Emily sneaking out at night
  • [masked, Emily jumps down to the street, strolls around a seedy lane and past an off-duty watch guard]
  • Watch Guard:hey beautiful... what's your namne?
  • Emily:*looking around for crates and ledges to practise her climbing* ... Em.
  • Watch Guard:is that short for...Emmeline?
  • Corvo:*landing on the guard's face* short for EMPRESS
  • Emily:omg, dad!
  • Watch Guard:hrk
  • Corvo:GOT A LOT O' NERVE hitting on my DAUGHTER
  • Emily:*hissed* he wouldn't even have known it was me if you'd said nothing
  • Corvo:*shoving the guard up against a wall* ARE YOU TWO USING PROTECTION
  • Emily:GROSS DAD. And at this point, you've had more contact with him than me
  • Corvo:I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW I DON'T OWN A SHOTGUN. But I do have a pistol and a crossbow, and a very special set of skills...
  • Emily:*climbing back onto the rooftops* you have got to stop following me around, dad, it is SUPER lame
  • Corvo:*still holding onto the increasingly nervous guard* YOU'RE STILL GROUNDED YOUNG MISSY
  • Emily, several buildings away:YOU CAN'T STOP ME LA LA LA

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more about your modern cr au?

Oh god, there’s so much.  Here’s some random thoughts:

  • Keyleth’s car is a dark green convertible.
  • Orthax is actually the name of the drug that Percy takes, but since he doesn’t know the name of his dealer, he just refers to the dealer as Orthax.   His friends take to calling the dealer “the demon”.
  • The most popular computer/phone operating system in Exandria is the Matt system.  Instead of Siri, they have DM.
  • Vax’s leather jacket has wings stamped on the back.
  • When Vox Machina are in Syngorn, Vex meets Saundor in a seedy club called the Shademurk.  When he creeps on her, she shoves him away, which sparks a huge fight.
  • The Slayer’s Take is an old hunting lodge that’s been converted into a casino hotel.  The first time Vox Machina stay there, they accidentally get on the wrong side of the owner a la property damage and she offers them a deal: they work for her, do exemplary work, and she won’t press charges.
  • Keyleth’s dissertation is on topics in botany.
  • A large number of the Vox Machina vines are Vax and Grog pranking each other.
  • Velora is a tiny punk.

Shippy Things:

  • Vex occasionally likes to pop by the garage and watch Percy work.  Victor doesn’t mind, of course, since she’s just so pretty.  Sometimes she’ll bring Percy food if she’s in a really good mood, like she does once in a while when she watches him fix her motorbike.
  • When Percy works at home, Vex sometimes helps out, especially if Keyleth’s busy.
  • Vex likes to be around Percy when he’s fixing cars because she finds it comforting and because she knows he’ll be safer with someone watching him.
  • Percy threw the first punch in the Shademurk bar fight and broke two of Saundor’s fingers.  Saundor’s buddies dislocated his shoulder for it, but afterwards, Vex fixed it for him and sat with him in the back of Keyleth’s car on the way home.
  • Whenever Percy needs to be woken up, the others send in Vex, because she’s the only one for whom his half-asleep grumpiness won’t turn into outright irritation.
  • Sometimes Percy and Vex text each other to make sure the other is okay.
Finding happiness in life is sometimes like finding treasure at a seedy looking junk shop. You go into the store not to find anything, but more just to pass the time before the movie starts, or a friend makes you tag along because they need to buy a cheap bed for their new dog. But then amazingly, amidst all the sad looking coats and lamps that don’t work, the bad paintings of waterfalls, and wilted Halloween costumes of characters on forgotten TV shows, there it is! You cannot believe your eyes. You walk over to it slowly, almost afraid it will disappear before you get there. But no, it’s real — you have it in your hand now. You try it on and it fits perfectly and it costs nothing and the day, the place, the time, the moment all just became golden.
—  Jonathan Carroll
New Years and Seediness and Happy Wishing

>> I guess it’s safe to say that 50% of the world’s population is feeling pretty seedy at the moment.

They might have, say, stayed up until 3am and got woken up at 5.30am by best friends herding emus towards the remaining 4 sleeping best friends. The emus then hung around for hours and yeah, we didn’t get out of our done-up swags until the hunger got too much and why am I not packing for that 10 day camp tomorrow? FML I am too thirsty and achy and why are both sex 16 year olds allowed to have camp outs are New Year’s, even if we’ve known each other since we were 4 and we’re kind of like siblings? Our parents are too relaxed… 

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Art dad I'm starting college next week for the first time and I'm super nervous, do you have any tips for a newbie like me? ;~;

1) know your schedule and room numbers ahead of time~

2) if there’s still time to pick classes or you’re allowed to do so, don’t take 8am ones- go for 9 or 10am! [you’d think it would be easy since you’re technically used to waking up at 6 but nooooo big mistake]

3) join an extracurricular club, or find people with common interests- that usually makes things a lot more fun! but don’t be pressured into doing stuff you don’t wanna do for the sake of fitting in- you leave that attitude behind at high school graduation UoU

4) you don’t have to act nice or be friends with everyone, of course, but try to be well-acquainted with the people around you! *seedy businessman voice* connections are important

5) consider taking multivitamins if you’re going to be staying up late a lot or skipping a few meals when you’re in too much of a hurry [but don’t think that this is a valid substitute for proper rest and meals- try catching up on sleep and eating on time whenever you can!]

