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How do you feel about princess mechanic? And if you do like/appreciate it do you have a favorite scene?

their dynamic is one that had me enraptured from the beginning, honestly. the thing i really like about clarke and raven’s relationship is that, despite the fact that they had so much stuff thrown at them that should have made this friendship impossible, the writers made sure that these two do come together, have been a team since the beginning actually. clarke and raven find ways to deal with their problems that allows them to have this very special bond at the same time.

for example, this show doesn’t shy away from confrontations and both clarke and raven are very confrontational characters, but not necessarily in the traditional sense. they aren’t hateful towards each other. what really humanizes them and makes their interactions spell-binding is the fact that clarke likes raven as much as raven likes clarke. yes, they have pretty rough fall-outs, covered in sharp speeches and brutal honesty - combined with hard-hitting physical blows (2x09/3x11) - but it never changes the way they look at each other, how much they care. i actually like that they are not afraid to be blunt and can fight without destroying one another, how they manage to bring down the walls together. it’s what makes their dynamic so incredibly complex: they can be strangely at odds but simultaneously very much in synch. they learn together, which makes the level of admiration and respect between them so great, strong and ever-present. It takes a lot to have two characters who are so aware of a lot of things, are ready to challenge and be challenged, try to sort out their disagreements (which is one thing I wish the show would actually go more in depth) since they are both very adamant on achieving their goals and then repesent these two fortresses of strength who form this great team together. the love-triangle is subverted, and the focus instead lies heavily on the characters as individuals who also happen to be amazing when they work side by side. the mixture between ‘morality’ and ‘survival’ that clarke and raven bring into their relationship is intense and makes room for extremely interesting arcs/conflicts too (head and hand).

what i absolutely love is that neither clarke nor raven really shuts the other down, which is so great because usually TV shows would jump into that kind of storytelling, especially when the plot involves two girls, a boy and love. but, no, we never get a long-time emotional distance between them. Instead, it’s all about real emotions and confrontations (both good and bad) that connect to them in this very human way. the way they enter the scenes, that specifically focus on them, come with a weight that highlights the support they give each other at the end of the day. from arguing to comforting to tending and believing/inspiring, it’s these aspects that really define their friendship and make it so real and outstanding to me.

as for my favorite scene, i gotta say that i’m not that good with favorites when it comes to princess mechanic because i adore the small moments as much as i love the very big and explosive ones. but one scene i truly love is the one from 1x13 where clarke and raven are on the dropship.

raven:  I used to be picked first for everything. Earth skills, zero-g mech course. First every time. So, how the hell did I end up here?

clarke: Hey, Raven? I’d pick you first.

raven’s lines are far more layered then she initially lets on. ‘i used to be picked first’ doesn’t just apply to her skills as a mechanic, or someone who is extraordinarily good at earth skills. this moment acts more as a catalyst to dealing with the issue that raven has been avoiding since the second she came to earth - finn. she literally risked everything without a moments hesitation to catapult herself into the arms of the love of her life, repairing a space pod with her bare hands to get to him and be with him once again. but the second she makes it there she falls into the hands of a love triangle instead.

from her perspective, it used to be finn and her, her childhood friend, her boyfriend, her family. but when she arrives finn doesn’t only have eyes for another girl, but he also morphs into this different person who just keeps doing things for clarke and leaves her alone. he is pulling away from raven and she tries over and over again to repair what they had. but she fails and it breaks her heart because she came down for him, risking her life. i think, in many ways, this actually blindsided raven very early on, because she didn’t expect this at all, and even if she was somewhat aware of it later, she kept fighting until she couldn’t anymore. her comment ‘guess we finally found something you’re not good at’ isn’t something i see as an insult towards clarke. she knows it’s not clarke’s fault, that finn managed to let her go so easily, but it’s hard to accept the bitter truth if you don’t wanna crumble completely, so you direct your anger somewhere, to hold onto something, even if you don’t mean it. then, also add the fact that raven has a bullet stuck in her spine, thanks to murphy, that literally turns her immobile. she can’t do anything right now except to tell people what to do. she feels limited in every sense of the word and it frustrates her endlessly. she is not used to not being able to do anything.

