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The world is full of evil and lies and pain and death, and you can’t hide from it. You can only face it. The question is, when you do, how do you respond? Who do you become?

Tag: 5 Ships I’d Go Down With

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1. Rivetra (Shingeki no Kyojin)

I have never shipped any ship this hard before this tragic pair. Too many what-ifs is just beyond your reach and Levi really needs someone to brighten his constipated life. 

And have you heard of the anime team shipping them?~

2. Touken (Tokyo Ghoul)

From the time Touka despised Kaneki until she cared for him, built :re for him, the amount of emotions built up is too overwhelming for me. And have you fucking seen the amount of Touken art done by Ishida Sui?!

3. Ayahina (Tokyo Ghoul)

Used to be a crack ship for me but it’s blown into a full -fledge OTP now. Come on, if you tell me there is nothing going on between those 2 after seeing Ayato screaming for Hinami during the Auction Arc, you need to wear specs. We all know how violent Ayato is.

4. Royai (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Ah yes, like finely-aged wine. Too much tension between these 2. Riza shared her secret, one that destroyed her too (in a way) and allowed no one else to learn flame alchemy. She trusted him with her whole being and Roy, in return entrusted his back to her. 

Damn fraternization rules.

5. Asucaga (Gundam Seed)

Granted, I didn’t reblog much of this pairing but that’s because there is hardly anything on this site. This ship is actually one of my first few OTP that hit my shit-filled ass full force. Though Athrun is an asshole *side glance his harem in GSD*, he definitely still cares about Cagalli. Likewise, though Cagalli was forced to marry that purple-haired monkey, she didn’t forget about him even after putting away that ring he gave. 


Champion Reveal: Ivern, the Green Father


Once, long ago, Ivern Bramblefoot was called Ivern the Cruel—that was before he tangled with a God-Willow. In the centuries since, Ivern has roamed the forests of Runeterra, cultivating life wherever he goes. Wildflowers bloom in his footsteps as he laughs with trees, plays tricks on rocks, and dines with moss on the sun’s delectable rays. When the Green Father traipses into your lane, he brings all the secrets of the forest along with him.

Passive: Friend of the Forest

Ivern loves jungle monsters and would never harm them. Instead, he sets them free! Clicking on any jungle camp creates a grove using some of Ivern’s health and mana. The grove matures over time; when fully grown it can be clicked on again to free the camp’s denizens, granting Ivern gold and XP. Smiting a camp with a grove on it instantly sends the monsters to safety.

After level five, the Green Father creates copies of the red and blue buff whenever he frees the Red Brambleback or Blue Sentinel—they’ll leave behind a sapling which can be picked up by allies.

Q: Rootcaller

Ivern shoots out a ropey root that deals magic damage and (as you’d expect) roots the first enemy it hits. Allies who use a basic attack on the rooted target will automatically dash to get within attack range.

W: Brushmaker

Passive: When hiding in brush, Ivern’s basic attacks have increased magic damage and range. This effect lasts for a couple seconds after Ivern leaves the brush.

Active: Ivern creates a patch of brush, temporarily revealing the area around it. The amount of brush created is slightly greater if it’s placed near a wall or any other brush. The Green Father’s grassy patches disappear on their own after a moderate delay.

E: Triggerseed

Ivern places a protective seed onto his ally, granting them a shield. After a short delay the seed explodes, damaging and slowing all nearby enemies.

R: Daisy!

Ivern summons Daisy, an enormous sentinel who loves hugs. Daisy scampers around joyfully, knocking up Ivern’s target after a few hits. Ivern can recast this ability to direct his boisterous friend toward new targets. She’ll hang around until her hankering for hugs has been satisfied, or until her health bar is depleted.


Who says supports have to hang in the bot lane? Ivern Bramblefoot is a true support-jungler, arguably the first of his kind. Most supports can’t hack it in jungle because they lack the sheer damage output to beat up rascally woodland creatures in a timely manner. Ivern gets around that with his ability to evacuate camps without ever fighting anything—the green man just tends to his groves and soon enough the critters go prancing away on their own, happily handing over their juicy XP and gold as they leave.

It only takes Ivern a few moments to lay down or harvest his grove on camps, so he has access to jungle routes that just aren’t an option for those who have to fight and kill their prey. One valid strategy: Take Smite and Teleport, then go into the enemy jungle and drop a ward near an entrance. After sprinting through and gettin’ grovey with all the camps, TP back to the starting point for another lap to set the whole zoo free.

A more common pattern will see Ivern dropping groves on all the camps in his own jungle, then using his remaining free time to prance into a lane for a quick gank. Regardless of whether the gank is successful, Ivern can then stroll back into the jungle to claim his ripe rewards.

“Whenever Ivern’s ganking,Brushmaker gives him a thick playbook of ways to sneak into side lanes. His brush doesn’t appear on opponents’ minimaps, so it’s on them to keep a close eye out for any creeping forestry sprouting up around them.”

Whenever Ivern’s ganking, Brushmaker gives him a thick playbook of ways to sneak into side lanes. His brush doesn’t appear on opponents’ minimaps, so it’s on them to keep a close eye out for any creeping forestry sprouting up around them. The bushes block off vision granted by minions, making it possible for Ivern to create a grassy curtain that’ll keep soon-to-be-rootcalledopponents in the dark.

