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I’ve Got This Friend | Steve Harrington

Anon: Hi! Can I request a Steve Harrington Imagine based on the song ‘I’ve Got This Friend’ by 5SOS? Ik, it’s a bit dorky, but I hope you can make it into something! I love you!

Author’s Note: Ofc bby! Don’t even think that 5SOS is dorky, I used to be a huge fan and I still listen to their music! I’ll try my best. I love you too! X This imagine is definitely going to be in two parts, and it kinda jumps point of views a lot, but it’s easy to follow.

Characters: Steve Harrington, Jonathan Byers, Nancy Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Billy Hargrove (mentioned)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1.3k


Walking down the hallway with your two friends, Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers, books in hand as you all headed to your next class (Nancy had English and Lit, while you and Jonathan had Biology).

“So, it’s set! Friday night we can meet at my place since Dustin will be with his friends, and my mum will be out at a cat club of some sort. I’ll organise snacks, Nance, you can organise movies and Jonathan can deal with board games,” you smiled as you looked at the two love birds.

“That’s cool, (Y/N). Thank you for sacrificing your house, since Mike will never let me into the basement for a night, and I’m sure Jonathan’s mum doesn’t need a bunch of teenage kids in her living room,” Nancy giggled as she stopped in front of her class. Pecking Jonathan on the cheek, she walked into her English class and left Jonathan and I to walk to the science labs.

“So are you going to ask Nance to homecoming?” You looked at Jonathan, grinning. Homecoming was merely two weeks away, and you were so excited. Even if you ended up third wheeling with Jonathan and Nancy, you didn’t mind. They were your best friends.

“I’ve got the tickets in m-“

“(Y/N)!” You turned around, seeing the familiar tuff of hair that belonged to the one and only Steve Herrington. Furrowing your eyebrows as you looked at Jonathan and then turning around to face Steve with a smile on your face. “Have you got a minute? I-uh, I’ve gotta tell you something.”

“What’s up, Harrington?” You spoke, shifting your books in your arms and standing next to Jonathan. “I don’t mean to be rude, but please make it quick. We have Mr. Fischer for Biology,” you nervously laughed and letting Steve talk.

“I heard that someone likes the infamous Henderson sister,” Steve smirked, wiggling his eyebrows. A blush started to pool on your cheeks, making you swallow a lump in your throat.

“R-Really? Who?” You asked and he clicked his tongue on the roof of his mouth a few times, shaking his head.

“You’ll find out,” Steve winked, patting Jonathan on the back. “I’ll see you both later.” He grinned, turning around and walking away, hands in his jean pockets.

Turning to Jonathan, surprised and a grin on your face. A squeal came from your lips as you jumped in victory. “Do you think I’ll have a date to homecoming?” You giggled, planting both feet on the ground.

“Who knows?” Jonathan grinned, placing his hand on your upper back and pushing you towards the science labs. “I guess we’ll have to wait for Steve to give us more clues.”


Throughout Biology, you couldn’t focus. Mr. Fischer had called you out many times, but he gave up by the fifth time, Jonathan backing you up and stating that you were up all night keeping an eye on Will and Dustin. Mr. Fischer nodded, understanding and letting you go. Turning to Jonathan, you gave him a smile and mouthed a ‘thanks’.

By the time you were finished in Biology, it was lunch time, so you walked with Jonathan towards Nancy’s class. As soon as Nancy exited the class room, Steve had popped up again.

“Okay. So this lover boy that has a crush on you. Let me tell you about him. He gave me permission to,” Steve walked beside you, and Nancy was looking at you with wide eyes. Shrugging as you looked at her, you let Steve continue. “He’s kinda my size, and he’s currently follow- No! Don’t look back!” Steve grabbed your shoulders and kept your body facing towards the cafeteria.

“Okay! Okay, you can get your sweaty hands off me,” you huffed, wiping at your shoulders. “Go on,” you raised an eyebrow at him and saw him cough as he begun to talk again. “You talk to him almost every day, and he really, really likes you. Especially when you’re at his basketball games, jumping with the cheerleaders.”

“So he’s on your basketball team?” You questioned, trying to think of who else you talk to on the team. “It’s not that Billy kid, is it?” You groaned a little bit, but Steve shook his head.

“No, no, no way. I wouldn’t be doing this if it was him,” Steve scoffed. “He just, he wants to know what you’d say if he were to ask you to homecoming?” Steve looked over his shoulder, biting his lip. If only you knew it was actually him.

“I mean, I’m in need of a date for homecoming. If he’s a gentleman, I don’t see the problem,” you giggled as you sat down at the cafeteria table, setting your food tray, that you had grabbed while Steve was talking, down on the table and taking a bite of a carrot stick.


“Dustin!” Steve groaned, looking at the younger Henderson, who was sitting in the passenger seat of his car as he drove him to the arcade. “How do I get your sister to like me?” He whined and Dustin gagged.

“Honestly, I don’t even see why you like (Y/N), but whatever. She’s a huge fan of Sunflowers, so maybe anonymously send them to her in class or when you pick me up, I can pretend that they were on the front step for her?” Dustin raised an eyebrow, looking at Steve.

“Yeah, yeah. Good thinking, Dustin. Now get out.” Steve stopped his car, handing Dustin an extra roll of quarters and winking at him. “I’ll see you at 8:00.”

“8:30,” Dustin tried to bargain with Steve, but Steve merely shook his head.

“I was told to keep an eye on you, so if you’re not out the front at 8:00, I’m coming in for you.” Steve watched as Dustin got out the car and he drove off, headed towards the flower shop.


“Who do you think it is?” (Y/N) sighed, laying on her back in the basement of her home, licking her lips. “He’s on the basketball team and I talk to him a lot.”