but look at raven when clarke says ‘hey, raven? i’d pick you first’

this is not a face that says ‘shut up’. this is a face that says ‘i know you would’, because raven does know, knows that clarke would pick her, always picked her first, ever since the beginning. her entire body language screams that she is aware of this, that deep down she never was angry with clarke but always knew that clarke has chosen her over finn time and time again.

honestly, look at clarke and look at raven. clarke has backed off the second she found out about finn and ravens history, always putting raven’s feelings first and respecting her as a person and locking her own away. she has the choice and she chooses her and thats big, coming from someone who got betrayed as well. her words have a very profound meaning in my opinion, because it’s a sign that clarke wants raven to hold onto what they have, what they have become ever since raven landed on earth. and raven’s reaction is moving and all knowing because to me it’s not a look of surprise but a look that shows that she was aware of this, that she never was angry with clarke in the first place: the way she looks into clarke’s direction, the smile that she almost lets happen, the quick dip of her head that looks more like a nod, acknowledging the honesty of clarke’s words, the swallow - ‘of course you would, I’m awesome’ a line that connects to their friendship and works as a reminder of how incredible she is.

i love how this moment shows that this is about them, that this is about two girls holding onto another. yes, finn is tied to this, but thats what makes it so good because they kick him out. in this moment, clarke’s words are directed to raven as ravens emotions are directed to clarke. this moment is about their friendship and nothing else. clarke sees raven, sees her as a person and the brillaint brain and extraordinary mechanic that she is, and shows that she needs her. and raven sees clarke, sees the girl who picked her first since the beginning, sees the seriousness of it all, how her physical reaction is connected to what clarke says about her, despite that she is at the end of her wits, shot in the leg, unable to move, the acceptance that comes with it moves and fulfills her. she is seen not as the girl that people should give up on, but rather Raven fucking Reyes, the girl that the world needs to look up to.

i love the visual connection to these two scenes the most. in concept, she is the shooting star that clarke wished upon. and now she is here with her, ready to work with this girl who never doubted her and her abilities in the first place.

this friendship is real and was always meant to be.


btvs rewatch ✞ 5x18 Intervention

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Do we know the name of the only survivor of Zekes barrage of rocks? It seemed strange that he survived and played a minor role in the serum argument

Flocke. My friend @julystorms has an entire tag devoted to him and it’s honestly hilarious. He became something of a meme to about 6 of us lol.

There’s even actual meta about him. The anon that sent in the ask called Flocke “Erwin’s ultimate deluded fanboy, a redshirt speaks kind of character, to show the worn down twisted result of what happens when soldiers are exhorted to throw aside their hearts and endlessly sacrifice for a noble death.”. Good stuff.

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it’s a fine line

AN ~ alternate title: hey I heard you liked FitzDaisy feels so I wrote some more because clearly we’re not all in enough pain. AOS 4x02 spoilers ahead.

Read on AO3 (~1000wd).

it’s a fine line

“And how did you get the door open?”

“’M sorry?”

Fitz looked up, his brain lagging behind proceedings, lingering on thoughts of Daisy, and the bitter, bubbling well of betrayal in his chest he had not realised had become so deep. He shouldn’t have spat at her but couldn’t she see? Couldn’t she see what she was doing, and how it mimicked so much that had been done to them – to both of them – before?

“The door,” the Director prodded. “How did you get it open? You said you hadn’t been able to before the ghosts came. Was it this stranger too? The one with the flaming head?”

Fitz fidgeted with his fingers, uncomfortable. As bitter and frustrated as he felt, he was not about to throw it all away. He wasn’t even angry – not at her, anyway. Just at that greedy hollowness that was making her feel like she had to do it alone. He’d fallen victim to it himself before, and she’d come the closest out of everyone to convincing him that he was wrong. He was determined to do the same for her, especially now that he knew she was in contact with Elena. But he might not get the chance to help her if he gave her away now. And she wouldn’t get the chance to do…whatever it was she was doing, which was clearly important to her. Wasn’t all of this silence and restraint intended to protect her? Had not the last six months of wondering, and fighting for scraps of news, been for this very purpose?

