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Aries: Beauty awaits you where others will not see it. It gleams on the surface of a stagnant canal; you will feel it in the coolness of loamy soil and the scratching, toiling insects. It calls you into the rustling green, and begs you to sink forever in the reeds.

Taurus: On ink-black nights, your spirit slips through your bones and walks free. It wanders in its thousand silent forms, passes ghostly below cedar trees and across rolling plains. It returns to fill your head with animal memories, raw and alive with longing.

Gemini: Something has followed you, one part gnawing and another sighing, full of mournful sound that makes the hair on your nape prickle like a cornered dog’s. To its eyes you are a hazy ghost of familiar scent and color—it is afraid, too, and alone, and only seeks comfort from you.

Cancer: A roaring black horizon stretches along your tender spine, just below the skin. It distorts sound and memory, turns bird song into ancient tongues, and from the other side you can feel something searching, pressing, seeking a way through.

Leo: When the call comes, it will ring out from nowhere—a low cry buzzing through the air after dark. Your blood and bones will remember what it means even if you do not; follow their lead as they pull toward the door and the yawning night beyond.

Virgo: Black fur will begin appearing, tangled in trees and brush, meant for your eyes only. Collect it where you find it, hide the lush dark tufts in a secret pouch and keep it close at hand. It will protect you when its owner arrives in the shape of a beast, beautiful but wrong, like a limb twisted out of place.

Libra: As you sleep, a lean dark figure approaches, tall and stooped at your bedside. Its hands are cold and damp, dappled with sap, grass sprouts breaking through skin. It leaves a familiar branch by your side before departing. Perhaps now you can remember the way back.

Scorpio: Clear days blur the boundary between your skin and the brisk air. High in a pine, a hawk tucks strands of your hair into the lining of its nest, and its chicks dream of you, of your voice and hands, unknowing, forgotten on waking.

Sagittarius: A narrow farm shed sits abandoned in an open field; it’s been many years but the gift that was left for you still rests inside. Pull down the damp-rotten door and find it in a tangle of oak branches on the concrete floor, dried leaves humming over the flesh of your second body.

Capricorn: Look up when flocks of birds are in the sky—they have been sent to tell you something. In the shifting sea of starlings you will see the beauty and terror to come, and crows stand by to warn you when the danger draws close. Keep seeds in your pocket; your allies are always near at your side.

Aquarius: A juniper will grow beneath your bed, its thin scrub branches spilling out onto the floor, dotted with clusters of berries whose dusty blue surface conceals something, like a figure shifting behind frosted glass. Tend to it carefully, and you will see clearly what lies beyond their muted veil.

Pisces: A wilderness begins in your chest, slowly at first and then growing vast, your heart swallowed in the trees. You must walk there to learn, to make sense of the strange beasts who flicker between the trees, to uncover the weeping leviathan deep in its glacial lakes.


Important reminder about seed collecting and storing

While I was on holiday in Lanzarote back in November I collected a good number of seeds from species I had identified with certainty, but there were also a few mystery ones. One day my boyfriend and I were walking along the beach and I snatched a long dry seedpod from a shrub and put it in my backpack. There and then I could only tell the plant was clearly a woody member of the Fabaceae due to the bipinnate compound leaves and obvious dehiscent pods, but since there are so many similar species, I couldn’t really tell which, or even if it was one I already knew. 

Once I got back home in Scotland I stored all my seeds neatly, quarantined the mystery Fabacea ones, and put one in a sealed bag with moist paper to test if and how quickly it would germinate. In the top photo you can see the resulting seedling, which I’m really happy with as I thought the test might not go well and I’d have to try again later on in spring, but that wasn’t the last of the surprises. I hadn’t looked at the rest of the seeds since I had stored them away, and when I did I was so relieved I had taken in consideration the possibility they might be carrying pests, as Fabaceae often do! Three of them were hosting Bruchid beetles from the family Chrysomelidae, which decided to emerge after almost four months in storage. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time trying to pinpoint exactly the species, but I have been unable to -although I suspect the genus to be Bruchidius- so if any of you dear entomologists recognise them, please let me know! They are ~5 mm in length and I hope the gif is good enough to show the characteristic mottled coloration. 

