To whoever is lucky enough to be her next,
She’s jealous. Furiously, viciously, desperately jealous. It’ll annoy you, fuck, it’ll annoy you. But don’t get angry, learn to love it. It means she loves you, she cares. She cares so much. She’ll think every girl can see what she sees in you.

She’s scared of the dark sometimes, she has nightmares, bad ones. Hold her. Hold her so tight, stroke her hair, kiss her forehead, and don’t sleep without lingering your arm around her limbs, please don’t let her go.

She has a sense of humour you’ll never find in anybody else. She’s so funny, a dark and honest humour that will make you laugh until your stomach hurts. She’ll love to laugh, make her laugh. She throws her head back and her hair brushes off her shoulders and her eyes light up so bright it’s indescribable, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

She’s insecure, heartbreakingly so. She always has been and she probably always will be. She’ll put the duvet over her body and she’ll turn the other way if you look at her for too long, but she is beautiful. In every light, in every season, at every time of day and in every dimension of the universe, she’s beautiful. Remind her, every day. She’ll blush and shrug it off but she’ll smile when she thinks about it lying in bed that night, and that’s worth the stars in the skies.

Lastly, she doesn’t give second chances. She didn’t give me one. I didn’t deserve one but I’ll never stop wishing I got one. At every opportunity, kiss her in the street, buy her flowers (she loves orchids), dance with her at parties and don’t break her heart. Please don’t break her heart. Because that’ll end up breaking yours twice as bad. You’ll fall asleep to the sound of her closing the door behind her and you’ll never fucking forget it.

Love her, because she’ll love you. She doesn’t do anything in halves, she’ll love you whole heartedly and she’ll do it so very gracefully. Love every single one of her flaws, if you ever manage to find any, love her how she deserves and don’t make my mistake.

Yours truly, I lost her

—  blue-delusion 

Ok but here’s the thing about when Clarke says Octavia “will see how special you are”: she’s not really looking intensely at Bellamy, she’s not in “convincing” mode, or calming mode. She just breathes it out as fact, like one of the fundamental laws of existence: Bellamy Blake is special.

Because to her, there’s never been a question. That Bellamy Blake is special is something that just /is/, to Clarke - it’s why she’s so confused when others can’t see it, when /Bellamy/ can’t see it.

And to an extent, it’s because Clarke knows Bellamy better than anybody, and appreciates everything he brings to the table more than anyone else. But that’s not all of it. No, Clarke doesn’t realize that the reason saying “she’ll realize how special you are” is as right and simple as saying “the sky is blue” isn’t just because Bellamy /is/ special, it’s because Bellamy is special TO HER. Her love for him has become so much a part of her that she assumes other people can see what she sees. Bellamy Blake is special and Clarke Griffin loves him. It just /is/.

I  see beauty in your eyes,“
he said.
"They’re the color of the Earth, kissed by heavenly rains”

“I see the world in your eyes,”
he said.
“Dripping with zeal, an intensified gaze”

“I see love in your eyes”
he said.
“Incandescent, even with pain”

“If only my eyes could see what you see”
she said.

—  what I fail to see 
Oblivious // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: floof 

Words: 2.7k

Relationship status: together (secretly)

Warnings: none

Summary: Dan and Phil’s friends are determined to get the two together. Little do they know Dan and Phil are already one step ahead of them…

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Princess of Themyscira

Prompt: “You’re going to die. Please stay!”

AN: ANGST, ANGST EVERYWHERE, you have been warned. Diana won today, and I really wanted to do something special with her. I really hope you guys enjoy this.

AN 2: So, I’ve decided to turn this into a series which means the second part will be re-written. If you even remember it. This is just the start! 

Words: 976

“She’s already lost her father Diana, are you going to take away her mother too?”

          Your grandmother’s voice is fraught with emotion, with a plea to your mother to stay. To live. Your mother’s voice is filled with determination. She’s made her choice, she’ll die a warrior, just like your father. “I am a warrior; this is my fight. This is my world. And I will save it so that my daughter has a chance to live in it.”

          You don’t peak out from your hiding place. You know your mother’s jaw is set in a firm line, and that her eyes are hard with determination. She’s approaching her death, the same way she approached your school principal when you were being bullied.

          You wrap your arms around yourself. Your grandmother sighs “Very well my child. Do what you must. Your daughter, my granddaughter, she has a place among your sisters.”

          You want to laugh at that. You’re sixteen and you’ve never even met the woman who calls herself your grandmother. Your mother had been banned from Themyscira, due to her relationship with your father.

          You can hear the heels of your mother's’ boots click across the floors, as she walks away. You step from your hiding place, when you can no longer hear the sound. You gaze out from the open temple as your mother’s figure slowly vanishes from sight.

          Your grandmother smiles at you and says, “You’re as silent as your mother. When she was young she would hide and listen in on my council meetings. She taught you well.”

          You shake your head, “My father taught me how to move. Neither wanted me anywhere near fighting, but my father wanted to make sure I could escape. I am the reigning hide and seek champion of Wayne Manor. My father and brothers couldn’t find me. Only Mother could. She says we think alike.”

          Hippolyta’s smile fades for a second, before she regains it, “I see. You enjoyed your childhood.”