Wasn’t her absence, and his pain, and Jemma’s, and Mack’s…wasn’t it all for this?

Fitz glanced at Mack, who was standing across the room, his arms crossed and his face unreadable and stony. He was watching Fitz too, but seemed to provide no comment on what he thought Fitz should do. He had not given Daisy away yet. He could speak up at any time. Did that mean he thought they should keep her secret? Or was he conceding to Fitz’ longer relationship with her, or his closer understanding of the trust and mistrust networks on base, to determine what to do?

He cast his eyes to Jemma then, who was standing as quietly and unobtrusively as possible, in the corner, beside Coulson. Her eyes were a little teary – worried, relieved, overwhelmed. There was probably so much going on for her. Fitz felt his heart tug again over lying to her, and realised that his decision had been made; if not before, then in that moment. He could hide a mad science prototype from her if he had to. That was manageable. But there was no way he could hide her best friend from her. Not when he knew that she was as desperate, as concerned, and as hurt as he was.

“Daisy was there,” Fitz confessed. He dropped his eyes from Jemma’s immediately, but even across the room he could sense the shock, the tiny gasp of air, the way she would have rocked on her feet as if absorbing the news physically would make it easier to handle.

The Director sighed gently, understanding, and unbuttoned the bottom of his jacket as he slipped into the seat beside Fitz at the conference table.

“There now,” he assured Fitz. “That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

Fitz blinked, and tried not to let his face screw up too much with tears. What had he just done? Given Daisy away? Was he going to be tracked now, all contact monitored? Were they going to send someone after her? Injured as she was, she could hardly defend herself properly. Had he just betrayed her after all?

The Director pushed a glass of water toward him slowly, and though Fitz couldn’t help but feel the anxiety of interrogation creep up the back of his neck, he took the glass and drank from it greedily. The biting cold distracted him for a while, from the heat of tears and pain and panic.

“What happened?” the Director coaxed.

Fitz once again glanced at Jemma. Not Mack, this time, in case the Director thought they were colluding. Just a man seeking his love’s support in a moment of intense stress over their mutual friend.

“She came in after the guy with the burning skull. She turned the handle and let Mack out, and told us not to attack the skull guy. Then she left.”

“Just like that?”

“Just like that.” Fitz nodded.

“She saved my life.” Finally, Mack spoke up. Fitz almost sighed out loud with the intensity of the relief he felt when the Director turned around.


“Daisy – Agent Johnson saved my life, sir,” Mack insisted. “She did it knowing that I was under orders to take her in. And I’ve obeyed orders against my own choice before. Daisy knows that, and she was still prepared to endanger herself for me. She’s a good agent, sir.”

“She’s a rogue agent, Mackenzie,” the Director qualified, “and good though she may be, she still told you not to go after this burning skull creature who killed a man! I understand she’s your friend, but clearly her values are being compromised by whoever it is she’s running with.”

Fitz opened his mouth to object. I’m not running with anyone, she’d told them. Warned them, really. But as far as the Director was concerned, that conversation had never happened.

“Something to say, Doctor Fitz?” the Director queried.

“Uh, nothing, sir,” Fitz back-pedalled, but it was not working, so he spun it into a different direction. “Just…that…the machine Mack was in, I’ve been thinking about what it could be. It’s extremely high-powered, looks like it might be part of some sort of transmutation process. It may have been used to create the ghost parasite, or something like it. It could help us.”

The Director watched him for a moment longer with hawk-like scrutiny, and then beamed, as if he’d never been suspicious in the first place.

“Excellent work! Look into that as soon as possible, please.”

“Of course.”

The Director beamed around the room, attempting to spread reassurance. It did nothing, although the end of the debriefing was relieving enough in itself. Mack sighed, glad it was over, and wandered into the hall – eager to escape, but with nowhere to go. The Director took Coulson aside and Simmons slipped away, to Fitz, who was glued to his seat, staring absently at the table in front of him, where his arms were outstretched; the pale, soft, fleshy parts facing upward. He couldn’t shake the image from his mind, of Daisy’s arms. Layers upon layers of bruises; black, blue, green, yellow, purple. She must be in so much pain, Fitz thought, Daisy’s hard expression behind his eyes. And he’d only added to that.

