seeds for change

Inside The Global Seed Vault, Where The History And Future Of Agriculture Is Stored

Seeds on Ice author Cary Fowler describes the underground tunnel near the North Pole, which stores and protects a collection of 933,000 samples of different, unique crop varieties. The seeds are stored and protected so that we can regrow crops in the event of war, pests, and climate change: 

“We’re headed towards climates that are pre-wheat, pre-rice, pre-corn, even pre-agriculture. I believe this will be manifested in market disruptions and probably in food export bans and civil strife.” 


he’s stubborn. i can’t change his mind or who he is.
instead, you let him change who you are.
‘Doomsday’ seed vault meant to survive global disasters breached by climate change
The seed bank designed to preserve the world’s crops and plants in the event of global disaster isn’t prepared to withstand the greatest global disaster facing our planet: global warming. Melting...
By Alessandra Potenza

So, I only post this because 1. I care about our planet and climate change, and 2. I only really noticed because of “The Futurama Holiday Spectacular.” I’m just that obsessed, I guess.

Moon in Cancer 🌊

The Moon has her own kingdom, Cancer, and there’s nowhere else she can call home. A gorgeous city built on silver and partially immersed in the sea; among statues and monuments of long forgotten families, translucent water pours everywhere abundantly.

The Cancer Moon individual is highly sensitive, and their emotional state changes abruptly according to the phases of the transiting Moon. The emotional structure is partially immersed in water, and so is profoundly receptive to surrounding energies and events, such as the contacts the Moon receives in her monthly waltz through the Zodiac. In a single month, the Moon is able to contact every astrological planet and point in multiple ways, always receiving other planets’ energies and reflecting them to us. This is the perfect symbolism of how a Cancer Moon’s emotions can fluctuate over time.

The Moon’s energy, Cancer, is one of protective love and emotional security. Cancer Moon individuals excel in taking care and nurturing others, distributing love and affection as if these watery feelings overflowed from their hearts, pouring tenderly around them into twinkling water pools.

This is an individual who can be much attached to their mother or maternal figure, who was probably a very tender and nurturing presence, maybe super protecting the child and fulfilling all their needs. The Cancer Moon individual tries to re-enact their experience as a child becoming a maternal figure in their adult life, taking care of people, listening to their troubles and helping in any way they can. So much watery power is able to heal and protect others in apparently subtle but strong ways, sure as the tides.

Combining receptivity from both Cancer and the Moon, those with the Moon in Cancer are intuitive and should be in touch with their maternal instincts, which may prove themselves helpful in times of need. Understanding other people’s feelings and emotional conditions is a natural ability, producing a strong sense of empathy. Cancer Moon people also have strong attachments to their emotional memories, to their origins and to their families, maybe to the point of being dependable or stuck in the past if these energies are unbalanced. They can still hear the song of the sea from which they were born.

Cancer is an archetype that teaches security through insecurity. After all, Cancer is a cardinal sign; its purpose is to initiate and install the seed of change and transformation. However, moving forward into the future can be hard for a sign so deeply connected to the past. An unbalanced Cancer energy is also one that needs other people’s constant approval to act in the best way that they can, as if insecurity impaired their ability to produce affection and care for others. They’re ultimately afraid of exposing the Crab’s tender insides and being hurt. 

The Cancer Moon’s ultimate purpose involves repetitive crisis of loss and abandonment through Scorpio and realizing, through Pisces, that love and security should be found within one’s own emotional self. Illuminating the dark sky with silver cardinal energy, Cancer Moons should be able to feel secure within their own selves, expanding their protective energy outwards after drowning feelings of insecurity and vulnerability. They must acknowledge the immense watery power they’ve been blessed with. They’ve got the potential to be extremely persistent, moving forward despite their emotional suffering, for there is always another wave to come.

The Cancer Moon individual comes from a celestial palace, an aqueous marble shelter abundant in food and warmth, where friends and family will always find themselves surrounded by the holy protection of the sea.

thanks for sharing! i hope it helps.

