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  Loki glared at the white ceiling of his prison cell. No, he wasn’t in Asgard. Not anymore, at least. Thor had brought him back from Asgard once Odin agreed to reform Loki. Now the frost giant was on Earth, in the Avengers Tower. Who knows how long for.

  Loki couldn’t tell the time in his cell. There wasn’t a way to see if it was light or dark. No one visited him, aside from Thor, who would try to speak to him. Loki’s cold heart turned Thor away from him.

  Months, Loki thought to himself. He must have been in there for at least two months. His sleeping schedule was the same. Loki wished he started taking note of how many times he had woken up.

  Thor brought books, but none of the fiction of Midgard interested Loki. There was one book, however, that appealed to him. The Hobbit. He wondered if Thor would ever bring the rest of the series to him. He needed to shake J.R.R. Tolkien’s hand.

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People are talking about Wonder woman's movie poster as if DC stuff never has any colors in them. Like ever. They're like "finally SOME COLORS!" I mean... yeah, DC stuff is mostly dark as in not brightly colorful. But people are exaggerating it as if all this time DC stuff only use black and white colors with really really dark lighting to the point you can barely see anything.

Yeah, that’s annoying. I had no problem with the color scheme in MoS and BvS.

I’ve seen you post quotes, I don’t know if you’re interested in one of mine, but I thought I’d send it. I was writing earlier, and at some point, this dialogue came from two characters:

“Dark is not evil, my love. Dark is the absence of light.”

“And the light is good.”

“No, the light simply lets us see clearly. In darkness, we have to look harder to see things, and we have to think harder. Most people don’t like doing that, therefore most people don’t like the dark.”

I just got to thinking about how often people like to avoid ‘dark’ things or difficult things because they don’t want to spend the energy really understanding them or seeing the truth in them. It made me think of your blog, because of how it made me see how beautiful even eerie and spooky scenes can be, because of the emotion they capture and the inspiration they present.

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Lingfan Week: Mask & Greed

“I may have the money, the status, and the power, but much like the greedy one, I desire for more.

This might be too much to ask, but if you will, should you allow someone as greedy as I am to become your husband?”

Original idea for this prompt was something completely different, but then inspiration hit me and it is what it is now. I have one more art submission for LFweek, which is also my last one. Hoping to pass it before the month ends!

VERY VERY many thanks to my friends who looked over and helped me come up with the appropriate text for this (because I sure am NOT a writer), to @gabbiki​, @manalfedz​, and @sera-luna-stella​ who, in this order, gave me the main idea, the line for the text, and polished the it to what it is now! And to @pahndah​ and @thecoolandspicyotaku​ for checking if IC~ (I’ve consulted a LOT of people for JUST the text alone orz), and to @kriselledraws​ and @gabbiki for looking over the anatomy, absolutely Gabbii for being so patient with me on this one!

BSD Novel: Dazai Osamu and the Dark Era (Chapter 4, Part 1)

Apologies for the delay on this. The week’s been really busy for me, so updates on these might be slower than I’d expected, but I wanted to get this chapter rolling first. Chapter 4 is slightly longer than the rest, so I’ll be estimating around 11 or 12 parts for this chapter.

Let me just take this moment to warn you for violence and general pain and suffering for the entire chapter, just in case you weren’t already aware what you were getting into. Without further ado.

Please thank @nakaharachuyaa @mlntyoonqi @bananasaurr!! Best proofreaders I could ask for.

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Does anyone ever wonder how NaLu will end in the cannon-ly way?

Like, do you guys think Natsu will straight up say “Luce, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, protecting you and the guild, my precious nakamas.” while cradling her injured figure after the Alvarez war?

or do you guys think he’ll do it like F!Natsu did to F!Lucy at the golden field:
grabbing her hand, her guild marked hand and pulling her, running into tomorrow; a new morning. A brighter future.

“We still have more adventures to go on!”

“The adventure continues!”

there was a girl in my class
who was so enthralling
in every way, shape, and form.
and her voice
was a hundred times more beautiful
than that of any songbird,
of any melody ever composed.
i think i told her this,
maybe once or twice,
but she always laughed and just asked me
if the skin product she had bought
had made her any lighter.
perplexed, i merely replied,
to which she said,
‘to make me look more like
[insert white actress here.]’
i was still confused.
i asked her,
‘does it matter?’
without a beat, she told me,
i asked myself, 'why does it matter?’ and
i asked myself that question when i left the country.
i still ask that question today.

there is a boy on my apartment floor,
who i recently met.
he had a strange obsession with height,
always measuring himself,
always slightly bitter at the fact
i was taller.
i asked him,
to which he said,
'because i want to be like all those actors
i see on tv.
like, [insert white actor here,] you know?’
actually, i don’t.
i asked him,
'does it matter?’
without a beat, he told me,
'of course it does.’
i looked up at the ceiling and told him
that he reminded me of someone.
he asked me if it was some other white guy
that has appeared on five or something movies.
i told him,
'no. of a friend. she was radiant, like you.’
he asked me if she was white.
i asked him
'why does she have to be?’

