see your heaven

The signs

I see galloping, raging, wild horses in your eyes, when you walk by flowers they seem to bloom in seconds and when I die, I’m sure I’ll see your name on heavens gate because it was made in your distinct image.

I’m reminded of you when my coffees gone cold and suddenly I don’t have the strength to warm it back up. I’m left sitting at the table with an aching back, crumbs left on the table from the food I could hardly eat the night before. I don’t want to open my eyes, I want to be left in the dark to think of you and how I long to lay my head on your shoulder once more. You were always there.

When I see a single balloon floating to space in our grand sky, it’s you I’m reminded of. You are the wind and that’s okay, never settle, never rest. The sky was made vast and space was made infinite because the universe knew it had to make room for you and all that you are or will ever be. Limitless. You have a mission.

I just want to hold you in my fragile arms that were never made good enough to hold someone like you. I know you cry alone at night because the beauty of this earth is overwhelming. Sweet baby, feel, feel, feel all there is to feel. Within you there is an endless summer and countless roses. Look in the mirror and know there is no beauty like yours.

Leave everyone shook like you are meant to. Don’t apologise for your greatness or intense demeanor. I know who put the stars in the sky, it sure as hell wasn’t a god. It was you who painfully ripped open your chest to set each one free. You created the stars, without needing to be a god. You just needed to be yourself.

When I look up at the sky, I see the centerpiece that is our sun, our life source. I look up and see the beautifully ingenious clouds that are as white as milk and as soft as your soul. I see nothing but lively beauty above, knowing heaven is behind it all. You are the hidden heaven, heaven itself.

I can’t sit down and enjoy a simple cup of tea anymore because you invade my every thought and it’s like the earth shakes violently when I’m forced to think about you. My tea spills every time and I see my reflection in the liquid that I never clean off the table, remembering your words said to me of how beautiful i am. I try to tell myself I am beautiful but ill never compare to you. You are the most beautiful being alive and I love it that way. I’m okay with my spilled tea and tears because at least you havent left my mind. Your what keeps the walls of my mind full of art when all I can physically cause around myself is a mess.

You are the blood in my veins, you are what gives me life. I can’t sleep at night because my dreams consist of nothing but your astounding image. I’m not afraid of the ghosts that linger my cold room at night anymore because I’ve gotten used to them talking to me. I want nothing more than for one of them to have your voice one day in hopes that you’ll have come back to kiss me once more.

You’re the spark that starts a fire, let’s just say you’re hot. You’re the mischief in the eyes of a sociopath, you’re universal intelligence. Stay true, stay especially you and use the amazing power house that is your mind to continue blessing this earth with your own greatness.

Don’t be afraid of being soft, I know you feel a lot. You are beautiful, hard as a rock or not. Do what makes you feel alive and thrive in what brings you life. You’re here to do great things. Don’t doubt yourself, don’t give up. You are one of a kind.

I left my home and travelled miles to a new, unknown place. It was terrifying until I saw you in the skies. A lightening show, you put one on just for me. Flooding the sky with colors unseen. I never saw anything as striking. Never have I wanted to be struck by lightening so badly, to be able to taste you. But the storm was too far away and although Id travel miles just to be under such a storm, such grace, your beauty causes my knees to go weak. I can’t move in the sight of you.

You carry me up into the sky with your angel wings for me to look down and see the heads of all the living down below. You tell me you are apart of each and every living soul and I believe you. You tell me you are apart of every piece of nature that grows on this earth and you are every second, every minute and hour of the day and I believe you. You tell me you are night and day, evil and good. You tell me you are everything and nothing and I believe you. You are all these things but you are especially an angel. You are otherworldly.

The signs

I see galloping, raging, wild horses in your eyes, when you walk by flowers they seem to bloom in seconds and when I die, I’m sure I’ll see your name on heavens gate because it was made in your distinct image.

I’m reminded of you when my coffees gone cold and suddenly I don’t have the strength to warm it back up. I’m left sitting at the table with an aching back, crumbs left on the table from the food I could hardly eat the night before. I don’t want to open my eyes, I want to be left in the dark to think of you and how I long to lay my head on your shoulder once more. You were always there.

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I never thought someone could outshine the stars,
or make the moon seem obsolete,

But you change the tide of the waves crashing in my head;
you are more comfort than the distant pinpricks ever could be,

And I can’t look the sun in the eyes,
but you always let me see the light in yours
if only to remind me that I have my own.

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"I can see heaven in your eyes""well I mean I'AM a angel from heaven" (I just heard that from someone and I busted out laughing so hard)

You softly hum as you scribble down onto your journal. In a good mood, you jot down whatever comes to mind, no matter how sloppy your handwriting was or how cheesy your words sounded. You just didn’t want to let go of the inspiration itching between your fingers. 

With a sigh, you set down your pencil and hold up your journal. Your eyes skim along the lines of words, softly singing along.

“I can see heaven in your eyes…”

You flinch when there’s a snort that didn’t come from you. A pair of arms come out from behind and wrap around your shoulders. Your eyes widen when you turn your head to the side. Jeonghan rests his chin on your shoulder with a wide smile. 

“What are you doing home so early?” You gasped. 

“I can see heaven in your eyes…” He repeated after you, his smile growing with each chuckle. 

“Well I mean- I am an angel from heaven. No need to tell me, honey.”

“You’re not supposed to see that!” You slam your journal shut. 

Jeonghan pouts, “When are you going to write me a song to sing?” 

“G-go ask Jihoon. He’s the one who writes majority of yours songs,” you stammer as your cheeks flush. 