🌟 Cardinal Moons 🌟 

cardinal signs (aries, libra, cancer and capricorn) are very motivated when in the moon placement. they feel content when they have purpose or drive to achieve their goals. believe it or not, most of the cardinal moons are able to work long term and they really thrive off change and new beginnings. for aries moons, they are one of the cardinal moons that can be overactive bc of their extremity of ambition and their inability to maintain patience. capricorn moons, on the other hand, are more long term workers and they can maintain a very calm reasonable mind. given that they are both cardinal, they are able to implement newness that can change the direction of their lives. capricorn, being the architect and planner, is able to plant that seed of change and aries, being the “doer” sprouts that seed of change so it can carry on through its development. Libra may not be as ambitious as capricorn or aries, but they sure have a very active mind. a theme among cardinal moons is very activeness. Libra moons are very goal-oriented but unlike their opposite, aries, they are more prone to take consideration of everyone’s needs. although, libra moons may become too infatuated with mindless things that they can lose activeness of their goals and can side with certain people’s values for a social status gain rather than what is right.  A healthy and developed libra moon, will be decisive and side with things that align to their view of juistice and morality.  Cancer, being a cardinal sign, is the most motivated of the water signs. The cancer moon will find content of the home and will be obligated to maintain the security of it as well as their family. This can be emotionally demanding from a cancer moon so they most likely spring high into mood swings, which being ruled by the moon, the cancer moon can be extra agitated. Cancer rules the fourth house and out of the 4 cardinal houses, this is the most private. One of the reasons being that our home and family is more of a private thing and we dont project our growing environments to the public as we do our aura (1st) or our careers and reputations (10th). However, the 4th is very important to our development because it gives us the values that we carry on through our lives until we mold our own values through experience and we dont really create these values until we reach our highest point aka midheaven. The cancer moon takes a more passive role but they are very valuable because they help maintain the environment that can dictate how motivated we become. Cardinal moons represents both our natural leaders (aries and capricorn) as well as our role models (libra and cancer) 

This has very probably been done before but I had a thought about how the tale of Solas and Lavellan would be told like hundreds of years after the events of Trespasser and, of course, if Solas hadn’t succeeded. Also written in the style of a codex entry because I thought it would be cool! So like the hero from later games stumbles upon it! Apologies in advance.

Codex Entry

A scroll found in an abandoned Dalish camp, detailing what seems to be a Dalish fable most probably told to the clan’s youth by older members.

A Wolf God Falls

The story often begins with how a Halla stole the heart of The Dread Wolf. But it was something far more potent than our beloved guides that captivated Pride.

It was Freedom.

Freedom was said to be a woman who rivalled the sun in her brightness, scaring shadows away with a mere glance. Yet she also harboured the darkness of night within herself, but somehow still managed to be the moon, guiding so many through their own tenebrosity.

She was the rain that fell on hot skin, cooling and refreshing yet she was also the wind that stole the breath from those whose wickedness tainted the land, a tempest when necessary.

She was the earth in which seeds of change could grow, and on those stems that sprouted from the dirt, she began to slowly change The Dread Wolf himself. With the rain she watered those seeds, and brought the world to life in full colour. Flowers bloomed, the birds sang, and he witnessed beauty unfold before his eyes, a vision he had been too blinded by his own stubborness to see before.

With every breath she took, she breathed warmth into the cold depths of his core, blowing dust out of the chambers that lay darkened by his hubris. She awakened the Walker of Dreams, and he realised that the world he sought to destroy was not as forsaken as he once thought.

But it wasn’t enough.

He fled, carefully replacing the bars of his cage and vowed to protect himself from her love. He believed he had granted her freedom, for he was a beast and surely she deserved more than the fearsome fangs, and eyes of crimson, stained by the lives he had taken. He thought to allow her to live in peace without the taint of his burdens and once her light had left the world only then would he continue on his path. But she would not rest for she loved the world she called her own, for all its beauty and all its flaws.

So then it was that Freedom pursued Pride.

An elaborate dance commenced between the lovers. It was a dark waltz, and they swayed to the song of all that could have been, and all that was lost. Every time she stepped forward, he stepped back into the shadows once more. But The Dread Wolf had not counted on how well she knew the man behind the blackened fur, had not realised just how far she had reached behind the mask that he had so carefully crafted and worn so beautifully.