“Adam Stanley?” Nancy suggested and (Y/N) grimaced, shaking her head. “If it is, I’d rather third wheel with you guys.”

Letting out a chuckle, Jonathan spoke up. “Did you ever think that it could be Steve Henderson, himself? He could just be putting on a huge façade to trick you.” Biting your lip, you pondered the thought, but shook your head.

“Steve wouldn’t even think of that.”


Letting out a huff as Steve looked at the Sunflowers that were residing on the dash of his car, he watched as Dustin walked in front of his car, opening the passenger door. “Why do you look so depressed?” Dustin questioned, buckling his seatbelt.

“Are you sure this is going to work?” Steve looked at Dustin, starting his car up and putting his foot on the accelerator, starting the drive to the Henderson residence.

“Trust me, I’m a ladies man. It’s gonna work.” Dustin grinned and Steve raised an eyebrow.

“How are you a ladies man?”

“These bad boys,” Dustin smiled, showing his pearly whites and doing his little growl/purr thing.

“Oh God.”


“(Y/N)!” You heard your little brother, Dustin call out as he closed the door behind him. Pushing yourself up off the carpet, you excused yourself from Nancy and Jonathan and ascended up the stairs, seeing Dustin in the kitchen.

“What?” You questioned, opening the fridge so you could grab the water jug and three cups from the cupboard.

“These were on the porch. They have your name on it, but not who it’s from,” Dustin frowned, and so did you. As you were admiring the flowers, you didn’t see Steve’s car drive off from the front of your house.

Telling Dustin to go have a shower, you went back downstairs, cups left on the counter and Sunflowers in your hand. Looking at Nancy and Jonathan, who were both looking at you.

“They know I like Sunflowers,” you whispered, looking at Nancy and Jonathan. 


Welcome! This is my first Stranger Things Imagine, and I am quite proud of myself. I do indeed have a part 2 coming. I just couldn’t get enough of writing this, and I’m hoping that my flow is back. 

I just wanna thank you all, and let you know that I love you!

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Presley series! Find other parts Here!

You had been nauseous.

That’s when you first thought of the possibility, but it still wasn’t time for you to have your period, so you didn’t think much about it. 

But when your time came and went and you still hadn’t, that’s when you got a test.

You weren’t sure if you should tell Shawn you were taking a test. Would he be disappointed if it said no. Or, would he be disappointed if it said yes. 

This was scary, the last time you went through this you were alone, and you didn’t want that to happen again. It was hard enough the first time, but now with Presley, it was almost impossible.

So you took the test without him. 

With shaky hands you peed on the stick, capping the end when you finished. You ‘bout dropped the damn thing when you set it on the counter, your hands were shaking so much.

You proceeded to get up and wash your hands after flushing. You thought the two minutes the first time you ever took a test was long, this time it felt like it was taking years for a fucking minute to pass.

The the timer beeped. 

You gulped, and rubbed your face as you walked to the counter. You slowly took the stick and made yourself look at the answer. 

Holy shit.

You are pregnant.

It’s been a week since you found out. Shawn has just gotten home from a small trip to LA. He’s recording what he’s calling your album. 

Everything is about you. The songs, the purpose, the muse. Everything.

You had gone over every way you could tell him in your head. You could do some cute, tumblr worthy reveal but that’s not your relationship with Shawn. 

It’s more of a personal, between just you too. 

So that’s how your gonna do it, when your alone. 

“Hey wife.” He grins walking in the bedroom, Presley on his hip. He sets his bag down and walks to you. You smile, and it’s hitting you hard. 

You’re having his baby.

“Hey.” You say, trying not to get tearful.

Damn hormones.

He leans down and kisses you. You lean up on your toes to reach him better and pull away remembering that he’s holding Presley. 

“Did you do something new?” He asks staring at you.


“I don’t know, you are just glowing.” He says, smile playing on his lips. 

“Presley, can you go get your jamas on?” You ask, looking over at her. 

Really you just wanted to get her out of the room so you could tell Shawn. He’s been home less than 10 minutes and you already can’t keep it from him.

“And brush your teeth and I’ll meet you for your bedtime story.” Shawn agrees, setting he down. She runs off to her room, closing her door. 

Shawn starts to walk to his bag but you catch his hand. He looks over at you confused as you pull him to the bathroom.

“What?” He asks as you sit him in the toilet lid. 

“I need to show you something.” You say, opening the top drawer and pulling out the positive pregnancy test. You hand it to him and wait to see his reaction.

“What is this?” He asks looking from you to him. He looks so confused but then it’s like it hits him. “Wait.” He looks up at your smiling face. He looks back at the test and then you again. “The two lines means positive right?” 

“Yeah Shawn, it’s positive.”

“Holy shit.”

You laugh and say, “That’s what I said.”

“You are really pregnant?”

“Yeah.” You rub your still flat tummy. He smiles wide, his large hand finding your stomach. 

“Come here.” He says pulling you to him by your hips. You stand in front of him, belly to his face. He smiles as you caress his face. “Hey Munchkin.” His hands rub your belly. “It’s your Dad.” You feel yourself tear up. “I love you so much, and I’m gonna be here for you whatever you need. Just do me a favor okay, just be nice to your mom while your in there.” He peers up at you. His face falters when he sees you crying, making him rise and take you into his strong arms.

“I’m okay, it’s just my hormones.”

“Oh okay, but these are good tears right?”

“The best.” You giggle. 

“So Presley, you know when I asked if you wanted a brother or a sister?” You ask one night, deciding on a whim that it’s time to tell her. Shawn looks up from his phone and she looks up from her drawing.