          You nod, “There was always someone with me, even when the world was ending. Especially if the world was ending. More often than not it was one of my brothers, or Alfred. Titus was always there, but he passed away several years ago.”

          “An elder?”

          You laugh, “A dog. I was never alone. I think they had all spent so much time alone, that they never wanted me to be that way. Just like they never wanted me to see the ugly in the world, so I wasn’t trained.”

          “I’m surprised either of your parents would permit that.”

          You sit down on one of the steps, and a moment later your grandmother sinks down next to you. “I’m not. They wanted me to have a normal life. They didn’t want me to go through the pain or the suffering. It was a noble hope I suppose.”


          Another moment of silence passes and you say, “They always said I looked more like my grandmothers than I did them. They said I inherited the best traits of both you and my father’s mother.” You feel the first tear start to slip, “I’m alone now.”

          Your grandmother’s arms wrap around you a second later, “No child, you have me, you have your mother’s sisters.”

          You smile a bit as another tear rolls down your face, “I don’t belong here though. I saw the looks they gave me. I come from man’s world. They’re weary of me.”

          “They will learn child.”

          You shake your head, “They’re right. I know of this place, my mother told me stories, but I do not belong to this place.”

          You stand, as your grandmother’s arms retreat. You give her one look before saying, “I wish I had been able to know you when I was young.” And then you’re running.

          You hit the sand right as your mother is about to take off, but she stops at the sight of you. Her arms open to you, and you throw yourself into them, wrapping your arms around her neck, “You’re going to die. Please don’t leave me.”

          Her fingers tangle in your hair, and she kisses your forehead, “Oh my sun and star, how I wish I could stay.”

          Your voice is going somewhat hoarse, “Then stay, please stay.”

          “My beautiful daughter. My baby girl. We’ll be reunited one day, hopefully on a day that comes no time soon. When it does come, your father and I will be waiting. But until then, make sure you live, and that you love, and that you let yourself be loved. You are beautiful, and smart, and so strong.”

          You pull back, “I don’t want to be alone.”

          She smiles at you and looks over your shoulder. Slowly you turn to see what she sees. Surrounding the two of you is an army of amazons. She smiles, “You are not alone. You are my daughter. That makes you the Princess of Themyscira.” She looks towards your grandmother who nods, and her smile widens. “That makes you an amazon. And that makes these women your sisters.” Slowly the women around you nod their heads as they all hold out their hands.

          You turn to your mother, and she places something in your hand. The locket you father had given her on the day you were born. She opens it to reveal a picture of your entire family surrounding her, and you, on the day you were born. You stare at your father’s face, your brothers’ faces, Alfred’s face and the tears come harder. “Do not forget where you come from my daughter. And most certainly don’t forget who loved you.”

          She pulls away, and the arms of two women you don’t know wrap around you, and they hold you. You watch your mother leave with pain in your heart. That’s the last time you ever see her.

Elthina: My, my, such a terrible commotion!

Elthina leaves the Chantry only twice in the entire game. Once is to berate Sebastian, and as the scene is part of his DLC is not ‘the game’ proper. The second is here. If you only have the base Dragon Age 2 game, this is the only time you will see her step outside Chantry walls. Thus, this is the only opportunity to see her ply the trade that made her famous: diplomacy.

Elthina fucked up badly during the Qunari uprising, largely because she refused to leave the Chantry. The Chantry deliberately provoked the Qunari, yes, but Elthina could hardly have wanted events to play out as they did. Hawke was the only person to come out of that mess looking good. Where Elthina went wrong was a failure to know her enemy. What she thought was the conflict just starting to ramp up was actually the Arishok reaching breaking point. Had she gone to the compound herself, she might have realised this. Certainly Hawke could have told her – did try to tell her, but gave up when Elthina just kept claiming she would intervene ‘when it was time’.

This is different, though. Here, Elthina is fighting on her home turf. She has known these people most of their lives, and she is the direct superior of both. It’s in her power to manage this situation in any way she sees fit, so it’s interesting to see what she chooses.

I think we see here a clever and able politician – but one with no morals at all.

Meredith: This mage incites rebellion, Your Grace. I am dealing with the matter.

Elthina: Ah, Orsino. So frustrated. Do you think this is truly wise?

Orsino: I … no, Your Grace.

This is vicious. This isn’t just shutting Orsino up today, it’s effectively ruining any further efforts in this line. Orsino has adopted a very careful and deliberate tactic here: he is being ‘the good mage’. His position, by default, is awful: he is both an elf and a mage, and thus simultaneously a member of two of the most hated groups in Thedas. Getting a group of Chantry-going noble humans to listen to him is always going to be an uphill battle.

Thus, his strategy. Despite the desperation of the mages, Orsino is well-dressed, well-spoken and extremely confident in public. He has been addressing the crowd, not about Meredith’s crimes in the Circle, but about the crimes she is committing against Kirkwall’s citizens. The whole point is that he is wise. He is intelligent and well informed. He is telling the people of Kirkwall ‘what is really happening’.