And so they came together once more, a final battle. Every blow hurt the other in equal measure, every strike opening wounds in which the memories of their love bled out until they both fell to the ground in unison. Flame and ash surrounded them as hands grasped tightly with the last of their remaining strength.

Freedom looked at Pride one last time.

“Ar lasa mala revas…” she whispered as the light faded from his eyes.

She set The Dread Wolf free.

Making him proud!

After celebrating the bachelor of my roommate girlfriend we partied a bit to long for a soon day it was already 1 am. I must have been a bit more buzzed the realised at first since my short cut tuned out to lead me to completely different part of town, it looks kind of low income. Could not remember the way back in current state I pulled out my new Smartphone, dad just bought me, only to realise I didn’t recharge at the party. So much for me calling a cab, great. Luckily I could make out the a that advertised for one of these small stores that had open till the early morning at the end of the street. So I thought to you could call a cab from there. In exchange for using the telephone I get also something to eat and some instead coffee as well, after all I a social studies lecture at 9 am.

I started running down the street my Smartphone still in my hand, I didn’t want to be in this dirty looking part of town any longer then I had to. As I was about to turn the corner I bumped into someone. The impact few me to the grown, and I could hear the display of my Smartphone shattering. With put even looking up angry screamed. “Idiot, that was now you will pay for a new one!”. As I looked up and realised how I just bumped into I realised what the mistake this had been.

In front of me stood a mid-filthy looking skinhead. A feeling sickness and fear came over me this guy didn’t look like he would just ignore that and let me walk of. Before I could even mumble an apology he pulled me up and in front of this face looking angry into my eyes. I was so close I could smell the disgusting cheap cigarette he was smoking. “I’m… *cough*” as I tried to still him how sorry I was he below his cigarette smoke right in my face. The feeling of disgust and the coughing were short lived as I felt sudden pain, without saying a word he had ram his knee against stomach.

As I recoil in pain on the ground, put me in a chokehold cover my mouth and nose with one rough hand. Only now I had noticed the swastika on the armband. I was done not only had I just angered a skinhead, I had angered a Nazi skinhead. Unable to scream or breath I started to struggle, fearing for my life, but I could not even move. “Your father must have missed to teach you basic manners, boy! Don’t worry boy I will teach you some!” He said in my ear. And then the world faded in black.

My body felt t strongly numb, as tried to move but I couldn’t. I opened my eyes to find myself strapped a padded metal chair. The rubber gag in my mouth had just a hole for me to breath and the leather straps mad it impossible for me to move, not even my head could move the smallest bit. The only thing I could see was a flat screen on a brick wall running a screen saver program.

The sound of a metal door open frighten me I head heavy steps. “Oh, my boy your already awake, good. Hope you like the char my father’s work. Still feeling the aesthetic, I gave you after you blacked out in the street I bet.” I heard the voice of the form behind me. I felt a cold rough hand stroke over my head… my shaved head! That freaking Nazi had kidnapped me strap me to this thing and shave my head. I tried to scream for help, he just laughs. “No use boy even if down here now would here you any way this just to spare me any stupid questions or bagging.”, he sad almost casual.

“Relax my boy. Here this will help with that”, he said as I felt a needle pricing my neck and injecting me with god knows what. He headphone on me and said pleased: “This should keep you from getting bored”. The headphone plays some calming sounds.

The stuff he gave me must have start had started to take effect since I felt no longer stressed or any kind of fear relaxed. As a calm voice started to talk to me. It told me to relax watch the screen just watch the screen. And so I did there was nothing to do any but watching the screen the voice was right.

After a while just watching the screensaver pictures of skinhead and short clips of skinhead fucking and sucking each other of the voice told me to keep watching just watching. I felt a pain again in my neck and in my penis shortly after the vice start to tell me I liked watching the skinhead licked watching them and that the gay skinhead sex on. But… but… I was straight, right? The voice told me told me that’s why my cock was so hard right now. Yes, it was hard almost painful the voice must be right… Yes, that made sense. So I kept watching the voice reminded me that liked watching skinhead and liked watching skinhead having sex. That I was a skinhead that liked rough skinhead sex only liked gay rough skinhead sex that I never had any interest in women. This was right my throbbing cock proved it felt so good watching other skinhead fucking and sucking I just wanted to join.

