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Wait you think people cared when Neal died?

I think people care(d) more about Neal than they do about a certain one handed pirate who’s only use is standing there and looking pretty. Who contributes absolutely nothing to the plot on a weekly basis. 

I think the ratings/viewership dropped significantly the week after Neal’s death…..

I think that at least Neal was the son of one character, the father to another and the ex to another. At least he had ‘connections’.

So yes….. But if it will make you feel better anon, who’s obviously trying to cleverly attempt at making Neal’s death seem insignificant….. Let’s take a poll!

Like/reblog this if you cared when Neal died! If you stopped watching the show or will forever hate A&E for what they did when they needlessly killed off Neal for the sake of a fanpandered ship! 

Traverse 10

Back to our semi-regularly scheduled fanfic programming, after these days of joyful marriage-equality celebrating. With regard to marriage, I do tend to have a lot of the Mykas and Helenas in my AUs get married, and I know that’s from some perspectives too conventional. I freely admit that I myself am totally conventional: I love being married; I love wearing a signifying ring; I love knowing, every day, that I made official, witnessed promises to my wife. But I think my compulsion to repeat it in fiction also has to do with how entering into this most conventional of social contracts seemed so impossible for so long. I think I’m still explaining to myself that it’s really true that conventional public shorthand—“this is my wife”—is ours, our whole community’s, for the using. Anyway, that’s a longwinded justification for Travel!Myka having bought a ring. And for part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9a, and part 9b of this flip having led to her trying to figure out what to do with it.

Traverse 10

Myka makes a plan. Now that she has a ring in her possession, she has to make a plan, because all that occupies her mind is the ring that is in her possession. She sees, from one angle, that the best idea would be to get in her car, drive to Encino, knock on Helena’s door, and say “Hi. Some words that aren’t ‘will you marry me,’ because I don’t want you to have a heart attack, but that’s the general idea.” Helena’s eyes would narrow in the way that they do when she doesn’t quite understand what’s happening, and then she would ask Myka if she’s joking. Myka would say of course not, and then… and then, unfortunately, Myka’s projections stop. Because lately, an enthusiastic “yes, of course” followed by a leap into Myka’s arms doesn’t seem realistic. But then again, neither does a dismissive “no, of course not.”

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  • The Raven Boys:Book explicitly tells us that Gansey is going to die
  • Me:Ehh... let's see what happens
  • The Dream Thieves:Constant reminders of Gansey's untimely demise
  • Me:He'll be fine
  • Blue Lily, Lily Blue:Terrifying and abundant foreshadowing of Gansey dying
  • Me:Walk if off, Dick.
  • Maggie Stiefvater:Gansey is totally going to die 100% confirmed
  • Me:...
  • Me:I'm not totally convinced yet tbh

vanetti ok mike stamfords def introducing sholto to his future husband but who was phone

  • Boys:What are we gonna do today, Mama?
  • Me:Same thing we do every day, boys. Over-caffeinate and see what happens.

Hello again ^~^
 So we have finally moved and settled into our new house, We have been here for a few weeks now and its not fully decorated but its got the basic things in it and well its started to feel like home now. Ohh ! Dusty has finally turned 1 years old and it was very emotional well for me anway Danny wasnt really botherd but i cried for an hour before he woke up.. But now he’s walking around, not sleeping as much and well me and danny dont have as much time alone as we used to but its nice when we do get the free time, its made us closer as a couple and we even got engaged and that has made us feel closer as a family in general so thats fun and were also planning on adding another member to the family after we got married but i kinda want one earlier but well  see what happens with that.. Well thats all i have to update you on for now ^~^

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When Rictus fires the harpoon and takes the wheel out of the war rig, Max is holding his hand like this, just driving

then he gets his hand stuck because he’s got his arm weighing the wheel down, TRYING TO HOLD IT IN PLACE



(Stop hanging on to things and abandoning people, Max. Your jacket doesn’t matter, your car doesnt’ matter.)

so basically the stardust commentary is impossible to find, and i even bought the damn dvd and it’s not there bc i guess here in this god forsaken country the commentary is only for the bluray and i don’t have a bluray player sooooooo

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Anti ending blogs piss me off so muchLike kishi has worked so hard over the years to give us such an amazing story. He’s stayed up countless nights, dealt w being away from his family, etc and people have the nerve to disrespect all the work he’s put in?? You don’t have to agree w the ending but show some respect pls

If you hate anti blogs so much, why do you bother going in the anti? That’s why they’re tagged, ‘’ANTI’’

Why would we respect this garbage? Kishi has no logic, he’s not a good writer, barely anything makes sense. He seems to enjoy milking characters instead of actually developing them, he’s pulled so much shit that he lost a majority of his fans. All that’s left are shippingtards. So he fucks them over so much, they’ll be dying to see what happens to their shitty ship next. And as someone who doesn’t like any kind of ships in this trash, I could not care less.

NH fans should go read twilight. SS fans can go read 50 Shades of Gray and replace the names with Sasuke and Sakura, I mean since they like these types of shitty relationships so much…

Thank God it only has one more chapter and a movie that is probably gonna make the last look better. This shit needs to die.

A commission for  jc of their character and  zilven! I tried to channel some James Jean and Sargent, and although it didn’t come across completely, it was a fun break away from my usual process! I’d like to continue referencing non-digital painting from unexpected artists in the future and see what happens..


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Why are you against Josh doing theatre? I'd say stage actors are way more talented than tv/film actors. That's where you go to prove your acting chops. I think Josh is perfect for the stage and would do great with his acting there.

Eh, I don’t think stage actors have more talent than film actors at all. I think they are completely different industries. I’ve just never been keen on film actors doing theater. I have my reservations as to whether this is a good decision for him, but we will see what happens.

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I like this guy and he just told me he had a dream about me and him having sex. But I don't wanna just fuck, I wanna be in a relationship with him. I'm really starting to think he just wants one thing from me.

well relationships can and do start from kissing and making out as well as hooking up(having sex), so if youre up to it, then have sex with him and see what happens, but it doesnt necessarily mean he will ask you to be his girlfriend after bustin a nut, so think about it