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Wake up Tumblr its time for the church! Yay! LOL Nah, just kidding! Continue on your path, we know Tumblr prays only to Nutella! LOL But in Conquest! (our awesome super over the top cool game… oh arnt we a shiny example of modesty!? lol) we do have church which you may or may not wanna visit, depending on what character you chose to play. Well you see to promote to higher level certain player class need an excellent honor. To get there you will need to visit the church. And of course spend some gold! Simply visiting the church would be too easy! Excessive drinking and gambling are not doing good for you(… right, i think someone told me that once in the past, oh well …) so before you manage to get that promotion you need to pray for an honor (except if you been that shiny human who stay away from this world delights, in that case we congratulate you, the rest of us will.. well we need to pray) In my case I usually finish grandpa Simpson style!  ;)

Conquest! Is free, fun multiplayer strategy game set in medieval time, you can pick your allies, deploy your spies, and wage war with or against your friends or you can just come alone and meet community via integrated live chat. Chat, plot have fun with other players via general or private chat ! Its social it’s cool it’s fun and its available in Apple store, Google play store or if you prefer to play on your PC or Mac you can download it from our site or from the link below.  

Download the game: ( Free downloads and we promise no in-app purchase)
App Store  /  Android Store

Windows (download will start automatically, Windows 64-bit, 45 MB Zip)

Mac IOS (download will start automatically, Mac 64-bit, 45 MB Zip)

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*screenshots all of your mikonnie headcanon* i told my friend i was in rarepair hell and he asked me what rarepair it was. i told him it was mikasa x connie and he judged me so hard and told me i need jesus :(

ITS OKAY DUDE, WE ALL NEED JESUS, please come aboard my tiny boat, this ship is the smallest you’ll ever see in the SNK fandom, please come join me as we sail the massive seas, just you, me, and like 3 other people LMAO

tbh i love this ship so much like ahhh i think their chemistry could be so wonderful and oh man even if its rare as hell its so good sob/// and feel free to message me about these cuties any time please!!!! 

(im so glad you enjoyed my stuff tho ahhhh thank you)

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So I have a small dilemma. One of my friends came out to me yesterday but its also the same day I was told he used it as a 'test' to see if anyone told other people. I 100% support him but I'm worried he'll think Im not a good friend because my boyfriend saw the message same time I did even though it was an accident.

ok, let me see if I understood

a friend came out to you yesterday, but you’re afraid he’s lying as an experiment or sorta? 

I say the best is supporting him, even if its just a social experiment or sorta like!! Better safe than sorry! and that was just an accident, if your boyfriend doesn’t spread it, i don’t see the deal! 


Er…so this probably isn’t what you expected from a Big Hero 6 x Frozen crossover…sorry!! not sorry :P

And for those of you who just wanted to see Hiro in a dress, here! <3

(also, please tag this with Big Hero 6 spoilers since it really does kinda spoil ^ ^;  Thankees!)

I actually met this guy on the Tube the other day who’s doing special effects on the movie and he told me that, yeah, apparently Harry is a good actor. I’ll tell you what, if Christopher Nolan takes you on you must be a good actor. I’m looking forward to seeing it, it’s going to be an unbelievable movie but when one of your mates is in it then it’s going to be even better. I think he is going to do well.
Steven Universe Playlist

I’ll post this once, I think, cause it’s a long long post! Haha but a lot of people were messaging me asking for it! 

So I made a Spotify playlist inspired by the main characters of Steven Universe and some of the relationships between the characters! I truly hope you all enjoy it! The direct link to the playlist is here:

Here are my full explanations on which character each song is based off of, and why!!

Steven – “Into the Stars (feat. MC Jin)” by Tim Be Told – I can see Steven singing this light-hearted, optimistic tune, with Connie accompanying him with her violin. And the rap within the song is totally Garnet joining it. I felt not only this to be a good song for Steven, but also just an awesome “Steven Universe”-ish song to start off the playlist!