At some after point watching the screen for a while if felt the gag getting removed but I did not scream for help I just kept watching and licensing. Not even locked away from the screen as something rubbery was put over my mouth and.  I was fixated images shown like the voice told me. I don’t know how long I had been watching after this, when I suddenly started smelling something familiar … smoke cigarette smoke. After a few light coughs I got used to the taste and smell that now accompanied the images on screen and die voice from the headphones.

Some time I felt a short pain in neck and my penis but couldn’t get my mind to focus on anything but the images and the voice. The way had also started telling me more thing that I liked the smell and that of cigar smoke and it was right I did start liking it and that I actually always enjoyed it only lied about not liking it. Yes, that right I always liked the smell and was just scared to start smoking before now, even if I always wanted it…

First I didn’t notice but the screen had at some point start showing pictures and short clips of skinhead smoking and enjoying it I felt envy of them.

Every time I could no longer keep my eyes open to watching the images on screen I felt to short pins in my neck and after the short shock, I was awake again still tired but unable to fall asleep. Thanks to this I had been able to keep watching the screen enjoying the cigarette smoke and obey the vice from the headphones.After a blissful eternity the rubbery thing in front of my mouth and nose was short removed and something salty was feed to me. Someone told me to swallow since he knew I loved it. I did as he told and swallow it, without ever looking away from the screen. He kept telling me how good it was and how much I loved it and since I was eating it all that would proves just that … yes that makes sense I eat it so I love the taste…

I don’t know how often the I was feed between watching the images and enjoy the cigarette smoke. Until the screen started showing different pictures the same older looking Skinhead, seamed familiar, I stared wonder the voice said. “He looks familiar, doesn’t he? Of course you own father looks familiar.”. Something felt wrong he wasn’t my father… I think… thinking felt so hard. Before I could finish this thought vice told me: “he is your father he has taken you in and loves you and you love him. You’re his son, he made you his son.” What made his son… I don’t… “He feed you his seed and raised you as a skinhead”. My fathers seed?” He is your father and he loves you and you love him. You love the taste of your fathers seed, that’s why eating it.”. Eating my fathers seed and loving the taste…” Remember the taste you love the thing was feed to you is your fathers seed and you love that’s way you ate it…” Yes, I did eat it, now I started remembering, and I love the taste. I love the taste of my fathers seed. “his seed makes you his Son he raids you in his image as a skinhead and you feed on his seed to become more like him his son more! His seed changes you, it lets you become his son, that’s why you love the taste of your fathers seed boy!”. Yes, I love my fathers seed, his seed changes me into his son.

The vice kept telling me more about me father how I came to him leaving my old family since they never would accept my true self the skinhead I was inside. That he taken me in became my teacher my master and followed and obey him without question becoming more and more my true self feeling happy than ever before. That I worked that had stopped going to the university and had started working in the same construction company as he did. He and his Skinhead gang had become my family my only true family. We became so close that he wants me to be his son. And how happy I felt after he told me this. How he started feeling me his seed filling my ass even know I hated getting fuck that I love getting fuck by him so his seed could fill me change e more.

After some feeding of my fathers seed the screen had started showing the skinhead and skinhead fuck sessions again but also now pictures Nazi skinhead, SS uniforms, differed and Nazi symbols. The voice reminded me that I was a Nazi skinhead, just like my father and my skinhead brothers and that I served the 4th Reich. And also reminded me how I ran from the leftist fools I once call family to my true father how he helped me the free my Nazi skinhead self. That I was his loyal Nazi soldier that I call him Sir that I served the Reich under him. That I feed on his Aryan seed to become this true Nazi Skinhead son loyal to him and the 4th Reich.

It was impossible to tell for me how time passed or the feeding with the Aryan seed of my father had enjoyed when the screen went black and my father stood inform of me removing the breathing mask. As raised his right arm and proud said “SIEG HEIL” like a reflex without a single thought I stood up and replied loudly with pired filling my voice “SIEG HEIL, Sir”. I had even notice that I was no longer strapped to the chare and my head no longer fixated, or when this head happened. The last thing I remember before collapsing is seeing my father proudly smiling at me.

