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thoughts on the video? i liked it v much they were rlly cute and giggly

omg i loved it???? for much the same reason that i loved the fireboy and watergirl livestream or games like keep talking and nobody explodes and the crash bandicoot stormy ascent level. it’s just always so fun watching them push through super stressful gaming and to watch them do so together. i love seeing how they communicate and always try to diffuse tension through humor. i loved how yet again they tried to play to each others’ strengths and phil didnt mind leaning on dan for help when he needed it and dan didnt try to make phil feel bad for dying so soon on so many of their attempts. and the bants in general were just absurd and in keeping with pretty much everything theyve been saying lately and so many of their tweets (sun daddy? butt blowing?? come in my lady door?) by being completely appalling and innuendo-laden. they were just ridiculous in general and i was laughing out loud at so many points during this. jst some noteworthy moments ..

  • ‘i’ll be on ass patrol’ 
  • ‘lemon me up’
  • ‘that is an angry yammy dingdong’
  • ‘he seeded on my face’ 
  • ‘just get him on the tip’
  • phil wondering if the yam sucked a worm up through its butt 
  • that bit where phil was speculating that the apple shoved its ‘core’ into the pig and how they somehow turned that sexual? 
  • dan saying he wants to do the pig’s voice and phil just roasting him by saying ‘it does like you’ hahahaha
  • all the commentary about being alone if the other person died
  • phil saying ‘look after me’ in that kinda fake but also kinda earnest voice and sliding in that personal detail about how dan always unintentionally leaves him behind if theyre like in the train station or wherever bc he just assumes phil is following him. cute :( 
  • whipping out the old ‘danny’ and ‘philly’ nicknames
  • that bit where phil was like ‘remember who i was remember the guy i was remember everything i did’ after he died and it was probably slightly too real so they had to layer on cheesy sad music over it hahaahhaha

…… theyre disgusting lmao. but horrible humor aside aahahaha this was just such a fun video and i dont think i even realized how much i missed watching a proper gaming viddy… it’s been 17 days since the last actual video which was a sims, and 29 days since the sonic vid which i would class as the last video with actual gameplay (even though battle cats i guess could count but even that was 3 weeks ago). given the dapg upload rate we’ve gotten used to this year of roughly 2 videos per week, thats genuinely quite a bit of time between videos (and though the livestreams have been wonderful and an easy way for them to tide us over between vids, and i love them dearly, they’re not quite the same feel as a formal video). so i think watching them fully immersed in something like this and having that top notch banter and whatnot was Extra Fun bc of how long it’s actually been since a classic dapg vid and i enjoyed it so so much


Sensitive Skin Hemp and Rose Wash

Made for extremely sensitive skin (face and body), is the rhassoul clay and hemp seed oil face cleanser! Made with 100% natural ingredients, such as rhassoul clay, unrefined hemp seed oil, rose petals, castor sugar, and essential oils, this cleanser will remove dead skin, dry skin,and clear ache causing debris. Oils will hydrate the skin and nourish it with things such as vitamins A and E. Hemp oil also contains trace amounts of important minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium, and phosphorus, and antioxidants, which are elements that prevent or slow cell damage. Rose will balance the face’s pH level and tone it.

To use, put a bit of the cleanser in your hand and move it under water, then scrub it gently onto your face or body, moving your fingers over the area in small circles. For best results, do this for a long as you can. Rinse.
You will have no more oil or grime on your face. Scrub well to get it all off. You may need a towel/rag.

About Extras:

Extra Rose: This will provide a sweeter scent to the cleanser, and balance your pH and tone.

Extra Hemp Oil: This will provide extra healing to the skin it is applied to, creating smoother, softer surfaces.

Extra Sugar: More dead skin and grime can be pulled away from the skin and the oils and nutrients will penetrate deeper into your newly exposed healthy tissue.

Sold in 2oz Pots.

Sherlock Jewellery Commissions

Hi everyone ! I’m still having cat problems and vet bills so I’ve decided to try and do some commissions.