Pearl – “Alice” by Bianca Ryan – This song has such a beautiful balance of delicate melody, with an uneasy background, almost like there is an unease that’s building. Pearl parallels the character of Alice in this song so well, and I think it beautifully highlights her struggles with Rose’s sacrifice (How do you stand so calm when everything you lived for is gone?). I also think it shines a light on Pearl’s mysterious past, as we know the least about her (Alice, what is your secret?). At the end, the line Alice knows where she’s going, I like to look at it as “she” is Rose, and Pearl knows where she’s going… she is going to live on in Steven.

Amethyst – “Done With Bein’ Done” by Daphne Willis – I think this song brilliantly encapsulates Amethyst’s fight that resides within her, despite her being so uncomfortable with herself. She doesn’t let her own insecurities defeat her. It has a deep message, but delivered with such a light-hearted tune, which I think parallels her need to paint over her insecurities with her aloof attitude. Not to mention, the rapping portion of the song sounds EXACTLY as if Amethyst were saying it herself.

Rose Quartz to Steven – “Moon and Back” by Alice Kristiansen - I can see this song as Rose’s message (or even lullabye) to Steven, if only she could talk to him (You’re trying to make me proud, believe me now). She believes in him through and through, and wants to reassure him that there’s always hope (Through the cracks in the road, the flowers grow…).

Garnet – “Valentine” by Pentatonix – This song does such a wonderful job of showcasing Garnet’s faith and firm belief in who she is, and what makes her her (I don’t wanna hide me… Cause I know about my love). I also think the multiple voices of Pentatonix helps to illustrate the fact that Garnet is comprised of two strong souls, in addition to herself as her own unique soul.

Ruby – “Love Runs Out” by OneRepublic – I’ll be your light, your match, your burning sun. I think this song really encapsulates Ruby’s willingness to be the warrior you need to get things done, especially for Sapphire. It’s almost a fight anthem for Ruby, a mantra she would repeat, proving she would overcome anything, never stopping. Not until her love for Sapphire would run out, which would never happen.

Lapis – “Breaking Down” by Lenachka – The beginning of this song starts out almost like rain falling on the ground. I love this song for Lapis, not only because the feel of the song seems to match her personality, but also because it speaks about her wish to find home, and how she must now find it on Earth (I thought I found my way back home… but I’ll find it anyhow…). The song also shows her strength, despite the struggles she’s endured (Just because I’m running doesn’t mean I’m hiding, and just because I’m hurting doesn’t mean I’m breaking down…). I also love the violin at the end of the song, which I can see her dancing to.

Peridot – “The Logical Song” by Supertramp – I don’t think there’s another song that defines Peridot better than this song. The song describes how the world taught the singer to think logically and clinically. I also like the idea that, like the singer, Peridot once looked at the world as a beautiful mystery before society taught her to think only one kind of way. I especially like how the song also reflects Peridot’s fear of disobeying the socially acceptable standards (Watch what you say, they’ll be calling you a radical…). And it also shines light on Peridot’s eventually questioning of the part she truly plays now that she’s a social outcast (Please tell me who I am). Finally, add in the tech sounds near the end of the song, and this whole tune is just perfectly Peridot.

Connie – “The Call” by Regina Spektor – Just like Connie, this song starts out quietly, shyly, and grows louder and more confident. I believe the words mirror Connie’s faith in Steven, especially when he’s going off to fight. This song almost is a premonition of Connie’s imminent journey to train in order to join Steven, so that she never has to stay behind again. The beginning of the song especially relates to Steven stirring the bravery within Connie that she didn’t know she had, but had all along.

Malachite – “Control” by Halsey – This song already showcases the creepy and disturbing feel that Malachite deserves. On top of that, it discusses the unstable nature of the singer, very much like the constant fight between Jasper and Lapis, who comprise Malachite (Who is in control?). It even offers similar sentiments to the ones Lapis uttered to Steven (You should be scared of me).

Greg – “Artichoke” by Gabriel Mann – This song was also recommended by another blogger, due to it strangely having the feeling of Greg, and I couldn’t agree more! I can almost hear Greg making this impromptu serenade to Rose one morning cause it came to him. The whole song contains these sloppy similes to food, which Greg would totally make, and Rose would totally giggle at! Despite the messy meter and rather interesting connections he makes, the song still contains this beautiful heartfelt message that is perfect for them. Plus, the singer sounds very much like Greg, right??