In posing her question, Elthina has hamstrung him. He could insist that he does think this is wise, but in doing so he would be setting himself against the Chantry. Against a grand cleric. That would have the whiff of apostasy about it, and make him untrustworthy. Or, as he does here, he can agree with Elthina. He remains the good mage, then, but he can’t very well persist in telling the people of Kirkwall what Meredith really is, or he will again be defying a grand cleric. Without actually saying the words, Elthina has ordered him to shut up, forever, and he’s going to have to start all over again from scratch. Find some other way to bring Meredith down.

Elthina: Of course not. Young men, would you show the first enchanter back to the Circle? Gently, if you please.

Two things are noteworthy here. The first is that Orsino is not simply dismissed, rather he is effectively arrested: the Templars are returning a mage to his proper place in the Circle. He should not, really, be seen in the streets at all.

The second is that Elthina knows the Templars will not be gentle unless she specifically orders them to be. That means that she knows they will not be gentle once they are safely ensconced in the Circle. Templars are not gentle with mages. That is as it should be. But all of this should be occurring in the Gallows, not here. She is asserting both Chantry authority and Chantry propriety.

Meredith: Your Grace! He should be clapped in irons, made an example – !

Meredith, afflicted with red lyrium, is slipping. She doesn’t get it. She has been better at this in the past – an able partner for Grand Cleric Elthina. Her threat to Marlowe Dumar came in the form of a gift:

Meredith’s message was clear: Remember who holds power in Kirkwall. To drive home her point, she present Marlowe with a small carven ivory box at his coronation. The box contained the Threnhold signet ring, misshapen, and crusted with blood. On the inside of the lid were written the words ‘His fate need not be yours’.

World of Thedas II

No shouting in public, no direct threats, and something that the Viscount could not easily bring forth as evidence without revealing himself to be a Chantry puppet. Nice and clean. Just as it should be.

Meredith has been torturing the Kirkwall mages for years. As far as we know, Elthina has never stepped in to protect them. She’s done nothing to stop Meredith from making mages Tranquil, from locking them in their cells, from having her minions beat them or do anything else to them she pleases. Elthina does not care if Meredith has Orsino clapped in irons. She does care that she not announce she is going to do that in public. Do that, and Orsino looks right. The mage can never be allowed to be right, because if he is right then the Chantry is wrong.

Elthina: That’s enough, Meredith. This demeans us all, surely you can see that? Go back to the Gallows and calm down, like a good girl.

Here Elthina is finally forced to address Meredith. She hasn’t wanted to. She hasn’t wanted to diminish Meredith’s power. Meredith has ranted, and Elthina has crushed Orsino in response. But now Orsino is being hauled away, and Meredith is still talking. Since she’s not taking the hint, Elthina has to be blunt.

‘This demeans us all, surely you can see that?’ You can see the plea there. Elthina doesn’t understand what’s happening to Meredith any more than anyone else does. Meredith has always understood. She’s had Kirkwall under her control for more than a decade, and while people could hate her, no one could touch her. She never made these kind of mistakes.

But now Meredith can’t see her ally of many years here. She just sees a threat. Someone who is keeping her from doing the things she wants to do. It takes a battle of wills to get her to go. Nevertheless, unlike Orsino, she is permitted to leave under her own power.

Elthina has successfully reminded the people of Kirkwall of the pecking order: herself at the top, Meredith next, the Templar escort below that – and Orsino, their prisoner, at the bottom.

Elthina: Gentle people of Kirkwall … return to your homes, I implore you. This will not be solved today.

Of course, Elthina has just made damn sure that it won’t be solved today. Now, Meredith is a big problem. Unless you’ve got Zevran waiting behind a pillar with a very sharp knife, it’s probably not something that can be solved in a single day anyway. But Orsino’s purpose here was to spur people to action. To get the nobles to think and to talk. To begin taking the steps necessary to get rid of Meredith and install a true Viscount.

They’re going to need money. And an army. And a candidate. And a plan. They need to get started on this.

Note that Elthina is the only person in the city who benefits entirely from the status quo. The mages, obviously, are suffering terribly. Meredith, increasingly paranoid, needs to remove them and any other perceived threats to her position.

But Elthina? Elthina is exactly where she wants to be. She is managing a city in perpetual crisis. She is claiming to be a voice of reason and moderation. She is using ‘diplomacy’ on those who either have to obey her orders or outright rebel. She is earning unwarranted respect by ‘managing’ this situation. Where Viscount Dumar was stressed by the unrest in his city – because whatever his failings as a leader he did genuinely care – Grand Cleric Elthina is in her element.

This is what she wanted, and failed to get, from the Qunari presence: ongoing tension that would bolster her position and increase her reputation, but which is contained to groups she can control.

So Elthina is sending the nobles home. She does not want them to accomplish anything. She wants to keep things exactly as they are.

In The Last Straw Orsino is attempting to reach the Grand Cleric. She remains, as established here, the greatest power in Kirkwall. Tragically, he still believes his can move her to help him. She’s never going to help him. She’s never going to help anyone in Kirkwall but herself.

It is only the destruction of the Chantry and the death of Elthina that allows Kirkwall to escape.

The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer - Reylo bits!

