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I just want there to be femslash with young Leia but honestly there's no one else in the original trilogy to ship her with >>

A dashing woman

FANDOM: Star Wars
PAIRING(S): Pre-Han/Leia
CHARACTER(S): Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo
GENRE: Flirting and educating
SUMMARY: Han is not a man, but it’s really only a surprise for Luke.
NOTE(S): Features trans woman!Han, because Canon Compliance is optional–and Han’s cisgender-ness is never stated anywhere anyway.

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Showering # 123

A rare thing last night: a vivid, happy dream, and an erotic one too. I dreamt that I was in bed with a powerfully attractive woman who was very happy to be there with me. It was like a fifties British movie. I was a cool sort of guy. And next I was at a seedy bar dancing with the woman. But it was invaded by some gangster types – spivs and transvestites, for some reason. Although these gangsters threatened me, I remained unmoved, casual, at ease, happy to be with my lover. Then I was in the field and the lead gangster was firing his gun at me but the bullets were like ball-bearings that were travelling slowly enough for me to see them coming and dodge them, and then I started catching them and juggling with them. Then the wonderful woman and I were off into happiness. Bring on such dreams.


*whispers* kay but what about miraculous vigilante!au
  • no kwami/ superpowers
  • hawkmoth is the kingpin of the notorious crime ring terrorizing paris under the name “Akuma”
  • organized crime is at an all time high, and no one feels safe anymore
  • surprise surprise, the police are useless
  • enter: marinette duapin cheng, sweet and cunning and tired of seeing her city being terrorized
  • so she obscures her identity, setting out into the night streets armed only with her wits, 7 years of aikido lessons, and the burning desire to clean up the streets
  • soon all the tabloids are talking about a faceless heroine dubbed “the ladybug“ taking down muggers left and right around paris’ seedy underbelly
  • enter: adrien agreste, who’s inspired by the stories and tired of living his oppressively structured life
  • so he suits up as well, masking his recognizable face as he and his fencing sabers seek out the mysterious vigilante
  • he helps ladybug out of a tight spot, they team up
  • im talking infiltrating hideouts
  • im talking “cut off one head and two more take its place”
  • im talking red-x’d pictures and yarn stretched across a cork board
  • imagine the student in their class arguing. “well i think they should just leave it to the authorities!” chloe shouts. “yeah, like the cops could do anything without the help of Ladybug and Chat Noir,” Alya counters
  • half of paris loves the duo, and the other half want them off the streets for good
  • its basically netflix daredevil au at this point I KNOW
  • im talking stakeouts
  • im talking drug busts
  • im talking midnight motorcycle chases

Spending the Night at Miguel’s Wildheart Motel

To see more of Miguel’s Wildheart Motel, check out @miguel, @willoperron and #wildheartmotel on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

“I am going to ask you yes or no questions.” You’re seated inside a seedy motel room that’s dressed up as an interrogation facility. Thick wires are strapped across your stomach and chest and a blood pressure cuff is wrapped around your left bicep. You begin to answer queries about your sex life, whether you can drive a stick shift, whether you’ve traveled or lived in another state. There’s no actual downside to lying right now, but that sort of defeats the purpose. If you can’t be truthful with yourself, why even exist in the first place?

Because this 21-room exhibit, somewhere in the middle of Los Angeles, is just as much about experiencing the art and influence of the singer Miguel (@miguel) as it is about finding yourself (as Miguel says, “it’s super clichéd, but what the f— else is life all about?”). Made in conjunction with artist Willo Perron (@willoperron), the Wildheart Motel, named after Miguel’s latest album Wildheart, is a place to explore the record’s message and themes in a living, breathing environment.

“I was so in love with the idea and the intention, I wanted to find any way to make it happen,” Miguel tells @music, 30 minutes before the doors open, about his conception behind the exhibit. He’s wearing a customized, unbuttoned Wildheart Motel jean jacket; his clavicle tattoos peek out from underneath his T-shirt. “It’s really a f—ing miracle that we are here.”

