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This isn’t leaks, but it’s important!

     Everyone, please turn your submissions off! 4chan is doing another raid, and they’re sending users go//re with anti-Semitic taglines. It’s really, really bad. Mod Jasper already got hit. Please turn your submissions of ALL KINDS off! Thank you so much!

     (Also, could you please reblog this? I want everyone to be able to get the message.)

imagine steve and bucky having sex on an office chair with wheels while they’re on the helicarrier when suddenly the helicarrier tips to the side and steve had forgotten to lock the wheels on the chair so him and bucky start uncontrollably rolling around the room screaming in confusion

Playing fallout for the first time
  • Meeting Preston Garvey
  • Me: Oh, you're so cute. Okay, you're totally the one I'll romance!
  • Me walking into Goodneighbor and seeing Hancock shiv someone
  • Me: *shoves Preston out the way* OH YES. YOU ARE THE ONE I FUCK.