seeds for change

He Regrows Each Spring

He was silent in his ways

therefore obsolete

unneeded in this society

thus his feet left mountain tops

as often as entailed

and gravity had its way with him

throughout his history

yet he rose up from the dirt

blooming again at winters end

never accepting defeat

only faking his death

to become something more

hoping one day he’d be embraced

by some form of life

and while some will say

his roots make him flawed

they’re the only thing that holds him down

for they gave him life

and he’ll always have them 

in his memories

as he grows day by day

C.H. Greenblatt’s
latest untitled project finally has a name, and that name iiiiiiisssssssssss (drumroll please):

Harvey Beaks

The show premieres this year and we can’t wait for you to meet Harvey, Fee, Foo and all the other kids and folks from their world!
Here’s a nifty article that has more info too.

UPDATE: Drawing by Chris Houghton aka chrishoughtonart

The circle that represents the whole is divided into Yin (black) and Yang (white) halves–two polar complements in harmonious balance. The two smaller circles in the centers (the eyes), shaded in the opposite color, illustrate that within Yin there is Yang, and vice versa. Yin and Yang contain within themselves, at their very centers, the seeds of change. The curve dividing them indicates that this change is dynamic and continuous. Each half invades the other half and establishes itself in the center of its opposite.
- SIMMONE KUO, Yin-Yang in Tai-Chi Chuan and Daily Life

anonymous asked:

ApEE; Ap secretly planted the Seed of Chaos in EE's body in order to corrupt him. The seed makes ATh uneasy whenever EE approach him and this lead to ATh saying some hurtful words to EE. EE sad, his negatives emotion makes the seed grow faster.

When Mochi nearly died that day, Sia planted a Seed of Chaos into him. It rejuvenated him with life, but little did Mochi knew that Seed might change him forever. 

“It’s disgusting.”

Mochi looks shocked. “What do you mean Arme? Is my presence not good enough for you?” 

Arme wrinkles his nose. “The seed in you. Haven’t you realized it by now?”

“Eh….Sia…Sia revived me with this…”

“And its disgusting. It’s feels as if I’ll drown by Henir himself.” Arme eyes him in disdain. “Leave. I do not want you to be near me anymore.”

Mochi’s eyes widens in shock and the Seed from within sprouts, leaving purple skin and blue lines on around his heart. 

One week later…

Mochi stares down at his own hands, which were changing to purple. The blue lines also covers every inch of the purple skin, leaving no signs for a chance of recovery.

“This is it….huh…” Mochi closes his eyes and he accepts his fate.

Your intentions define you. People are more than...

Your intentions define you. People are more than just selfish response to stimuli. Many people have sacrificed themselves to fates that clearly were not based on self-interest by possessing intentions to serve something greater in scope than the self. Thus, deterministic or divine, intention is the seed-germ of all change, and can defy all environments. According to many theologians, the judgment of “the intentions of our hearts” by God, upon our very soul, is predicated upon our innermost intentions. According to philosophers and now even scientists, intention is the foundation of numerous quantum physical and metaphysical universal laws. Intention is the primary concern of all individuals, the collective, the state, and all judgements worldly and purportedly beyond. Prayer, meditation, mantra and affirmation are explicit forms of accessing the power of intention. In short, intention is the only pathway to the future we will likely ever know. We can use this powerful intention.

— Bryant McGill

I made a couple Sunflowyr rwbabies because @chiicharron has shown me that wonderous ship and I have fallen hard. Tagging them as Sunflowyr Seeds will prob change this later

anyways these two sisters are named Tao and Mei which translates from Chinese to peach and plum respectively. 

Pardon their terrible outfits and anatomy, I’ll try to expand/improve on them when its not 12 in the morning

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help! so I checked my macros and stuff with cronometer for like three days and I never reach my daily protein goals! and I have like 50-60 grams of protein, I eat lots of beans, peas, nuts, seeds.. idk what else to change up! all of my other goals are met over the top

If you’re just going off the default macros on chronometer then they’re just guidelines. Everyone’s body is different and requires different amounts of nutrients. I believe the average woman only needs about 45g of protein a day (this changes depending on your height, weight, age, activity, etc. You can work out your requirements by googling how to calculate your protein needs), so if you’re reaching 50-60g a day then that’s more than sufficient. I have never met anyone in my life who suffers from a protein deficiency, it is just so rare and near impossible unless you are starving. So don’t worry too much x

Wow! When you follow one of the shapes from the beginning to the end, you can tell it’s some sort of an “evolution’ or animal kingdom wheel’. The initial seed-like shape changes and becomes more sophisticated, progressing through insect, fish, reptile, ape to a human. At the end it releases a ‘seed’ that will begin the process all over again. 


INDIA. Bihar state. 1967. Bihar famine and smallpox epidemic in Northern India.

(1) A man lies dying next to a holy cow at the cremation ghat in Patna. 

(2) A villager expresses his despair.

(3) Small girl with school slate and dish for food distribution. 

(4) Family with daily food ration.

(5) Funeral of a famine victim.

(6) A rat goddess and rats are being venerated in a temple where good wheat is fed to the animals. For millennia, bamboo flowering has been associated with famine and spikes in rat population. Bamboo experiences a cyclical phenomenon of flowering followed by death, which can happen anywhere in a range of 7 to 120 years. The flowering is followed by a large quantity of bamboo seeds on the forest floor which causes a spike in the rat population who feed of these seeds. With the changing weather and onset of rains, the seeds germinate and force the mice to migrate to land farms in search of food. The mice then feed on crops and grains stored in granaries which causes a decline in food availability and thus famine.

