I hate cliches- really, I hate them. But listen to me when I say that no one, not a single person on this planet, will ever look at you the way that I do. Because I look at you with anger and wonderment and appreciation and fear. I look at you like you are the reason for every problem in my life, though you are the reason that I forget all my life problems. I look at you and I see everything that I have to lose, but it’s only because you have given me so much to look forward to. I look at you in terror because I wasn’t supposed to let myself feel this way for anyone, but then I feel comfort looking at you because I know that I made the right choice by letting you break those walls I built. So don’t ever tell me that I don’t see you- the only person, the only THING I ever see- is you.
—  See Me
Please don’t tell me I’m beautiful… at least not in the same sentence as “I love you”. I know it’s supposed to instill me with confidence, but the truth is – nothing terrifies me more than the thought of somebody who’s only attracted to looks. Because looks fade; people age; and there will always be somebody who’s better looking and younger than me out there and as soon as I know that’s what your love hinges on – I know it won’t last.
So don’t tell me I’m attractive or beautiful… tell me I’m a beautiful person and that you’re attracted to my sense of humor. Don’t text me about how hot you think I am, look into my eyes and tell me of my warmth. Tell me I have a sexy mind that arouses your intellect. Tell me one thing about who I really am that you actually love… something that will last… Because I need to know that you can see the depth of my soul and are not just fascinated by the shallow reflection on the surface. Tell me something real… something that shows me not only that you see me – but that you love me for who I am…

You make me smile when I think about you.

Such a small and innocent thing, and yet it’s everything. You give me butterflies every time I see you. I brush past you during passing period, and it gives me tingles. In a crowded room, we make our way to each other with out even noticing. And when you look at me, it feels like someone finally sees me.

It’s so simple. 

You make me smile when I think about you.

—  N.C. // a crush
I don't know why I keep waiting for you

I guess maybe I’m hoping that one day you’ll look into my eyes
And realize that you’re in love with me
You’ll realize that you made a mistake by letting me go
You’ll realize that I’m worthy of love
You’ll realize I’m beautiful and witty
You’ll realize that I’ve been here waiting all along
And you’ll think I’m important
You’ll validate me
I guess I’m just waiting because I’m hoping you’ll feel something for me
You’ll see me

Tori and Wesley’s Valentine’s Day Special!

PLENTY OF SURPRISES AND FLUFF TO FOLLOW! Finally, you guys get to learn the story behind this picture! ;) This story also features an often mentioned but never-before-seen-character! Be prepared to finally meet Tori’s older brother! I hope you guys enjoy the story, and there will be more to come since I’m going to try to tackle those prompts that you guys sent me! I can’t guarantee that they’ll all come out today, but you guys sent me so many good prompts that I will definitely make sure that I get all of them done in the next few days! Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! Love you, fam!

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See Me Chapter 6 Sneak Peek!

“It’ll have to do for now,” Tori shrugged. “I can make this work.” Just as she was about to reach for the egg carton, Tori suddenly heard strange music coming from upstairs. “What the heck is-” Almost instantly, she realized where the noise was coming from. “The T.V. is on,” she gasped. Though he might’ve just needed a drink or another blanket, she couldn’t help but jump to the worst case scenario that Wesley was in trouble. As terrifying images of what could’ve happened to him passed through her mind, she raced upstairs as fast as she could without using any added perks that might seem suspicious to the young borrower. Even with her natural skills, it only took her a few seconds to reach the top of the stairs as adrenaline pumped through her veins. Before she even saw the man on the bed, she saw the familiar sight of white and copper fur in the bedroom.