Jasper – “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons – Suggested by another blogger, and once again, another amazing fight song that I think Jasper would declare about herself and all her fellow warrior gems (We are the warriors that built this town). They truly believe they are fighting to colonize other worlds for the good of Homeworld. The beginning of the song could almost be Jasper’s origin story (As a child, you would wait, and watch from far away, and you always knew that you’d be the one to work while they all play…)

Opal – “That’s Just What You Are” by Aimee Mann – This song, sung by Opal’s voice actor, is actually a really fun song I can see almost being sung between Pearl and Amethyst about their differences, and how despite those differences, they come together to make up Opal. That’s what Opal is comprised of, these beautiful juxtaposed characters. Despite Opal’s stoic personality, I still feel she has the potential to be chill like the feeling of this song.

Sapphire – “Once Upon a Dream” by Lana Del Rey – This song has the haunting solemnity that Sapphire most times exhibits. I can imagine Sapphire singing this about Ruby, almost as if she foresaw Ruby to be her soulmate. I know the whole thing about Ruby was that Sapphire didn’t see Ruby coming, haha, but I would think Sapphire could playfully be saying this to Ruby to reassure her that she’s the one for her.

Stevonnie – “Nine In The Afternoon” by Panic! At The Disco – This is another tune recommended by someone, and I think this really captures the feel of the beautiful, innocent sense of discovery that Steven and Connie felt as Stevonnie (Man, it feels good to feel this way!). Everything was new and slightly scary, but they had each other to experience it with. I especially love the line Losing the feeling of feeling unique, as it connects with Stevonnie’s confusion as to what individual was feeling what.

Blue Diamond – “The River” by Ibeyi – I searched a long time for the right song for Blue Diamond! Not knowing much about this character also contributed to that haha. Finally, I came across this (no pun intended) gem! This song, which is infused with the Nigerian language, Yoruba, harkens to the North African style Blue Diamond seems to be drawn from, and has a regal and mysterious feel, which also compliments her personality. The lyrics also almost sound very religious, which draws a parallel to the Homeworld gems’ view of the Diamonds as some forms of deities, or at least how Peridot seemed to view them!

Sardonyx – “Dance Apocalyptic” by Janelle Monáe – This super fun and bouncy song about keeping on dancing despite almost doomsday-ish circumstances, I feel, perfectly encompasses Sardonyx’s confident and happy nature. She always seems to be able to take on any challenge with the greatest aplomb, and that’s what’s so great about her. Not to mention, there is also the occasional Smash, smash uttered through the song, which makes me think of the line “Occasionally, I am known… to smash.” Janelle’s voice and exclamations are so perfectly akin to Sardonyx, it just has the beautiful feel of that character.

Ruby & Sapphire – “All the Matters” by Estelle – Not only is this one of the most endearing and romantic songs I’ve ever heard, which happens to be SUNG BY ESTELLE (voice actor for Garnet), it also is a song that brilliantly describes Ruby and Sapphire’s everlasting love for each other. I just see them reminiscing about all their life together, and how they wouldn’t trade it for the world, especially Sapphire, who had originally seen all of her life laid out in front of her, but now has a completely new path thanks to Ruby (And now we sit and wonder where life went. Of all the moments I missed, I’m glad I didn’t miss you).

Yellow Diamond – “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Lorde – This foreboding, ominous take on the classic song makes it even more appropriate for Yellow Diamond, who I’m almost certain has completely taken Homeworld for herself. The opening even has the oppressive, scary feel that could be almost akin to Yellow Diamond’s tight-gripped reign of Homeworld. There’s even the line, Turn your back on Mother Nature, very similar to Yellow Diamond’s wishes to simply let the Earth die, which isn’t even logical to Peridot, as Earth contains so many important resources that could prove useful.

Steven & Connie – “Oasis” by A Great Big World – I chose this song to represent what Steven and Connie mean to each other. Not necessarily a romantic message, more just about two souls who are meant to support and defend each other. Despite all the hectic and bad things that seem to happen around them, they assure each other they will get through it together (When we can’t fight another fight, we’re gonna make it).

