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Have you allowed the daily routines and responsibilities of life to divert you from your goals and desires?  If this is you then it’s time to start thinking about doing some reorganizing.  Take a day to pause and reevaluate.  What steps can you take to get back on track with your deepest desi…Read More

yo so let me talk about my fav scene in a bug’s life for a second which is “pretend this rock is a seed”

so basically flik is giving dot the “you can do anything you want never give up speech” and what’s great about the scene is that originally that’s all it was. flik gave this inspirational speech to dot and she was like yeah! i can!

well the writers took a step back and were just like “this is so disgustingly sweet it’s not authentic enough it won’t hit the emotions we want it to” and they are right! because whenever you hear things like “you can be whoever you want to be” it just sounds like recycled movie garbage.

so they come up with this idea that flik uses this rock in place of a seed, the metaphor being that you have all this potential and one day you will be the person you want to be. so it’s still that cheesy inspirational crap bUT dot, being a child, keeps interrupting like “but it’s a rock” and this is mUCH BETTER STORYTELLING because now not only have we successfully “ruined” our inspirational moment (giving it authenticity) but we gave dot something to learn! and sure enough near the end of the movie when flik is convinced he can’t do anything dOT GIVES HIM A ROCK SAYING “PRETEND IT’S A SEED OKAY?” and we still make a joke of it because of course no one else in the room understands wHAT THE HECK that means!

in conclusion a bug’s life is underrated and i cried a little writing this

This Guy is Amazing! i am electric Love

This piece is my rendition of Love using sacred design…

In this piece we will start at the center. I created the first circle/sphere, it depicts unity or the whole. Then i put a Vesica Pisces in the center of it causing it to have two slivers on each side. The slivers each both have circles in them showing that they each contain the whole/unity but there are two separate pieces… So no…w we have unity containing the Vesica Pisces and two separate beings containing the whole. Now within the Vesica Pisces i put a heart (a common symbol for love) and within that we have the infinity symbol. The infinity symbol is there to show how the Vesica Pisces creates infinity within its basic geometries. So we now have infinite love within the Vesica Pisces.

On either side of the original circle/sphere we have two star tetrahedrons. The star tetrahedrons are symbols commonly used to simulate the geometry of the merkaba energy field that surrounds the human body. On the left we have the male and on the right we have the female. If you notice, around the star tetrahedrons there are spirals or swirls, these show the direction of the spin on the star tetrahedron/merkaba. Radiating from each of the star tetrahedrons are rows of concentric circles, these circles merge with the concentric circles radiating from the unity circle in the center showing a the merger of the two energies.

Next we have the rings coming from the bottom and top of the center Vescis piscis these rings depict the torus or toroidal energy field found in all matter. It is ever infinite and continuous.

Above and below the middle Vesica Pisces are two other Vesica Pisces. The bottom one is angled straight up and down and has a symbol for infinity in the center with the circles that continue into each other. And the too one has the same infinity sign but it is shifted 90degree to show a shift in dimension.

When you have the three Vesica Pisces stacked on top of each other you also get a view of a double helix or DNA. Showing how we start from the bottom and as we go through our center and through the toroidal center we come out on top having shifted dimensions through pure infinite love.

And the background is the flower of life (our life geometry) and its half size overtop the flower centers.

So in short we have unity being split into two parts both containing the whole, with infinite love and light. Then have these two souls mix there merkaba energies together going around the torous feild of all nature, to shift their dna through the power of love to enter the new astral dimensions.

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