I was at the mall and I saw this dress that reminded me of the blank space dress but shorter and then I freaked out because I thought of doing a blank space themed out fit thing for the tour and then I sorta threw a party in the dressing room bc I’ll be partying with taylorswift on October 27th (!!!the best tour date eveR) and hopefully I’ll get some lucky and get to give my gifts to mamma swift to give to tay from the six shows I didn’t get to :( hopefully seven will be lucky for me, it already has been since it’s my first time sitting on the floor even though I’m sitting alone but it’s NOT A PROBLEM AT ALL BECAUSE ILL BE WITH THOUSANDS OF MY CLOSEST FRIENDS AKA THE BEST PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET WHO I LOVE MORE THAN ANYTHING SWIFTIES HMU IN MIAMI. ANYWAY IM STILL FREAKING OUT (all caps is necessary) I DIDNT END UP GETTING THE DRESS BECAUSE I HAD NO MONEY AND MY MOM HATES ME BUT HEY I HAVE UNTIL OCTOBER ITS OKAY IF I DONT SLEEP RIGHT? TAYLOR I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SLEEP UNTIL I FIGURE OUT WHAT I WILL WEAR ASDFGHJKL SCREAMING


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Can I possibly have a Taylor date seeing as this night is almost over?

to spice things up this will be told from taylor’s view:

tonight is the night. you’re going to tell her you like her at your friend sid’s party. you dress your best. you spike your hair and wear your best leather jacket. it’s 3 hours before the party and you’re already anxious.

it’s time for the party after what feels like forever and you’re going to see her. you’ve worked it out in your head exactly how you’re going to tell her. you’ve played it hundreds of times in your head. and you’ve prepared for every possibility, even a no, even a maybe, even an “i’ll think about it.” you’re prepared.

you show up at sid’s house, looking around. two massive guys are blocking the door to the party. they give you dirty looks but you push through them.

everyone is partying, wearing ridiculous outfits. you ignore them and look out the window. nothing but bricks.

then you see her. she is being hassled by the two guys that were blocking the door. angry, you clench your fist. and by some magic your fist becomes five times its size.

you beat up the thugs and throw them against the wall. they fall to the ground and dissolve.

you take her to safety in the next room. there is a large telephone and its ringing fills your ears.

you wake up.

it was all a dream. the phone keeps ringing. she is sleeping next to you somehow.

you answer the phone. it is her voice on the other end, calling for help.

“help me, taylor! i’m in the cabin and they’re coming for me! come home!”

you panic. you turn to your girlfriend and shake her but she won’t wake up. you pick up the phone again and hear nothing.

you realize it must be her calling you from her dreams.

you frantically lay down in bed and close your eyes.

you’re in a forest, picking wood for a fire. you sense her urgency and make your way back to the cabin.

you bust through the door, furious, and as in your own dream, your hand grows many times its size and you beat the thugs away from her. their bodies lay on the ground. the two of you carry the thug bodies to the pond and dump them.

you wake up and the thugs are at the door of your bedroom. you shake your girlfriend awake.

all of you materialize into a band and play a really good song and make milliunz off it.

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honestly when i first heard your singing i was like oh thats too bad bUTTT this new song is really good so you must be improving JUST BEING HONEST.. and also still complimenting you so

aw thank you 

and yeah the wake me up cover is seriously my best

I think it’s because I was actually playing the piano this time, not singing to an instrumental/karaoke version, so I was more comfortable and stuff idk

but thank you for your input or w/e I appreciate it~