seeds are cheap

Friendly reminder that Ostara (Spring Equinox) is next week! Here’s an ideas post so you can plan what (or if) you wanna do!

1.) Color eggs:
Do it the old fashioned way (low spoons), or try one of those fancy Pinterest things like silk scarf or onion peel (moderate - high spoons).
2.) Get seeds:
Our local Walmart has super cheap seeds for 20cents right now. There’s not a lot of seed in them, but 5/$1 isn’t a bad deal! I got hummingbird wildflower mix that you basically just have to scatter and brush a dusting of dirt over (low spoons). If you feel up to it, a moderate - high spoons alternative is to get and bless some bulbs. :)
3.) Gather Ingredients & Create Fertilizer:
If you’re gonna color those eggs and end up eating them, save the shells! Or, save the ones from your morning omelet. Crush them up into powder! Mix with your used coffee grounds (dried! They will mold otherwise) and use as fertilizer for your garden.

Are you guys planning to celebrate? If you have more ideas we’d love to hear them!

Inability to Touch Newspapers

Check this out- breaking some serious ground rn. Y’all lucky its brick AF outside. I’M POSTING ON THE WEEKEND. When’s the last time you got some real news on a weekend, let alone a Saturday night? I don’t know about you, but I think I was in highschool at ronnies bagels. My dad got the sunday times. I touched it, and never made that mistake again. You know how people have those oddities? Like the really weird ones that everyone understands bc we all have a seemingly earth shattering weird one? It’s like don’t judge mine, I won’t judge yours. A friend of mine HATED the sound of AM radio. Another friend of mine literally can’t drink out of paper cups. NO ITS NOT MY FRIENDS YOU GOOBS. For me, I cant touch a newspaper. I’d rather jump out of a plane. Like I said, Ronnies bagels 2003, never laid these fangles on a non digital NY Times again. New York is having a major bagel renaissance. It doesn’t really need it, but I’m down for a renaissance in all non fair form. Black Seed is this new dope bagel place in Nolita. It’s from the people who do Mile End, aka the most fire deli of all time. This is a quality bagel place, and the prices reflect sed quality. Higher prices = better product. I read that on the internet. The bagels are a bit smaller than the average bagel, so be aware of that. Or just get 2 because you don’t care about that nothing tastes better than being skinny shit. Go here tomorrow. 

Black SeedTip: Check out the Tobiko spread. Tip: They have Stumptown coffee. Tip: Secret-ish menu situation. They are now open from 10pm-2am Thursday-Saturday with a limited menu and TWO kinds of pizza bagels. PIZZA BAGELS. Pricing: #1 (salmon, cream cheese, tomato, onion, capers $11; plain bagel $1.50 each. When to come here: for breakfast to go, or breakfast to stay, sit outside on the bench on a nice day, walk around soho with your bagel. Where: 170 Elizabeth St New York  Times: 7am-4pm and Thursday-Saturday 10pm-2am Phn: 212 730 1950
Spring Flowers || Open

It was a cute idea that Iann had given her a month before.  Really all he did was talk about his bees, but Riss felt strongly about bees and she didn’t have time to become a beekeeper, or she would have in a heart beat.  Instead she decided to try and help in whatever plant based way she could: and to her that meant growing an incredible amount of flowers that helped hive health and to collect their seeds (or bulbs) and make them available to the public. 

It was a labor of love, but she was still going to make a little money off it.  She was selling the seeds for rather cheap (probably ½ to 1/3 of what anyone could find in town), and she would probably end up using the money to take care of her garden. And since she was going to be selling in the town square, from a cute little cart that looked old and re-purposed and barely functional, that meant she had to get a permit and jump through hoops and well it was a process, but one that she now knew how to do and could do again for every growing season. 

On her cart she had: crocuses, hyacinth, borage, calendula, and lilac.  All of the plants she had were spring blooms that needed to be planted soon.