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can you give me lessons in french im taking it in a month and i know nothing but with your help i could be fluent in two days flat

OUI MONSIEUR français c’est EASY!!! you just have to er…’ow u say uh..stick the EIFFEL TOWER up your HON HON HON oui??? and when ze peoples ask vou if vou likes croissant, say OUI OUI OUI and SHOVE 983284 PETITE BAGUETTES DOWN ZE THROAT

Imagine video-calling Woozi when he’s away on tour and having the other members constantly interrupting you two.

Sam: Cas what’s one of the things that you see in Dean?

Castiel: I see myself in him…Frequently.

Sam: Oh. So you see parts of your personality in my brother?

Castiel: *tilts his head and squints at Sam* No. I mean I see myself in him Sam.

Dean: *freezes and gapes at the angel*

Sam: Oh….okay 

Castiel: *continues on* Every night. Dean is quite vocal and very alluring. When he…mphhh..

Dean: *blushing all the way to his ears and shuts Cas up with a kiss*

Gabriel: You walked into that one my big delicious Samwhich.

Sam: Shut up Gabe.

Gabriel: *grins and nips at Sams ear* You know I can see you in me too. In 10 minutes.

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Have played 2 Metal Gear games, still don't understand all the Snakes

There are only 4 original snakes (and an honorary one but spoilerssss) I think the most confusing thing is that they all look different while aging through the games

Young Big Boss 29 years old (aka daddy snake) still pure, guy didn’t do anything wrong

49 y.o Big Boss (burn him forever…i love you but fuck you)

Old Big Boss (I cry when he appears)

Guy it’s cloned by his friends-coworkers and suddenly he has 3 kids :D

Solid Snake (33 y.o)

You proceed to love him forever and see him suffer and age during 3 games in 3 different consoles with totally different graphics…This is him at 35

and since he’s a clone he ages fast so…this is 42 y.o Solid now called Old Snake ;_;

Then Solid’s twin brother Liquid Snake

and him when he was like 12

cute lil shit was already stabbing people and carrying guns

and the forgotten brother that only a few appreciate (he’s the son a mom would be proud of…he was president of the USA) Solidus Snake, he’s the one that looks like Big Boss the most how convenient…

and then spoiler man comes and fucks up everything we knew about mgs

Venom Snake is the cinnamon roll in the family of lil shits (he’s a paramedic that was in an accident with Big Boss and he got chosen to be his double [with surgeries and brainwash sessions] he poses as BB while the real guy starts his own military fortress while everyone focus on what Venom is doing)

Phone meeting

Had a quick one-on-one with my VP. Sends a text to call him cell because he’s working from home.

VP - How are you, everything looks good!

Me - All is well. Things are moving along nicely. Had some hiccups in Q2 but….

VP - it’s expected but all good. Hey. You’re coming out for the ball game right?

Me - Yes. Be in the office Tuesday afternoon for a while and Wednesday morning before the game. Thursday I’m golfing with the COO then I’ll say goodbye to everyone Friday morning.

VP - Sounds great. Let’s schedule 30 minutes at some point….see you in a few weeks.

I mean that was maybe 5 to 10 minutes at the most.

Those are meetings I can deal with!

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My favorite thing about being in a small Fandom is when someone makes a cool gifset and you see 15 times in your dash in the next 10 minutes

IDK if this is in regards to CM bc I don’t *think* we’re smol (maybe the non-mgg side is) but YAY!!!

I get to see the same post 30 time sbc I only follow CM blogs and the network is pretty tight. :P