can we talk about the fact that the fusion that garnet and steven see

dos’ent actually seem violent 

now hear my out on this. at no point does it actully try and hurt steven or garnet. if anything it seems like its in constant pain and is confussed with no idea whats going on. i also feel that maybe garnet know them

when its holding on to garnets i dont think it was trying to hurt her. if anything it kinda looked like it was thinking. trying to remember something. remember her.

but hey im properly wrong but this just brings up so many ideas and questions that i kinda wanted to say somthing


It’s an unspoken rule with myself that if I love a character, I must Sim-ify them.

This included pretty much the entire underrated, underappreciated human cast of the underrated, underappreciated game Viva Pinata and its sequel.

Figured I’d share some of my best Sims in the VP neighborhood since they’re colorful and were fun to make. :D  How they look in the game is crappily pasted next to them for comparison.  Obviously I couldn’t make those spiffy masks, so I had to take a shot in the dark with what their faces look like.

First up, we have the four siblings who regularly visit (or terrorize, in one’s case) your garden.