At least this is where I saw them, it’s just my personal opinion ^_^ 

Oh and yes this contains TLJ spoilers, so stop reading now if you don’t want to see anything from the trailer. (I’ve tagged this with spoilers too)

Here we go


When Rey is asked what she sees by Luke:

We see this shot of Leia, but the key thing is we hear Rey’s theme as she says  "Light”

Then she says “Darkness” and Kylo’s theme plays while we see his broken mask. This shows the connection between Kylo and Rey and we’ve seen the parallels in their music themes before in TFA. 

What I like about the smashed mask is that it is very obviously on a First Order ship or base, due to that lighting in the background. There is glass everywhere as well, so could he have smashed it up in one of his trademark rages? Could it be something Snoke asks him to do? Did he ask him to kill Rey? Is this the start of his redemption?

Then she says “The balance” and we see a shot of ancient books in a tree. I believe this hints that at the very least Kylo and Rey will come together to bring balance the Force and follow a new path. Something like Grey Jedi, who don’t shun connections, which means Kylo and Rey would be free to have a relationship. ^_^. 

Like Snoke says in TFA “The new Jedi will rise” if the Resistance find Luke… and he was right it seems. Luke wants to end the Jedi, but he is still training Rey, so I think he wants to create a new order that balances both the light and the dark. We know from the TFA novel that Kylo has both the light and dark within him and we see that Rey has dark in her when she strikes Kylo down on Starkiller base. Basically these two are the perfect pair to bring balance to the Force.

Incidentally I think these books may be those Journals of the Whills that appear in the EU and may be connected to the religious order that Chirrut and Baze belonged to in Rogue One. I also think that Bendu in Rebels may have a connection to the Whills and original teachings of the Force. There has been a lot of emphasis on light and dark coming together and a middle way in Rebels. Not just the bendu, but Ezra and Darth Maul combining holocrons etc.

Here we have Kylo, (looking hot as hell might I add!) I think he is facing Rey here because in the reflection of his eyes, I think I can make out the red dot of his lightsaber glow and a smaller blue dot which might belong to Rey’s lightsaber

Rey running into battle, I think Luke has sent her to finish Kylo (just like Snoke sends Kylo to kill Rey), but neither of them are going to be able to kill the other because they feel connected and dare I say it “are attracted to each other” ^_^ 

OK and the last Reylo moment for me is this shot of the Milennium Falcon. This is more of a headcanon but……

The Falcon is on Ahch-To and it looks like it is indeed flying over the ocean world. The First Order are attacking it, which could mean Kylo brings more than his Knights to deal with Luke and Rey (somehow I don’t think thats his style) It could be just Chewie in there, but I like to think it is from late on in the film…

Basically I think Kylo lands early in the film and he and his knights are defeated by Luke. Kylo ends up stranded on Ahch-To and connects closer to Rey. Both confide that they are unsure of their masters, have been lonely children etc. By the end of the film Snoke sends in the cavalry to collect Kylo, but instead he and Rey just flee Ahch-To together in the Falcon. The last shot in the film would be Rey and Kylo in the cockpit of the Falcon giving each other lingering looks before going to lightspeed….. roll credits!!!!!!

Basically I loved the trailer and have watched it 20 times. It feels in tune with so many metas and discussions the Reylo fame have written about since TFA. 

Hiccup: “So we were hovering over this hole in the ground, wondering if it was a Whispering Death tunnel, when suddenly this HUGE spout of water shot out of it and knocked us right out of the air! I knew that this was something that had…”

Astrid thinking: “I love how he cares so much about stuff. If I squint, I can pretend his hand gestures are smacking Hunters in the face.”

Ruffnut thinking: “Oh good. Another exploring new islands story. When are those gonna become uncharted.”

Fishlegs thinking: “If there was dragon with the speed of a Night Fury, the tracker skills of the Rumblehorn, the tail of the Speed Stinger, the wing power of the Tyfomarang and the magnesium blast of the Deadly Natter that would probably be the ultimate dragon. I wonder if I could cross breed that.

Heather thinking: “What dose Astrid see in this guy? He’s nice, but I just don’t see what she sees.”

Snotlout thinking: “Duh, DUH, duh, du da, da. Du du du du dudu….”

Tuffnut thinking: “Who’s singing?”

So by Lana’s interview where she says: “The Evil Queen looks in a mirror that shows her who she hates most expecting to see Snow White, but what she sees instead is shocking”, we can clearly conclude she’s going to see herself. It all ties into the battle she’s been having between her two halves. She’ll finally have to come to terms with her self-loathing and work through the toughest battle of all: finally loving herself.

I’m not ready.

Leading Suspects: Chapter 26

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Chapter 20, Chapter 21, Chapter 22, Chapter 23, Chapter 24, Chapter 25

I stop my car two miles out of town and climb out to pace up and down, shaking my hands at my sides and trying to pluck up my courage. I’ve had five hours of driving to think about what I’m going to say to him. All night long when I couldn’t sleep. Several hours last night of wine drinking and packing and two very drunk and unhelpful friends who suggested everything from grovelling to serenading him to Jo’s plan of just stripping naked in front of him. Why am I friends with them again?