6) bring a water bottle and keep yourself hydrated!

7) I think I have a college tag you could check out- I saved some stuff there for my own reference, as well~ Good luck!

please play this and imagine with me: Jim Kirk as a dancer in a seedy bar, he and Leonard McCoy make eyes at each other across the smokey room. Leonard is all scruff and danger and whiskey, Jim is desperation and hope and flight. McCoy takes Jim and runs. They are fleeting touches in the dark, handguns tucked in leather seats, setting fire to anything that gets in their way. A modern Bonnie and Clyde. 

La Traviata Romana

Catullus 58

Oh, Caelius – our Lesbia, that Lesbia,
That Lesbia, whom alone Catullus loved
More than himself and more than all his own,
Now at intersections and in seedy back-alleys
Services the descendants of high-minded Remus.

Caeli, Lesbia nostra, Lesbia illa,
illa Lesbia, quam Catullus unam
plus quam se atque suos amavit omnes,
nunc in quadriviis et angiportis
glubit magnanimi Remi nepotes.

Idealized Portrait of a Courtesan as Flora, Bartolomeo Veneto, ca. 1520s

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Hera and Kanan anniversary/ special dates headcanons? I love your headcanons

Thank you luv! I’m glad you like them! And ho-boy I hope you’re ready because these two are my literal OTP right here [cracks knuckles]

  • they never really have time for dates, but before they even thought about putting a crew together - way back when they were just getting started - they would stop off at some seedy, backwater planet diner and order whatever looked good
  • that was their idea of a night off or a date night
  • and they always had such a blast
    • because for once they could just sit down and talk and that’s exactly how they ended up being so close
    • they stopped at a LOT of little diners
  • the same goes for anniversaries
  • there really isn’t time and that’s all they need really is a day to just sit back and realize how far they’ve come
  • of course the kids pick up on this so quickly that Hera and Kanan feel like they’ve gotten whiplash when one moment they’re coming back from a firefight and the next
    • “here’s your bags”
    • “what?”
    • “it’s your anniversary, right?”
    • [Kanan and Hera stare blankly at each other]
    • “why does she owe you credits?”
    • “i bet you wouldn’t remember. she said you couldn’t be that oblivious”
      • they were that oblivious
  • the entire anniversary (the kids managed to convince Sato they needed a whole week ffs kids) is spent traveling between worlds, going back to all those old diners and ordering the exact same things they did all those years ago
  • on their last day, Kanan insists on flying them somewhere and Hera reluctantly hands over control
  • he flies them to the Spirian moons where they spent their honeymoon
    • Hera cries
    • they drink three mugs each of Spirian caf and bring back an almost illegal amount to keep for special days or pick me ups
    • because honestly who knows when they’ll get another break
  • please let them rest @ filoni
  • ravishan:*blatant flirting*
  • john:oh, he's so innocently affectionate and friendly
  • ravishan:*leans as close as possible, finds excuses to touch john*
  • john:this poor young celibate straight priest
  • john:i'm sure he just wants to have a nice chat

Neon Indian shared a trip of a music video for his song Annie today. The seedy karaoke styled film clip was directed by Alan Palomo himself. We traverse B-roll cityscapes, taped over TV shows, and phone sex commercial breaks in search of a missing ex-lover alongside Alan. The chillwave and synthpop musician will be heading out on tour this fall. I can’t wait to hear Annie live at Treasure Island Music Festival in mid-October. There’s no doubt I’ll be dancing ecstatically to its distorted retro funk and dreamy florescent electronica. Annie comes from Neon Indian’s 2015 album VEGA INTL. Night School, out now on Mom + Pop. 

A newspaper print appealing for any information on Elizabeth Short a.k.a the Black Dahlia, who was tortured to death some time between 9pm on January 13 and 1am January 14 in 1947 Los Angeles.

Short had last been seen a week before, in the company of a red haired man. Her battered, horribly mutilated body was found dumped in a vacant lot, drained of blood, and cut in half at the waist. Cigarette burns, cuts, bruises, and lacerations by the dozen were noted during the autopsy. Short had been tortured repeatedly over the course of several days before being beaten to death with a blunt instrument.

Investigators failed to piece together Short’s final movements with accuracy. The victim followed a notoriously seedy lifestyle and had a active social life with its fair share of shady individuals. Its unknown if the killer knew Short or if he/she was a stranger. Her murder remains unsolved.