Of course the BotFA BFFs from last year’s Legendarium Ladies April are still besties when the Battle of Dale rolls around.

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If Thorin was to die, would you find love elsewhere?

      N – I – of course not. Gods, how-how could anyone ever think–?  

    The very idea makes his insides writhe, while bile rises steadily in his throat. The indomitable Thorin Oakenshield – he knows for a fact that his lover is not as powerful as he sometimes thinks him to be, but such a steady figure in his life couldn’t possibly leave him before his time. Surely not even in battle would he fall, for his spirit is nigh impenetrable and his will was ironclad. If he would cast his coins on anyone to persevere, it would be Thorin. And if he should fall, then he would more than likely fall with him.

    Look, right. There’s no one – absolutely no one in the world that would placate me. I know it for a fact – no! Don’t ask me how. I just do. If Thorin died, I’d be faithful. I’d just have to hope that the Gods are gracious enough not to part us when I pass.  

Unruly Hysterics

Second installment of the Tough Love series (1, 3, 4.)

Based on this imagine found at @imaginexhobbit

Dwalin x Ex!Reader

Warnings: A little too much macho from a not-so macho Hobbit. Trolls.

Word count: 2,999

“Here, lad,” you insist, drawing one of your handkerchiefs from your innermost pocket, clean and crisp, and handing it to Mr. Baggins; he inspects it for a moment, eyes landing for a little too long on the embroidered roses in the corner. “Go on, take it. It won’t bite. I haven’t even used this one for anything yet, you know. It’s not even got a wrinkle past the creases I put in folding it before I left home.”

“It’s a little…”

“It’s a little what?” you press, narrowing your eyes at him.

“Well, you see, I am a male Hobbit,” he stammers, trying to puff his little chest out, “and I know it is a shade difficult to determine between males and females when it comes to Dwarves but -”

“It’s too feminine for him,” sounds a familiar chortle, setting your teeth on edge. “I’ve told you so many times, Y/N, you are much too interested in making things pretty.”

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Imagine Thranduil letting you see his scars in shame but you assure him it means nothing as you show him your own scars from battles

Warnings: None

Word Count: 994

Thranduil lounges in his favorite chair that is ornately decorated with embroidered tree branches and leaves. His crown is resting on the end table, forgotten and left in an unfamiliar space. The ornate crowns that line Thranduil’s room has a spot missing for that forgotten branch crown. One of his thin hands cups his face, exhaustion evident in the way his brows furrow and the corners of his lips are turned downward. The Dwarves’ visit has taken more out of him than Thranduil would admit.

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[Fic] Forwards
By Organization for Transformative Works

Happy Birthday (an actual one and a slightly belated one) to two of my  most favourite people on this planet, Matty (aka @bodysnatch3r ) and Vanessa (aka @arrkenshield )! <3 Matty, you are the most wonderful little birb, a gigantic inspiration and always remember, ilu and I am so incredibly proud of you no matter what happens! And Vanessa, you are such an amazing person as well and I miss hanging out with you a lot! I hope you two had/have a wonderful birthday and I can’t wait to see you again!

Series: The Hobbit (Fix-it AU)
Characters: Dwalin, Thorin Oakenshield
Pairing: Dworin
Rating: T
Length: 4.121 words
Summary: More from the blind!Thorin Fix-it AU. The road to recovery is long and steep and not everything is going well all the time. But to love means to learn, to respect, to talk and to forgive and Thorin and Dwalin to exactly that.
Warnings: permanent injury; some angst
Notes: I was so incredibly touched to see that this AU made people so happy so I was more than glad to return to it.

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What are some or your favorite movies? I am curious ((:

- The Hobbit (obviously)

- Now You See Me

- Avengers Assemble

- Harry Potter

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i don't know where you see that the message of the hobbit was that death wasn't the only way for thorin to heal, but i thought it was pretty explicit that he had to die to be redeemed? i have seen people write bilbo and thranduil with ptsd btw, but yeah why don't people ever pick the cinnamon rolls for mental illness? i'm tired of being trash all the time, why not stick to bifur or bilbo or frodo instead of thorin. why do mentally ill ppl always have to be terrible like snape or kylo ren???

well, first of all, please note that I have written other dwarves with mental illness (as well as neurodivergent ones) so like, buddy, friend, I have had mentally ill cinnamon rolls and the fact of the matter is, they still had darker sides because well, it’s called mental ILLNESS for a reason, it’s never gonna be always rainbows and sunshine, ya know?

second, from what little I saw of the film (which is just bits on youtube cause lol, don’t wanna see it), Thorin overcame a major crisis a good bit before dying. Plus, his death scene feels like bad luck almost. He had won… almost. 