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Faerie Tale Theatre [Pt. 2]

[ ➤ Change pronouns and adjust to fit your muse! ]

Little Red Riding Hood

  • “I want to grow up, I just don’t know how… I have limited experience.”
  • “Who wants to live with a pack anyway? If they don’t want me, FINE.”
  • “Three days and not one edible thing has come down that path.”
  • “Now there’s a tasty little DISH.”
  • “We can be alone together, just you and me.”
  • “On anybody else, this would look perfectly hideous, but on me, ahh, beautiful.”
  • "Stay where ya are, ya miserable flea-bitten fur-bag or ya’ll end up a rug on my floor!”
  • “What great, terrible teeth you have!”
  • “What took you so long I damn near suffocated!”
  • “Well in addition to be eaten by a wolf, I’m sick as a dog.”
  • “Sweetest tongue has sharpest tooth.”

Hansel and Gretel

  • “How can I possibly sleep with you rolling around next me like a pig in the mud.”
  • “What’s to become of us? How am I to feed my poor children?”
  • “I’m sure they’re eating venison with a prince right now without any a thought for us.”
  • “Surely God will take pity on two children and watch out for us.”
  • “We must have been very bad children for them to leave us in such a place.”
  • “Nibble, nibble little mouse who is eating up my house?!”
  • “Eat me out of house and home will you? We’ll see who eats what.”
  • “She doesn’t see very well, but she has the nose of a wolf.”
  • “Heart to batter, batter to heart, death’s a treat, so sweet to eat.”
  • “I want fat, fat, fat! Rolls of fat, flesh and more flesh! Soft, undulating, quivering jiggling young flesh!”
  • “You sit in a little cage all day, while I’m running to and fro: ’fetch this, boil that, c-c-c-cook.”
  • “I don’t care if DO you lose your temper! You’re a horrible woman!”
  • “Our sorrows have ended and we’ll live together in great happiness!”

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

  • “She was always kind of… spunky.”
  • “Let me sleep for 2 more weeks… I’m dreaming about food.”
  • “My teacher says to not let anybody see my papers because it’s a big secret.”
  • “Little kids don’t think as well on Saturdays! It’s a scientific fact!”
  • “What if you got a thousand bees all in one place? Then if you got a million queen bees and some kings too? You’d get a million-trillion bees!”
  • “We have to be very carful, there are highway men and robbers all around, they may be close by!”
  • “I don’t care if she’s ‘just a little girl,’ that doesn’t give her the right to barge into people’s homes without their permission.”
  • “What if one of these weeds has a poison thorn and it sticks me and I die right here in the front yard?!”
  • “I’d think a green cow would look something like a dragon, don’t you think?”
  • “I’m TOO smart!”
  • “I’ll wear my prettiest dress, and comb my hair real nice and smile my best smile, and for sure they’ll fall for it!”
  • “They’re the nicest bears in the world.”

The Princess and the Pea

  • “Oh yeah, real tough being prince: you’re rich, you’re powerful, oh it’s a real burden!”
  • “I know exactly where I am: I’m lost.”
  • “I’ll probably sneeze to death, but anything for chivalry.”
  • “You have the most expressive eyebrows I’ve ever seen!”
  • “In my spare time I like to count horses and think about my feet.”
  • “For the past few hours you have been rude, obnoxious, arrogant, and not a great deal of fun.”
  • “You are simply a rung on my ladder to success. An object to be stepped on.”
  • “I’ve traveled all the major roads, I’ve stayed in 2 or 3 kingdoms, I’ve been wooed by a couple village idiots, and I’ve met some very interesting people.”
  • “Good company, bad company… at least you’re not alone.”
  • “The whole family’s a little bit off, and seeing is how I’m sitting here talking to myself I’d fit right in.”
  • “It was like I was sleeping on a boulder–I’m black and blue from head to toe.”


  • “I wonder if you can wish to the moon, or just the stars… they’re in the same universe.”
  • “You can move, you can talk, you can think on somewhat limited basis of course, given you’re a teenager.”
  • “He attacked life with the gusto and the innocence of a small child.”
  • “I understand you, but the other people? They start to talk and think you’re a little bit you know– bugabugbuga.”
  • “I’ve got to be the stupidest person I’ve ever met.”
  • “You’re going to go home, you’re going to tell the truth, and promise to never ever do this sort of thing again.”
  • “You take your money, bury it in the ground, you wait overnight, and you’ve got 5 times as much!”
  • “Ever see a wooden donkey? I’d make a fortune!”
  • “I’m so sorry, that’s why you’re here, because I was so bad and thoughtless!”
  • “It’s part of my job, but I love wood.”


  • “You have been so kind to me, allow me to give you something in return.”
  • “You’ll learn that beauty and talent are a blessings, but if they are too much admired, they can be curses as well.” 
  • “I won’t marry your creepy son, I won’t! I won’t!”
  • “I’m sure he’ll find you delightful, and your story fascinating.”
  • “How does one conquer Gaul? Doesn’t one already have the gall, as in ‘he had the gall to call me a nitwit?’”
  • “It takes more than sweet songs to get by in life.”
  • “I do my best to secure your future and this is the thanks I get?”
  • “I’m always the bride and never the bridesmaid.”
  • “Prince or no, I can’t marry anyone without my mother’s consent.”
  • “Flower angels can slip in and out all sorts of places… even dreams.”

