60 things LotR and TH fans can do while not watching the movies

1. Read the books
2. Watch the behind the scenes
3. Read fanfictions
4. Write Fanfictions
5. Spend too much money on merchandise
6. Spend too much money on going to conventions
7. Draw fanart
8. Make a cosplay
9. Take the Ring to Mordor
10. Go to New Zealand
11. Cry because you can’t go to New Zealand
12. Go on an adventure
13. Have second breakfast
14. Spend too much time on Tumblr
15. Scream ‘NAZGUL’ when you hear a loud screeching noise
16. Whenever you see a big bird scream 'The Eagles are coming!’
17. Take the Hobbits to Isengard
18. Go to conventions
19. Cry because you can’t go to conventions
20. Watch all YouTube videos related to TH and LotR
21. Watch all YouTube videos related to your favorite actors
22. Take back Erebor
23. Celebrate Durins Day
24. Sing 'They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard’
25. Do the dishes like the dwarves
26. Sing 'Misty Mountains’
27. Don’t loose the previous
28. Stay in front of strangers and shout 'You Shall not pass!’
29. Keep the ring secret and save
30. Use a sword to kill spiders
31. Learn sword fighting
32. Learn archery
33. Listen to the LotR and TH soundtrack
34. Eat like Bombur
35. Then run like Bombur in DoS
36. Or don’t run like Bombur and end up looking like Bombur
37. Wear a dwarvish/elvish hairstyle
38. Walk barefoot
39. Write all your essays about Middle Earth
40. Name all 13 dwarves as fast as possible (I managed to do it in 3 seconds)
41. Learn elvish/Khuzdul
42. Daydream about Middle Earth
43. Lose your way (twice)
44. Create fan accounts (Instagram, Tumbler, Facebook….)
45. Make edits
46. Kill dragons
47. Read the Silmarillion
48. Go to the book store and buy all the Tolkien books
49. Loose the ponies
50. Throw a party at Bilbo’s house
51. Watch all the movies/TV shows of your favorite actors
52. Try to do the Gollum voice
53. Get a sore throat from doing the Gollum voice
54. Have a food fight
55. Sing Hobbit drinking songs
56. Quote TH and LotR as much as you can
57. Never stop talking about TH and LoTR
58.Whenever you see a red sunrise quote Legolas
59. Try finding as many pictures of your favorite character
60. Spend too much time on creating a Tumblr post

A big Thank you to allow the fellow Tolkien fans who helped me to come up with this long list


A tiger was a good symbol for him because he’s dangerous, he’s not your friend. Tigers, they are beautiful, they are complicated, they are vicious. That’s how he is. - Lee Pace

Until the end starts

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Fandom: The Hobbit
Pairing: Thorin x (human)reader
Genres: angst, fluff
Words: 1.304
Summary: While imprisoned in Mirkwood, reader is on the verge of breaking down. Thorin is there to console her, which leads to confessions - requested by Anonymous

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Imagine Legolas seeing you in a dress for the first time.

{Not my gif}

You walked down the halls of the Mirkwood palace. There was a ball tonight and you had to look your best. You never enjoyed wearing dresses, you were a guard. Not a princess. But King Thranduil insisted. You walked in your silver gown, which was long sleeve. Your H/C hair cascaded down your back, and intricate braid running down it.

“Y/N?” You hear the familiar voice of Legolas.

“My Lord.” You turn around to face him, and he didn’t look too bad himself. Actually, he looked handsome. You blushed a deep red.

“Did I not tell you you can call me Legolas?” He asks as he approaches.

“You did, but I am just used to it.” You bow your head. He uses a finger to tip your chin up.

“You look absolutely stunning.”

Imagine you and Kili making fun of Bilbo for his lack of experience with ponies.

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“y/n look!”, you spun around to see the little hobbit struggling to get on his pony. You smiled at the adorableness of him. Kili looked at you and put his hand to his face, trying to hold in the laugh.

The thing i love/hate about the scene where Gimli mourns at Balin’s tomb is that when you first watch LOTR you watching it from the rest of the Fellowship’s view. You feel sorry for Gimli in that sort of “wow, that really sucks” kind of way, while at the same time worrying about the evil lying so close in the darkness.

But then after watching The Hobbit trilogy, you see this scene again and now you’re watching it from Gimli’s point of view. Now you’ve spent time with Balin and Ori, like Gimli would have done, so when you see the tomb you remember Balin’s exasperated smile, and when you see the skeleton you see timid Ori knitting away at something.

You watch it knowing what Gimli is actually going through, and why he needs time to stop in the middle of such danger to mourn the loss of those he loved.