Korn Videography: 2002 (Untouchables era) - 2005 (See You On The Other Side era) (2/3) (Insp.)

3-video Compilation of Official Grease: Live Teasers [Soundtrack Recording Session, 30s Teaser, 1m Teaser]: Aaron Tveit Portions Only ( x | x | x )

“It’s gonna bring it to even newer audiences, I mean it’s something everyone knows, but to kind of expand it and to bring this to some people who might not know about this is really cool.”

All the footage involving Aaron that we haven’t posted before from these videos set to the current “Grease is the Word” - so a sort of promo music video made from three promo music videos. (The official minute-long teaser is also a sort of self-contained Grease: Live megamix with snippets of the current “You’re the One that I Want” and “Greased Lightning.”)


See You on The Other Side - a short and stylish First Person Puzzle Adventure where you don’t collide with dark and shadowy parts of the world - you simply pass through it.

You must use the light (or lack of it) to aid your escape from the gloomy prison you are held captive in.  It’s an atmospheric 10 minute black and white puzzle adventure that’ll test your grey matter while you pass through dark matter.

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