Snow White and the 7 Dwarves

  • “The years do not effect my beauty, my skin could be satin.”
  • “That gawky brat! How I hate her!”
  • “Cold soup… cold meat… cold peas… I could eat it all if I weren’t so tired.”
  • “That’s a STUPID assumption,_____!”
  • “Her heart is in this box. You’re lying again.”
  • “When a mirror tells a lie, it shatters in shame.”
  • “She’s a witch! I knew it when I saw her, and don’t call me stupid!”
  • “The gentle arching of my eyebrows fascinates me, most others eyebrows are grotesque and misshapen.”
  • “I don’t even miss the castle anymore… It’s so big and cold and lonely. But I do miss swimming in the moat.”
  • “No one can argue now. Now there’s only one beauty in the land.”
  • “I cannot imagine anyone hurting you, you should only be loved.”
  • “Each and every mirror as you turn to look at it, will turn to black.”

And now my theory in regards to Noora and Yousef.
I don’t actually thing there is anything going on??

1. I mean, yes the girls want to hook them up, but nobody ever asked noora about this? Like do we even know what the girl wants? Nope.
2. Them talking at that party. As I explained in another post, it wasn’t necessarily romantic. It looked like two people discussing and having fun, yes. Hitting it off and enjoying each other’s company, that too. But flirting/romantic vibes? Not so much.
3. Again Sana is into yousef, and we see things from her POV, so of course to her it looks different. Haven’t we all been there? When you like somebody, and you don’t think they like you back, you can misread things.
4. I won’t even touch on Vilde subject, because girl sees what she wants to see, so she isn’t a reliable narrator tbh.
5. All scenes we have seen Yousef interact with Sana, he looks 100% into her.
Also in the last scene we got, Elias was all “Noora was hot.Tell her hi”. Yousef’s reaction? he was like “Bro no, stop”.But not in a “hey this is the girl I am into” way..? Also nothing about Elias and Yousef’s reaction when Noora was mentioned gave me the vibe that Yousef of all people is into Noora/wants to hook up with her.

So my theory is that I can see Noora and Yousef hang out become close, but I think it will be non romantic at all. Like for all we know, Noora will be trying to help Yousef with his “hopeless crush with this cool girl who is not into him” (yes I mean Sana from Yousef’s POV) and she just likes hanging out with a guy who doesn’t hit on her. Or whatever.

Also even if there is a kiss at some point (which I hope not, because I don’t want Noora falling for Yousef, because he is clearly into Sana, so then we’d have both Sana and Noora hurting and the girls are queens who deserve the world), it will probably be in an effort for Noora and Yousef to “get over” the people they are into because there is no hope, or something.

But yes, personally I think it will be more of a miscommunication, like appearances being deceiving rather than an actual triangle.
Because Yousef is like 1000% into Sana already and so far I haven’t seen any proof he is into Noora (or that Noora is into him).

That was long.Sorry for the rambling.

She doesn’t see what I see, she is so beautiful and so attractive she always saying no when I give her compliments. But girl only if you knew how I see you even when your chillin with you’re hair a mess as you say, and some sweats on I be dying to kiss you every second.

PROMPT: Person A, without fail, adamantly interrupting Person B with harsh, self-deprecating comments whenever B tries to give A genuine compliments. Absolutely fed-up one day, Person B covers Person A’s mouth securely with duct tape and passionately lists all the traits they love about A without interference.


This is for y'all Bechloe fans! Love you all! Keep faith for our Bechloe-ever-after. Enjoy.


Chloe groaned for what seemed like the umpteenth time that day.

This wasn’t what she had in mind when she decided to ask Beca to come clothes shopping with her. She had imagined shyly taking the DJ’s hand and walking together from shop to shop, complimenting the younger girl; spoiling her. She wanted to coax her gently into Chloe’s world and in return, have Beca let her in to her own word.

Don’t get her wrong, every second she spends in the smaller girl’s company never failed to quicken her heart rate, make her hands sweaty… but even a bright ray of sunshine like Chloe has her limit.


Beca, on the other hand, couldn’t fathom how anyone could spend so many hours looking at pieces of fabric: t-shirts, trousers, coats… aisles upon aisles stuffed to the brim with clothes. It dawned on Beca, that she would literally, rather be anywhere else; including with Aubrey instead.

Side-stepping fallen shirts that lay crumpled on the floor, making a mental note to tidy her room, she held back a laugh as she saw two grown women fighting over the same t-shirt. That’s right. Grown women. God help her.


“Becs! Come on!” Chloe grit her teeth as annoyance seeped into her voice.

“I don’t see why I need to try this on Chlo! I thought we were shopping for you!” Beca bit back, her left eye twitching in frustration.

Normally Chloe would find herself smiling at the brunette’s twitch. It was a tell-tale sign that Beca was getting impatient. She would usually see it when observing Beca mix her music, not that Beca noticed. She was usually so immersed in what she was doing to realise that the world around her continued moving forward. Now however, Chloe ignored that and kept her eyes trained on Beca’s.

