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While cassowaries have been known to eat fungi, flowers, snails, insects, frogs, birds, rats, mice, and even carrion, their diet consists primarily of fruit.  They will eat the fruit of several hundred species of tree and bush, and one tree, the cassowary plum (which is toxic to other species but eaten readily by the cassowary), has even been named for the birds.  Cassowaries can become extremely aggressive about their food; when they find a tree that is dropping fruit, they will stay there and eat, chasing away any other cassowaries who try to approach and feed, until the fruit is gone.

Cassowaries will swallow fruits whole, even large ones like apples and plums.  Because of this, seeds and pits will go through the cassowary’s digestive system and be passed in their droppings.  These birds have been known to distribute seeds over distances of over a kilometre, making them hugely important in the dispersal and germination of fruit trees through the rainforests.  Some seeds, such as those of the Ryparosa trees, are shown to have much greater germination rates when they have been through the gut of a cassowary.  These makes these birds a keystone species for the rainforests they inhabit.


We love using Chia Seeds, as they compliment a dairy free / vegan diet quite well as they are charged with protein, calcium & fibre.  They also contain a decent amount of Zinc, Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Potassium, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) and Vitamin B2.  Try this Chia pudding recipe and top the bowl with the fresh, seasonal fruit you like! add some nuts for a bit of crunch.

2 tbs chia seeds
½ cup of coconut milk
topping of choice (we used fig,  physalis fruit, raspberry, hazelnuts, banana and coconut chips. 

1. In a bowl, add chia seeds and coconut milk and combine well.  Allow to rest for 5 minutes and then stir again until even, place bowl in fridge and allow to set for at least 30min.
2. Remove chia mixture from fridge and stir well so that all chia seeds are distributed evening through the the coconut milk>
3. Top with your favourite seasonal fruits and nuts & enjoy! 


Green Broadbill (Calyptomena viridis)

Also known as the lesser green broadbill, the green broadbill is a species of broadbill (Eurylaimidae) which occurs in broadleaved evergreen forests in BOrneo, Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula. They are also known to occur in lowland and lower montane rainforests as well. Green broadbills generally occupy the canopy, where they feed almost exclusively on soft figs. To the point where they are a major aid in helping fig seeds distribute around the forest floor. 


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Passeriformes-Eurylaimidae-Calyptomena-C. viridis

Images: Oreopium and Doug Janson


The siamang feeds on a variety of plants, including leaves, vines, twigs, and flowers, supplemented with the occasional insect.  Their favourite by far, however, is fruits.  The Sumatran subspecies in particular feeds primarily on fruits, with 60% of its diet consisting of fruit.  It also has a sweet tooth, preferring sugary fruits such as figs, and much preferring ripe to unripe fruit.  This also gives the siamang a vital role in the forest ecosystem; when it eats fruit, it often swallows the seeds, and expels them in its droppings.  It thus distributes seeds up to 300 metres away from the parent tree, making these primates important seed distributors. 

TAFSIR: Risale-i Nur: The Rays Collection:The Supreme Sign.First Chapter.Part 6

In expression of the meaning beheld by the traveller through the brief testimony of one of the twenty aspects of a single page out of the more than twenty pages of the globe, it was said in the Third Degree of the First Station:

There is no god but God, the Necessary Being, to Whose Necessary Existence in Unity the earth with all that is in it and upon it testifies, through the testimony of the sublimity of the comprehensiveness of the truth of subjugation, disposition, nurturing, opening, distribution of seeds, protection, administration, the giving of life to all animate beings, compassion and mercy universal and general, a truth vast and perfect, and to be observed.

Then that reflective traveller read each page of the cosmos, and as he did so his faith, that key to felicity, strengthened; his gnosis, that key to spiritual progress, increased; his belief in God, the source and foundation of all perfection, developed one degree more; his joy and pleasure augmented and aroused his eagerness; and while listening to the perfect and convincing lessons given by the sky, by space and the earth, he cried out for more. Then he heard the rapturous invocation of God made by the tumult of the seas and the great rivers, and listened to their sad yet pleasant sounds. In numerous ways they were saying to him: “Look at us, read also our signs!”

Looking, our traveller saw the following:

The seas, constantly and vitally surging, merging and pouring forth with an inclination to conquest inherent in their very nature, surrounded the earth, and together with the earth, revolved, extremely swiftly, in a circle of twenty-five thousand years in a single year. Yet the seas did not disperse, did not overflow or encroach on the land contiguous to them. They moved and stood still, and were protected by the command and power of a most powerful and magnificent being.