Exemples of my work:

Fandoms: BBC Sherlock but I’m open to other Sherlock Holmes incarnations (Granada Holmes, RDJ Sherlock…). If you want anything else, it doesn’t hurt to ask, I’ll probably say yes.

What I don’t do: I don’t  do cuff bracelet from fan art that isn’t yours. Don’t even ask, sorry.

How a commission works: Message me on tumblr. If you want a cuff bracelet, I’ll need a good quality picture and the size of your wrist. I’ll then work on a pattern. If you’re happy with the pattern, I’ll start the bracelet or order the beads if I don’t have them already.

Turnaround time: It depends on the beads I have and the beads I need for the cuff. If I have all I need, it takes a week. If I have to order some beads, it can take up to one month. At that point, if the turnaround time is too long, you can still change your mind. Once I’ve started the beading or once I’ve passed the order, you can’t change your mind.

Pricing: The price of a cuff bracelet depends on the number of beads I need. You have to count a minimum of 45€. I’ll ask you to pay upfront using Paypal  or through my Etsy Shop.

Thanks for reading and I’d appreciate a reblog. 

Have a nice day!

The Face Shop Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Water

This product is an Editor’s Pick Allure Award Winner of 2014, and since then its popularity has skyrocketed. Along with the Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream, I thought it would be a wonderful to try out the line as it is intended to be used.
Reviews for the other products can be found here:
- Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream (review coming soon!)

The Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Water is a pore cleansing toner that removes sebum from deep within the skin and tightens pores. 100% organic germinated chia seed is used instead of water for enhanced freshness and effectiveness. The moisture water provides sebum control and moisturising to the skin.
To be used every morning and night. Take an adequate amount onto a cotton pad after cleansing and wipe from the middle of the face to the outer sides then tap lightly for absorption.

The Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Water comes packaged with a fresh looking design. The bottle has a circular pump head which dispenses the moisture water evenly and conveniently onto the cotton pad. There is 300ml of product in the bottle. The face shop has recently updated their packaging design.

The Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Water is a lightweight watery toner. This allows for the toner to absorb quickly into the skin and also leaves the skin with a completely non-greasy finish when fully absorbed. The moisture water has sebum control properties that allow for your face to remain fresh. The moisture water does in fact provide a tad of moisture to the skin. Skin feels softer and smoother after use, and the product leaves a slight moisturising layer. It also aids in moisture absorption from products that you put on after it. Possibly one of the best thing about thing toner, and really the whole line, is the amazingly refreshing scent that follows that of the rest of the Chia Seed Sebum Control line. This is absolutely a fantastic product, no wonder why it was an award winner!

-lightweight and quick to absorb
-leaves a non-greasy finish
-sebum control properties
-provides a bit of moisture to the skin
-aids moisture absorption of other products
-refreshing scent

Cons: NONE!

Overall Rating: 5/5


♡ Hani’s Review: The Face Shop Chia Seed Hydrating Toner  ♡ 

Price: ~$13

Description: A moisturizing toner that instantly hydrates skin. Formulated with extract of Chia Seed which absorbs up to 10 times its own weight in moisture it naturally moisturizes your skin. GMO-free Chia Seed.

Directions: Apply after cleansing. Dispense into your hands or soak a cotton pad and apply over clean skin. 


  • Lightweight
  • Hydrating and moisturizing
  • Pleasant smell
  • Affordable
  • Pump application, more hygienic


  • None!!

Comments: I’m a huge fan of The Face Shop’s Chia Seed Hydrating Cream which led me to buying the toner. When used together, it’s wonderful! My face is very moisturized but I can barely feel anything because it’s so lightweight. On days that my face needs extra moisture, I just apply toner twice. Absolutely no complaints about this toner.

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

Would I repurchase? Yes!

Any questions/comments, contact me at: 

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make a post about skin care routine please ..

Skin Care Routine:

natural organic products for ur skin is a better choise. harsh chemicals can do damage to your comlexion and your hormone balance. Nature has a lot to offer to make us beautiful.