(7) A mother holds her smallpox-afflicted child. Of all those infected, 20–60 percent—and over 80 percent of infected children—die from the disease. In 1967, the World Health Organization estimated that 15 million people contracted the disease and that two million died in that year. Smallpox is one of two infectious diseases to have been eradicated. Long-term complications included characteristic scars (commonly on the face, 65–85 percent of survivors), blindness and limb deformities.

(8) A victim of the famine. 

(9) Distribution of food aid coming from the US. 

(10) Villagers come out of their huts to beg for food. 

Photographs: Thomas Hoepker/Magnum Photos

The Bihar famine of 1966–7 was a minor famine with relatively very few deaths from starvation as compared to earlier famines. The official death toll from starvation in the Bihar famine was 2353, roughly half of which occurred in the state of Bihar.

A combination of a severe drought in 1966–7 and reduction in the annual production of food grains precipitated the famine. Rise in prices of food grains caused migration and starvation, but the public distribution system, relief measures by the government, and voluntary organisations limited the impact. A large scale famine was averted due to imports, although livestock and crops were destroyed. Other reasons for successfully averting a large scale famine were the employing of various famine prevention measures such as improving communication abilities, issuing famine bulletins over the radio and offering employment to those affected by famine in government public works projects.

The Bihar famine gave impetus to further changes in agricultural policy and this resulted in the Green Revolution.

We’ve watched with interest as the Solutions Project has grown from a pet project of a celebrity activist and a few expert partners to a staffed research and communications outfit with a mission to accelerate the transition to 100 percent clean energy.

An Activist Actor’s Climate Group Is Moving Rapid Grassroots Grants

You guys. I am so proud to be a part of this! It’s so exciting and it’s on these front lines where there seeds of change are planted. 

Lapidot Drabble #4: The Sand and The Sea

this is me pretending like the return/jailbreak didn’t slay my gay ass ok hAha


It was horrible. She saw Steven in a way she never wanted to.
He was there.
With the gems, the crystal gems, whom she had come to forgive, and even respect. And he was trembling in fear alongside them as she grew taller, and taller. She looked at his eyes.
So familiar.. So wide with terror.
There is only one way.
…Yes. This is what she was meant to do. This is her role in Steven’s story. Help him survive. The seed of change.
A better tomorrow.
“Let’s stay on this miserable planet… Together!!!”
Malachite sank.
Lapis sank.
Down, down…
Alone, alone, alone, alone, ALONE, ALONE-
“…apis.. La…”
“Lapis… Lapis…!”
The ocean gem’s eyes snap open and she sits bolt upright, clutching her chest.
She feels disoriented, as if she’s been struck. The world shifts and slides around her. A trickle of sweat stings her cheek as her hands shake violently.
She doesn’t even notice she’s screaming until her throat flares, burning, and her voice becomes hoarse.
“Lapis… Lapis…”
She cries out again as arms wrap around her, squeezing tight.
So tight..
“Stop!” She shrieks, thrashing. “Don’t touch me!! Don’t TOUCH ME!!”
Lapis screams again as she’s turned to her side.
She blinks and more salty tears fall down onto the bed.
The bed…
Peridot was worried. Incredibly worried. These night terrors were getting progressively worse as time went on.
Lapis would occasionally wake up at night whimpering, but a kiss and a simple petting of her head and cheeks would soothe her into slumber again. But this was outrageous. Lapis thrashed and moaned and even shrieked upon waking.
This isn’t how she knows Lapis and she’s afraid.
“Lapis…” She says again, rubbing small circles on her love’s back.
“It was a dream. It’s not real… You’re-you’re safe! You’re here with me..”
Lapis’ chest slowly rises and falls, but deeply-her breaths are wide and jagged.
Her eyes focus, and Peridot is there. She doesn’t know what comes over her then. She loves Peridot so much, why is she crying? Why is she…
The blue gem wails and throws herself into the arms of the other, who accepts her there wholeheartedly.
Fingers run down her arms and slide up to her face to wipe her tears and calm her.
“Shh… You’ll upset yourself… You were having a bad dream again.”
“I’m sorry…” Lapis whispers, whimpering again as she’s squeezed tighter. “I’m so sorry…”
She begins to weep again as she ducks her head into the green gem’s arm, throwing her arms around her waist.
“Lapis… I’m here.”
“….You’re here..”


“Do you feel better?”
Lapis looks up from the entertainment console and meets eyes with Peridot, whom she is currently mounted on.
“Aren’t you watching the movie?”
“No. I’m watching you. Do you feel better?”
“…oh! Yes, of course I do-“
“If you don’t feel better, you don’t have to pretend you do. You can’t keep these things from me.”
Lapis pauses and looks down, twiddling her fingers.
“Is there something else you want?” Peridot inquires, cocking a brow and turning Lapis in her lap to face her.
Lapis grins. She likes that face. It’s hard for her to explain… It’s the face where… Peridot is thinking. About Lapis. Thinking about how she can make Lapis better.
The blue gem leans up and gives her lover a kiss. She doesn’t mind that Peridot is clumsy with kisses. She’s always been like that.
Pulling away, she runs her hands up Peridot’s chest and touches her shoulders.
“That made it a little better…” She mumbles, biting her lip and looking up at the other mischievously.
Peridot gives Lapis a monotonous stare before chuckling and leaning forward, catching her lips again.
Jasper leaves.
Malachite leaves.
The ocean rolls over itself, flutters against the sand and retreats shyly. The sand is brittle and solid. The ocean touches it and it softens, welcoming the waves again, and again, forever.
Lapis closes her eyes.
The ocean rolls into the sand.