“Fitz?” Jemma prompted, gently shaking his shoulder.

He sighed and stretched, but in the end, Fitz could not bring himself to reassure her, that he was okay or that Daisy was. He couldn’t tell her about Daisy’s arms, her pain. He couldn’t tell her about their secret conversation, not now. Maybe not for a long time yet. He could only put his hand over Simmons’ for a long, heavy moment. Then he stood up, and kissed her hand before he let it fall.

Simmons peered up at Fitz with concern, and with a flicker of devious hope. He pushed Daisy’s suffering further into his deeper thoughts, and tried to mimic it.

“We’ve got work to do.”

Ok, so, my cat is a staggering 21 years old, so naturally she is no how she used to be. She is skinny these days and I am sure she has joint problems, so I am wondering what I can feed her to help her gain weight. I am currently giving her both dry and wet food, because I had heard that wet food is generally better for cats, but with dry food I can leave it out and it won’t go bad when everyone is at home or work.

She is not a picky eater when it comes to dry food, she will eat anything, but I am not so sure about wet. She does seem to like Sheba’s wet food and she also seems to like Blue Buffalo. She only eats pate’ style wet food, though I might try seeing what other forms she likes. I want to see if I can get her to try out raw, though I need to do more research on that.

The advice I had procured from different sources seem conflicting. All of them agree that wet food is better, but some said that she needs high fat and protein food, another said that too much protein can hurt her kidneys, and the brands they recommend vary, though they all agree that Purina is no good.

I will bring her to a vet to see what they will recommend, but I thought I would ask you as well, since I need opinions.


What a good old kitty! c: Yeah, i’m a fan of offering dry and wet for those exact reasons.  My elderly cats get wet food 2-3 times a day (more if we’re in a heat wave and I think they’re not drinking enough water).  The thing about cat diets is that if you ask 10 people, you’re going to get like 12 opinions.

if your cat is doing well on their current diet and is eating fine, I don’t really see a need to change it.  Changing a cat’s diet is often tricky and can take weeks.  It can put their systems under a lot of stress.  BUT if you want to make some additions to it rather than changing it entirely:

I’d hesitate on raw, tbh.  Elderly cat immune systems aren’t as robust, especially if she has thyroid or kidney problems (more on that in a bit).  The addition of freeze-dried salmon bits (or chicken or whatever meat she likes best) can be a good addition to perk up her appetite.

Blue buffalo is a fine brand.  I prefer taste of the wild since it’s had fewer recalls.

Tiki cat is really good stuff, but expensive.

There are good high calorie supplements out there. I usually use carnivore critical care and kitten milk replacement slurries (KMR) in cases where an animal really needs to gain weight fast.

EDIT: RE: kidney and thyroid issues.  These are really common in older kitties.  It’s what eventually kills most cats.  So when you go to the vet, get some blood tests done to see what your cat’s kidney and thyroid health is like.  cats with kidney and thyroid problems already have immune issues and just aren’t as good at fighting off the bacteria that naturally exists in raw foods.

I’m holding out for a hero to awaken the Light,
She’s gotta be strong, and she’s gotta be fast, 
     and she’s gotta be fresh from the fight!
(Racing on the Falcon and rising with the heat,
It’s gonna take a Jedi Knight to sweep me off my feet~! )

Riffing off the Disney/fairytale theme once more, because Rey is the hero we all need and I’ve always dreamed of, I’m in love…….. *__* 

also having fun with potential “level-up” Jedi outfits! (I know this is more PT than OT style, but I really like the PT tunics…) I can’t decide between Rey making her own classic lightsaber, or making a dual-bladed saber to complement her quarterstaff… the dual blade was just fun to draw :D

maisie williams is the real mvp of game of thrones tbh. she signed up for this role when she was 12 and it was her idea to play arya as left handed even tho that meant more work for her. she cut her hair off when arya had to pose as a boy and wore painful contacts when she was blinded. she takes on a lot of stunts and choreography while still delivering amazing performances. shes talented and dedicated and this show doesnt even deserve her but im glad we have her anyway.  


i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.