  • I wash my face 2x a day with Weleda Almond facial cleanser ( I also like products by Aveeno and CeraVe - whatever you choose, make sure it doesn’t contain SLS)
  • spray organic Rose water on my face 
  • dab face with gentle towel 
  • use a mix of ½ sweet almond oil and ½ grape seed oil to moisturize face and neck ( about 3 drops is enough)
  • message face and neck for at least 2 minutes ( watch face yoga videos on youtube)- it does wonders for your skin, i noticed that it clears the skin and gives it a beautiful glow and you’ll feel great  
  • apply 1 drop of tea tree oil to blemish/zits… 
  • apply coconut oil to lips
  • not really skin care but - apply a mixture of ¼ castor oil, ¼ jojoba oil. ¼ almond oil, ¼ grapeseed oil to your eyebrows and eyelashes using a clean mascara brush - they’ll grow like crazy 
  • make sure to drink at least 2 liters of water each day and eats lots of fruits and green vegetables. Carrots are also great for the complexion. 
  • once/ twice a week do a facial scrub using baking soda followed by a mask .
  • mask can be : 1. clay mask for purifying 2. honey mask for moistruizing and healing.
  • avoid eating junk food and salty foods and stick to a healthy diet.
  • drink 2 cups of green tea to detox 
  • massage your neck downwards, putting slight pressure on your lymph nodes to detox your face and help rid of toxins - this can also help in losing baby fat in face.
  • steam masks are so good, they clear up your skin, detox, purify and you’ll feel great. boil some water, add a drop of tea tree oil/ green tea bags/ nothing and place your face above the bowl for about 10 minutes.
*NSFW* EXO reacts to their girlfriend giving them their first blowjob

(gif credit to owners)

Request found here.

A/N: Here is part #2 of Smutty Week’s Reaction Wednesday! Thank you, anon for the request. I may or may not have made this a bit more naughty than expected. I kind of just went with it as I was writing and based it on having a healthy relationship with EXO (meaning sex is already a norm for you two, but blowjobs will now be introduced). Be warned that they are longer than the other requests. Regardless, I hope you all enjoy them! <3 xoxo


Kim Minseok (Xiumin)

As you were putting away groceries, Minseok would laugh out loud as he held a tube of flavored lube in his hand. He would say that it must’ve belonged to the couple that was in line in front of you two and it was accidentally placed in your bags, but when he checked the receipt, he noticed that it had been charged to his card. Embarrassed to take it back, he would ask you if he should just throw it out since you two had never planned to use lube. When you respond with a wink and start to walk up to him biting your lower lip he would know he was in for a good time.

You pushed him back against the counter, wrapped an arm around his neck, and kissed him passionately as you massaged him with your free hand. He braced himself as you undid and pulled down his pants and boxers, revealing his already hard member. You poured some of the cherry flavored lube in the palm of your hands and warmed it up before coating his cock with it. The warm sensation and your short hand pumps made him throw his head back. It wouldn’t be until you were really enjoying the flavor of the lube and his cock in your mouth that he would slowly thrust into your mouth gradually as he sent his warm load down your throat.

“Fuck! That felt incredible. We’re keeping this lube,” he would say helping you back to your feet and embracing you.

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Kim Junmyeon (Suho)

