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(1/2)So I've been thinking about ironflint Burr, bc you said you didn't know how he was. He likes to watch. Ham keeps meeting him by chance in bdsm clubs and seedy places like that, orgies, etc. He always stands outside the thick of it, watching, not even touching himself, even though he's hard. Ham propositioned him bluntly and Burr rejected him politely, but maybe they struck an odd friendship. Alex called him over when he was going to be publicly wrecked, gave him front seats to the show.

(2/2)Turns out Burr is also into listening, and Alex is good at talking, so Alex calls him every now and then and describes what has been done to him lately. He also accompanied in his glory holes trips, stood next to him as Alex blew guy after guy. Maybe, once Alex started having sex with Washington, he secretly recorded it and sent the file to Burr as a Christmas present. So they’re both comfortable with each other, even if they do argue a lot about things that aren’t sex.

THIS IS SO MUCH AND I’M REALLY IN LOVE WITH IT? ok i have two things to say about this.

SCENE: alex and aaron at a bar, after alex has already been kicked out of the bdsm club.

alex: you’re that guy who just watches.

aaron: yeah.

alex: do you ever actually do anything?

aaron: sometimes.

alex: and just watching turns you on?

aaron: mmhmm.

alex: are you a fucking voyeur robot, or do you actually ever talk?

aaron: Talking got you kicked out of the Leathers, if i recall correctly.

alex: you’re a fucking asshole.

aaron: [sarcastically] I could see how I could get a lot further with a mouth like that.

alex: well, robot voyeur asshole, i get off to you eying me like i’m a piece of fucking meat, so here’s my number. text me back if you want me to invite to watch sometime.

SECOND: Alex calling Burr and just rambling to him about sex when he’s feeling wild but for one reason or another he can’t do anything. Like it’s not as good as getting fucked up but it’s good enough when he can’t do anything else. him just going on about sex for hours and burr listening on the phone and sometimes he’s so quiet that alex isn’t sure that he’s hung up, but then when he goes “you there?” burr repeats everything alex said back to him, and in his liquid voice alex’s fucked up sex life sounds so good. somehow burr’s distance from the phone is better, makes him feel distant from himself, gets him out of his head as he spills his confessions, and then when he runs out of things he’s actually done he talks about thinks he wants to do, or things he’s fantasized about. after a while all of his fantasies are just washington, and then one day he calls burr and he’s like “burr, i fucking did it. i got him to fuck me and it was everything i dreamed of.”

“congratulations, alex,” burr says in his liquid voice, “tell me about it.” so he does.

Imagine TiPo in a field of those puffy seed flowers [the ones that you blow on to make scatter~] They’re just doing their Kung fu journeying thing when suddenly… Po sneezes! All the seedy things fly into the air and Tigress can’t help but drop into all fours to chase them. Po, wiping his nose, watches fondly and bewildered as Tigress turns into one giant house cat, leaping and rolling in the flowers after the seeds and making them fly everywhere. He soon joins in when she stops dead, flustered that she just did all that. Po jabs her lightly saying it was really cool seeing her just let loose. She gives him a sheepish but happy smirk and shoves him down the hill, his laughter fading as he roll..

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They're not leaks though. They're official airings by Cartoon Network France. It’s just a scheduling difference that caused them to be released earlier than the US. Really, at this point, it just seems like Americans got butthurt that they didn't get the episodes first for once.

Cartoon Network France chose to air the episodes ahead of the schedule intended by their parent company. Regardless of whether or not they aired them officially, they are leaks. And the English language episodes definitely should not be out yet. They were leaked, by Cartoon Network France. It’s a matter of perspective, sure, but just because it’s the network leaking them, and not some seedy dude online, or third party website, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t leaks.