Feeling a little weak I woke up in a strange room. no now I remember this was my room I stood up and raids my right arm still naked proclaiming proudly “I SERVE THE REICH, I SERVE MY MASTER SIEG HEIL” facing the swastika pained on the wall, like I did every day since moving in with my master. Now every think came back to my father had order me to undergo a special training exercise last week, in order to become a better Nazi skinhead in his image, he had told me I would feel a bit groggy and would no time. Then I looked at my clock it was 4.54 pm and Saturday, father was most likely getting ready go out with their skinhead. Not wanting my Master to get anger for not being read to march the street with them I had to shave my head smooth and get gear.

After shaving at the small tub in my room I went to the wardrobe. All my Gear and work clothes and all is boot all lined up in military fashion. Smiling I reached for to old work sox my Father gave me he had worn them for a month, I pulled them out of the zipper plastic bag and took in the smell of my master’s feet, my father’s manly smelling feet. A bit horny I put them on and follow by my shirt bleachers and white suspenders. Since I was short on time I chose to wear my 20 hole boots instead of my favorite 30 hole ones.  I loved the contrast of the white lase with the black boots always filled me with pure pride.

I walked in the living room my Father was on the sofa licencing to Burn out a German nationalis rock band, I could not get enough of, too. After properly greeting my father and Master with: “SIEG HEIL, SIR”. Stood up and replied:” SIEG HEIL, MY SON”. Stand to attention was awaiting orders, as he walked up to me smiling and said “how do you feel my son after your special training.”. I answered: “Great sir, I’m now a better servant to you and the 4th Reich sir!”.  “Do you love your father, son?” my father asked. “Of course I love you father more than anyone you are my father my family, sir!”. “And your old family what do you think of them?” he continued. “I hate them sir they are Ignorant left leaning monkey that can’t see that to only future for this country will stay strong is becoming part of the 4th Reich. Uniting with our Aryan brothers under a strong single party sir!” I answered honestly.

“Son, get on your knees and earn your masters Aryan Seed!”, he ordered! Dropped on my knees in front of my master open his bleachers and already licking my lips at sight of is glories Aryan manhood! Unable to help myself from hungry started liking is already semi hard cock and greedy lick up the salty taste of dried work sweat and old piss, loved it, before swallowing it hole and sucking him off. As He cum in my mouth he raised is arm and screamed: “SIEG HEIL” and spilling is tasty Aryan seed in my mouth!

Smiling my father handed me a box of this favourite cigarettes proclaiming: “You’ve earned these it time to start smoking yourself. And to celebrate you finishing the special training we will go and get you your inked a I think a SS rune your chest and a swastika between your shoulders is is a good start for you!”. Happily, I reply: “Thank you, sir.”.

My father called our brother that owned the tattoo place to get ready for his boy getting his first ink, mean while I was enjoy the taste of my first pack of cigarettes the taste mixed with the after taste

C.H. Greenblatt’s
latest untitled project finally has a name, and that name iiiiiiisssssssssss (drumroll please):

Harvey Beaks

The show premieres this year and we can’t wait for you to meet Harvey, Fee, Foo and all the other kids and folks from their world!
Here’s a nifty article that has more info too.

UPDATE: Drawing by Chris Houghton aka chrishoughtonart

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Fluffy prompt: Hux doesn't want to be a stereotypical Omega, he's Emperor after all! He doesn't have time for all that. Then Techie & Matt visit with their newborns. Hux has changed his mind, but he can't admit it out loud. Kylo realises he needs to do the work for him

The staff of the royal palace of Emperor Hux wake to a glorious and cold day on Tsudius Prime, all ready to give their best for their ruler and his new empire.

But today is no ordinary day. The kitchen workers and the guards and troops are bustling around the palace before the suns have risen, wanting today to be perfect. Today, the Emperor’s brother is arriving for his seven-day stay at the palace, and he’s bringing along his husband and his two newborn twins, princes of the New Empire.

Hux watches the gardeners work from his balcony, sitting outside with his cup of tea to greet the morning suns. He grabs the little pink pill that’s on his saucer and swallows it hard with his tea; his heat suppressant medication for the day.

