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movie/video game witches: “I’ll only make a deal with you if you go to the top of The Death Mountain and obtain three drops of water from the Pool of Souls. I also require 10 bear pelts, and your first-born child. Only then can you get your precious *insert obscure item here*.”

me, a witch: if you have any plant seeds, pots, or jars that ur not using, can u hmu?? If you want to trade I can give you like…a candle and a nice rock I found yesterday :)

Gifts for different witches
  • Garden witch: plants, seeds, cute pots and decorations
  • Sea witch: beautiful shells, abalone jewelry, mini bottled aquariums
  • Hedge witch: a trip to a beautiful cemetery, meaningful antique items
  • Kitchen witch: culinary herbs, hand carved cooking utensils, a cute book to write all their recipes in
  • Techno witch: a flash drive full of images of different colored candles, herbs, crystals, etc.
  • Green witch: cruelty-free bones, pretty stones found in a river, pressed flowers
  • Eclectic witch: reading material on different sects of witchcraft, generic starter kit full of candles, crystals, herbs, tools
  • Storm witch: rain boots, umbrella, rain stick, tornado in a bottle, thunder drum
  • Let's add to this list!
Housing PSA

White walls, that you can dye, can now be found at the Housing Merchant in any housing district. White floors, that cannot be dyed, can also be found here.

Further, most all District Specific Items (Glade/Oasis/Riviera) can be found at any of these Housing Merchants. This includes partitions, beds, vases, flowerpots, tomes, paintings, etc.

For the cherry blossoms, you can purchase the seeds, pomace, and potting soiling at the Material Supplier in any housing district.

Have a great patch day, and don’t get caught in any skeezy money-making schemes! ♥

So, this is the story.
I bought some goooood dank from my amazing dealer👏
I finished the 20 grams in about a week and found 3 seeds in the jar😌
That day I threw those 3 seeds into a pot plant on my balcony just to get rid of it😑
4 weeks later I found this new friend in the pot😱🙌


japanese red pine - take 2 by markr82
Via Flickr:
one more pic of my recently sprouted japanese red pines. Out of all the plants I’ve started from seed, there’s something fun & special about how pine trees look in the very beginning. after going through a little time in the refrigerator to satisfy their stratification desires, some have started to sprout in the past few days. My Gardening Photos

siyokoi-deactivated20170112  asked:

for your prompt request! how about mcmercy? some prompts: eye contact, green thumb, or poetry. Hope you get through your writer's block <3

(thank you you’re so nice I’m gonna rly try i’m sorry if this is rly bad)

Something Blue 

Angela has always wanted a garden. Her heels click quietly against the well worn floorboards, the scent of wet earth and roses thick and potent. Perhaps with the time off she has she can lose herself in soil and clay pots, in seeds and pitchers of water so that she would be distracted from–

She bats the thought away with a wave of her hand, her thin fingertips skimming over damp lilies. 

“These will do.” She plucked the bouquet of snow white lilies, oblivious to the water she sloshed over her boots and trench coat. She kept walking through the small flower shop, blue eyes critical of every arrangement. “No.” She sighed. “Why are they so difficult to find?” Or perhaps I just can’t find them. 

She looked over at where the cash register was but saw no one still, the shop oddly empty for such a lush selection. It was a new shop however, so that could explain the sparseness of customers. Perhaps the lack of apparent employees could also justify the disinterest. She was sure she could walk out with her arms and pockets full of flowers with no one being none the wiser. 

“Can I help you?”

The smooth voice startled her, her fingers crumpling the plastic around the stems. She opened her mouth to speak but lost her voice at the sight of the man, his deep dark eyes catching hers intently. He was tall and broad shouldered, shaggy brown hair sticking down and up in odd places. His clothing was streaked with soil and sweat and wrinkled quite hopelessly and she couldn’t help but think of the old western movies her mother used to watch when she was a child. 

I’m being silly. 