Junmyeon had been having a bad week because he was struggling to learn the new choreography. He stressed more and more every day as the other members quickly memorized the dance moves and he needed more one-on-one time with the choreographer in order to dance it properly. He arrived late one night to find you watching TV in the bedroom and collapsed right alongside throwing the covers over his legs. He placed light kisses on your shoulders, hinting at his desire to have you under him. His face lit up when you straddled him and began kissing him passionately. He went to remove your shirt and you swatted his hand away as you disappeared under the covers. To his surprise your hands firmly massaged on his bulge. You hovered over his legs rubbing up and down his thighs while you unbuckled his jeans. The cover slid off your body and once his pants were off you took his pulsing member in your hand and gently stroked it. A shuddered moan escaped his mouth as your warm breath hit his cock. You looked up at him as you took him in your mouth. His eyes dilating at the sight of your lips around him. You could feel him twitch as you held your tongue flat along the underside of his shaft before slowly licking up and down on it. You quickly removed your shirt and his hand instinctively found its way onto your head; brushing back your hair so that he could watch you properly. He held the base of his cock for you as your hands trailed up to grip his hips then hungrily traveled underneath him, squeezing his butt cheeks. Taking back control of his length, you used the light coat of your warm saliva to glide your hand up and down his glistening cock, while your other hand cupped and massaged his balls. He hurriedly announced that he was about to cum and you moved up to allow him to spread his cream all over your breasts.

“I can’t believe that just happened. That was perfect, Jagiyah,” he would say panting as he brought your face up to meet his lips.

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Zhang Yixing (Lay)

In your relationship with Yixing he is more of the giver than the receiver. He loves to make you wet and satisfy your every need while you two are making love. One late afternoon, you took him a snack while he worked on his music. He read you some of the seductive lyrics of his new song and he admitted that he got hard from thinking of them since they were about your time in the bedroom. You mentioned to him that you wanted to repay him for always treating you like a queen, so you suggestively glance down at his crotch.

At first he would stop you and let you know that it was not necessary for you to do so, but you would hold his hands back and begin kissing down random areas of his body. Once you had his hard member out, you would tease it by running your mouth over it and lightly kissing it all around. You would start sucking on him slowly and maintain eye contact as your hand ran up and down his shaft. Yixing would be grateful that you were being attentive to other areas of his body as he felt you cup his balls and massage them gently. This would be the time when his hips would have a mind of their own and he would be unable to resist the urge to thrust into your mouth causing your moans to vibrate on his cock.

The suction you provided would send his head back in ecstasy as you swallowed around it, while you pushed your hair back to watch his expression. He would observe as you hallowed your cheeks around him firmly and his mouth would spew small praises towards you. Not wanting to get his sticky essence on you, he would reach down for his t-shirt and ejaculate into it discarding it back onto the floor when he was finished.

“Bǎobèi, you are so incredible!” he would compliment you proudly, taking you in his arms and kissing you softly.

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Byun Baekhyun

Baekhyun ran into the house, leaving a trail of clothes on his way to the bathroom. He had left practice early, faking a stomachache when he received your naughty text message with a photo of you in a bubble bath attached to it. He joined you in the bath and made out with you instantly. He hooked one of your legs around his waist but you removed it and asked him to sit on the edge of the tub, Intrigued he sat up and you positioned yourself in between his legs, wiping off some of the soapy foam from his thighs. You were a bit nervous since you had never given him a blow job, but any uneasiness quickly left your system as you began to stroke his semi-hard cock. You kissed alongside his thighs and tenderly massaged his balls until his hard dick sprung into the air. Fondling his balls, you gradually lowered your mouth over his entire length and moved you head up and down as he groaned through clenched teeth.

Baekhyun would quickly be turned on by your naughtiness and he seems like the type for dirty talk, so along with curse words that would spill out from ecstasy, he would throw in a few pet names to encourage your actions. You continued to tease him by digging your fingernails into him gently and gliding your teeth slightly on his shaft, tailing it with your tongue to soothe it. He would get so much enjoyment from watching you touch yourself as you sucked him off. He wouldn’t be able to resist touching you either especially with your erotic sounds sending him into a frenzy of bliss. When he whimpered that he was ready to cum, you would tighten your grip on him, sucking the head of his cock gradually and he would brace himself on the edge of the tub. He would grunt loudly as his seed hit your face and breasts with each jerk. A smirk would also form on his face when he saw you lick your lips tasting his sweet cum.

“You like that, baby? I want to taste you next,” he would say sinking down into the tub with you.

