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I just came into the realization that the next future generations of Uchihas is only going to consist of pink and black hair…In the future someone is going to walk around with fucking pink hair and they will immediately be recognized as uchiha…and it will all be thanks to Sakura Uchiha’s genes being passed down throughout generations…and i just fucking love that. ^3^ 

BTS react to their S/O starving themselves

Request: Bts reaction to their s/o starving themselves because they think they are fat?

NOTE: to all of those out there, to those who struggle with this in real life, to those who contemplate resorting to this as a solution, to those who need a light at the end of the tunnel, this is it. we are your lighthouse to show you that there is a better result, and this is not the best solution. love yourself, it’s hard but so worth it. coming from two people who once struggled with this in high school, both Admin M and I know the struggle and are here to support you. If any of you ever need to talk, we are here for you and our ask box and messages are always open.

Seokjin: He’d sit you down and have you explain to him why you starve yourself. Once you tell him that you think you’re fat, he’d start crying. He’d tell you that you were absolutely beautiful and would try to get you to eat for him. He’d sit in front of you and watch you eat and would convince you that you were beautiful.

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Yoongi: He’d try his hardest not to get angry. He’d hold you close as you cry because he knows how hard it is to confess to something like that. He’d tell you that he thought you were beautiful and he’d ask you to eat for him. If you refused he’d make you sit there until you ate something, and would make sure you didn’t throw it up as soon as you swallowed.

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Hoseok: He’d cry and hold you. He’d tell you a million times how much he thought you were beautiful and would list all the things he thought were beautiful about you.

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Namjoon: He’d sit and wait for you to vent out your feelings about why you think you’re fat. He’d understand why you were doing it, but would try his best to convince you to see someone to help you. He’d also try to get you to eat something, even if it’s something small.

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Jimin: He’d be outraged and confused as to why you would think that you were fat. He’d end up crying and holding you telling you to take better care of yourself because seeing you hurting hurts him.

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Taehyung: He’d hold you while you cry and explain why you starve yourself. He’d kiss your temple and try to get you to see somone to help you. He’d wait for you to agree, and would hold you all night telling you how beautiful he thought you were.

*tried to find a decent one, but this is cute and made me smile, so hopefully y’all smile too*

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Jungkook: He’d try to control his anger, because he knows being angry won’t help. He’d let you explain how you thought you were fat and that’s when he’d lose it. He wouldn’t yell at you, but he’d tell you that you shouldn’t think that way about yourself. He’d hug you and kiss you passionately and show you how much he thinks you’re beautiful.

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bonus: cute bangtan

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i couldn’t pick just one, lol ~~R

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William Nylander - Sweet Creature #2

I maybe have to take back some of my words. You see, Madelaine’s boyfriend Auston was actually a really nice guy. I’m really hoping that Steph’s and Annika’s boyfriends turn out to be just as nice as Auston. He asked me some basic questions like where I’m from and what do I study which was nice of him. You know, not ignoring me like I wasn’t in the backseat of his car. Actually noticing me as a human being and talking to me. Of course I can’t be sure if Madelaine told him to talk to me, but it made me feel welcome. So maybe all hockey players are not arrogant and selfish, but I still believe most of them are.

“So how many people are gonna be there?” I asked mainly from Madelaine, but instead got an answer from Auston.

“Well some guys from our team and their girlfriends - if they have one.”
Instead of saying anything, I nodded. More hockey players coming I guess. I felt kind of nervous, since Steph, Annika and Madelaine are all so gorgeous and I’m your average plain schoolgirl. Most likely the other girls are also gonna look like models, so I think I have every right to be nervous right now.

“But you know, there are going to be some single guys.” Auston said smirking, making Madelaine giggle and me -well blush. Yea right, like any of those guys would even notice me. Auston parked his black Audi close to a house I assumed was Steph’s place. All three of us got out, making our way to the house. We went in to a nice white house that was beautifully decorated. There was motivational and positive quotes framed on the walls and some plants giving a little nature vibe to the house. I liked it, it was totally beautiful.