“Yeah.” She says nodding.

“What would you think if you were going to get one?”


“No.” You laugh. “In about 7 months.” 

“Can it be a sister?” 

“Maybe, but it might be a brother.” You say.

“Where does it come from?” She asks confused.

“It’s in Mommy’s tummy.” Shawn answers.

“Did you eat it?” She’s really confused now. You and Shawn both laugh at her question.

“No, I didn’t eat it. We have so much love in our family that we made a baby, and it’s in Mommy’s tummy and will come out when it’s big enough to be here with us.”

“Oh, so not for a while.” 

“Yeah.” You both nod.  

Shawn’s away for a meeting in New York, he’s also on a Talk Show and then Jimmy Fallon.

iMessage from Husband: Baby check up please.

iMessage to Husband: What does that mean?

iMessage from Husband: Send me proof my baby and babygirl are all good. 

iMessage to Husband: All good Love.

iMessage from Husband: God I love you, keep my Munchkin safe.

iMessage to Husband: Your Munchkin is safe, promise. 

You don’t hear from him after that, knowing he was on Fallon tonight you knew he was busy. You stay up late to watch him and get a notification from Instagram. 

shawnmendes has posted a picture

You open the app and wait for the picture to load, you gasp when you see what he’s posted. 

@ shawnmendes: October 4th 2021

You’re eyes go wide, he just told the world you were pregnant. 

You go to call him but then he walks out on stage on Fallon. His phone goes to voicemail, and your eyes narrow on him on the screen in front of him. 

“Hey man!” Fallon starts. 

They talk about his music, and new music videos. You’ve tried to call Andrew, Geoff and Brian ready to rip someones head off, but no one is answering their phone. 

“So I’m hearing that you shared an interesting picture before you came out here.”

“I did.” He nods. The picture shows in the background and he blushes as he looks back at it.

“Care to explain.” 

“I mean, what is there to explain.”

“Are you and your wife pregnant?” 

“I mean, what do you think?” He chuckles.

“How’s the wife taking the excitement.” 

“I’m sure she’s pissed at me, she didn’t know I was posting that.”

“Oh, yeah I’m sure your phone is blowing up.”

“It is.” He nods. 


“Extremely. This is number two for us, but so exciting.”

Holy shit he’s about to spill about Presley too.


“Um” He’s caught himself, realized what he just did. “Yeah, we’ve got a little one.”

“Since when?”

“Five years ago.” He laughs uncomfortably, knows he’s dead once he’s off that stage.

“Wow, I think that deserves a commercial break.”

The second a commercial comes on you are calling again.

“Hey.” He answers, he’s wary.

“Shawn? What the fuck, you just told about Presley and Munchkin.”

“I know, Munchkin was planned, she was not.”

“What the fuck?”

“Hey don’t use that language around my Munchkin.”

“Shawn, I am not in a joking mood right now. You didn’t even discuss this with me.”

“I know and I’m sorry but I couldn’t wait anymore, I had to post.”

“I hate you sometimes.”

“How are you?”

“A little pissed off and craving a burger.”

“A burger?”

“Yeah and fries and a chocolate milkshake.” 

“Hey I have to go back on, but I’ll talk to you after?”

“Yeah, don’t spill anymore personal secrets.”

“Promise” He says before the line goes dead.

You are drifting off to sleep on the couch, Shawn’s interview over, A knock sounds on the door and you jump awake. You walk to the door, grabbing Shawn’s flannel and pulling it on over your tank top. You look out the window and see Matt standing on your porch.

“Matt?” You ask opening the door for him.

“Hi.” He smiles, sleep thick in his eyes.

“What are you doing here?”

“I’ve been sent with food.” He says holding a brown bag that smells of fries. “Also a milkshake.”

“Did he really send you to get me food?”

“Yeah, said it was part of an apology.”

“Awe.” You sigh.

“Here.” He hands you the food. 

“Do you want like coffee or something for the road?”

“Nah, thanks tho.”

“Thanks Matt, you didn’t have too.”

“He loves you, and I know he spilled the beans without telling you but don’t be too mad. He’s just excited. He literally ran around the whole arena after your first appointment, showing the picture to everyone.”

“He did?” 

“He’s just so excited, and when he’s excited he can’t keep his mouth shut.”

“I know.”

“Alright, I’m gonna go. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Thanks Matt.” You wave as he walks down the driveway to his car.

iMessage to Husband: Thanks for the burger, fries and milkshake. I love you Baby. Love that you’re my Munchkins Dad.

“Hey Baby.” Shawn smiles as you walk out of the bathroom.

“Morning.” You smile at him. He grins back, loving your energy.

“Wait stop, I want a picture. You look so good there.” He says taking his phone out. He snaps a few pictures, telling you how hot you look and how much he loves you.

“Did you get your picture?” 

“Yeah come take a look.”

“Damn my wife is beautiful.” He smiles as he looks at the picture. 

“Shh.” You blush pushing his face to the side. He grins and kisses you, hands on your stomach. 

“My munchkin is getting so big.” He whispers looking down at his hands that hold your stomach.

“I know, he can’t get much bigger. I’ll be a whale.”

“Shh.” He hushes you. “You won’t be a whale, you’ll be my smoking hot wife that’s carrying my Munchkin.”

“You know, we found out it was a boy and we decided on a name, you can call him Raul now.”

“But he’s my Munchkin, been calling him that since day one.”

“I know.”

“So yeah, I’ve got my Raul, but Raul is my Munchkin.”

“I hope he looks like you.” 


He was nominated for a Grammy. 

Although no one wanted to talk about his music, they just wanted to talk about you and Raul. 