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Kim Jongdae (Chen)

A dark and stormy night took an interesting turn as you and Jongdae played a friendly game of truth or dare while you both waited for the power to come back on. Candles throughout the room created a cozy atmosphere and after a few innocent requests on the dares like remove one sock or turn your shirt inside out, Jongdae would teasingly dare you to give him a blow job. He laughed out loud seeing you with one sock off and your shirt turned inside out, but his expression quickly changed when you kneeled down in front of him.

He gulped as you rubbed his thighs and nervously chuckled when you began to undo his jeans. Soon you had his throbbing cock in your hand, gently stroking and blowing your warm breath onto it. You removed your top so that he could play with your breasts and ran your tongue along his shaft, slightly nibbling the head. In his mind he would already be thinking of how it would feel to be in your mouth as he anticipated it. You peppered kisses onto his inner thighs and watched as he became flushed before slowly taking him in your mouth. He would place his hand on your bobbing head and let you work your magic. After a short while, his panting would became louder as he groaned that he was about to cum. He would stand to finish stroking himself and buck his hips as he aimed for your tits.

“Jagiyah, my god that was fucking amazing!” he would say falling back down on the couch to regulate his breathing.

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Park Chanyeol

A fun night out with friends celebrating Chanyeol’s birthday almost turned dreary when you two were stuck in traffic. A light pole had been knocked down by a city vehicle as it was being replaced and now traffic had come to a standstill. Several cars made a way out of the backed up lanes, but you stopped Chanyeol before he followed them. Confused, you explained to him how you planned to give him a special treat back home, but seeing his irritated expressions turned you on. Once the words escaped your lips, he would smirk and move his seat back to give you more room. He placed his left hand on the steering wheel and the right on the passenger seat head rest; watching as you rubbed on the growing tent in his jeans before releasing it. As you teased and stroked him, he would expose and play with your breasts and insert his hand into your pants to grab at your ass.

Once you had him in your mouth, steadily sucking on him, he would begin to moan louder and his touches on your body would get wilder. As you intensified your sucking and stroking, he would slam his hand down on the wheel accidently honking the horn which would cause you to giggle and send vibrations throughout his cock. His hand would find its way onto the back of your head guiding you as he raised his hips slightly with loud moans as you sucked him off and swallowed his load. He would have a huge grin on his face as you both composed yourselves back into your seats.

“Jagiyah, that was the best birthday present ever! When we get home, I’m gonna return the favor, baby,” he would say massaging between your legs over your clothes.

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Do Kyungsoo (D.O.)

Kyungsoo had you bent over the side of the bed taking you from behind when you turned around guiding him to lay down on the bed. You went to straddle him but instead rubbed your hands on his thighs, staring down at his hard length. His eyes would widen as if asking if you were sure and your smirk would answer him. He shifted on the bed, leaning up against the headboard and watched as you gently took his hard member in your hand. You stroked and worshipped it with kisses and swirled your tongue around every inch of it. He bit back a moan as his thick length slowly disappeared in your mouth. Between breaths he would moan how amazing your lips felt on him encouraging you to suck harder and stroke him faster.

Your hand made its way towards his testicles and you gently cupped and squeezed them. He moaned loudly at the touch and at how your hand lingered as you traced around them with your finger. He would watch you through hooded eyes as you enjoyed the feel and taste of him and would mouth an occasional curse word as you speed up. He would also try to please you as you were sucking him off but would get lost in the sensation your mouth gave him that he would end up just digging his fingers into the sheets. Kyungsoo is the quiet type but he would let out a loud groan while his cock jerked in your hands as you aimed his released onto your breasts.

“Where did you learn how to do that? My god, Jagiyah, you are so amazing,” he would say straddling you on top of him and kissing you deeply.

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Kim Jongin (Kai)

You were waiting in the dance room as Jongin practiced his solo dance since everyone else had gone home already. He would let you know that he would only practice another half hour and then you two would be able to go home. After he was done, he removed his sweaty shirt revealing his defined glistening torso and you gulped at the way he ran a towel over himself to get rid of his sweat. He chuckled as he caught you ogling him through the wall mirror and curiously watched as you made your way towards him. You placed a short kiss on his plump lips and escorted him to the couch before sinking to your knees causing him to raise an eyebrow. You had never given him a blowjob before but he wasn’t about to stop you.