That miracle led to the aforementioned polygraph room, a room with a stripper pole and jungle vines, a room for karaoke, a room for sex therapy, a room of minifridges filled with miniature liquor bottles and fake limbs, a room with body part cushions. There was also the live band room, covered in burgundy shag carpet, where Rihanna would perform a surprise set later in the evening alongside Miguel.

“Every room here is intended to give people something to talk about,” he says. “I just wanted to create a space that gave people a moment –– to just forget all of the reality-based walls that we built for ourselves and just have a good time.”

You can check out more photos from Miguel’s Wildheart Motel, which runs through this weekend, here.

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I think Scrufflecake was the first person I saw IDing Ann Marie as the person responsible for the Iron Closet and her seedy past with Max Clifford/her experience as a prison psychologist. her involvement in BG really came up when she and the Jungles were found to be following each other. Im not sure who discovered that her husband is US showbiz editor (I think) for the Sun who got the joint 'exclusive' on BG. Basically all the evidence is that BG is her baby. Now possibly in more ways than one.

yikes and yikes! it’s just too much of a coincidence! the jingle ball date - annmarie being in LA when louis is….the hair….like……

‘Kill Me, Deadly’ Trailer: ‘Criminal Minds’ Crew’s Noir Comedy Gets April 1 Release Date

Indican Pictures has acquired Kill Me Deadly, a spoofy noir comedy based on playwright Bill Robens’ staged satire. Robens adapted the feature which was directed by Darrett Sanders and produced by the group behind the NOTE theater, which originally produced the play in 2009. The indie distributor plans an extremely on-the-nose April 1 theatrical release in the top five U.S. markets, Canada and the UK followed by a nationwide digital/VOD platform bow April 26.

Criminal Minds star Kirsten Vangsness reprises her role from the play and executive produces, bringing with her fellow CI castmates Joe Mantegna and Shemar Moore to the story that follows gumshoe Charlie Nickels (Dean Lamont, also reprising his role) as he investigates a stolen diamond, seedy Vegas tycoons, slick crooners, murder, double and triple crosses and a never-to-be-trusted dame. Paul F. Tompkins, Lesley-Anne Down and Keith Allan co-star.

John Money, Robens and Dean Lemont of Opiate of the Masses Productions are producers.

Check out theatrical trailer above.

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New Years and Seediness and Happy Wishing

>> I guess it’s safe to say that 50% of the world’s population is feeling pretty seedy at the moment.

They might have, say, stayed up until 3am and got woken up at 5.30am by best friends herding emus towards the remaining 4 sleeping best friends. The emus then hung around for hours and yeah, we didn’t get out of our done-up swags until the hunger got too much and why am I not packing for that 10 day camp tomorrow? FML I am too thirsty and achy and why are both sex 16 year olds allowed to have camp outs are New Year’s, even if we’ve known each other since we were 4 and we’re kind of like siblings? Our parents are too relaxed… 

concept: we dream of the endless texan highway. cross country road trips and shady diners, seedy hotels, good food and pretty trees that change colors with the seasons. stargazing laying in the bed of my black truck, the cold reddening our cheeks. talking about everything under the sun. the searing arizonan heat burning my skin, laughing so much there are fine smile lines etched at the corners of your mouth. god we’re together and we’re so happy.

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Imagine Carol and Therese spending a day lounged in bed. Carol taking pictures of Therese as payback for her always doing it to her.


At first its all above board, just Carol fiddling with the camera born from pure curiosity for what Therese does. Then theres a photo taken of Therese reading a book. Then an out of focus photo of Therese looking confused, and then one of her smiling and hiding behind said book. (Carol later does her best seedy male voice for a joke. “…now take off your top” and almost swallows her tongue when Therese does. The photos, when Therese develops them with Carol in the small cramped room behind her because she wants to see her ‘masterpieces come to life’, are mainly out of focus or over saturated and Carol loves them. While not being clear and coherent photos of a bare back or the roll of a hip, they’re just ‘art’ enough to be framed and hung up. Therese isn’t entirely sure she’ll ever stop blushing.)