They were dying to find out a sex, and a name. You both had decided that that was personal and that you wanted to keep that to yourself, you’re family didn’t even know. Not even Presley. 

“You look incredible.” He whispers in your ear, whiskey on his breath.

“Thanks Babe, you’re killing me in that shirt” 

“I know I am, but you’re wearing that dress, so?” He grins. 

“Shawn.” You whine quietly, catching his gaze that had moved back to the awards. “I want you.”


“I want you.” 


You couldn’t help it. With your hormones and him in his white button up and fluffy curls. You were needy and horny and needed him.


“I mean, I’m not gonna say no to that. Where?”


“Get the fuck up.” He growls in your ear. 

The locks behind you and it gets a little steamy during your time in the bathroom. He’s smiling at you like a mad man when he buttons his shirt back up. You’re fixing yourself in the mirror, making sure you’re good to go. 

“Stop smiling like you just got lucky.” You tease as he can’t stop smirking.

“But I did just get lucky.” He says kissing your cheek. You giggle and have him zip up your dress again. 

“Take a picture with me.” You say catching his hand as he tries to leave.

“We literally just had sex and now you want a picture.”

“Pregnancy update.” You shrug. “We’ll hide your ‘just fucked’ face.” You say grabbing your phone. He laughs at your comment and stands next you, grabbing his whiskey. You snap a few pictures and then head back out to your seats. 

He didn’t win, but he’s honored he was nominated. He makes a post anyway, as she falls asleep against his shoulder on the couch. He got her heels off and she begged to cuddle before bed, and he couldn’t say no as she pleaded with her puppy dog look. 

@ shawnmendes: Who needs a Grammy when you have a Trophy Wife.

Time for your maternity pictures. 

Shawn is recording so he couldn’t make it, but Presley could. She promised to step in and take pictures with her Mom since he couldn’t be there.

They were almost finished when you asked to take one on your phone to send to Shawn.

iMessage to Husband: She did great filling in today. Munchkin looked good.

iMessage from Husband: God I am so lucky, my family is the most beautiful one out there, swear to god. 

@ shawnmendes: October 2nd 2021, Raul Issac Mendes. 

We thank you for the love and support. Mom and Son are perfect. My Munchkin made it two days before he was due, had a speedy delivery and came in at 8 pounds 20 inches. So glad my Munchkin is here. I couldn’t be happier to have this family. 

For my little girl, I hope you know that I love you to the moon and back. That I’ll always be here for you and I’ll always believe in you. 

For my Wife, I hope you know that I love you, forever and always. You gave me a family that I can’t ever repay you for, but I hope that my being there and support can be start to. I love you more everyday and you are so beautiful, that I love looking at you.

And now, for my Boy. You are so loved, and gonna be so spoiled. I love and am gonna protect you. You’re my boy and I can’t wait to watch you grow.

 We may be even in the house with two boys and two girls, but our girls come first and they will be protected at all times. I just have an extra set of hands now

The First

Originally posted by mixedangel

Genre: fluff, smut

Pairing: Reader x Kim Yugyeom

Word Count: 2k

Summary: Your parents are gone for the weekend, so you invite your boyfriend over.

You rolled over in your bed to find your phone vibrating on your nightstand. He was calling you, like he did every morning. Seeing his name pop up on your screen made you smile. You could hear the raspiness in his voice as he said, “Good morning, Y/N…”

“Good morning, Yugyeom…”

“How did you sleep?”

“Well,” you said. “I just miss my boyfriend.”

On the other end, Yugyeom smiled. “So let’s see each other. It’s been a couple days.”

“I know. I’ve just been so busy with classes and things.”

He said, “Aren’t you supposed to be going to Busan this weekend?”

“Actually, I got out of it. I told my dad I had cramps. He didn’t want to hear more after that so I get to stay home. Do you want to come over? We can finally have some alone time…”

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anonymous asked:

Do you agree with Jimmy Carter?

[re: this post]

YES. Jimmy Carter specifically said he doesn’t believe that Russia “stole” the election and Russia isn’t why Hillary lost, but let’s unpack that a little:

First of all, let’s be really clear here: we are talking about targeted posts on social media. Showing anti-Clinton ads on Facebook “being hacked.” If that were the case, then you’re being “hacked” every single time you read any post that’s critical of Hillary Clinton. So I think that terminology is intentionally hyperbolic, if not intentionally misleading. Did Russia hack into emails and databases? Even though the FBI and CIA still haven’t physically examined the DNC computer systems, the answer is probably YES. Did Russia attempt to influence the outcome of the U.S. elections? Yes. Absolutely. Did they flip votes? No, there is no evidence that happened and until then, all we’re talking about is Facebook and Twitter ads and social media bots saying, “Don’t vote for Hillary,” which (surprise) people can and did ignore. Clinton won the popular vote by what, 3 million votes? We can and should prevent Russia from interfering in our elections—that is hugely important—but for right now, Russia did not “steal” our election, and no, they are not the reason Clinton lost. Sorry. (I don’t want to take up a ton of space, so I’ll come back to Russia’s interference under the “Read More” page break.)

Second, and this is important: there are two different questions people are conflating - Did Russia “steal” the election and cost Hillary the election? NO. Did Donald Trump try to collude with Russia and possibly commit treason? YES. Two completely different things.  

Third: Russia spent somewhere between $100,000 - $600,000 on Facebook and Twitter ads, and had hundreds of fake accounts on social media. I dO believe that advertising (propaganda) works - but it does have its limits, and only works to a degree, and only with certain things. For example, I happen to love Pizza Hut pizza (please don’t judge me) and hate Papa Johns. Pizza Hut could stop running ads all together and Pappa Johns could run a million commercials a day for an entire year, but there’s no way in hell I’m ever going to buy a pizza from Papa John’s. It’s just not gonna happen. Same with Pepsi. They run ads literally 24/7/365, and never once have I said to myself, “You know what? I think I want a Pepsi instead of Coke.” Because I’ve tried them both, and I already have a preference.