Then looking to the depths of the sea, the traveller saw that apart from the most beautiful, welladorned and symmetrical jewels, there were thousands of different kinds of animal, sustained and ordered, brought to life and caused to die, in so disciplined a fashion, their provision coming from mere sand and salt water, that it established irresistibly the existence of a Powerful and Glorious, a Merciful and Beauteous Being administering and giving life to them.

The traveller then looks at the rivers and sees that the benefits inherent in them, the functions they perform, and their continual replenishment, are inspired by such wisdom and mercy as indisputably to prove that all rivers, springs, streams and great waterways flow forth from the treasury of mercy of the Compassionate One, the Lord of Glory and Generosity. They are preserved and dispensed, indeed, in so extraordinary a fashion that it is said 

“Four rivers flow forth from Paradise.” ( See, Muslim, Janna, 26. (The rivers, Sayhan, Jayhan, Euphrates, and Nile))

That is, they transcend by far apparent causes, and flow forth instead from the treasury of a non-material Paradise, from the superabundance of an unseen and inexhaustible source.


green broadbill (Calyptomena viridis) also known as the lesser green broadbill

Distribution and habitat

The green broadbill is distributed in broadleaved evergreen forests of Borneo, Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula where it frequents lowland and lower montane rainforest.


It is often overlooked, as it sits motionless inside the canopy or just below, quickly flying to a new location if disturbed. Its foliage-green color provides excellent camouflage.It feeds largely on soft figs. The broadbill’s feeding habits helps to distribute the seeds of the fig around the forest floor. The female usually lays between two to three whitish eggs, and the young fledge after twenty-two to twenty-three days.


Lim Kam Su Photos

“Brazilian conservationist Patricia Medici has devoted her life to preserving the life and habitat of the South American lowland tapir, the largest terrestrial mammal of South America. Though not well known, tapirs are important to their ecosystems as an umbrella species: protecting tapirs also protects iconic species like peccaries, jaguars and pumas. Tapirs also help distribute the seeds of the foods they eat, shaping and maintaining the structure of forests. Sadly, tapirs are threatened by deforestation, hunting and roads, and are especially vulnerable due to their long gestation periods.

“I started my tapir work in 1996 when it was a pioneer research and conservation program and we had nearly zero information about tapirs,” says Medici. “They are extremely difficult to study, mainly because they are nocturnal, solitary, very elusive animals. That’s exactly what fascinated me. The rest is history. It’s not always easy to be a woman in the conservation world as it requires a significant level of commitment to spending long periods of time in the field, away from home and family. It also requires physical strength and the proper frame of mind to deal with the hardships of working in the wilderness — not to mention the mosquitoes, ticks and botflies!””

- Source:

Bianca Davri’s entry in World of Thedas vol 2.

Because she’s accomplished some incredible things and there is a lot of interesting worldbuilding info and Dwarven politics in there! Coal-powered machines… dwindling lyrium trade… they could take this a lot of really interesting place in future games!!

Half of Nevarra has heard of the Davri Mechanical Thresher. Powered by steam, the device separates grain from chaff, doing work that normally takes hundreds of laborers weeks of back-breaking effort in mere hours. The Nevarran nobility herald it as the greatest innovation of the age, but it is just the latest gift from the genius of Bianca Davri.

She made her name more than a decade ago with an improved seed drill that was capable of not only distributing seed in perfect rows at nearly any spacing, but also of adjusting to the correct depth for each seed type. Far more reliable than any other seeder, it quickly became the standard across the Free Marches, Antiva, and Nevarra, and House Davri, a previously obscure surface Smith Caste family living in Kirkwall, instantly established itself as a power within the Merchants Guild.

But the Davri Seed Drill was not self-powered. It required the locomotion of a horse or an ox to operate. Bianca’s second invention, a spinning machine, was run like a grain mill by the action of moving water. With this device, a single worker could spin up to sixty spools of thread at a time, at a much finer quality than hand spinning. With the Davri Spinning Frame, demand for Bianca’s designs spread to the high-priced markets of Orlais.

She spent the next several years investigating more-efficient methods of powering her machines. She experimented with a variety of water- and steam-powered engines before settling on a design that incorporated a coal furnace. She may have been inspired by its gains in efficiency over wood-burning furnaces, but it had the added effect of cementing a lasting alliance between her house and several Miner Caste families in Orzammar, who specialized in converting ordinary coal to the smokeless variety used in dwarven forges.

For her work, Bianca Davri has been nominated before the Assembly to be named Paragon. If the motion should succeed, she will be the first surface-born smith ever to become a Paragon. The vote has been put off several times, and the infighting over the decision has been vicious, even by Assembly standards.