Once the Green Father gets access to his old friend, Daisy, he’s got a powerful way to disrupt enemy carries and peel for his own backline. In some of those crucial early skirmishes (like for first dragon), a rampaging hug monster taking an ADC or mage out of the fight can be all your team needs to build a major lead.


Once the teamfight phase hits, Ivern’s role couldn’t be more clear: He’s there to make his team’s frontline more deadly. If the droll druid lands a Rootcaller on an enemy squishies, it grants every teammate within range a free dash toward the rooted target. One root hits, and all at once your friendly Braum’s giving ‘em a mouthful of mustache, your Vayne’s spouting condemnations, and your Garen’s in the spin zone.

Most of the time, you’ll want to save Triggerseed for that moment just after you’ve landed a sick pick with Rootcaller. Since the root’s dash effect is much greater on melee allies, you’ll probably want to grant them Triggerseed’s shielding and slowing properties. They can ride the root in, pop some fools with the bursting Triggerseed, then tank any retaliatory hits while the triggering intensifies. While all that’s going down, Mr. Bramblefoot is free to spank nearby baddies using the extended auto-attack range he receives while in brush.

The biggest benefit of Ivern’s brushmaking hobby is its potential to create mind games. Many of us have played on Summoner’s Rift for years at this point, and brush locations have been pretty consistent throughout. We unconsciously track our distance from any and all unwarded brush, taking pains not to facecheck it. So when you’re halfway down bot side’s river and find yourself encountering a whole grassy field, it can seriously mess with your mind.

The range on Brushmaker is crazy big, so Ivern can use it scare opponents into thinking he’s somewhere he’s not. Stand on one side of the midlane and drop a bunch of brush near the opposite side, just to drive them toward you. Or, just plant some on top of your own carries in the middle of a teamfight to make them untargetable.

“The range on Brushmaker is crazy big, so Ivern can use it scare opponents into thinking he’s somewhere he’s not. Stand on one side of the midlane and drop a bunch of brush near the opposite side, just to drive them toward you. Or, just plant some on top of your own carries in the middle of a teamfight to make them untargetable.”

Ivern’s designer, Blake 'Squad5’ Smith, says he once stole a dragon just by filling the pit up with grass and hanging out in it. When he smote the dragon for the kill, the other team didn’t think to check the grassy knoll where he was still hiding. Instead, everyone just wandered off, dejected, and recalled to base. Victory through trickery: the true way of the Green Father.

“The Shadow’s Season is Second Seed. The Shadow grants those born under her sign the ability to hide in shadows.”―The Firmament

Those born in the season of Second Seed (May) 1st - 31st

Soul color:  Forest green

Temperament: To dissolve into the shadows, one becomes apart of everything around them. The sign is clever, cunning, but often wary. Quiet as they appear, they are always conversing within their mind while listening to everything. They remember faces, names, and information well.

Abilities: Naturally gifted with subterfuge, The Shadow can walk without being noticed, drawing attention away from themselves to pass through crowds like a mist. However –in Blackmarsh, those born under this sign are are dubbed ‘Shadowscales’ and trained in the art of assassination. In Elsweyr, The Shadow is also considered to be gifted by Jode.

Friendships and Family: If you want to be kept up with the latest gossip, befriend The Shadow. They are not easy to find, but encountering one under this sign may already prove their trust in you - either that or you are especially perceptive. If you are a friend of The Shadow, you may experience moments in which they seem to lose contact for prolonged periods of time. In most scenarios there is nothing to be worried about, in fact they will eventually return with their proverbial coffers full of secrets and gossip.

Success: The Shadow can persuade well with their abilities of perception. They are not ones to approach a task head on, and wait patiently for moments most beneficial. One under this sign is more likely to manipulate through subtlety– letting others go ahead and test the waters. When something happens to throw their rivals off course, they will casually come in to pick up their place.

Romance: Enchanting, charming, witty, and mysterious. The Shadow will only show what they want you to see and nothing more. They will lead lovers through a labyrinth that is both challenging and rewarding. If one is in a romantic relationships with this sign, you may not be the only one. Don’t be surprised by that –if you ever find out.

Struggles: Always hiding themselves from others and even their own vision. There is a lot this sign doesn’t know about itself and may cause nervousness, anxiety, and depression. The Shadow is always searching, watching, listening…

-Other signs-

Beam me up Scotty! Quantum teleportation of a particle of light six kilometers

What if you could behave like the crew on the Starship Enterprise and teleport yourself home or anywhere else in the world? As a human, you’re probably not going to realize this any time soon; if you’re a photon, you might want to keep reading.

Through a collaboration between the University of Calgary, The City of Calgary and researchers in the United States, a group of physicists led by Wolfgang Tittel, professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Calgary have successfully demonstrated teleportation of a photon (an elementary particle of light) over a straight-line distance of six kilometres using The City of Calgary’s fibre optic cable infrastructure. The project began with an Urban Alliance seed grant in 2014.

This accomplishment, which set a new record for distance of transferring a quantum state by teleportation, has landed the researchers a spot in the journal Nature Photonics. The finding was published back-to-back with a similar demonstration by a group of Chinese researchers.

“Such a network will enable secure communication without having to worry about eavesdropping, and allow distant quantum computers to connect,” says Tittel.

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