I'm Working at See3, a Digital Agency for Do-Gooders

Earlier this month, I started working for See3 Communications, a digital agency for nonprofits and social causes.  Because I’m equal levels of ambitious and slight crazy, I moved to a new apartment the same week I started my new job. This is why I haven’t had much time to tell people about it until now. 

But alas, I am excited, and I never miss an opportunity to talk about myself at length. So here are some of the frequently asked questions I’ve been fielding about my new gig. 

Wait, what were you doing before this?
Working at a fabulous social media marketing agency called SocialKaty. Highlight reel: got Google Analytics certified, wrote hashtags for a living, developed a SnapChat marketing campaign based on weed jokes, worked with a crapload of cleaning franchises to get their Facebook pages up and running, and Kevin Hart retweeted me.

Fun Fact: SocialKaty merged with Manifest Digital recently. This means my talented SK buds have a ton of creative and operational resources at their fingertips and I can drink out of the in-office keg tap when I stop by for a visit. 

What does See3 do? 
See3 works with nonprofits and social causes to engage and activate people. They develop strategies and create media to make an impact around nonprofit goals like fundraising, advocacy, awareness, recruitment. They have a killer video production team, a talented web dev crew and some skilled social media coaches, and offer pretty much any kind of communications service a forward-thinking nonprofit could want. (Not going to even start on products because this is not a sales pitch, but those are cool too.) If you’re doing social good and you need help with your communications, they got you. 

What’s your new title?
Content Marketing Manager

What does that mean?
Content marketers create and distribute stuff their audiences find genuinely valuable with the goal of driving those people to action. In my role at See3, I’ll be developing our in-house content marketing strategy and revising our website, email, blog and social media properties so that they speak clearly to the people who are interested in our products and services. I’m also working as a marketing specialist for some of our amazing clients, revamping our sales and data capture process, and assisting with business development. One co-worker referred to me as the Director of Awesomeness. On my most productive days, that almost feels appropriate.

How do you like it so far? 
Two thumbs way way up. My colleagues challenge and inspire me. My clients are doing amazing work that brings good into the world. The work I’m doing is exciting and motivates me to learn new things every day. And apparently when we move to our new office this fall there will be office dogs. Into all of it and incredibly grateful for the path that got me here.  

Just saw this today in sunny sydenham and wrote something to go with it.

Sunday Painting

Spring clean the moths of urban decay
With spray painted rays of sunlight
A cheerful box of gloom made from the metal bars of her mind melt slowly
As black holes, souls and cobwebs
Licked with lemon bubbles
Soak up beams with shouts
Bombed half way down the street
These rusty roads are thawed
With temperamental window-weather
That beats and sighs and hops to heavy heels of those wearing life’s worries.
Their beaten bleak and lowly lives
No different from the shoe shine days
Rub out the late nights steeped in darkness as black mould ceases to grow.
Paint her back to life as the world is flooding into grey and hope seems to lie somewhere behind
her sunken tear dried eyes.