Also, look. Kylo Ren is a pile of trash. And I fucking swear, there’s no better way to piss me off then to compare Thorin to him. One is a manchild who is desperately trying to be bad enough to belong to a pseudo-nazi organisation. The other is a trauma survivor from a heavily jewish coded people. So just. Don’t. Comparison to Snape I will allow because hey, now there’s a complex character who gets misjudged by both his fans and his detractors, much like Thorin tend do be

also, again. Actual mentally ill people see themselves in Thorin. I, an actual Mentally Ill person TM who has been hospitalised for that mental illness, see myself in Thorin. Because what we see is someone trying to do good but who is constantly treated as unable of making reasonable decisions by people of authority (Gandalf, Elrond…) and who must also handle a lot of internal problems he can’t control… but hey, that guy is a hero. He’s celebrated as a hero by his people. He’s king. He’s admired. He has accomplished many good things

why the fuck wouldn’t we want to see him as one of us?

I was tagged by @ndbrt6 to do this “6 movies I would watch any time” challenge, so here it is. (Thank you for tagging me!)

1) The Lord of the Rings (all 3)

2) Guardians of the Galaxy

3) Now You See Me

4) The Imitation Game

5) The Hobbit (again, all 3)

6) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

I don’t wanna tag anyone, so if you’re my follower then feel free to do it if you’d like to :)

All occasions album

I want to write about an album that I think you can listen pretty much anytime. It’s X from Ed Sheeran. You’ve surely heard some songs of this album on the radio like Sing, Don’t, Photograph, Thinking Out Loud and maybe you’ve even heard I See Fire I you saw the second Hobbit movie. Anyway, this album contains songs for any occasion. At a party you throw Sing in the mix and everybody will… well sing ;) You can also listen to Afire Love when you’re sad to let it out. And for all you singers, Ed sings very clearly so you understand everything he says and the lyrics are easy to sing along with. Plus, his words are full of imagery so you can analyse them and understand various meanings depending on when you read them and how you feel doing so. Overall, this album is a wonderful album and I highly recommend you to either buy it or listen to it on Spotify or Apple Music. 

Here are the links:

Ed Sheeran’s website :

iTunes/Apple Music :

Spotify :
See the Light Surrounding You - Chapter 16 - TheFreakWithTheWings - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

A new chapter!

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i find it funny that my last five dates we all went to the cinema to watch a film at some point lol i mean… so that’s what always happens on dates? 😂

“The Ellcrys” - Angel Oak Tree Pano
This tree really reminds me of something you would see in The Hobbit, Lord of The Rings, or Shannarah Chronicles.. Its roughly 1500 years old and is located at John’s Island, South Carolina. Its massive and when you look at it, you realize you are looking into the past…
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DUDE, i love when people discuss movies! seriously <3 yeah, i think that may have been where i went wrong. whenever you listen to the hype surrounding a movie, 9/10 it doesn't meet your expectations. i also adore guillermo del toro. although..i will admit, i was disappointed with crimson peak. jessica chastain (be still my beating heart) and tom hiddleston were fantastic, but i don't think mia (enter second name that i cannot spell without looking up) was right for the part.

Glad I didn’t scare you away with my word vomit! <3

Aah yeah that’s very understandable! To be honest most of the time when I’ve been super excited to see a movie (looking at you, Avengers 2. Also looking at The Hobbit. Hard.), I’ve ended up disappointed.

I really loved Crimson Peak. I was (again) not massively excited, this time round because I’m the world’s biggest scaredy pants and was worried it was going to be an actual horror rather than what it is (‘not a ghost story, but a story with a ghost in it’- SO META). I adore Mia Wasikowska - apart from Alice in Wonderland, I’ve loved everything I’ve seen her in. I can get that she’s not everyone cup of tea though! Personally I’m just very happy they replaced Benedick Cumberbitch with Tom Hiddleston and changed the character to make it a better fit!