seeds of betrayal

First impressions SPN 12x12

From now on, Davy Perez and Steve Yockey need to be writing all the eps together or alternating because they are fucking amazing at this. Dabb can get an episode in there too. Bucklemming can be shown the door (but that’s nothing new).

I loved the style of the episode. The Tarantino vibe suited the story perfectly. A big fat congrats to Richard Speight Jr. for his top-notch direction.

Loved the callbacks to some of the very first SPN lore: the Colt (yay! it’s back! but what will it be used on?) & introduction of the princes of hell (and clarification that Azazel was one)

The background on Crowley circa S6 was interesting! I like that it was Ramiel who basically handed the throne over to Crowley. He seemed to surprised to hear it was even an option for him.

This goes without saying but every single line from Cas was pure fucking gold. Please put Davy in the list of writers who know how to write Cas. His speech at the end fucking killed me. It was wonderful and perfect. Also, I am interpreting this to mean that Cas has finally accepted his place in the Winchester family. Sure, it’s not like his insecurities are going to disappear now, or that he will have no more doubts about where he belongs. It doesn’t work like that, it’ll take time. But if he truly didn’t feel like he belonged with them, like he was a Winchester, he would not have said that. I couldn’t be happier about this development.

Dean’s responses to Cas this entire episode were so….Words cannot describe. The whole thing with the waitress, which had Dean winking at Cas and smiling at him and shit. Dean running to Cas the moment they enter the barn while Sam talks to Mary. Dean’s expressions when he realises Cas is dying.

Also, Sam and Dean and Mary all deciding to stay and fight for Cas, though they realised their chances of survival were extremely low and that there was no guarantee they’d be able to save Cas was so touching and wonderful.

Mary NOT giving back the Colt and choosing to risk her boys and herself dying had me going “seriously??” I mean, that was shitty. Sam and Dean would not have hesitated to give it back to save the others…Why is she taking these risks?

Crowley saving Cas was great. Whatever you think about him, he comes through in a pinch. Thank fuck for that. I do think that Sam and Dean have been treating Crowley really shitty this entire season so far, and while I totally understand why, I think it might bite them in the ass later on…Already Lucifer is planting the seeds of doubt, betrayal and suspicion…

Well, we knew Lucifer wasn’t dead so I’m not surprised. Crowley is an idiot for keeping him anywhere in earshot, though. Also, that cage looks in NO WAY secure enough to hold Luci for long.

Okay I need to mention this separately and someone absolutely needs to gif this, but unless my eyes deceived me, when Sam and Dean pulled Cas up together (each with one hand - which was a great visual underlining the fact that Cas is family to them), Sam let go a hell of a lot faster than Dean. Really, I’m pretty sure Dean’s hand lingered juuuuuust a tad longer on Cas’s.

Overall: A+ fucking amazing episode loved every minute but will need to rewatch to catch all the stuff I missed.

once you play uno with someone things are never the same. you can’t go back. there will always be the memories. there will always be the rivalry. the seed of betrayal and distrust was planted from that first “draw two” card that was placed on the pile and will continue to grow for years to come

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if you're still doing the 500+ word drabble things, could you do Holsom and Pumpkins please? (Pumpkin carving maybe?) :) Thank you so much! I hope you're doing well and this writing stuff is fun for you :)))

This is so sweet oh my gosh you’re adorable thank you.

For the Monster Haus AU. Featuring Elf Holster and Sasquatch Ransom.

Honestly this could just be in canon though. I could see it.

“Hey so,” Holster shifted, turning his perfectly carved Jack-O-Lantern around and lifting it up in front of his face to show off to Ransom, “do you think this is what Dex’s dad looks like? Like, do you think I could send him to his room if I put it on my head?”

All Holster could see was orange, but from the other side of the pumpkin he heard a sound that sounded suspiciously like choking. With a frown he lowered his pumpkin, equal parts concerned for Ransom and annoyed that his joke hadn’t landed.

Across the wooden picnic table Ransom had a hand clamped over his mouth, his other arm resting far too casually alongside his own pumpkin. Despite how quickly Holster was able to finish, Ransom seemed to have only gotten one eye cut out.

“Dude, how are you so far behind me? What are you doing?”

Ransom’s eyes were wide but he shrugged, one hand still clamped over his mouth. Holster narrowed his eyes. As he stared at him, he found his gaze slipping to the side, falling over Ransom’s shoulder. He was kind of hard to focus on, almost like-

“HEY!” Holster snapped, brandishing his carving knife like a weapon. “Don’t you try to use your goddamn Squatchy powers on me!”

“Don’t call them squatchy powers!” Ransom retorted. His words were heavy and muffled behind his hand.

“Bro, are you eating something?”

Ransom swallowed hard and let his hand fall to the table. “What? No!” His eyes darted to the side and he licked the edge of his lips.

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