Vocab-List: see, hear, feel, taste, think

Good day to you all! I just wanted to provide some everyday vocabulary. I hope this is helpful and please correct me, if anything is wrong.

to listen - gwrando (stem: gwrandaw-)
to hear - clywed (stem: clyw-)
to see - gweld (stem gwel-)
See you tomorrow - Wela i di/chi yfory
to look - edrych (standard version) -> “edrych am” can be used as a alternative               to “chwilio am”
             sbio North -> can’t be used as “to look for”
to feel - teimlo
feeling (n.) - teimlad m. (Pl.: teimladau)
to taste - blasu
taste (n.) - blas m. (Pl.: blasau)
tasty - blasus
It’s tasty - Mae’n flasus

to do - gwneud (irregular)
to make - gwneud
to earn - ennill (stem: enill-)
to create - creu
to say - dweud (stem: dwed-, dywed-, wed-) North
             deud (stem: deud-, dud-) North
             gweud (stem: gwed-, wed-) South 
to speak - siarad
to try - ceisio, trio treial
try (n.) - ymgais m./f. (Pl.: ymgeisiadau) -> general attempt
              cais m. (Pl.: ceisiadau) -> a try in rugby
to score a try - sgorio cais
to write - (y)sgrifennu 
               colloquial: sgwennu
to write to someone - sgrifennu at rywun
to write an essay - sgrifennu traethawd
to write back - sgrifennu yn ôl
writing (n.) - ysgrifen f. (Pl.: ysgrifeniadau)
to read - darllen 
to read through something - darllen drwy rywbeth
reading (n.) - darlleniad m. (Pl.: darlleniadau)
to sing - canu 
singer - canwr m. (Pl.: canwyr/ cantorion)
             cantores f. (Pl.: cantoresau)
music (n.) - cerddoriaeth f. 
                   the loanword miwsig is common in speech and more informal writing
musical (adj.) - cerddorol
musical instrument (n.) - offeryn cerdd m. (Pl.: offerynnau cerdd)
musician (n.) - cerddor m. (Pl.: cerddorion)
                        cerddores f. (Pl.: cerddoresau)
to play - chwarae (stem: chwarae-) -> games and most musical instruments
to play football with friends - chwarae pêl-droed gyda ffrindiau
to play the piano - chwarae’r piano 
but: to play the harp - canu’r delyn 
play (n.) - drama f. (Pl.: dramâu)
player - chwaraewr m. (Pl.: chwaraewyr)
             chwaraewraig f. (Pl.: chwaraewragedd)
game (n.) - gêm f. (Pl.: gêmau) -> Does never lose it’s initial g by soft mutation!
games (n.) - chwaraeon m. (Pl.), mabolgampau f. (Pl.) -> school activities

to think - meddwl (stem: meddyli-)
               credu South
I think it’s unfair - Dw i’n meddwl bod hi ddim yn deg
to remember - cofio 
I can’t think of his name - Dw i ddim yn cofio ei enw
to believe - credu 
to believe in something - credu yn rhywbeth
belief - cred f. (Pl.: credau)
            credo f. (Pl.: credau)
            coel f. (Pl.: coelion)

how to build a sentence!!

i was taught back in freshman year of high school that there are two ways you can structure a sentence. for example:

american sign language(ASL)


this structure is commonly called glossing.

say i pick a sentence from a song 

“i just cant stop loving you.”

by glossing, you have a reorganized sentence.


there is also active and passive signing.

if the subject is your topic , you are using an active voice.


if the object is your topic you are using a passive voice.


fun fact- a lot of people tend to use an active voice because of how similar it is to English grammar.

a topicalized sentence is using the object of the sentence as the topic and introducing it as a “yes/no question expression” ending with a comment.

1. topicalized


your candy is the topic and the sentence is in object-verb-subject word order.



woahhh kaylee, you made an error. why is ate not capitalized but the rest of the sentence is?

well first off, i didn’t make an error. second, words that have a sign for them such as “SOUR” are in caps. words without a sign such as “of, ate,ran,” can be finger spelled but then you'd be using SEE instead of ASL. there aren’t past tense words, that’s why you say what time of day it is!! “YESTERDAY, I RUN” or “I RUN YESTERDAY”.

either way is fine.


signing exact english

that is exactly what it sounds like. SEE is based on signs drawn from asl but is expanded using words that give a complete visual representation. “the girl had soft, silky hair.”

thats all i can think of atm so if you have anything else on asl and see let me know/add on. i might add on a bit later tho after i go shower brb

Ok idea:

Riverdale Musical! episode. But Jughead is the only one who DOESN’T sing. He’s literally the genre savvy one who points out “When did you guys plan this? Where did you get that prop? Why is there an orchestra behind the bleachers? ARCHIE I’M RIGHT HERE. Is this some weird hazing you have to do for the Pussycats?”

UNTIL. The very end when Betty curls up next to him singing a sweet ballad and he sings the VERY LAST line with her. Awkwardly and off key but he loves this girl and he’ll do anything for her. Even follow along with this weird sing along she wants to do. 

Maybe it could be a weird coma dream Jughead has after he’s in the hospital after crashing his motorcycle or something? End episode with him opening his eyes and Betty’s sleeping next to him on the hospital bed.