Beyonce’ or Taylor Swift? Nicki Minaj or Miley Cyrus? Cats or dogs? If you had to vote for one of them, does anyone really believe that FB ads, no matter how well produced, could change your mind on which you like better, or who you vote for? NO. Because most people already have a favorite, and they aren’t going to change their minds just because of social media. Especially not with polar opposites. Confirmation bias will only make people become more entrenched with opinions they already hold, but it’s never going to change someone’s mind—especially not in politics, and not with known quantities that are extreme opposites—if they have even a slight preference. And guess what? Most people already have a favorite, or are leaning in one direction or the other. Think of it like this: those targeted ads can only draw out what’s already there, but they cannot put a competing preference where one already exists. It’s kind of like the trope about hypnosis - ads aren’t going to make you do something that you aren’t already predisposed to do (like vote for Trump).  

Look, Hillary used a David Brock SuperPAC and spent $1 million dollars to troll Sanders supporters (money that could have been better spent elsewhere, iMho), and if money spent on ads were the deciding factor, then Clinton would have easily won, because her campaign spent at least ten times more than Russia on ads, so that should have done the trick, right?

When there’s a choice involved, especially between two opposite things we already have even a little knowledge of, or have personal feelings on, then slick advertising isn’t always going to make people change their minds. And both Clinton and Trump were, more or less, known quantities. Both candidates have very long, well known histories, and long before the 2016 election rolled around, people on both sides pretty much already knew who and what they were voting for.

Take me for example. Contrary to what my mom has told me for every day of my life, I suspect that I am not super super special. That is, I am no smarter or dumber than the next guy, okay? I’m a diehard Bernie supporter who has absolutely no love for Hillary or the Clintons. In fact, I had planned on leaving that space blank, and not voting for anyone for president. But I’m registered to vote in a swing state and I was taken aback (are black men allowed to be taken aback?) by the incredible amount of responsibility I suddenly felt when I was actually standing there in the ballot booth. I was literally shook. So guess what? I ended up surprising myself and voted for Hillary Clinton. But….why didn’t all those fancy Facebook ads & bots work on me, or my family & friends, who were also Sanders supporters? BECAUSE WE’RE BLACK, NOT CRAZY. All the slick ads and propaganda on earth were never going to get me to change my mind, or somehow trick me into voting for Trump, no matter how much I dislike the Clintons.

If you love Trump and hate Clinton (or love Clinton, hate Trump), then ads are not going to change your mind. Oh, and those mythical “undecided voters” already have a preference between Democrats vs Republicans.

So that begs the question: When dO ads work? I mean, when do targeted ads change someone’s mind on a choice between two alternatives? When it’s seen as a small inconsequential choice, or when the choices are not very different, or WHEN YOU DO NOT *ALREADY* HAVE A PREFERENCE. But once we do form a preference, we are very very slow to change them. 

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Deceiving and lying Starks

We all know the Starks are way tooo honourable to lie and deceive, don’t we? With so many people trying to disregard ‘Political Jon theory’, I tried to look at it from another angle. Since the evicence to the contrary that Jon lies and deceives, if it is necessary for a greater good, I thought I’d look deeper into the Stark family and at the times, they lie…. I can ensure you, they lie quite a lot. Read at your own peril, further evidence for Political Jon under the cut.

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Random Head Canon:

I think Snatcher lied about stealing people’s mail, and told hat kid this so she wouldn’t be interested in opening it, assuming it’s random things like bills and spam mail.

But actually Snatcher writes letters to his minions to thank them for a job well done and keep them updated like

“Oh you will see a kid wandering around, don’t worry, that’s my assistant, she is gonna help with the villages water situation so don’t disturb her.”

”Good job today, minion keep up the good work! I’m already looking into the possessed outhouse problem right now.“

"Reminder to stay away from Vanessa’s Manor, I can’t afford to lose anymore of you guys!”

  • Aaron: No prizes, but guess what Jimmy spent his compensation money on.
  • Robert: Oh, what, you mean that fur coat? Yeah, it's quite something.
  • Aaron: You not think of joining him? I can see you in a mink. Anyway you gotta spend that golf course compensation money on something.
  • Robert: Look, if it's gonna be a problem...
  • Aaron: No, no, it's your money. Just cos I told 'em where to shove mine. Anyway, does Rebecca know you've got him?
  • Robert: Funny. Yeah, she's got her hands full with Chrissie. You know Lachlan's done one?
  • Aaron: Good. Our Belle's better off without him, the little creep.
  • Robert: Chrissie's blaming me, of course. Something else to add to the list, right?
  • Aaron: If only she knew the half of it. You better pray for your sake she never does.
  • Robert: What a mess. I mean, the only thing that matters now is being a good dad for him.
  • Aaron: So be one. If you wanna be in the kid'S life, Robert, you're just gonna have to live with what you've done.
  • Robert: Every time I look at him, all I can think about is how much I've messed up.
  • Aaron: Good. Maybe it WILL be the making of you. You can't change what you've done, but you can change who you are, so be the dad the kid deserves.

dallyingdivergent  asked:

71, Ereri or Erejean :>

71. “Kiss me, quick!”

(the prompts)

i threw in some fake dating, i hope you enjoy it

“… and so she keeps following me to places I go! I had to ask Connie not to put me on his Snapchat story in case she turned up. It’s getting totally out of hand,” Eren rambles and picks at the sandwich he’s supposed to be eating. Jean isn’t sure how he got stuck with him for lunch. Worse, he’s not sure how Eren gets more female attention than him. Even worse, Eren seems genuinely put out.