If you are storing seeds which may carry beetles and their larvae, make sure you do so in thick plastic or glass, as many species can just chew through a good number of softer plastics and materials (mealworms, the Tenebrio molitor larvae, will happily chew through tinfoil for example, that’s something I learnt incidentally while keeping a hedgehog). Luckily I had anticipated the possibility and stored them properly (hence why I used the word “quarantine”), so none escaped and all three have been disposed of. Now I just need to know what species my Fabacea seedling is!   


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Being a witch involves more than just the use of herbs and pretty rocks and moon water, it also includes preserving and protecting the resources that are very important to our craft and our being. Nature is our only source and needs to be respected and all her gifts used wisely.

Recycling and conserving has become the norm nowadays considering the growing shortage of our natural resources and I am so here for it. Here is my list of ways us witches can do our part:

  1. When you boil your veggies, save the water to feed your little plant babies. Considering we are going through an intense drought for us Capetonians, this is a must. 
  2. Use eggshells and coffee grounds to add nutrients to your soil for your plant babies.
  3. Use old cereal, cookies or bread to feed the local feathered friends. This is especially helpful in winter when food is scarce.
  4. Refrain from planting foreign plants, it could have a negative effect on the native flora and fauna.
  5. Gather as much rain water as you can during the rainy seasons for watering plants. Even make moon water or enchanted water to bring prosperity and give your plant babies a little boost.
  6. Save all your seeds!
  7. Keep all pesticides away from your plants, especially if you plan on consuming them or using them in magic.
  8. If you stay close to the ocean, gather some seaweed, dry it and crush it to be used on plants. It has tons of nutrients to help your lil bebes grow big and strong.
  9. Instead of using plastic tags to mark your herbs, make your own out of twigs and just shave a spot off for writing. Get creative and make your garden look extra magical.
  10. Plant loads of succulents, they use very little water, are super low maintenance and are beautiful to look at.
  11. MULCHING is a water saving essential !!!
  12. Don’t toss the weeds, find out what their properties are and how you could use it. Even if it is just for fertilizing or making a tea for your plants.
  13. If you have any fur babies, find some plants that they like. Find out what plants they like, e.g catnip for kittens.
  14. The same way some witches make their own wands or magical tools, why not make your own magical gardening tools from recycled or recyclable materials?
  15. Share your reapings from Gaia with your community.

Any other suggestions?

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Can u write something about,,,,like ,,,, the Seed Brothers ,,,who will be thinking or doing the wedding day with rookie¿??? I'm from Mexico please don'r joke with my English :"((


Joseph didn’t think he would ever see a day like this again. He had been married before and after losing his first wife he vowed to never marry again…until he met you. He had nightmares about you leaving him at the altar or just not showing up at all. But there you were, walking towards him with the loveliest smile on your face…and the smile was for him. You decided not to cover your face and he was happy with your decision. His brothers stood by his side keeping him calm. It felt like forever but you finally made it to him and he couldn’t take his eyes off you. “You look like an angel,” he whispered. “I am. I’m your angel,” she whispered back with tears swimming in your eyes. Hearing them call you Mrs. Seed would never get old.

John was sure he wasn’t the marrying type. He was sure there was no good left in him—none that anyone could find at least. By some miracle, he met you and you made him feel good again. He was nervous but he couldn’t stop smiling even as Joseph fussed over which tie looked better with his shirt. “Are you happy for me, Joseph?” he asked. “Of course I am, brother.” Their foreheads touched and John cried. He cried knowing that he would be marrying. He cried knowing that his brother would be the one joining you two. He was happy. You wanted a simple dress but nothing was ever simple for John. He wanted you to have the best of everything. Your dress had been specially designed just for you and he was about to see you in it for the first time. Overwhelmed wasn’t a good enough word to describe how he felt as you walked towards him, the light catching the small crystals in the dress just right. He was the first to cry and Joseph put his hand on his shoulder, giving him a small nod. This was really happening.