Before he can contemplate what that little pill is doing to his insides, two hands place themselves on his shoulders and a kiss is set upon his head. Hux smiles.

“Good morning,” Kylo says, silk robe blowing in the wind as he comes to lean over the balcony rail. “You’re up early.”

Hux hums in agreement, drinking his tea, “I wanted to ensure everything is perfect for Techie and Matt’s arrival. They’re staying for a week and I want them to be comfortable. And have enough supplies for their children.”

“I can’t wait to see them,” Kylo says, and Hux feels a wave of excitement emit through their bond. “The holos that Matt sent were perfect. They’ve already got tufts of blonde hair.”

Hux looks down, unable to look at the smile on Kylo’s face at the mere thought of being near pups. He’d made it very clear from the offset of their relationship that he couldn’t risk being bred and taint the fierce reputation he’s been working to build since he decided at 17 years old that he wouldn’t be a typical omega.

And that means not having pups, not even Kylo’s.

But Hux can see the sparkle in the alpha’s eyes every time he comes into contact with a child, like a protective instinct consumes him and turns him into the softest monster the galaxy has ever seen.

Meeting Techie’s and Matt’s twins is no exception.

The mated pair arrive later that morning on their own shuttle, each carrying a swaddled baby in their arms whilst holding onto each other, ascending the steps of the palace with smiles on their faces, capes flowing behind them. An omega and an alpha, Techie and Matt bow before Emperor Hux and Hound Kylo, but the formalities are lost as soon as they’re alone in their private drawing room.

“I’ve missed you, big brother,” Techie says, sinking into Hux’s embrace.

“It’s been too long, my young one,” Hux holds his forehead against Techie’s, closing his eyes and relishing in his brother’s familiar scent. “Though, perhaps not so young anymore. You’ve got a family of your own now.”

The baby in Techie’s arms sleeps silently, wrapped in her purple blanket, as she’s introduced to her uncles, her royal extended family.

“This is Fleur,” Techie says. “And that’s Luca.”

He turns and points to Matt, inclining his head to the baby swaddled in red, the one that Kylo is already fussing over.

“Congratulations, brother,” Hux nods, absently catching Kylo rolling his eyes at the formality.

Teas, juices and a small breakfast buffet is brought in for them a few minutes later once they’re all settled and the grand fire is roaring in the fireplace, and both pups are awake and wanting food.

“Bottle feeding doesn’t create a bond like natural feeding does,” Techie says, testing the temperature of the bottled milk on his wrist. “But complications sorta arose after they were born and I couldn’t breastfeed them. I can’t say that I’m not disappointed.”

Techie sits down on the luscious black couch with Fleur in his arms as Matt rocks a full-bellied Luca behind him, setting a reassuring hand on his omega’s shoulder.

His brother is in good hands, Hux thinks, being able to feel Techie’s calmness radiating from his aura. But he finds himself keeping a distance from the scene, away from the pups, quietly fearful of something. Instead, he stands at the window, watching instead of participating.

“There isn’t much support for that sort of stuff,” Kylo says, sitting down next to Techie on the couch as he begins feeding Fleur, rocking her. “Bottle feeding is just as good as natural feeding.”

“Since when do you know so much about what’s best for a newborn pup?” Hux asks, unable to keep the sharpness from his tone.

Kylo shoots him a glare. “Since you told me your brother and his pups were coming. One of us had to make the effort with them.”

Hux scowls. If Techie and Matt weren’t here, he’s sure he and Kylo would be arguing right now.

“W-would you like to try holding her, Kylo?” Techie asks, obviously sensing the growing tension between the two mates.

“I…I don’t know,” Kylo runs his palms anxiously on his thighs. “Sure. I guess, yeah.”

Hux watches as Techie, a shy and soft omega, hands his newborn daughter to the most feared alpha in the galaxy, and he looks at her with the gentlest eyes Hux has ever seen his mighty Hound wear.

“Hello,” Kylo whispers, holding out his forefinger and tapping it against her little hand. “Fleur. Little one.”

