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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched just these few seconds from this episode. It is so beautiful. The look on Maggie’s face when she sees Mulder hovering above her. She’s seeing him from a different perspective, one that her daughter has seen him from on more times than she ever cared to remember. I could write pages on the heaviness of this scene and it would never do it any justice. Why look at Mulder? Why not her own daughter who is standing over her as well, rubbing her shoulder? This is a man she has grown to love as her own over the past 23 years. The man who in the beginning she thought of as a danger to her daughter. Now he is the familiar face of a man who loves and protects her daughter, the man who will continue to protect her and love her when she leaves this earth. The father of her grandchild. She is at peace knowing that he is there and will always be there for her baby girl. And Scully witnesses this fast interaction. She sees this from the perspective her mother has always been the bearer of. It is so easy to feel safe and comforted by Fox Mulder. Both Scully women have now been on the receiving end of such a powerful feeling. A dark wizard, indeed. What a way to go. These few seconds need to be talked about for eternity.

Every Bit of You // Jeonghan (Seventeen) x You Scenario

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Request: Can I please request for jeonghan reading your diary and realising that u’re really insecure and he addresses ur insecurities and makes you feel a lot better about yourself?

A/N: Here’s one for this precious beauty that is Jeonghan.

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Jeonghan looks over the mess that is your study table and heaves a sigh, shaking his head in disapproval. He mutters under his breath, wondering how you ever manage to do your work in this mess. Automatically, he gathers the sheets of paper scattered about the wooden space and piles them up before settling them onto the rack he had bought for you specifically for that purpose. 

Just as he’s setting aside the books and arranging them, he comes across a book that differs from the rest. While everything else looks like textbooks or study materials, this particular book loos like a notebook, decorated with cute animal-shaped stickers - something you’ve come to like. He scrutinizes the surface of the book, wondering what it is. Curious, he innocently flips to a random page but shuts it right back with widened eyes upon realizing that it’s your diary.

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Imagine: Being Ser Davos’ daughter and asking him to teach you how to sword fight

Request: @if-youre-not-a-dog-then-leave “A request for you if you like it: maybe something along the lines of Ser Davos being asked by his daughter to teach her how to fight with a sword? I love the idea of him being a father ❤️ thanks!!”

Growing up you had never had many friends, you hated sitting around and sewing with the other girls, you hated talking about nice hair and pretty dresses, and you definitely hated talking about your future ‘prince charming’. When your father, Davos Seaworth, became Hand of the King to Stannis Baratheon, you had finally found a friend who would understand you. Through Shireen Baratheon was a few years younger than you, she actually understood you, she was the one who convinced you to strive for your passion, she convinced you that you were capable of being the warrior that you always wanted to be.

You would sneak out of the castle at least once a day to practice with your sword. You would practise the moves you saw the knights doing, but without an actual teacher or opponent, it was becoming quite difficult.

One evening, your father finished with his meetings early and you walked into his chambers, building up the courage to tell him how you felt.

“Y/N, come in my love,” He says when he sees you by the doorway, patting on the bed next to him. You slowly walk up to him and sit down.

“Father, I have something to tell you…” Your voice drifts off and your heart races.

“What is it darling?” He takes you hands in his and looks down out you in concern, “You can tell me anything.”

You take a deep breath and finally spill, “Father, I don’t want to be a lady, I want to be a warrior, I want to be a knight like you.”

He looks at you for a moment and then chuckles, “Oh thank the Gods, I thought something was wrong darling.”

You stare at him confused, “So, you’re not upset?”

“Of course not love, my daughter wants to be a fighter, what’s wrong with that?” He laughs.

Your face breaks into a smile and you feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You quickly pull him into a hug and he places a kiss against your forehead, “Father, I have one more thing to ask you.”

“And what’s that?”

“Will you teach me how to sword fight?”

He laughs once again, “I’d love to darling!”

Ser Davos’ POV

I sit atop my horse, standing on reserve amongst several other troops as the Stark army clashes against the Boltons. My daughter, Y/N, is on her horse next to me ready to ride into the battle. Over the years, she has grown to be a beautiful woman and an incredible fighter; it feels as if it was just yesterday when she was a young girl asking me to teach her how to fight.

When Ramsay Bolton deploys his infantry, she turns to me, “Father, it’s time.”

I nod and we lead our men to join the battle.


The battle finally ends, you’re bloodied and tired, but that doesn’t stop you from frantically searching for your father. You let out a breath of relief when you finally see him and you run up to him.

He pulls you into his arms, “Well done darling, you were incredible out there!”

“All thanks to you father!” You smile up at him proudly.


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dinah has a beautiful soul, she is smart and extremely talented and has the biggest heart. y'all sleep on her too much because she doesn’t write long paragraphs about her feelings all the time. i love my girl, i love how her confidence has grown and how she has grown so much as a person over the years you can literally see the transition i love dinah so much