Needful Things AU (closed Black Butler RP with thxtknight)

Ciel couldn’t believe he was here. Getting a job. And not a nice job, a job at the seedy looking antique shop that had just opened in town.
His family ran their town, everyone know everyone and everyone knew him: Ciel Phantomhive. And now he was supposed to get a job? His dad had wanted him to make some cash for himself before he went to Cambridge in the fall. He’d told Ciel it would ‘build character’ and it was ‘good experience’.

He parked his sleek, black Audi in the parking lot and walked into the store, holding a folder with his resume of all the things he’d helped his father with at the Funtom Company. He took the Help Wanted sign and well and walked up to the desk. There was no one in sight so he ring the little bell that sat next to the cash register.

Happy three years together guys !!

I’m drawing two little chibis Sweety and Seedy to motivate me to keep drawing them, I must say the story arc is quite.. boring for me. I prefer when Sweety and Seedy are home. 

The results of the strawpoll of how I should update is “One drawing, it’s faster !” (except if people voted during I’m writing this) So I’ll try to be more present ^^

New Years and Seediness and Happy Wishing

>> I guess it’s safe to say that 50% of the world’s population is feeling pretty seedy at the moment.

They might have, say, stayed up until 3am and got woken up at 5.30am by best friends herding emus towards the remaining 4 sleeping best friends. The emus then hung around for hours and yeah, we didn’t get out of our done-up swags until the hunger got too much and why am I not packing for that 10 day camp tomorrow? FML I am too thirsty and achy and why are both sex 16 year olds allowed to have camp outs are New Year’s, even if we’ve known each other since we were 4 and we’re kind of like siblings? Our parents are too relaxed… 


Vegas, baby … is simultaneously exhilarating and depressing. The atmosphere is crazy - you’re encouraged to have more fun, spend more, do more, eat more, drink more, and gamble more at all times - and everyone is determined to have a good time. So, that vibe can rub off, and make for fun times. Especially at 12.30 at night at the ritzy Bellagio, or even playing blackjack at 12 noon in the swanky Aria casino. 

However, it’s slightly depressing to see, even in these glamorous casinos, schlubby people slumped in front of slot machines, staring at the lights. And down the older end of the strip, where things are a little more faded, the seedy side is more apparent. Down one end, by Circus Circus and other older casinos, things are cheaper (e.g. we stayed down this end), but you also see more people in sweatpants, and flip flops, up all night gambling at the slot machines.

But the shows (we went to the Cirque du Solei show ‘Ka’, and it was excellent), and the neon, and the glamour of the newer, bigger casinos - the Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace - can be a tonne of fun.

And the Bellagio fountain - genuinely worth the trip. Pretty much a highlight - the fountains dance to the music! So. Cool.


Sun Wukong isn’t afraid of a lot.

           If asked, he’d deny fear of anything, puffing out his chest and giving his chin that trademark tilt of confidence that always earns an eye roll from his teammates. He’s a scrappy Faunus who survived the harsh deserts and seedy back alleys of Vacuo—the fearless Leader of Team SSSN.

            The fearless leader who is currently tangled up in his bed sheets, clutching his pillow and keeping his eyes wrenched shut as another bout of thunder rolls through the sky, rumbling with menace and drawing a shudder of fear from the Faunus.

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Drunken Shenanigans

Volk Hellsing ( @volk-vin-hellsing) had invited Nyrissa out to a night of drinking and merriment. Seeing no reason as to say no to her friend she agreed.

Promising herself to not drink too much as she wasn’t quite sure about her tolerance since her change she showed up at the bar he specified. It seemed to be a bit lower class than she was used to, but then again she had been to some exceptionally seedy taverns in her younger days as an adventurer so it didn’t seem too bad.

Walking through the door she saw that it was mostly empty but a thick cloud of some sort of smoke lingered in the air. Spotting Volk sitting at the bar, she smiled and sat down next to him. 