Jacob expected you to laugh in his face when he asked you to marry him. He was never one for romance and the whole getting down on one knee thing so he just blurted it out as if it was some random idea he had. He didn’t have a fancy ring to give you at first so he let you wear his dog tags—he belonged to you. When he finally got you a ring, you cried and kissed him all over his face. Surprisingly, he had kept his full dress uniform from his Army days and figured he’d wear that since he didn’t have anything other ‘nice’ clothes. He enjoyed the shocked look on your face as you walked to him though he probably had the same look on his face. There was no way this was real. This woman walking towards him was too pure, too good for him. “I clean up pretty well, huh?” he asked as you took his hand. “You look perfect.” He had to take a deep breath and close his eyes for a moment after hearing you say that. Perfect was never a word that was used to describe him but he realized that everything with you was new and he was ready for new.


Pairing: Jacob Seed x the Deputy

Summary: Jacob decides to spar with the Deputy. 

Good lord, she was more restless than his wolves. It was beginning to irritate him. She refused to eat so where the hell did she get the energy?

He watched for a little while longer, twirling his hunting knife in between his fingers as he weighed his options. He’d be fine. He needed the practice.

“Let’s go.” he announced, unlocking her cell door. 

She finally stopped pacing. Thank fucking christ.

“Go where?”

“Training grounds. If you’re so anxious, make yourself useful. Spar with me.” Jacob knew she wouldn’t be dumb enough to try anything . Additionally, he passed over the opportunity to go hunting last week and he was becoming irritable.

Before she could take a step forward, he placed his hands on either side of her, his dog tags brushing against her forehead. “Try anything and I won’t hesitate to kill you.”

She tried to suppress a smile. “Wouldn’t dream of it.”


“Keep your guard up” he emphasized, settling his stance.

She hadn’t even registered what he said. She had always seen Jacob at night. She never had the pleasure of seeing him during the day. Her eyes lingered over the bulging muscles in his arms. 

She quickly shook her head, trying her hardest to conceal the blush creeping onto her cheeks. “Less talking.”

The Deputy struck first, leading with an obvious strike from around outside. Jacob stepped aside, raising his arm just fast enough to block it, using his free hand to land a hit. She recoiled, gingerly running her fingers over her jaw.

“What’s the matter?” he taunted with a smirk.

He took the initiative this time, stepping forward to deliver a blow to the Deputy’s gut. She stepped aside just in time to cause him to stumble forward.


“What’s the matter?” she teased.

Jacob bit the inside of his cheek. Those few strikes were more than enough to fall into a rhythm, with Jacob blocking then striking while the Deputy answered in kind. Eventually, neither were thinking about their movements as they had become nothing more than an automatic response to one another.

The Deputy could feel beads of sweat begin to run down their neck. She could see Jacob’s face beginning to glisten as well. “We’re just getting started. Keep up, old man.”

He narrowed his eyes. When did she grow balls? He lunged at her, just barely managing to land a sharp upswing hook to her jaw. She stumbled back, momentarily dazed. He followed through with two more blows to the face. The Deputy’s vision momentarily blurred as she fell onto her ass.

Jacob snickered, taking the brief moment of peace to crack his neck. “How about we make this interesting?” He reached toward his boot, tossing a spare knife in between her legs. The Deputy quickly grabbed the knife,swinging her right arm towards him, just barely grazing the area right above his rib cage. Jacob took little time to recover, spinning around to narrowly block the next blow aimed at his chest. He held her by the wrist, admiring the scowl on her lips before he pushed her away with a satisfied smile. 

The Deputy’s next swing came unexpectedly, her knife repeatedly coming from nowhere. Jacob had no other choice than to create some distance between them. This, however, didn’t stop the Deputy. She took aim, flinging the knife directly into his left shoulder. He roared in pain, doubling over. The Deputy quickly ran to him, swiftly slamming her knee into his face in order to get him to stand up straight long enough to pluck the knife out of him. She spun around only to be met with an elbow to the face. She fell onto the floor, grimacing in pain once Jacob stepped on her hand.

“Cut the theatrics. Get up.”

The Deputy sat up, staring at him with a confused look on her face.

“Are you deaf? Get up.” he repeated with a slight edge to his voice.

“Next time don’t leave yourself wide open while you’re preparing for an attack. Get up. Try it again.”

Was he…training her?

They took their place on the opposite sides of each other. The Deputy hesitated before charging at him. Jacob knew better. He grabbed her wrist, slamming it against the wall repeatedly until her knuckles began to bleed, causing her to drop the weapon.