“Beca, you are my best friend. I wanted to go shopping with you. I wanted us to enjoy a day out together, without worrying about Worlds, or exams, or graduation!” Chloe could feel her eyes start to fill with tears.

Seeing that Chloe was truly upset, Beca backed down from the argument and moved closer to the redhead, resting her hands on Chloe’s shoulders.

“You’re right Chloe! I’m an ass and I’m sorry. I’ll try on whatever you choose for me, no complaints. I promise.”

Beca smiled as she saw Chloe’s demeanour change; the redhead physically perked up, a grin lighting up her whole face. The brunette felt her heart quicken and her breath catch in her throat. Damn Chloe’s beautiful eyes. So much for her badass persona.

“C'mon, let’s take a look at the dresses!” Chloe grabbed Beca’s hand and dragged her to the dresses. Beca’s eyes widened in horror.


Chloe was sat on the changing room chairs, her head in her hands, waiting for Beca to come out of the fitting room stall. The brunette had been in there 10 minutes and refused to come out and show her.

“For gods sake, Beca! If this is about modesty, I’ve already seen you naked!!” Chloe complained loudly in obvious impatience.

Chloe’s head shot up as she heard a door unlock. A mother and her young daughter exited from another stall, the mother shooting her a dirty look as she dragged the younger girl out of the room.

“I don’t like it Chlo! It doesn’t suit me at all!”

Chloe came up close to the door, placing both hands on the door and leaning her head against it, as if willing it to open.

“Just let me see it Becs. Please just open the door and let me see it for myself. You know I would never judge you or laugh at you.” Chloe pleaded.

She heard Beca sigh, soon followed by the sound of the door unlocking.

Chloe took her chance and entered Beca’s fitting room before Beca could change her mind. After re-locking the door, Chloe looked up and her jaw dropped.

There Beca stood in front of the mirror, clad in the simple red dress Chloe picked out for her; her back to the door. She looked beautiful.

Chloe dared not to breath, fearing that any louder noise may scare Beca.

“Becs… you look…” Chloe was lost for words.

“I know. I know. It looks awful.” Beca bluntly stated, her voice as emotionless as the look on her face. She turned to face Chloe, her arms wrapped protectively across her stomach.

Just as Chloe’s heart rate finally regained its normal pace, there Beca goes speeding it up again.

Beca’s words sunk in. Chloe’s eyes shot to Beca’s in fury.

“No Beca! Absolutely not! You look beautiful!” Chloe couldn’t help but raise her voice. How Beca couldn’t see what she could see, baffled her completely.

Beca gave her a self-depreciating smile, turning around to face her reflection again; her eyes lowering to gaze upon her figure.

“For starters, this dress makes me look fat… all the dresses you picked out for me make me look like a beached whale. It makes my pale skin look even paler. It clashes with my red cheeks, making me look like a tomato.”

Chloe was shaking her head as Beca spoke.

“My legs look like sticks, and it accentuates my knobbly knees and my large thigh gap… and my ass? Haha. What ass? It doesn’t even look like I have one. It shows off my cleavage, but I can kinda see some of the stretch marks there, which looks so unattractive. And don’t even get me started on-”

“-No!” Chloe’s eyes held a fire in them that Beca had never seen before. She could see the redhead’s hands clench into fists, shaking ever so slightly at the pain of her nails digging into her palm. Her bottom lip trembled as she tried to hold back her tears. Beca braced herself.

“How dare you!” Chloe shouted, her hands flailing as if she didn’t know how to use them.

Beca winced.

“How dare you stand there and talk shit about yourself!” Chloe had lowered her voice, but the bite still remained in her words.

“But-” Beca was interrupted by Chloe digging into her handbag, a look of severe determination on her face. She pulled out a… roll of duct tape? Uh-oh.

Chloe tore off a strip and leapt at Beca, covering her mouth firmly with the tape. Shocked by Chloe’s actions, the brunette remained paralysed in her spot until it sunk in what Chloe had done. She started struggling against the taller woman, outrage and betrayal spreading through her body like a wild fire.

Before she could rip the offending tape from her lips, Chloe grasped both her wrists in her hands and held them quickly behind Beca’s back. Beca continued to struggle against the redhead, not believing what Chloe had just done.

The taller woman pressed herself into Beca’s back, gently resting her chin on Beca’s right shoulder. Beca felt tense against her, and so she whispered into her ear to try and calm her down. “Please don’t do this, Beca. I’m sorry to have to restrain you like this, but it is not my intention to hurt you. Please just listen to me, that’s all I’m asking.”

Looking into the reflection of Beca’s eyes in the mirror, she could still see hurt swimming in the brunette’s eyes. Chloe’s stomach churned at the thought that she is the cause of the hurt, but this was important.

Gently pressing kiss into Beca’s shoulder first and then her temple, she felt Beca release a deep breath, her body slowly relaxing against her.

“You are so beautiful, Rebeca Mitchell. So very very beautiful.” She could feel Beca scoff, and saw Beca roll her eyes in disagreement. But once again, Chloe ignored it.

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met, Beca.”

She had Beca’s full attention now. Good.
Chloe knew that she needed to finally get what she was going to say off her chest. It had been there for too long now. Far too long.

