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The poppy planting instructions said “Do not plant more than 6 seeds in this pot” & I was like “fuck you, then why did you give me like 50?” & I planted half of them & now they are probably all going to suffocate one another. They are so cute though

movie/video game witches: “I’ll only make a deal with you if you go to the top of The Death Mountain and obtain three drops of water from the Pool of Souls. I also require 10 bear pelts, and your first-born child. Only then can you get your precious *insert obscure item here*.”

me, a witch: if you have any plant seeds, pots, or jars that ur not using, can u hmu?? If you want to trade I can give you like…a candle and a nice rock I found yesterday :)

Gifts for different witches
  • Garden witch: plants, seeds, cute pots and decorations
  • Sea witch: beautiful shells, abalone jewelry, mini bottled aquariums
  • Hedge witch: a trip to a beautiful cemetery, meaningful antique items
  • Kitchen witch: culinary herbs, hand carved cooking utensils, a cute book to write all their recipes in
  • Techno witch: a flash drive full of images of different colored candles, herbs, crystals, etc.
  • Green witch: cruelty-free bones, pretty stones found in a river, pressed flowers
  • Eclectic witch: reading material on different sects of witchcraft, generic starter kit full of candles, crystals, herbs, tools
  • Storm witch: rain boots, umbrella, rain stick, tornado in a bottle, thunder drum
  • Let's add to this list!
Housing PSA

White walls, that you can dye, can now be found at the Housing Merchant in any housing district. White floors, that cannot be dyed, can also be found here.

Further, most all District Specific Items (Glade/Oasis/Riviera) can be found at any of these Housing Merchants. This includes partitions, beds, vases, flowerpots, tomes, paintings, etc.

For the cherry blossoms, you can purchase the seeds, pomace, and potting soiling at the Material Supplier in any housing district.

Have a great patch day, and don’t get caught in any skeezy money-making schemes! ♥

So, this is the story.
I bought some goooood dank from my amazing dealer👏
I finished the 20 grams in about a week and found 3 seeds in the jar😌
That day I threw those 3 seeds into a pot plant on my balcony just to get rid of it😑
4 weeks later I found this new friend in the pot😱🙌

anonymous asked:

Hey! Where would you suggest a college witch who runs on a very low budget get crystals and plants? Thanks in advance!

Hmm, crystals I’m not sure. I get mine from a local shop, it can be hit or miss depending where you are. But I know that Monterey Bay Spice Co. has a ton of cheap herbs, oils and teas you can buy in bulk and have mailed to you! And for live plants, usually if you have local greenhouses, you can get fairly cheap plants, or I know when I was in the US last, Target has these 1$ seed pot things that you can grow little herbs in that they usually put out around spring!

10 Steps To Begin Indoor Gardening

1. Gather your supplies.

- Pots, planters, seeds and soil.

2. Read your seed’s/seedling’s packaging.

-Instructions especially applying to how much sunlight your plants will need. What kind of soil and how much water.

3. Get to know your home.

- Scout out where the best and worst sunlight is provided. Some plants will need a lot of direct sun and some will not.

4. Be informed about what plants you can have around any pets in your home.

5. When buying seedling’s look for healthy leaves with proportionate stems. Too much stem without healthy leaves is a bad sign.

6. Get the right size pots.

- When replanting, use a container the same size as the one the plant came in or two inches larger. Too big a pot means too much soil that holds too much water and this can rot the roots. Also, a pot should always have a drainage hole in the bottom.

7. Take precaution when re-potting seedling’s.

- Do research on what your plants will need and make accommodations accordingly.

8. Know what seasons your plants will grow and thrive in and make a plan on when to plant.

9. Be realistic with what you can handle in a garden. Don’t plant anything that you don’t have time to take care of.

10. Talk to your plants.

- I know it sounds crazy but plants have been proven to grow stronger and live longer when you talk to them especially if you speak to them in a calm and happy tone. After all they are a living part of the Earth and they want to hear positive things too.

- Sam

Seed-Starting Tips 2: Planting

Out of all the people I know who like gardening, so few of them consider starting from seed an option. It’s such a hassle, and it doesn’t seem worth the effort when you can just buy a plant from the nearest garden store and run with it. But there’s so many benefits to starting plants from seed that people don’t seem to realize. That, however, is another post entirely.

Meanwhile, I will be making a series of posts with tips and tricks I have learned with starting plants from seed. I have been gardening for about a year now, and have successfully gotten seedlings from a large portion of the plants I have thus far attempted.

This post is focused on planting your seeds in “pots.”

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