“Auston you beast! Two girls?” A male voice shouted making a lot of people laugh. Crap, I guess their hockey team is large?

“Chill Kappy, she’s a friend of our girls.” Auston said sending me encouraging smile. Fun, Mads probably told him that I was nervous to meet all of these people. I sent a death-glare at Mads, making her shrug and smile. I just stood there, watching maybe more than twenty people stare at me. I waved to them, smiling shyly.

“Aren’t you gonna tell your name?” one guy asked bluntly getting a slap on his arm from a girl. Probably his girlfriend.

“I’m Alina.” I said trying to spot a free place to sit on. The whole situation was getting uncomfortable for me but thank god Steph came from somewhere just in time.

“Alina! Great to see you again.” she said excited, giving me a warm hug. Soon Annika followed her, doing the exact same thing.

“Everyone! Food is in the backyard!” Steph yelled shooing everyone away. All of the guys practically ran outside, probably hungry. We went also to the backyard where everyone was taking food, talking and basically just chilling. So far this seemed nice, and no one had been exactly mean to me. That one guy was kinda blunt, but I won’t let that bother me. I made my way to Madelaine, who was sitting with Auston, Annika and two guys I didn’t regonize.

“Alina. This is my boyfriend Kasperi, and Steph’s boyfriend Mitchell.” Annika introduced.

“Mitch.” the other boy corrected extending his hand towards me. I shook his hand saying my name once again. Annika’s boyfriend also shook my hand before focusing on his food. Soon Steph joined us so I was being seventh wheel. Wow, never have I ever been this single.

“Oh look, the Nylander himself arrived beautifully late.” Auston said pointing to the backyard door, making everyone throw some kind of comment about this Nylander guy. I wasn’t really interested on who he was so I didn’t turn around to see him, instead I kept eating my food. The guys went to the pool after they ate so it left just us girls.

“Alina, have your eyes caught any potential hubby material?” Annika said teasingly, drinking her coconut water. I shook my head blushing. I should really work on this whole blushing thing.

“Like I said, I’m unlucky in love.”
“Well you’re not alone. Willy is also very much unlucky when it comes to girls and love.” Annika said laughing.

“How is he unlucky?” I asked curiously, not even knowing who this Willy is.
“He’s just.. I guess every girl thinks he is this super masculine man, kind of a badboy you know. Then they get dissapointed when they find out that Willy is this soft guy who actually shows his emotions.” Annika explained laughing. What kind of a girl wouldn’t want a soft guy like him?

“Also.. Some say his humor is weird and that he is weird. Every girl always falls for his looks and charm, but not his personality.” Annika continued, not laughing anymore.

“Well he isn’t as unlucky as I am. I can’t get anyone to fall for my looks or my personality.” I said ironically.

“That’s not true girl! You’re drop dead gorgeous and you have the kindest soul in this world.” Madelaine said. I gave her a smile before letting my eyes wonder around Steph’s huge backyard. There were way too many shirtless guys, who actually had really toned bodies and way too many girls in bikini also having toned and tanned bodies. Some were still eating, some were just talking, couple guys played badminton, the blunt guy was being all cuddly with his girlfriend and some were at the pool. Sunbathing, having waterfight or swimming. Then my eyes locked on to one guy. He was absolutely most gorgeous guy I had ever seen. His skin was tanned, he had those thick tights and great abs. His fluffy blonde hair was all over his handsome face. He looked exactly how you would imagine prince charming to look like.

“Uh oh, I see Alina checking out somone.” Steph said bringing me out of my daydream.
“Who’s that blonde guy?” I asked shyly pointing at the prince charming.
“That one? It’s Willy.” Annika said, shrugging and continuing her eating.
“The unlucky Willy?”
“Exactly. Why, were you checking him out?” Annika asked wiggling her perfectly trimmed eyebrows. I shook my head fast. I couldn’t be checking out the unlucky Willy, that would be a disaster.

