The little Keaton charms I ordered came in! I think they turned out cute.  Unfortunately they came when I’m not currently at home, so I had to ask my mom to take pics of them for me.  These were just a little test run to see how they would look.  Still need to find a place that sells straps for them.  If there is any interest in buying these just let me know (they’d probably be like $8+shipping), there’s only 10 at the moment. Also for future reference, do you guys prefer charms with white or clear backgrounds?

Hey Voltron Fans!

Feeling lost after marathoning Voltron and don’t know what to now do with your life? 

Feeling the need for more tv about fun space families?

Wanna see more of Josh Keaton as a Space Dad™?

May I present:








YOU GET FANTASTIC STORIES AND WONDERFUL CHARACTER AND RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT HEADED BY JIM KRIEG (creator Spooksville, writer on multiple DC animated products) AND GIANCARLO VOLPE (director on ATLA and Star Wars: The Clone Wars)*





“But Annica,” you say, “I don’t know anything about the Green Lantern mythos or DC. I won’t understand any of it!”

You won’t need to know the background! The story accessible and easy for anyone who doesn’t have background on Green Lantern. You might miss a few easter eggs within the series, but plot and character wise, you won’t be left out of the loop.

“But I’m not a huge fan of 3D animation on tv shows” you say.

Once upon a time, I was very much in you position, and I will admit, at the beginning, it may seem a big jarring, but honestly the animation fits very well with the series and it grows to be absolutely gorgeous and you’ll soon stop noticing the initial difference that was throwing you off. 

“But Hal Jordan is a jerk!”

Oooooooooh yes he is. Normally. Believe you me I am aware. Normally at least - however this version of Hal Jordan, while at times cocky, has wonderful development and becomes a very likeable character. All the characters are written in ways that, even if you don’t like them, you will sympathise with them at points (hell even some of the villains).

So basically what I’m trying to say is

Go watch Green Lantern: The Animated Series

(*you may also get tears. Just saying it now so you don’t hate on me later)

My favorite critical hit quotes in FE14:

“You die. NOW!” - Ryoma
“Take your MEDICINE!” - Midori
“Ooh! Piñata!” - Asugi
“Let’s get WILD.” - Hinata
“Finishing the mission!” - Beruka
“Prepare to leave this realm!” - Nyx
“I spy a corpse.” - Nina
“Smile! -You’re dead.” - Soliel
“You’ve got a lotta nerve.” - Dwyer
“You’re about to be SERVED.” - Jakob
“You reap what you sow!” - Mozu
“Stop staring at me!” - Laslow
“This is the last thing you see.” - Keaton
“I always play with my food.” - Velouria
“You die so that I may live!” - Benny
“I want your skull for a trophy.” - Rhajat
“Leave my friends alone!” - Ignatius
“War is HECK!” - Kiragi
“The pain will PASS.” - Kaze
“My bite is worse than my bark.” - Selkie
“…Bad news.” - Saizo
“Let’s hear your swan song…” - Shigure
“Yay, violence!” - Peri
“Evil has met it’s match!” - Arthur
“I’m gonna BREAK you!” - Felicia
“I’m bored now.” - Setsuna
“Begone, wretch.” - Xander

you are the one for me
make me feel young
take me on holiday
bite off my tongue

darling one, darling
there’s nothing you lack
I’ll give you the sky
or the skin off my back

you are my angel
i’ll keep you from harm
talk to me sweetly
break both my arms

my Aphrodite
you’re every breath
sing me a lullaby
love me to death

—  “The One”/ Idiot Verse // keaton henson 

Buster Keaton plays a bank teller who accidentally sticks his hand in glue while counting money…things seem to escalate rather quickly.

Buster Keaton in The Haunted House, 1921.

Hoshidan Festival: Keaton and Kanna Parent-Child Convo

This conversation is interesting because it seems that Dragon Blood + Wolfskin Blood = Cannibalistic Kanna. But if he’s a Dragon-Wolfskin hybrid, does that mean that eating humans is not cannibalistic? 

Either way, he still manages to be the little sweetheart child that is loved no matter who his parents are. 

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Not a Good Time (Camilla x Keaton)

The air rang with war. The clashing of steel and sparks in the air gave Xander such adrenaline he couldn’t find anywhere else. He ran around on the back of his noble steed slashing at soldiers as he whizzed by. Gods he felt such a rush. It was exciting, it was the moments like these that he had trained-

“Hey Xander! You got a minute!?”

The king looked behind him to see Keaton scampering up to him. His tail was wagging excitedly and he seemed much happier than usual. More likely than not he had found a particularly disgusting piece of trash or perhaps pulled a bone from the corpse of a soldier who had fallen victim to the battlefield.

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