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I just came into the realization that the next future generations of Uchihas is only going to consist of pink and black hair…In the future someone is going to walk around with fucking pink hair and they will immediately be recognized as uchiha…and it will all be thanks to Sakura Uchiha’s genes being passed down throughout generations…and i just fucking love that. ^3^ 

This isn’t leaks, but it’s important!

     Everyone, please turn your submissions off! 4chan is doing another raid, and they’re sending users go//re with anti-Semitic taglines. It’s really, really bad. Mod Jasper already got hit. Please turn your submissions of ALL KINDS off! Thank you so much!

     (Also, could you please reblog this? I want everyone to be able to get the message.)

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Hey Noct! Luna really loves you from when you guys were kids too! Her love for you isn't 3 days old she's loved from the start! Just want you to know! Also Noct you're lucky to have such a loving wife like Luna no one else can suit you more then her and same for Luna i can't see somone more suting for her then you Noct! You guys are perfect for each other

“I… thank you. I appreciate you telling me that, really. I know she’s loved me for that long, and I’m grateful to have someone like Luna who’s stayed devoted to me all of these years and never given up on me. Tell me something I don’t know.” *he smirks* But thanks. I’m glad that you feel I’m the best for Luna. I guess Luna feels that way about me, since after everything, she’s still decided to keep me. Yeah, I… think we are too. Y'know, you remind me of someone I met once. A young girl in Tenebrae. Thanks.“

@ the anon who asked how you can be enby and a boy– no worries friend ur not bein rude and im not just ignoring u, im just v tired right now and im tryin to explain but the only response or explanation i can piece together is just: it feels right for me.

I really do want to try and explain better, so maybe when/if i get more spoons and more time i will.

If not, i might just post the ask later and see if somone else could answer if thats alright

Playing fallout for the first time
  • Meeting Preston Garvey
  • Me: Oh, you're so cute. Okay, you're totally the one I'll romance!
  • Me walking into Goodneighbor and seeing Hancock shiv someone
  • Me: *shoves Preston out the way* OH YES. YOU ARE THE ONE I FUCK.

imagine steve and bucky having sex on an office chair with wheels while they’re on the helicarrier when suddenly the helicarrier tips to the side and steve had forgotten to lock the wheels on the chair so him and bucky start uncontrollably rolling around the room screaming in confusion