Sugilite – “Win Again” by Nicki Minaj – There were many songs suggested to me for Sugilite that were by Nicki Minaj. This song was the one that not only completely featured Nicki, but also brilliantly encompassed Sugilite’s personality. Not only does it mention that she’s a monster/beast, it also describes her confidence that she will always defeat anything in her path, racking up the wins (Kill, kill everything in, everything in my way).

Alexandrite – “Together” by Ella Eyre – This is a fantastic song with a message of how, like the Crystal Gems all fusing to create Alexandrite, the fight can be won as one (We are more together). Not only, is it an awesome song for Alexandrite, I just think it’s a fantastic fight song for all of the Crystal Gems!

The Cluster – “I’ll Keep Coming” by Low Roar – I wasn’t originally looking to include the Cluster on this playlist, but then this song was suggested, and it was too perfect not to add in! Not only does the song start out with the ominous sounds, which could easily be the low rumblings of something stirring beneath one’s feet, but the multiple voices singing in unison echo the fragmented gems contained within the cluster. The lyrics also perfectly describe the Cluster (Soon I’ll come around, lost and never found, waiting for my words, seen but never heard, buried underground, but I’ll keep coming). The whole song captures the scary and mysterious creation so well.

Rainbow Quartz – “Runaway (U & I)” by Galantis – This upbeat song has the fun, dance club feel that matches Rainbow Quartz’s personality! Not to mention the song is about two individuals who don’t know what lies ahead, but they want to run away together despite it. This is very much like Rose and Pearl becoming rebels to Homeworld, fighting for Earth together, as well as Pearl’s undying devotion to Rose.

Rose Quartz to Greg -  “I Was an Island” by Allison Weiss – What an absolutely perfect song to describe how Rose’s world was turned upside down by Greg (I was a rebel, and I had a cause, til you came to town, pushed me around, and showed me what love was). It has that rock feel that was just like the music that attracted Rose to Greg in the first place. It almost has the same recurring strums that are contained in the song “What Can I Do For You?”. I can almost hear Greg playing the music as Rose serenades him with the words.


Eddie Bolden who was wrongly sentenced to 22 years, visits his son’s graduation ceremony from Goshen College.

While hundreds of students got to walk across the stage during the ceremony, the moment was especially exciting for a father and son duo who thought it would never happen.

I was anxious to see him walk across the stage,” Eddie said Sunday. “I can’t stop crying.”

Despite the fact that Eddie had been imprisoned for all of Dominique’s 21 years of life, both of his sons, including his older son, Antonio Johnson, would often visit him in prison. The two maintained a good relationship with their dad as he asked them both not to give up on him.

You all are the reason I didn’t give up,” a teary-eyed Eddie told his boys on Sunday. “There were days that I didn’t want to live. The only thing that stopped me from giving up is that I knew it would hurt you all. I thank you for being my reason to live.”

Black people really inspire me when I see such situations.

Mr. Bolden is an extremely strong man, he finally claimed justice for himself and now he faces his son graduating from the college.

This is a very sentimental story, and I endorse Mr. Bolden’s persistence. I just hope that cops who made him suffer for 22 years will finally be punished. 

Uchiha Itachi | Dedicated to Dena

Tyler and Josh were celebrating Josh’s birthday yesterday night and I guess they had a camp fire going. There were some fans who decided it would be a good idea to stalk them and try to climb over fences to try and meet them after the show. Security told them MULTIPLE times to leave or else the cops would be called if they didn’t stop, the cops were called. Now these people are saying “Tyler and josh would rather see us get arrested then to meet us” Seriously, are you fucking kidding me?

Tyler and Josh are ACTUAL people with REAL feelings and you need to fucking respect that. This is completely unacceptable, I understand the need to meet them but seriously?

Honestly, stop playing the victim you were fucking stalking them and trying to break through fences and jump over them. Please respect Tyler and Josh!

I’m not trying to start drama but God, this pisses me off.

I know the fandom likes to think of Allura as the Mom Friend but tbh she strikes me more as the Sister Friend??