“Aye, this place is certainly… interesting.”

okokok but imagine a plot where muse a and muse b are lovers on the run (exactly why can be determined in plotting!!! maybe they committed a serious crime, maybe they live in a sort of dystopian society where their love is forbidden enough to warrant them being constantly on the move, maybe they’re traitors in some other way who knows???) and there’s a lot of angst and nights spent holding each other in seedy hotel rooms and plot twist!!! muse a’s parent is an officer in charge of leading the investigation to find the two!!!!

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Bellarke: Stop The Presses

Early 1900s, NYC. Tired of the insipid gossip and delicate lace of upper-class society, Clarke Griffin puts pen to paper to fight the suffocation from her corsets and familial pressure. After her anonymous submissions catch the eye of the editor at the city’s most circulated gossip magazine, she begins writing a column that reveals the seedy underbelly of the most powerful families in New York. It’s a dangerous game she plays, especially once her writing turns political–even more so when she finds herself intrigued by intrepid reporter Bellamy Blake, someone whom a society girl should most definitely not want to spend time with. 

Bellamy Blake wants to do so much more than report on oil and railroad tycoons and the gossip that surrounds their business deals, but if it pays the bills and keeps his sister fed, he’ll swallow his pride. As long as he keeps writing, he’ll have a shot at being a real reporter someday. What he won’t swallow his pride for, however, is the lofty Miss Griffin, who waltzed in to be the self-appointed intermediary between his editor and their magazine’s new anonymous society gossip source. With her money and confidence, she sets his teeth on edge–at least at first. Soon he finds himself wondering just exactly lurks underneath the gilded veneer that she displays, because there is a look in her eye that tells him she is so much more than she appears to be. 

The showrunner for Jessica Jones recently said out of all the hot button issues she covered including, rape and abortion that what got her the most flack was the interracial relationship between Jessica and Luke. Keep in mind they have a long history of being together and having a kid in the comics and it still got hate which brings me to James and Kara from Supergirl and one of the reasons I am rooting for them.

If a relativity small audience on Netflix(relative to the numbers SG did) can cause that stir you can imagine the results on a major television network have had. For me personally I do not have to imagine I have seen the seedy and underhanded comments people leave about them all season, I could write an entire paper on the coded language of what “they don’t have any chemistry” or “I just don’t like them as more than friends” really means. In the end all I hope for is the people involved with the show to not pay attention to that noise and give us a well thought out  and healthy relationship because I have not watched one show this year that had a healthy romantic relationship. Not one. I have to think back years before the last time I saw a healthy relationship on TV that kept the tension and managed to keep a couple together without cliches dragged and contrived melodrama.

You want Supergirl to be a hero for young girls then I also think its important to show them what a healthy relationship looks like.

Okay, so here’s the first new story set in the early days of Kanan and Hera’s relationship. This one is about five months post-Gorse.


Rating: Teen and up

Summary: There are disgusting jokes about Twi'lek girls told all across the galaxy. Hera’s good at ignoring them. Kanan, not so much. (Content warning: bigoted and misogynistic language.)

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It’s nothing Hera hasn’t heard before. It’s not like she meets her contacts at genteel tea gardens. She meets them in seedy cantinas, dark little holes-in-the-wall, places where people don’t look each other in the eyes and don’t remember faces afterwards. For their anonymity, not hers: even in an enveloping cloak, Hera doesn’t go unnoticed.

The human at the bar is talking to no one in particular, and pitching his voice loud enough to be sure that Hera can hear him. “Hey! What’s the difference between a blood-skeeter and a Twi’lek girl?”

Kanan gives her a sidelong glance. Hera keeps her face resolutely still. She knows the punchline before the man drawls it out: “A skeeter stops sucking when you slap her!”

Her contact’s in the back, a twitchy-looking  Rodian named Plen Caver. He doesn’t exactly seem like the revolutionary type, but his intel has always checked out. Hera slides into a chair next to him. Kanan spins his chair around backwards before straddling it: someday she’s going to have to teach him how to sit down like an adult.

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