At the Chicago Flower and Garden Show this weekend working a table to promote native pollinator gardening I was struck by how commercialism, again, always, sucks. So much of what I love about gardening has nothing to do with 95% of what was at this show. Vendors selling tools for very specific needs, cultivars that look like realist paintings you have to water, and all kinds of lawn furniture. I have played enough Animal Crossing to know the value in being able to customize your space so it communicates your own aesthetic of comfort, but so much of mainstream garden culture is just another flavor of the “stuff makes you happy” fallacy. I mean, maybe it makes YOU happy but I wish it didn’t have to cost so much and be built on such an oppressive system.

I know I am complicit in that system and it’s very difficult to even divest a single life from it, but here’s what I am basically saying: all one needs to garden is sun, soil, seeds, and water. If I were in charge these would be added to our inalienable rights and no human would be allowed to be without them. Our whole system would be set up so that, like mycelium moving nutrients from the rich parts of the forest to the nutrient poor, we would ensure that every human had a plot of land to garden and piece of wild earth to steward. E plurbis unim.


While cassowaries have been known to eat fungi, flowers, snails, insects, frogs, birds, rats, mice, and even carrion, their diet consists primarily of fruit.  They will eat the fruit of several hundred species of tree and bush, and one tree, the cassowary plum (which is toxic to other species but eaten readily by the cassowary), has even been named for the birds.  Cassowaries can become extremely aggressive about their food; when they find a tree that is dropping fruit, they will stay there and eat, chasing away any other cassowaries who try to approach and feed, until the fruit is gone.

Cassowaries will swallow fruits whole, even large ones like apples and plums.  Because of this, seeds and pits will go through the cassowary’s digestive system and be passed in their droppings.  These birds have been known to distribute seeds over distances of over a kilometre, making them hugely important in the dispersal and germination of fruit trees through the rainforests.  Some seeds, such as those of the Ryparosa trees, are shown to have much greater germination rates when they have been through the gut of a cassowary.  These makes these birds a keystone species for the rainforests they inhabit.

  • average witch: its finally ostara ive been waiting all year for this! *makes a beautiful flower crown, makes some cookies with flowers and dances around in the woods celebrating the come of spring)the earth is beautiful!
  • me: shit today is ostara *grabs a bag of chamomile seeds and empties it on the ground* let it gro let it gro you can reep what you dont so.
You might be a green witch if....

- your grimoire/book of shadows is just a seed catalog.

- you start planning your garden the way an expectant parent starts planning the nursery.

- you question whether you’re a green witch or just a gardener, but you decide that they’re close enough and it doesn’t really matter.

- while other witches hoard bottles, crystals, tarot decks, etc., you just hoard seeds.

- you talk about your plants the way obnoxious parents talk about their children: “And my little one here just graduated to a bigger pot. I’m very proud.”

- and actually you do hoard bottles, too, but they’re all full of seeds.

Great Gardening Site!

For all my green witches/nature enthusiasts/garden lovers out there, I have to let you know about You can get seeds for damn near any herb or plant under the sun. They’re the only reputable source for some of the plants I’ve been looking for, and they’ll send you a big catalog to flip through for free if you request it. Just an FYI!

Ostara is Monday (20th)

As you prepare for the sabbat Ostara, be sure to remember what it’s all about. 

Ostara is all about spring, and new things budding and being born. It typically falls on the Vernal Equinox, and is around the holiday Easter. Passover is also taking place around this time. 

This is a good time to plant seedlings in your garden. Celebrate the balance of light and dark. Celebrate the idea of renewal and rebirth. Bless your gardens if you have one. 

Blessed Ostara Everyone!!



I figured it’s the perfect time to share how I make seed starting pots out of recycled newspapers. Saves money, as you don’t have to buy the premade seed starting pots and they only take a minute to whip up. Plus, you can just pop them in the ground when you’re ready to plant.
You can make these in any size, I’m making these a little big because it’s to start my tomatoes!
All you need is something round you can use to shape the paper. Cans work great. A little tape and some newspaper.
Start by folding the paper in half longways, you may have to trim your sheets, but don’t fold over more than 2 ply or they won’t decompose in the ground quickly. Then wrap around the can of your choice leaving some hanging off the bottom to fold down and create the bottom of your pot. Tape the wrapped edge then tape the bottom. This is optional. You can also fold the top edge down to not use any tape but I’d rather just remove the tape when it comes time to plant. Fill with dirt and pop in the seeds of your choice! :)

Modern Witches Daily - Potion Crafting.

Here is a new page ! (at last)  It’s about potion crafting witches and what I could read about their funny habits ~ And sometimes I relate myself to this sooo much ! I hope you’ll like it ! 🌿🍂