You caressed the tent in his sweats, kissing it and outlining it with your mouth before uncovering it. He would let out a small groan as the band on the pants tugged his cock back and then sprung it forward towards your face. You softly stroked it and circled the head of it with your tongue, flicking his pleasure spot. He would lift your hair with both hands and hold it while your mouth worked its way up and down his shaft. His facial expressions, moans, and grunts would let you know that he was enjoying himself. His moans would turn into growls as you ran your tongue from the base to the tip of his cock using his pre-cum to lubricate your strokes. You felt his hand press against the back of your head as he gently lifted his hips to meet your mouth. He moaned your name loudly along with a few curse words as his cock touched the back of your throat. You lightly tugged at his testicles adding ecstasy to his climax. You glared up at his expression as he aimlessly painted your face and breasts with his milky fluid.

“You can be so naughty sometimes, Jagiyah,” he said helping you wipe your face.

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Oh Sehun

A week ago, you had lost a bet with Sehun. He claimed he was a better cook than you and you disagreed, so you both prepared meals to which the rest of the members of EXO would judge according to taste and presentation. As it turned out, the majority of the members voted for Sehun’s dish and on this lazy early evening, Sehun decided on what he wanted as a reward. He jokingly asked for a blowjob thinking you would easily back out since you had never done that for him and instead would treat him to a meal.

Shocked by your acceptance to reward him with a blowjob, he sat back on the couch and placed his hands behind his head. You began by teasing him with kisses on his lips while you unbuttoned his shirt and belt buckle. You trailed your lips down his neck, paying extra attention to the sensitive spot on his collarbone while you gently rubbed your knee between his thighs. Your kisses made their way down his chest and abdomen and you teased him by placing your mouth over his clothed bulge and humming causing him to groan loudly. Sehun would get so turned on as you brushed your hair against his thighs and played with and complimented his manhood. He would find it incredibly sexy that you took the head of his penis and outlined your lips with it and how you made popping noises each time your mouth separated from his cock. He would also be the type to maneuver your head as you were sucking him, so he would grab a hand full of your hair and gently tug on it as you bobbed your head.

It wouldn’t be long until he was drowning in pleasure; flickering his eyelids as he tried to contain not fucking your mouth. Your hand motions combined with your sucking and praises caused a loud growl of curse words as his cock pulsed in your mouth.

“Jagiyah, you are so amazing,” he would coo in your ear as he cuddled into your neck.

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Walter seems like hes uh louder, i suppose is the word, than Wilford. So the question stands, does Walter pull pranks on the other egos?

Google awakes from charging one morning to find watermelon seeds stuck to his face with glitter glue, and King of the Squirrels finds that all of his peanut butter has been replaced by “melon butter” which is just pureed watermelons mixed with peanut butter. The result is not pleasant.

Silver Shepherd comes to a meeting one morning dressed entirely in purple because someone decided to dye all of his costumes while he was sleeping. Dr. Iplier regularly has melons avidly chucked at him. “THAT’S NOT THE SAYING, WALTER! IT’S APPLES NOT MELONS!”

Ed Edgar takes precautionary measures and waits at the door of his room with a loaded gun. Somehow Walter still manages to put watermelon air fresheners in all the vents leading to his room, which ends up smelling like a fruit basket for weeks.

Bim Trimmer doesn’t realize that his shampoo has an added ingredient until it’s too late and his hair is very purple. He goes into mourning for like five days before Dark rolls his eyes and tells him to just dye it back already.

Speak of the devil, Walter shows up at his office door one day ready to fill Dark’s piano with watermelon smoothies, but Dark opens the door just as Walter arrives.

“How nice, I was just going to look for you. Come in, come in.” Dark gives a confident smirk as Walter hides the giant bucket of smoothie behind his back. “We have so much to talk about…”