But having a stalker would probably put anyone in a bad mood. Jean isn’t very good at comforting people. Even if he were good at it he thinks he might have to wave goodbye to his pride. This is Eren, after all. 

“So when she was being all flirty and asking if I was seeing anyone, I told her you’re my boyfriend,” Eren finishes with a flourish.

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renegadenightmare  asked:

Maybe a first date? That would be awesome! First date with Treyco would be great

“Where are we going?” you laughed, keeping your eyes shut like Trevor had asked while he pulled you along. Admittedly, you’d considered peeking a few times, but he’d seemed so insistent that it be a surprise. He squeezed your hand every once in a while, as he led the way to your destination, and you couldn’t help the occasional giggle that left your lips.

“You’ll see!” answered Trevor, clearly excited. “We’re almost there, I promise.”

“I don’t see why this has to be some big reveal!”

“Because one, I’ve been thinking about taking you out for a while, and considering how much thought went into it, it has to be good,” he explained, “also, you told me you like surprises. Now shush, you’re distracting me and I’ll end up taking a wrong turn.”

You opened your mouth to say something but when he told you to shush, you quickly snapped it shut. You couldn’t believe he’d remembered you’d said that. You could hardly believe anything about him, and over the last few months of friendship, you were never sure if things about Trevor made more or less sense. Still, when he’d asked you out on a date, a ‘for real date this time’ as he put it, you knew full well there was only one answer.

“Annnnd, we’re here!” Trevor declared, “you can open your eyes now.”

You opened your eyes to see that you were in the area of cabins you and your friends had been not too long ago, and Trevor had set up a projector to show a movie up against the side of one of the cabins. You looked over at him to see him smiling at you, and then looking back to the cabin, and then back to you.

“You said you liked the cabins,” he explained, “and that you wished we’d all go more often. And that you thought it’d be perfect for one of those projector set ups. And I have a bunch of movies to choose from.”

“But how are you running it?” you asked, “we’re in the woods.”

“Battery packs!” he answered, pointing to where he had them set up. “Turns out, you can run basically anything off them as long as you buy the right one on Amazon.” He paused, rocking back on his heels and giving you a worried look. “Do…you like it?” he asked, sounding a little nervous. You chuckled at the sight, leaning up to press a kiss to his cheek.

“I love it,” you told him. “It’s ridiculously thoughtful and I’m already nervous how I’m going to follow this up.”

“Wait, what?”

“Yeah, I mean…you set the bar pretty high here, Trev,” you stated. “I’m going to need a while before our next date to figure out how to top it.”

“Next date?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Next date,” you repeated. “Unless you’re trying to scare me away now? I’ve been pretty into you for a while, if we’re being honest. I’ve been trying to figure out how to ask you out for a while,” you admitted, shrugging. “You just beat me to the punch.”

“Oh,” he breathed, “I’ve been trying to figure out if I’ve been reading things wrong and we’re just really good friends for months.”

“I mean, we are?” you pointed out, tilting your head at him. “But I’m also very interested in putting in a movie, cuddling up next to you and then not watching the movie if that’s cool with you.”

Trevor’s mouth opened and closed a few times as you watched him try to figure out what to say, but eventually, he just decided on beaming and kissing you on the cheek. “Absolutely find with that,” he informed. “I, uh, guess it doesn’t really matter what we watch then.” He motioned towards his opened backpack, and you headed for it, bending down to reach in and see what was in there.

“No,” you agreed, laughing, “but I want to see what you think I’d like to see on a first date.”

Writing Prompt: Dialogue

“…My first contract, I was… I don’t know, sixteen, seventeen. There was a guy who broke into a church. The preacher was still there, so he told the guy ‘Look, you don’t have to steal anything. Take whatever you want.’ Dude wasn’t there for the loot. He wanted to hurt somebody. …Slaughters the preacher, displays his body on the altar for his congregation to see. …The Bible says never to take revenge… to leave it to the Lord. But I wasn’t prepared to wait that long. So, when your moral compass gets around to pointing at me… yeah, you’ll be pointing at one of the good guys.”

“And how does one of the 'good guys’ get connected with a piece of shit like [Surname]?”

“I didn’t know everything the dude was into.”

“That’s an easy excuse.”

“Look, you know everything about every client you ever had?”

Nope. I don’t–I don’t decide whether my clients live or die.”

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I'm smiling like an idiot right now. My teacher was out of my English class today for 5 minutes, so one of the asshole basketball players in my class decided to make a joke about how an abusive relationship would make good drama in the short stories we're writing in class. And my ex was like that with me so it made me uncomfortable, and the hockey captain sits next to me and he knows about what my ex was like because he saw it happen the night I finally left my ex. (Pt. 1)

So he kind of like looked at me to see if I was okay, and then spoke up and told the other guy to shut up. And the other guy said “what? You’re telling me you don’t like when someone chokes a girl?” And my hockey friend was like “you seriously need to be quiet” and the other guys is like “what the fuck is your problem? Abuse isn’t even that bad” and at this point my friend is pissed so he literally stands up and says “shut up and sit down, or I will come over there and make you.” (Pt. 2)

And the other guy was like “why do you even care? It’s normal for a relationship to be like that” and my friend didn’t even say anything else he just fucking barrelled at him and grabbed him by his shirt and literally knocked him over while he was punching him and wouldn’t stop until his teammates pulled him off. And everyone was reminding him that now he can’t play in the tournament this weekend because he’s obviously gonna get suspended. (Pt. 3)

And I know it’s bad that he got suspended, but it was nice knowing he cared about me and how it was affecting me. (Pt. 4, last part)


Good guys do exist!!! Good for him!!! Even though he wont be able to play in the tourney!!!