The baby makes a tiny murmuring sound and seems to shuffle in closer to Kylo’s chest, and Techie smiles.

“She likes you,” he says, kissing the tuft of blonde hair on her head. “She doesn’t just fall asleep on anyone! You’ve got a paternal touch, Kylo! Hasn’t he, Armie?”

But Hux is too busy staring at his mate. Everything else seems to blur, fading out into incoherence, leaving only Kylo and the pup glowing to Hux’s eyes. He steps closer to the couch, fingers flexing in his white gloves, wondering what it would be like to have a baby of their own, to see the sparkle in Kylo’s eyes and know that it’s the result of him being in love with their own newborn.

“Here,” Matt’s voice brings Hux out of his daydream for a moment. “Luca wants to know his uncle.”


But the sleeping baby boy is placed in Hux’s arms before he can protest and Matt is stepping back, aiding Techie in standing from the couch and leaving the emperor and his Hound with their newborn niece and nephew.

Luca sleeps on as Hux shuffles closer to Kylo, their arms touching as both rock their children gently, keeping them calm.

Hux sighs. How can something so small and delicate possibly taint his reputation? How will being filled with Kylo’s seed change his strong appearance or alter the way he runs his royal court? As if pregnancy is an easy feat anyway; only the bravest and strongest of omegas can survive it.

A content hum comes from Techie, and Hux looks up, seeing his brother and his alpha mate hugging tightly, both watching over their pups like proud parents.

Hux looks at Kylo, who’s beautifully transfixed by the little bundle in his arms, and everything else falls into place in that moment.

That’s it, Hux thinks. He wants one, he wants a pup of his own, he wants to give Kylo the chance to be a father and a protector; a chance that his fierce alpha so obviously wants.

A chance that Hux now realises that he wants too.

Fic:  Knock Knock

For the @xfficchallenges dialogue-only challenge.  Rated G.  Thanks to Buzzfeed for the bad joke.

“Knock knock.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s my line, Scully.”

“We’ve been in this car for ten years, Mulder.  Knock knock.”

“It’s only been three hours.”  

“Three hours on a stakeout is ten years of regular time.  Knock knock.”

“I’m not sure you’re taking into account how good the company is, or the fact that I brought you iced tea.”

“I don’t think there’s a standard conversion rate of stakeout hours to regular hours, Mulder, and if there were, I’m not sure it would have any kind of deduction for company.  Knock knock.”

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wildflower patch by our driveway!!

these flowers came from a dusty old box of ‘shake and rake’ seeds, had no idea if they would still germinate so i just chucked the seeds around and shortly forgot about them. it’s super easy to grow a patch of vibrant colour and biodiversity near your home and the bees will love you for it 

Acquainted with the Night (15/16)

Summary: In a bid for the power born of true love, King Arthur binds Emma to the broken blade Excalibur.  Unbeknownst to him, Killian Jones is bound to the other half, having given himself over to the darkness in order to exact his revenge on Rumpelstiltskin.  He frees Emma from King Arthur’s control, sparking the beginnings of war between Camelot and Misthaven, and a quest to rid her of the darkness.  (No Curse AU)

Rated: M

Warnings: None

Words: ~4000

Chapter: Prologue, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Epilogue

Notes: All my love and gratitude to @ripplestitchskein and @unfolded73 for their help with this fic.  Credit to @seethelovelyintheworld for the gorgeous banner.  Only the epilogue remains! I’m so sad to see this come to close, but also so grateful for your support. The epilogue will be posted on Wednesday.

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Chapter Fourteen

Emma watched, with both great sorrow, and great joy, as the world began to shift.

Aldan had returned from the Underworld with a single strand of Killian’s hair, and the seeds planted for a change of heart.  After she had quietly asked for a strand of Emma’s own hair, she had gazed longingly up at the sky, where the hands of Killian’s lonely mountain reached up towards the stars.  Then, they’d both watched, captivated, as the strands of their hair twisted together, two unbreakable threads of magic glowing brightly in the little bottle.  Emma had hardly been able to appreciate the moment, to dwell upon the fact that the love she and Killian shared was true, surmounting death itself.  The magic swirling in the bottle, it had felt alive, as much as he was not…  

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