i honestly love connie so much she’s so beautiful and so important. i love how bright she is, how caring she is, just everything about her. she’s a really awesome character and i’m so happy she exists, i’m so happy steven universe exists, what an amazing show

The World Ugliest Woman

I recently watched a special on the woman called “the worlds ugliest woman” and honestly I’m disgusted. No, not at her, at fucking society!!! Did anyone listen to her speak? Did you hear her words? She’s fucking beautiful!!! Why the fuck are you calling her that? Why would you share that and put that beside her name on social media?!?? Fuck you. Fuck the world. And fuck the inspiration porn you’re turning her into. You wanna know why you’re inspired by her positive outlook? BECAUSE YOU THINK SHES UGLY TOO!! THATS WHAT THE FUCK YOU SEE!!! If I see that shit on any of your blogs I’m instantly unfollowing and blocking you. Leave her the fuck alone. “Ugly” people aren’t your inspiration porn. Disabled people aren’t your inspiration porn. Fat people aren’t your inspiration porn. Stop that shit.

Ugly is what you are on the inside.


What if… what if Saiko actually got her kagune from Haise


Emma knows Killian did really bad things in his life, and she also knows it’s still difficult for him sometimes, but she trusts him enough to accept his flaws and forgive him, because she sees he does his best to change. She doesn’t focus on the pirate he was but on the hero he’s becoming.


(amy santiago + being a badass)


The X-Files │ Scully in Mulder’s apartment in Herrenvolk


1.05 // 1.17
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so i finally worked up the nerve to go and see fast and furious 7.. i am NEVER GOING TO BE OKAY


Thank you, Mrs. Fitz.


River & the Doctor appreciation day - Countdown Challenge #2

April 17th. when did you start shipping River & the Doctor? what made you ship them?

When I watched Forest of the Dead I already knew Matt was the 11th Doctor because I had seen some gifs on Tumblr, so when River talked about her Doctor whith such love in her eyes I started wondering if she meant Matt. I thought they would look so cute together and started shipping them even though I didn’t know if I’d like eleven.


“That’s a big asshole.”  - Alycia Debnam-Carey
“A giant asshole….” - Alycia Debnam-Carey

More Into The Storm Interviews with Alycia

(1) “You get in the shower at the end of the day and I’d be like ‘Why do I have all these leaves in my hair?’”
(2) “It’s intimate with the storm but it’s also intimate with the characters.” 
(3) “It makes you feel, well, “into the storm” if we’re gonna go there which I did.”
(4) “We knew the script and I was sitting on the edge of my chair like stressed out.” 
(5) “Cli-fi! Yes I only heard that the other day! And I was like ‘Wait you mean Sci-fi?’ and they were like ‘No. Cli-fi.’”
(6) “I did the improv scene which was daunting, intimidating but an amazing opportunity because it’s so freeing as an actor.” “She(Alycia) was the first one cast so everybody was just kinda revolving around her.”
(7) “It was tough but it was an amazing experience for an actor.”
(8) “We shot it two years ago….” “I was 18.” 

*If you haven’t watched Next Stop Hollywood with Alycia, go here