Also… I love how other sports players taunt hockey players like hockey players dont fucking fight and throw themselves at each other at like 80 mph

artaeum  asked:

Hi! I'm an aspiring vet in my 3rd year of undergrad and planning to apply this year. Currently working on the app and its asking why I want to be a vet and what my future career plans are. Besides the "i love animals only" reason, are there any other big mistakes people can make when writing these essays? I think my writing looks good but ive also been told not to seem too decided on one particular practice (e.g. surgery/wildlife) yet. Thanks!!

I’ve been told that it can be iffy to talk about your pets being an inspiration for your interest in vet med, as can talking about seeing a pet being euthanized inspire you to “want to save all of them” or something like that. There’s certainly nothing wrong with either of those reasons, but unless you have a particularly unique story, I think admissions doesn’t like them because they’re common to so many applicants. I was never a fan of telling applicants not to write about those kind of stories because who are they to judge whether or not someone’s reason for wanting to be a vet is “good enough”…but unfortunately they’re the ones making the admissions decisions. Just try and think outside the box if you want to talk about common topics like pets or euthanasia. Emphasize why you’re unique and well-rounded and don’t be afraid to talk yourself up. This is not a place for modesty.

I applied a few years ago so the application may have been a bit different, but part of the essay prompt for me was to talk about what our specific career interests were and demonstrate how our experiences supported that. I’d say just pay attention to what the prompt wants. If it wants you to talk about your specific interests, then go ahead and show what you’ve been doing to gain experience in that area.

I’m sure you’re seeing the pattern here, but the most important thing I was told was to show you are unique and well-rounded. Think outside the box when you’re writing about your experiences. Small animal experience is great, but not very unique. There’s nothing wrong with mentioning it, particularly if it’s important to you, but maybe make the focus something else. Best of luck!

anonymous asked:

So I think it's not too far fetched that Ed would ask Riza for relationship advice at times, but do you think he ever received any from anyone else, specifically without asking the person for advice? Personally I like to think Armstrong once gave him some, and it was surprisingly really good advice, it still baffles Ed today.

YEAH OF COURSE. After reuniting, I’m sure Riza told the Mustgang about giving advice- WAIT NO. it went like this:

havoc: what do you know about relationships, hawkeye. cough

hawkeye: plenty. I dont remember Edward coming to you for advice. 

so they’re all like D:< and their egos are probably hurt or mildly hurt so any time they see Ed, they’re blurting advice that’s not really advice like: “BUY HER THINGS SHE LIKES” “uh… wrenches?” 

And armstrong catches wind of this, happy as can be for him, and goes all poetic with his crushing hugs: “A lady is like a flower: treat her right and she’ll bloom; treat her poorly and she’ll wilt.” and i bet you an entire penny he passed that on to his son too. 


Thankou @eykonto for tagging me !!

Well I see it’s some basic questions, but basic good questions to make you see some important stuffs that you want to learn about someone !

1. Nicknames : A lot !! Basically ‘Nounouille’ meaning 'Noonoodle’ 😂 I told it before, it’s because my name sounds like that, 'Kat’ even 'Kat-chan’ by someone there ;) *fuckboi wink*, 'Kata’, 'Kataille’ and… 'Kato’ by myself.

2. Gender : Female

3. Star sign : Scorpio mofocker

4. Height : 5'6

5. Time : It’s 6:2 pm

6. Birthday : It already passed

7. Fav bands : Hidden Citizens and not a band but CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS

8. Songs stucks in my head : a very lot, but the last one was the AC Syndicate Launch Trailer Song. Why ? Lmao Idk because of the AC Origins that cames out I wanted to see (more listening) again the old songs too… Nostalgia nostalgia…

9. Last Movie I watched : Movie ? Sorry Idk her

10. Last show I watched : What do you mean by show Idk does anime count in ? Or even video games ? I would say The Evil Within 2 cause I don’t watch shows or movies in general and I’m not into the animes rn but the mangas 😂

11. When did I create my blog : 5th July of 2017

12. What do I post : shitposts, memes, anime/manga but I mean by this one Kuroshitsuji, One Piece and Snk mostly

13. Last thing I googled (you made me laugh hard Eyky with your answer for this one) : Eh… lol the wether in my town this morning

14. Do I have any other blogs : Nope

15. Do I get asks : No but I wish kinda sometimes

16. Why I choose my URL : you know for the 'kato’ and 'jelly’ is another one I use sometimes, and like it and the 'your’ in the middle meaning I’m your lazy-dead-ass jelly.

17. Following : Same contents kinda and aesthetic ? Sorry I meant a e s t h e t i c

18. Followers : 91 persons that got lost

19. Hobbies : Meh a lot but doing nothing particulary and staying on the Internet

20. Average hours of sleep : 7-8 hours

21. Lucky numbers : None. Maybe 13.

22. What I’m wearing : a sweat and a pink comfy trousers which means my pyjama

23. Sexuality : Heterosexual as fuck but I found girls pwetty *kills herself yeah I used 'w’ instead of 'r’*

24. Dream job : PFFHFHFH at this rate and what the Macron’s party is doing, if I get out of highschool it would be enough for me

25. Dream trip : don’t like to travel but why not Russia more St-Petersburg. Don’t know about Japan for real lmao

26. Fav food : a lot but cakes. Chocolate. Chocolate cakes.

27. Nationality : Lost and French ( my origins are Persian tho)

28. Fav songs : basically Hidden Citizens and Christine and the Queens and some other songs I said before. You can search it in my tag lmao.