“Is this what you wanted?” she breathed, eyes lingering on his lips. He was almost tempted to kiss her. He probably would’ve had she not punched him in the stomach.

“Next time don’t leave yourself wide open.” she mocked.

He deserved that. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. They circled each other, attempting to read the other’s next move. Jacob was not a patient man. He dealt a side strike powerful enough to send the Deputy staggering. He threw his knife onto the ground and the Deputy did the same. She had an answer for every one of his punches and it was starting to piss him off. He managed to land a quick jab at her ribs, earning him a surprised grasp that merely slowed the delivery of her next blow. A pool of sweat had begun to soak through his shirt and it was becoming a nuisance. He shrugged his jacket off in order to yank his shirt over his head, quickly returning to his fighting stance.

The Deputy swallowed hard. His body was glistening with sweat and that look of frustration on his face was enough to make her second guess even touching him.

Not many people could keep up with Jacob but he was annoyed and as much as he hated to admit it, he was beginning to get sloppy. He swung left, then right, then left again, attempting to drive her back against the wall without her noticing. He couldn’t remember why he was fighting with her. All he knew was that he wanted-no, needed to subdue her. There wasn’t a single person he couldn’t break and he wasn’t about to sully his record. He would make her submit to him.

She glared up at Jacob who just smirked. He loved seeing that momentary fire in his prey’s eyes before he snuffed it out.

The Deputy felt a fire in her loins. The way Jacob was looking at her was almost animalistic. Their sweaty bodies moved in such perfect unison. The determination on both of their faces only fueled the other’s desire to win. This fight had long escalated into something far beyond a friendly spar.

Jacob’s lips lingered dangerously close to hers. “If you submit now, I’ll give you something a little better than the usual slop Pratt brings you.”

The Deputy couldn’t contain herself. She was eager to see just how much further she could push him. “Go to hell.” she spat.

He grabbed a handful of the Deputy’s hair and forcibly yanked it, rewarding him with a pained yelp. He clicked his tongue, pressing his body closer to hers, eyes trailing over her throat. “Try again.”

Despite having limited mobility, the Deputy stupidly made the decision to bite his shoulder. His grip loosened just enough to allow her to wriggle away but she immediately regretted it the second he recovered. He hip checked her into the wall, hands immediately reaching for her throat. She let out a gasp, weakly attempting to pry his hands off. He watched her struggle with an amused look on his face.

“For a defiant little bitch, you’re not resisting very much.” he mused.

He leaned in close, his recently trimmed beard tickling her chin. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” He wanted to hear her say it. He carefully loosened his grip. The sound of her desperately gasping for air made his jeans tight. “Say it.”

A mischeiveous little grin curled her lips. “It.”

He should’ve strangled her when he had the chance. He knew she wanted this. The heat radiating from between her legs betrayed any indication that suggested otherwise. His brilliantly blue eyes studied her face. Had she always been this beautiful? He met her gaze, her soft brown eyes gleamed dangerously. She leaned in, her lips hovering near his.

“Say it.” his patience was wearing thin.

“Fuck me.”

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Fem!Deputy/John where John keeps trying to bribe/impress Dep with ever more ridiculous gifts, and she's obviously exasperated but maybe starts to find it endearing. Pls and thank you. <3

do u think amazon prime delivers to the cult or does john have all this stuff stockpiled somewhere

It’s a Patagonia jacket first. One of those hundred dollar outdoor gear types that are windproof, waterproof, fireproof, and whatever-the-fuck-proof on the outside, and warm and fleecy on the inside. It’s dropped off at 8-Bit Pizza at some point during the night, and naturally, it’s Adelaide who finds it when morning rolls around, complete with a short handwritten note.

“Oh, girl,” she drawls appreciatively, handing it over to Cody when the deputy walks in with Boomer at her heels. “Someone’s got it bad for you.”

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iii. jacob seed, the soldier | jacob talks of the world ending. it’s not religious. it’s not even conscious. it just weaves throughout his conversations. like small-talk. like his brother discusses the weather, or the faith they have to put in god.

he scratches his burns as he mumbles of the horrors of utter destruction. bites his nails to ignore the screams in his head. be strong. be strong. be strong.