“Aww, she was checking out our Willy. Isnt’ that cute?” Annika said smiling, making me obiviously blush.

“Oh please, I was certainly not checking him out.” I told the girls as I got up to get more food on my now empty plate. I filled my plate with some salad and chicken after making my way back to the girls. To my surprise four guys had joined these three girls. One of them being the prince charming. I sat between Madelaine and Annika who where chatting about some clothes they had bought. Slowly I started emptying my plate, trying to look classy and girly, rather than a hungry pig, because the prince charming was sitting right opposite me.

“So William, how’s your love life?” Auston asked clearly teasing the poor boy.
“Not that you have one.” Kasperi added, making all of the guys laugh, including the prince charming.

“Hey guys stop teasing him! Not funny.” Annika said making Kasperi shut his mouth immediately. “Everyone isn’t that lucky here, so stop making fun of it before anyone hurts their feelings.” She continued, taking a quick glance at my way, but not quick enough.

“Oh, so Alina. Love life doesn’t treat you well either?” Mitch asked earning a slap on his arm from Steph. I just quickly shook my head and continued eating, trying to avoid this very subject.

“Well then that makes the two of us.” the prince charming said. Finally I looked at him, and oh boy I shouldn’t have, because that smile and those blue eyes would be the death of me.

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I actually know something about how cheese was first made (probably)! Animal stomachs were often used for liquid storage in ancient times, since they're water proof and worked fairly well. However, if not completely cleaned out, they have a lot of... stuff left inside them, some of which is rennet, an enzyme complex that we use to curdle milk to make cheese. Early humans probably stored milk inside a stomach pouch and left it a bit too long and voila!~ Cheese!


well, that’s one mystery down! And i can see how somone would get desperate enough to try the spoiled milk at the bottom of the stomach-bag… but how did we get around to actively culturing cheese and various types?  I’m sure someone’s written books on the subject. Recc’s anyone?

Note to self

Now that I’m 25 it’s time to shift gears a bit. There have been some setbacks that were caused by others that heavily influenced your mentality and distracted you from what you hare supposed to do. And now it feels like everyone else is doing great things and you’re waiting for your turn. I know it’s great to see your friends do good and be happy for them, but it’s to the point where now you feel like a supporting character in your own movie and that’s not how we’re going to live anymore.

We can’t wait anymore. Up until now you have always been the kind of person that everyone sees as somone great, but you have yet to tap into that yet. But now it’s your time. It’s time for you look within yourself for that person that everyone else does and use his full potential to go to the next level. It’s time to let go of the fear of not being good enough and trying to do things at the perfect time. It’s time to get back on the mission. You know what it is so there’s no need to get into detail, but it’s time for you to really make some moves and start really growing in some aspects. Time to start making your dreams a reality by getting the things you’ve always wanted. Burn your desires out before they burn you out. The biggest thing is to get to the level that we know we should be and be happy. Happy Birthday Kid.

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Question: do you think if Shawn found someone, basically just seeing someone see where they go. Do you think he would be seeing other people until he realizes who he loves and wants to be his gf? Also if Shawn is just seeing somone like I stated before do you think he would have the same hookups, or would he not?

I think if he wants to see where something goes with someone, he wouldn’t be seeing anyone else unless he saw that it was going nowhere.

Again, he wouldn’t be hooking up with other people if he was trying to possibly start a relationship with someone.

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Hi Nathan, just wanted to say; you write so beautifully, you seem highly educated, also it's so refreshing to see somone who promotes a natural physique. I myself have been working towards a body goal for 2 years and could not be happier with the slow but solid results. You look and sound FANTASTIC! Keep it up!

Heck. You guys just get more and more nice with every message. I don’t deserve you!


Yep. :’)

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