There are pencils that turn into plants when you’re done using them. 

The ‘Sprout Pencil’ is the first sustainable pencil in the world that can be planted after use.

“We have chosen the seeds for our pencils with great care, and they germinate quickly: i.e. within 1-3 weeks, depending on the seed variety. Most plants can be grown both indoors and outdoors.” 

It’s made of natural materials: the body is cedar wood, and the “lead” is a mixture of clay and graphite.

Sprout pencils are available in 22 varieties, including sunflower, mint, lavender, sage, forget-me-not, cherry tomato, sweet pea, cilantro, and wild strawberry.

What to do

“When the Sprout Pencil has become too short to write with, it is ready to be planted. Follow the simple instructions below and see your Sprout pencil sprout.”

They are also available in the colored pencil variety, which makes me oh-so-happy! 


*✧・゚:*🌸 SPRING 🌸:*・°☆.。 Witchy things to do!

oh my god SPRING 🌸 🌸 is here it is one of my FAVORITE seasons! Here is a list of magical witchy things to do!

1- Make floral water!
Violets! Rose! Sakura and Plum Blossoms! Lavender! Elderflower! Lilac! Dandelions! Pansies! So many wonderful and edible flowers! You can make fragrant water with them that could be used for spells, cooking, drinking (dandelion can be sometimes spicy or bitter but pairs well with ginger!) and syrups! 

2- Make floral Extracts!
For all the flowers mentioned above and other edible kinds you can also buy some vodka and make extracts from them too! It makes it easier to preserve the flavor to cook with or use in perfume fragrances! But another great way to preserve the fragrances are:

3- Make fragrance oils!
I read that sweet almond oil can be the nicest for infusing flowers to make fragrance oil. There’s a great site here that you can buy different carrier oils and really nice tinted bottles at a great price! Fragrance oils are great for body products like bath spells, gels, soaps, salts, glamour magic, body butters, lotions, candles the possibilities go on and on. Here is a nice post about the benefit of different carrier oils for the skin. I would research which flowers you wish to put in an oil and see if they are friendly for the skin but things like rose, jasmine and lavender are great. 

4- Dry flower petals!
Here’s a nice tutorial and tips on how to dry flowers. Dried flower petals are great to add to bath spells (sorry I love bath witchcraft so that’s why I keep going back to that), bath salts, but either whole or crushed into powder its amazing for baking (if you ever have a real French macaron that is floral flavored they use powdered petals to mix with the almond flour to get the real flavor), in powdered form could be used in incense, in petal form could be used in teas and if you like to smoke, you can roll it in a blunt or a bowl! If you like hookah you can mix it with tobacco or smokable teas and it tastes great. The first time I ever had hookah I was just smoking jasmine with no tobacco and it was interesting. Also a kitchen witch thing, you can add dried or powdered petals to sugar and make floral sugar or add it in honey and make floral honey! Delicious addition to teas, baking or spells! 

- Also with all these flower magic things going on, it will give you an excuse to take beautiful nature walks! Which is always great for a witch to do!

I do this around Beltane as a tradition but your house plants are going to die if you don’t give them fresh nutritious soil at least every two years (cause I stretch it and they still survive lol.) But its good since Spring is a time where gardening stores get all excited on you to also remember to take care of your plants inside! 

6- Plant things
Or maybe plan your garden! Even if you don’t have a garden maybe get some herbs or pretty wildflower seeds and sprinkle them in the woods or any naturey place you like to seclude yourself in for rituals. Just don’t throw it on neighbor’s yards or be a nuisance lol. ALSO! Watch out for which plants are invasive weeds like Mint is a menace (though it’s a tasty menace but it spreads like fire). I guess maybe suggesting spreading random seeds in nature might not be a good idea since there are a few plants that can cause trouble. I mostly was referring to cute wild flowers or chives maybe. If you want to do that just be careful I guess. 

I’ll probably add on more to this later but this is the few things I could think of. I hope everyone enjoys spring! I’m already readying my arsenal of jars to collect blossoms in lol. 

Modern Witches Daily - Potion Crafting.

Here is a new page ! (at last)  It’s about potion crafting witches and what I could read about their funny habits ~ And sometimes I relate myself to this sooo much ! I hope you’ll like it ! 🌿🍂

The Syrian war has caused the first-ever withdrawal from the doomsday seed vault

The civil war in Syria has prompted the first withdrawal from the Arctic ‘doomsday vault’ - a seed storage unit built on an island between Norway and the North Pole, to safe-guard the world’s food supply in the event of a global catastrophy, such as an outbreak of disease or nuclear war.

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Hamilton is is a triumph of art, with racism and the idolization of the Founding Fathers as its core message. It links the revolution of the past to the current struggle for racial equality in America. It uses music that has been historically maligned for its association with PoC to tell the stories of near-mythical white dudes and their adventures in creating a nation. That is why Hamilton is such a hit, it’s amazingly catchy and entertaining while also being thought-provoking.

Of course, the (mostly white) musical fandom has failed to grasp most of this and instead taken the musical at face value as just a story about Alexander Hamilton and his friends, creating a very large group of white teenagers who suck Laurens and Hamiltons into fetishistic straight girl m/m shipping culture while trying to defend dead slaveowners on the Internet from…something? Yeah, they’re already being idolized across the nation and in your textbooks, you don’t need to be a goddamn George Washington stan.

Come on, put a little thought into what you’re listening to. Good art is rarely exactly what it looks like on the surface. And if you do even the slightest amount of digging into the history past what shows up in the lyrics, you’ll learn pretty quickly that nobody in this musical is pure. They’re real people with prejudice and flaws.