29. What’s your favorite movie : Mmmmmeh… but let’s say I like Japanimation kinda but also the Pirates of the Caribbean all lol

30. Favorite drink : Ice tea and tea. Pffhaha both are supposed to be made out of tea (and water but that doesn’t count let’s say) yeah.

I made it before I guess but not sure, still it was good to make it and letting people who wanted to know me now to see it, and can compare how it changed in a few months. I’m also tired as fuck, it’s pretty sure that you will see it

Tagging : @annamxriaaa @surroundedbyperverts @bree-has-a-phd-in-zorology @louisamariella (but I’m pretty sure both of you made it) and also @eykonto you’ve tagged some people I didn’t thought about so let’s wait to see what will happen lol

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Hi Nissi, I need some advice. I moved out and don't see my mom a lot, getting some space changed my perception of her and how she raised me. I grew up scared of her and now I don't want to see her. It's been about a year since I was in regular contact with her and I still don't feel like I'm ready to talk about stuff. I told her I need more time away but she says not telling her is immature. I don't want to say why bc Im worried she would get mad and not take me seriously. What should I do?

If not having someone in your life makes your life better, it’s a good sign that cutting them out was a good idea. If you do want a relationship with your mom, then I would think it’s important to share with her what’s going on and why space is necessary. But if you’re fine without her, then keep your distance. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. That goes for family and friends. Explanations help relationships to survive. But if you don’t care about the survival of the relationship, don’t explain.

I’ve been feeling a little weird lately but in a good mood which is good! I feel like I’m on the right track for things to be happening and it lessens the stress load which helps quite a bit. It could be the anti-depressants which would be good because it means they’re working! But I’ve also been feeling really tired lately and have been having bad headaches? I told my counselor during our session and he said it could be part of the side-effects so we’ll see! I think the only thing that is bothering me right now is that I’ve been finding it hard to write lately. And that’s annoying when you have ideas in your head or stories that you want to update but you can’t because it’s suddenly difficult. But I did make a start on a small ficlet tonight which is something so hopefully I’ll finish that and post it tomorrow. 

Things have just been happening and it’s been hard keeping up but I’m getting there. But I do miss being more active on tumblr though this does act like a little break too. :)

things from deh 11/19
  • the lights hadnt even gone up on ben yet on the bed and people were already applauding like it was the end of the world. the applause just..kept going. and ben had this choked up look on his face and he was trying not to cry
  • the same for rachel bay jones just. raucous applause. 
  • and also? when the murphy family breakfast rolls on people lost it and they had to wait like 85 minutes before going back into the song
  • ben forgetting his lines in the middle of sincerely, me and just kind of standing there with a little grin on his face as will was just staring at him like omg
  • during ywbf ben walked toward the front of the stage as usual, you know, but he was looking UP at the screens and all around like he’d never seen it before in his life and he wanted to memorize it all. he had his head entirely craned back just looking UP 
  • after smthng jared says about the Gay Emails ben sat there and did his normal little head shake but ppl laughed so much, and he did it again and people laughed, and he just kept doing it an incredible amount of time just. shaking his head and everyone loved it
  • he wiped his hand ENTIRELY down to his foot when he meets zoe for the first time. like not just a dramatic little shirt wipe. he lifted up his leg and wiped it the ENTIRE length to his off-brand shoes
  • after zoe was like “im not breaking up w you” ben was facing out toward the audience and did this little hand moment like Oh but again. we all laughed. and he kept doing it for like 5 hours
  • also his FREAK OUT when he thinks zoe is breaking up w him was SO DRAMATIC he did lunges and shit i have never seen a human body move in that way before
  • mike really pummeled him in sincerely, me during their little Buddy Buddy part. and BEN !!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKIN RAN HIS HAND THROUGH MIKES HAIR INSTEAD OF DOING HIS NORMAL TINY POKES
  • sincerely, me was basically a rock concert ppl next to be started to clap along it was wild
  • bens hug with jlt after for forever didnt end they just did not let go of each other
  • mike was especially kind today as the computer lab connor he was very very kind. gentle. until you know, hes not
  • ben hugged michael park after to break in a glove
  • this is not specific to today but whenever rbj struts up the center of the stage during good for you i lose my mind
  • there was a half standing ovation after words fail. a good portion of the mezzanine stood and i couldnt see the orchestra. man, you could see him concentrating all his energy just NAILING every single not and i think he was legitimately sobbing when he told the murphys the truth. he had to take some breaths. i mean, sobbing more than usual. i was worried for a second
  • so big, so small was impossible to watch bc it was the most truthful beautiful quiet thing ive ever seen. the looks they gave to each other. the words they said without speaking abt how much they love each other. i cannot express the power of the beat that evan and heidi spent looking into each others eyes doing nothing but being together. they took their time on this song and it hurt so bad 
  • the finale was ridiculous it was just everyone weeping weeping weeping. laura dreyfuss was WEEPING her face was red with tears but she somehow held it together to talk to ben and say “i wanted you to see this” but even from the MEZZANINE i could see the sparkle of tears in her eyes and i was like laura please if you start crying, im really gonna lose my composure and fuckin shriek or something
  • when everyone came out to sing for forever at the finale and theyre all looking at him ben just looked at them for a good long minute and theyre all smiling at him, and the look on rachel bay jones’ face is ethereal, and hes in the spotlight, and he steps forward to sing his final lines and he closes his eyes and just feels it 
  • and then its done
  • laura gives him a huge bouquet of flowers and he keeps motioning for the rest of the cast to come on and bow with him again and again bc the theatre just wont shut up and he has to keep coming back and bowing 
  • and then its really done