She cleared her throat. “I’m looking for blue flowers. Not violet or purple or fake blue roses. Blue. Like the ocean or the sky–” 

He grinned. “I know what blue looks like.” He pushed his hair back with a filthy hand. “Follow me.” 

She followed him as he headed towards the very back of the cottage-like shop, trying to peek over his shoulder as he pushed open two large glass doors into–what she presumed was–the backyard. 

“I keep the special ones back here.” He admitted, a hint of pride in his voice as he stepped aside to let her see. 

“Oh.” Angela faltered mid-step, her eyes sweeping over the impossible richness of colors. “This is…beautiful.” It was not a large piece of land but every inch was covered in thick heaps of flowers, oranges and pinks and violets with shapes she did not know flowers came in. 

“It’s not quite done yet.” He shrugged. “Still a few types I’m working on. Others I haven’t had luck growing in this cold clammy weather or with the limited space.” He walked towards a small porch as he spoke, bending down with a pair of rusty clippers in his large knuckled hand. “Even so I think I’ve got what you’re looking for.” 

She was fiddling with the closed bud of a sunflower when he was suddenly quite near, the scent of sweat and wet dirt enveloping her. She tipped her chin up–and found his eyes on her mouth, her lips parting like an invitation. 

She shut her eyes and stepped back, clearing her head. How long had it been since she’d been so close to anyone? 

“The same color of your eyes.” His smile was charmingly crooked.”Here you go sweetheart.” He lifted the bouquet between them and the shock of blue made her give a small gasp.  

“Oh. Oh. They’re blue!” She took them eagerly. “Something blue.” Her smile echoed his. “Jack didn’t have anything blue for his wedding.” She murmured, more to herself than anyone. She glanced up at him again–he had to be almost six feet–and let her smile nearly crack her face. “Thank you so much. Here.” She stuffed several bills into his rough palm, trying to ignore the chills that broke across skin at the contact. “You’re a lifesaver, ah…?”

“Jesse.” He filled in. 

She nodded. “Thank you, Jesse.” She stepped away. “I’m running a bit late.” She admitted reluctantly, bundling the flowers into the crook of her arm. She turned towards the doors, every step she took stilted and difficult. 

“Don’t you want to know the name?”

She paused at his question, her look one of confusion. 

“Of the flowers.” He nodded his head towards them. 

“Yes, of course.” She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Who knew when she’d need blue flowers again?

His slow spreading grin made her insides do flips as he moved closer to her, his hand lifting to the side of her cheek. “Forget me nots.” He murmured. He lifted his large hand higher and she felt something wet and thin slip behind her ear–the stem of a flower–and his hand was gone as quick as it had touched her. “To help you remember me.”    

10 Steps To Begin Indoor Gardening

1. Gather your supplies.

- Pots, planters, seeds and soil.

2. Read your seed’s/seedling’s packaging.

-Instructions especially applying to how much sunlight your plants will need. What kind of soil and how much water.

3. Get to know your home.

- Scout out where the best and worst sunlight is provided. Some plants will need a lot of direct sun and some will not.

4. Be informed about what plants you can have around any pets in your home.

5. When buying seedling’s look for healthy leaves with proportionate stems. Too much stem without healthy leaves is a bad sign.

6. Get the right size pots.

- When replanting, use a container the same size as the one the plant came in or two inches larger. Too big a pot means too much soil that holds too much water and this can rot the roots. Also, a pot should always have a drainage hole in the bottom.

7. Take precaution when re-potting seedling’s.

- Do research on what your plants will need and make accommodations accordingly.

8. Know what seasons your plants will grow and thrive in and make a plan on when to plant.

9. Be realistic with what you can handle in a garden. Don’t plant anything that you don’t have time to take care of.

10. Talk to your plants.

- I know it sounds crazy but plants have been proven to grow stronger and live longer when you talk to them especially if you speak to them in a calm and happy tone. After all they are a living part of the Earth and they want to hear positive things too.

- Sam