Feeling her lower lip tremble with the emotion she was trying, and failing, to hold back; she felt a tear trail down her cheek, alarming Beca.

“Hearing you talk about yourself like that, you have no idea what it does to me Beca. My heart hurts to hear those words come from you, and it hurts even more to know that you truly believe them. Your head is feeding your heart lies, Bec… lies. You are not fat Beca. At all. And even if you were, I’d still think you were the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. So what if you are pale?! It doesn’t make you any less of a human being. It makes me want to slather you in sun cream and protect you from burning under the sun!” Chloe was half-serious with the last comment.

“I happen to love the redness in your cheeks. They are so endearing, and it’s why I love making you blush. They are hot under my hands when I hold your cheeks, and your cheeks are so soft to touch anyways. Your legs are not sticks and your knees are not knobbly. Your legs are slim and so smooth to touch, and your knees are so strong. I love that the muscle twitches when I lay my hand on your knees… and your ass… just wow. Throw on a pair of tight skinny jeans and I’m a goner. You in this dress though… talk about stuff from my fantasies. And as for your stretch marks, who cares? Practically every girl has them, they make you real Becs, not superficial. You are so real.”

Chloe’s eyes glazed over, clearly lost in her own thoughts. Beca nudged her.

“My point is that you are perfect to me, Beca. You see flaws, and all I see is how endearing they all are and how add up to make you who you are. You are so beautiful that it’s all I can do to not stare at you every single second we are together, and yet my eyes never stray too far from you. If you don’t love yourself, then let me show you that you are worth loving. Let me show you how beautiful you are to me. I can show you how to love yourself. Let me show you how to love yourself, by letting me love you. I love you Beca. Let me love you.”

Boyfriend Mark
  • okay i love him too much that’s why i decided to do this
  • maybe it wasnt a good choice cause i might just faint halfway from typing this
  • okay im sorry
  • let’s start

  • firstly how he asked you out

  • you guys would have probably been bestfriends before he asked
  • like one day the other members finally convinced him to confess
  • mainly donghyuck
  • “ hyung i swear if you keep being so shy and awkward i’m going to tell her myself . whispers to himself i dont see what she sees in someone like you ”
  • “ no don’t you dare , and what did you say under your breath ”
  • “ nothing . then do it yourself,  be a man ”
  • “ hmm ”
  • he probably wrote a song for you
  • after he sang/rap it for you he’d be blushing like mad and not being able to look into your eyes
  • after an awkward silence he’d confess
  • you’d smile crazily and confess back too
  • he’d give a really big smile and most probably give you a hug
  • okay on to dates and dating
  • he’d be more into casual dates ,
  • movie marathons on the sofa together ,
  • singing songs together ,
  • you’ll most probably be helping him with composing lyrics and music
  • for skinship though ,
  • he wouldn’t do much in public , probably only up to hugging
  • but when you’re alone together ,
  • he’d probably initiate kisses or pecks on your cheeks
  • when both of you are cuddling though ,
  • he’d make sure you’re in a comfortable position
  • he’d snuggle his face in your hair
  • arms wrapping tightly around your waist
  • okay i cant do this anymore im crying
  • when you’re sad or feeling down ,
  • he’d comfort you by staying by your side
  • he’d listen to all of your problems and try to give you advice
  • he’s probably the type to stress over your problems even when you’re way over it
  • “ babe what you thinking about ? ”
  • “ uh .. oh nothing ”
  • “ are you sure ? ”
  • “ nothing much … just thinking of the storyline for you essay assignment ”
  • and you’d laugh uncontrollably and he’d give you a confused expression
  • and you cant help but hug him tightly cause he’s too precious
  • but when he’s feeling down ,
  • he wouldn’t show or say anything because he isnt the type to make others worry for him
  • and when you asked him he’d shake the matter off and quickly change the subject
  • but as his girlfriend you would notice so you’d ask him seriously
  • and he’d finally confess , sharing his problems with you
  • he’ll smile once again when he saw how much you tried to help him
  • when he’s jealous , he’d only have a frown on his face but wouldn’t say anything
  • his protective side would take over if he saw another guy getting too close to you
  • he’ll place his arms around your waist and pull you closer to him ,
  • and obvious frown still showing on his face
  • and you’d smile shyly because
  • damn he still looks cute when he’s mad
  • couple fights would hardly occur because yall are just too nice
  • but if it did , mark would be the first to apologise because he’d be afraid to lose you
  • he’ll most probably keep apologising until you forgive him
  • because who would be able to stay mad at this cute puppy
  • on special occasions though ,
  • he’ll get you anything you want
  • and with the help of the other members he’d surprise you
  • he’d smile to himself when he saw that you liked it
  • “ i’m so thankful for you , i love you so much and you’re the best thing that happened in my life ”
  • okay i can only do this much my heart can’t take this i’m sorry guys
Heavy Hearts [7]

Summary: From this close she can see he’s crying, he can only assume, and it stops her. Even in so much pain, Sansa will still pause at the sight of someone else’s.

A/N: Final part of this series. The story will be continued in a sequel so don’t be too startled by the abruptness of the ending. Okay here goes, action!

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