  • Literally walked into a training session and told the Paladins (TO THEIR FACES) that they were on the level of an Altean child like goodness gracious Allura, spare them….
    • In general:
      (someone complains during training)
      Allura: Lmao get up, you’re fine.
  • Allura: (sees someone crying) Who Do I Need To Beat Up
  • Literally started a food fight like… C’mon
  • (sees someone doing Shenanigans and acts like she doesn’t know them)
  • Gives good advice
  • Usually nice but if someone pushes her too far… Run.
  • This scene
  • Picks on her friends but they know she loves them. Probably.


Her follow-up exam was today, and she’s very tired from all the stress, but in good health! I’m so happy that I’ve been crying like an idiot the whole time. She was an angel and didn’t bite any of the vets who were handling her. Even during x-rays. They commented on how well-socialized and behaved she was!

No surgery that she only had a 25% chance of surviving, yay!

I was told that the coagulated blood from laying her first egg is what adhered the second one to the inside of her vent. You can see the little red spot where it was stuck. She’s still taking calcium supplements and anti-inflammatory medication daily. The numbing agent and lubricant they used is was what really helped, and if I hadn’t brought her in when I did, we’d be in big trouble.

Again, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the overwhelming amount of support we received. Someone sent a donation of a whopping $200 and I’m still having trouble believing anyone could be so generous.

The wealth of emotional support has helped keep me grounded and calm through this whole ordeal as well. THANK YOU FOR MY BABY’S LIFE. I’m forever grateful.

Third Time’s the Charm

“No,” said Rabbi Levy firmly. “I’m afraid I can’t convert you to Judaism.”

“Very good,” said Vision. He bowed his head formally and rose to his feet. “I shall continue my quest elsewhere, then.”

The dust in the parking lot was still swirling with the force of his takeoff when Rabbi Levy remembered to say the blessing on seeing a superhero.


“I do not understand. This … rabbi lied to me? I understood that lying was not permitted in the Jewish religion.”

“It’s not a lie,” Wanda answered.

“But you have just told me that what he said was false. He will indeed teach me if I return.”

“Look, it’s like –“ Wanda groped for words. “It’s like a test. He has to send you away to see if you come back. He’s only allowed to say yes on the third visit.”

“I see,” said Vision thoughtfully.


“I am here for my obligatory second visit. I do not wish to waste your time. Please send me away so that I may return.”

Rabbi Levy opened his mouth, closed his mouth, opened his mouth again.

“One question, if I may. How long must I stay away for it to count as a separate visit?”

Rabbi Levy stopped gaping and smiled. “How about you just step outside the door and come back in? And Mr. Vision? I think you’ll do just fine.”

did i ruin it because i’m sick or were we both just not good for each other. was i mean because i’m mean or because i can’t control my feelings. i love him still, or do i just think i do? 

does he love her because she’s normal. will anyone ever love me, even though i’m not? will i ever be? am i good at pretending?

are we friends or do you just feel like you have to take care of me? do you even like me? am i making this weird again, seeing things that don’t exist in you, assuming things that aren’t true? am i hurting you by being distant or am i protecting you? what if you knew? what if i told you everything, came spilling out with all these terrible secrets?

do people usually have this many secrets? 

who was i before this? what would i have been without it? am i really just lazy? am i really just not into trying? am i unhappy because it’s all i know how to be and i’m scared to learn who i am when i’m not suffering? do i even know… me?


gmm science is slapping yourself to see if someone else feels it.

AzuNishi Day manga, by 橘高

Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: AzuNishi (Azumane x Nishinoya)
On Pixiv: 【腐】東西の日【HQ!!】 Artist: 橘高

aka I’m back in the fandom translating business.

Just a couple of things since it’s the my first time translating for Haikyuu!! which likely means new readers:

Hello there I translate stuff from Japanese in my free time so if there’s a particular piece of fanart or whatever you’d like to see translated, feel free to drop me a message and I’ll try my best to help (obviously it’s easier on me if it’s a fandom I’m familiar with, and I may ask whether the work has major spoilers first, but feel free to go ahead and make a request still when in doubt).

I don’t really track tags so my sincere apologies if this has been translated already. ;7;

That said, you are now welcome to follow the read more for the translated comic! Enjoy!

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