Dace, of course, would support any motion to acknowledge the so-called “surface caste,” but they've made a king’s ransom exporting coal and importing surface silks, so they’re backing their candidate with everything their house can muster. Helmi is split. Denek holds the deshyrs seat, and hes captivated by all this inventive genius, but his mother will spit lava if the motion passes. Bemot and Meino have been working together to pressure some of the more conservative deshyrs to support Davri, but the strongest houses (Aeducan, Harrowmont, Hirol) are dragging their feet and waiting to see which side offers them more for their votes.
–Deshyr Sardirak Vollney, in a letter to Lord Vollney

The houses most stridently opposing the vote make their coin from the lyrium trade, and there has been talk that as the lyrium trade dwindles and is supplanted by trade in coal and steel, power is shifting in the Assembly. Formerly minor or lesser nobles grow prominent while ancient, powerful houses sink into obscurity, and those falling will not go quietly.

While the Orzammar Assembly debates her status as a living ancestor, Bianca pays them no mind. Her workshop in Val Royeaux expanded twice in the last year and employs almost a hundred smiths full-time. Bianca devotes most of her time to developing new designs and leaves the business of taking orders and delivering completed machines to her husband, Bogdan Vasca. House Vasca was long one of the most powerful members of the Dwarven Merchants Guild and has been the primary exporter of Orzammar-forged dwarven steel on the surface for centuries. The alliance between House Vasca and House Davri has granted considerable power to both and made them a faction within the Merchants Guild that none of the other families dare to oppose.

It’s rumored that Bianca herself was less than pleased with the prospective alliance and actually left Bogdan standing at the altar while she tried to elope with another man. Both House Davri and House Vasca vehemently deny the rumors.

Seed Distribution - Midfield General Feat. Noel Fielding


In the summer you’ll be walking along yeah in you longshorts or your tunic or what ever your wearing
Any you go through the long grass and what happens is you get little seeds on your socks
Little furry round ball seeds, you cant get em off
And you walk, I dunno, maybe 4, 5 or 6 miles and the seeds come off
And plants grow in new places, yeah
Seed distribution, Think its cool

Thats fine, yeah i dont mind that Plants have got to grow in new places and they cant walk fair enough
But the other day i was sat at the bustop in my hipsters
All of a sudden i felt the back of them being tugged i looked down
And there’s a cheese plant on his hands and knees packing my socks with seeds i couldnt believe it
And i went I know what your up to you cheeky little sap go on then
and He was packing them in i had huge boots made of seeds i was like puss in boots
And i went to leave and i got about half way down the road and he went ahhh are you going past a library and i went
yeah i might be
He went can you take these books back for us
I thought he’s taking the mick
I went they best not be overdue or you’ll see the back of my hand
And when i left again i got to the corner and he went
ahhh if your going past a petrol garage can you get us some kingsize rizlas
i went what you smoke drugs?
he went wha? what? cmon, what smoke my own people?
Ahhh you sicken me, i cant believe youd say such a thing.
What am i a cannibal, arrr crikey
And i went alright mate, sorry

And i carried on walking and he went and err can you get us some pringles or some mars bars
or some.. some kind of crispy.. you know crisps and some chocolate coz i get a bit hungry after ive had a smoke
and i went you do smoke drugs
and he went right thats it i’m going to come at you like blazing ian
And he just ran at me like that and i thought alright ill take you on
and we had a big scrap outside boots

We were there had him in a head lock like that and he had all the skin under my neck
and i was just reeling him around like a par?
and we were just finghting in a huge sea of botanical fistycuffs
we didnt know what was happening, it was crazy
and i thought, thats it youve done it now i mean coz im from the streets im gonna whip you up like a fizzy toucan

an i thought an i though an i thought an i though an i thought your gonna get the elbow
so i ran to the top of the street and i came at him with huge lances two of them ?look
he’d gone there was a massive weeping willw there and and old gnarly oak tree
I looked up and the cheese plant in the background just behind them
and the weeping willow went dont touch him he’s one of us
and i though oh yeah
and then the big gnarly oak tree with a barrel chest like curt douglas came out and went
ok picking on the little guy, how about a few rounds with grandpa
and he just tensed his wooden muscle and i though woah no fair
and i just legged it, ran all the way home, that was a close scrape
i tell you what though, got home, some bracken had put my window through 

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Midfield General - Seed Distribution

Noel Fielding talking about seed distribution with some neat beats. Genius.

P.S. I want to be in a sea of botanical fistycuffs