i go to a school in a country
quite foreign to me.
they ask me where i am from.
despite its many flaws,
i talk proudly of my country,
of my heritage.
i am not ashamed to be where i am from.
but then they bombard me with
the most idiotic of queries.
do i play the guitar?
do i sing?
if i really am from there,
then why am i tall?
why am i curvy and unable to comprehend
the simplest of equations?
why do i not have an accent?
if i can sing, then why can’t i play the guitar?
what the fuck is the kapampangan dialect?
why am i so brown?
i ask them,
'does it matter?’
to which they replied,
'isn’t it supposed to? we thought you’d be
like [insert white actor who played a minority].’
i left the table.
that actor wasn’t even from that country.
that actor wasn’t even from mine.

i go to an international school,
and i thought that
many would understand this self-hatred
that has been instilled into me,
into many others,
for as long as i can remember.
but i still get
those sideway glances,
the whispers about the color of my shirt,
and how it does not match
the color of my skin.
how i cannot dye my hair silver
or blue
because, frankly,
it would not match.
i asked them why.
they said, 'because it’s not light enough.’
why? why, why, why, why,
does it matter?

it is hard
to ignore all these comments,
all these remarks
and 'advice.’
it is hard
to love myself
when all i see when i go home,
are rows and rows of whitening products,
things to make you taller,
'more beautiful.’

as i write this, i think of
that girl from my class,
that boy from my apartment building,
those bastards from my school,
and i ask myself.
'why does it matter?’

we don’t have to succumb
to a western idealization of beauty.
we don’t have to adhere
to a stereotype.
as i write this, i ask myself
why it matters so much
we don’t have to be white to be beautiful.

—  i am tired. // d.c

This Squid Has Glowing Eyeshadow That Acts Like An Invisibility Cloak 

by Ed Yong

The oceans of the world are home to animals that render themselves invisible with glowing eyeshadow.

They’re called glass squid and, as their name suggests, they are largely transparent. They’d be impossible to see in the darkness of the open ocean were it not for their eyes—the only obviously opaque parts of their bodies.

These animals live between 200 and 1000 m below the ocean surface, where water is mostly dark. Still, some sunlight penetrates to these depths, and this light is hundreds of times brighter than anything reflected horizontally or upwards.

As such, any predator looking upwards at a glass squid would see the squid’s eyes in dark silhouette against a relatively light background…

(read more: National Geographic)

photograph by MBARI

virginia interstate gothic

- the right lane is closed ahead for construction. it’s the middle of the day on a tuesday but there are no construction workers. there are never any construction workers. you wonder what happened to them.

- “ten minute delay ahead” says your gps. “fifteen minutes delay ahead.” “thirty minute delay ahead.” the minutes stack up into hours and threaten to smother you. “ninety minute delay ahead.”

- you are two hours away from your destination. you are always two hours away from your destination.

- it’s dark and all you can see are brake lights. the brake lights go on for miles. are there any colors besides red and black?

- “dc line, 5 miles, 999999999999 minutes”. the nines scroll off the side of the sign and pour onto the road.

- when you reach the end of the backup, you see it was caused by a single abandoned car with its hazard lights on parked on the shoulder. you wonder who it belongs to. how long it’s been abandoned. if the owner is even still alive.

- your phone says “accident on i95-s. reported by waze”. when you reach the spot where it was supposed to be, there’s no evidence of an accident but you feel an icy chill. you turn the air conditioning down.

I could pen
Countless poems
Of how you left me,
And not have a word
Of the time you were here.
I could ink down
My heartbreak and
Completely forget
The way you made my heart beat.
Perhaps I’m attracted
To tragedy,
The kind that makes me forget,
The kind that invigorates
My insecurities.
Or perhaps I’m so used to
The darkness
That sometimes I can’t see the light.
—  M.K // they always leave.

…in the light I am born…and in the light I die…but somewhere in the dark…I see your face….light or dark…love or hate in each opposite you make a whole you…in the light we see the dark….in the dark we see the light…

If today you find yourself empty, broken, weak–

Then praise Him, because this is your hour. For God seeks to fill the empty spaces, to make new what’s crushed, and to give grace upon grace upon grace.

In our weakness, His strength is made perfect.

Count it all as joy, friends–every struggle and tribulation–because they are making you more mature and complete, not lacking anything. All the pain is making your heart softer and paving a way for you to experience the glory of Christ. Pray for the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom in making the right decisions during this season, because this is the part where God can become more real in your life. Sometimes it’s in the brokenness where we can truly see.

Praise Him–
Both in the light and in the dark.

Seek Him–
In the mountaintops and the valleys.

He is with you. He will be your strength. He will not fail you.

The Bible says that He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can endure. He is faithful–He will make a way out for you, and you will be delivered, and you will glorify His Name.

No weapon formed against you shall remain.

We can rejoice because of Christ despite of what our circumstance may be. In the silence and the confusion, we can trust His heart–He is working all things together for our good and His glory.

Blessed be the name of the Lord!

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One time my bedroom door opened all the way in the middle of the night, and then shut. I assumed it was my sister coming in and even though I was calling her she wouldn't answer. I was getting really nervous because I could feel that she was in the room but I couldn't see in the dark. So I ran to the lights, and the room was empty. I got up and looked down the hall and she was laying on the couch. She asked me if I gotten up a minute ago because she heard the door open and close.

I would move house right away