for Will.

If you have two best friends, does that mean that you aren’t entitled to feel the same things for the both of them? Because having a friendship does not diminish the validity any other friendships you have. Thats the same as Will, Jem and Tessa’s situation.

They loved each other. All three of them. Post CP2 their love was not unbalanced or filled with seeds of jealousy and deception. It was love. Will understood, Tessa understood. Jem understands that Tessa may still love Will, even when he has passed, even when she marries Jem, even when she goes on to have children with Jem. And Jem will understand, just as Will did. And Tessa understood and understands the relationship that Will and Jem had for one another. That does not mean they feel anger, jealousy, or that they feel insulted. They knew and understood and accepted each other.

The relationships within did not diminish anything. They were a trio.