“But I like your songs better.” He continues to sulk, “I still can’t believe you gave one of my favorite songs to Red Velvet. I hope you know I still won’t forgive you for that…” 

“I thought it would be better if a girl group sang it. I mean…it was…” Your mumbles trail off into a near whisper. 

“Your first love letter to me?” He finishes your sentence with a smug look. 

“How did you know?” Your eyelashes flutter. All this time, you thought that he hadn’t noticed. You didn’t think he would remember. 

Jeonghan’s frown grows, “You really doubt me as a boyfriend, don’t you?” 


“If you don’t then allow me to read all your writings.” He snatches your journal off the table, “I’m calling dibs on your songs!”

 “Jeonghan- no!” You holler as you follow him out of the room.

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Through Heaven’s Eyes Sigil

A sigil designed to help you see your life through Heaven/God’s eyes. Based on the wonderful song from The Prince of Egypt. (Probably most appealing/applicable to Abrahamic witches, but can be adjusted to work for any belief system.) Use to gain perspective on your life from a higher, loving power.


Robert Lightwood & Alec Lightwood

All of them were beaming with pride, but no face glowed as brightly as his father’s.

My son,” he kept saying, to anyone who would listen. “My son won the battle; that’s my son up there. Lightwood blood will tell; our family have always been fighters.”

Robert rose to his feet, his chair scraping backward, and tapped the side of his fork against his glass. The sound rang out in the room, and the Shadowhunters fell silent, looking up toward the Lightwood table expectantly. “We gather here today,” said Robert, reaching out his arms expansively, “to honor my son, Alexander Gideon Lightwood, who has single-handedly destroyed the forces of the Endarkened and who defeated in battle the son of Valentine Morgenstern. Alec saved the life of our third son, Max. Along with his parabatai, Jace Herondale, I am proud to say that my son is one of the greatest warriors I have ever known.” He turned and smiled at Alec and Magnus. “It takes more than a strong arm to make a great warrior,” he went on. “It takes a great mind and a great heart. My son has both. He is strong in courage, and strong in love.

Alec looked around the room. “This is the deepest wish of my heart?

“Sure,” Magnus said. “Your father, proud of you. You, the hero of the hour. Me, loving you. Everyone approving of you,” He touched Alec’s face. “Fight, Alec. Life is loss, Alexander, but it’s better than this.” 

Fallout 4 “Diamond City Radio” Sentence Starters

Lyric starters from the various songs on Diamond City Radio in Fallout 4.  Feel free to change pronouns & etc.

“You’ve got to spread joy up to the maximum and bring gloom down to the minimum.”

“But now, God knows, anything goes.”

“The world has gone mad today.”

“Good’s bad today, and black’s white today, and day’s night today.”

“There’s nothing else like her anywhere you go.”

“Man, you’re anything but calm.“

"You’re a regular pint sized atom bomb.”

“You’re just the way I want you to be.”

“You’re a million times hotter than TNT.”

“Atom bomb baby, sweet as a plum.”

“You carry more wallop than uranium.”

“Crawl out through the fallout, baby.”

“I’ll hold you close and kiss those radiation burns away.”

“I’ll love you for all your life.”

“I’ve got a dream house I’ll build there one day.”

“I’m gonna hold my baby as tight as I can.”

“Hey, sister, ain’t you glad?”

“Everyone tells me he’s no good.”

“He doesn’t love me like he should.”

“But then he turns on those charms and there I am in his arms.”

“Why do I love a guy I ought to shoot?”

“He’s a demon, he’s a devil, he’s a doll.”

“I’m as corny as Kansas in August.”

“I have found me a wonderful guy!”

“I’m a cliche coming true.”

“I’m in love.”

“If it tells the biggest lies, wears the loudest ties, it’s a man.”

“If it’s as stubborn as can be, mean and ornery, it’s a man.”

“It’s all over but the crying.”

“I can’t get over crying over you.”

“One more tomorrow to see heaven in your eyes”

“Tomorrow I’ll beg for one more tomorrow with you.”

“Lay that pistol down.”

"You’ll holler: ‘Please don’t stop!’”

“Don’t they know it’s the end of the world?”

“It ended when you said goodbye.”

“I’m the type who’ll never settle down.”

“They call me the wanderer.”

“First you say you do, and then you don’t.”

“Make up your mind!”

“Have a rockin’ good time and throw it all away.”

“Baby, you can’t go wrong.”

“Love is passing me by.”

“I’m so painfully shy.”

“Baby, I’m a fool about love.”

“I found out that I’m the worrying kind.”

“The things that one can buy are not worth a lover’s sigh.”

“I just want to start a flame in your heart.”

“I just want to be the one you love.”

“Sure, I’m crazy.  Crazy in love.”

“I say I’ll go through fire, and I’ll go through fire.”

“Like the wind that shakes the bough, you move me with that smile.”

“I say I’ll care forever, and I mean forever.”

“It’s easy to live when you’re in love.”

there is something holy
in the lines by 
your eyes. 
heaven exists in between
your front teeth and the way
your lips become
there is no room for
while the sun still shines
and the moon glows–  
we remain within  
the devil does
not exist here.
—  heavenly details // a.s.m
Sex With.....BTS. (Sorta Oral)

Ok guys, just know this will be the most sexual yet disrespektful (disrespectful) thing you’ve ever read. Sorry to all the J- Hoe stans. 


Jimin: Whining, Whimpering, and just noise in general. Jimin seems like to wake you up in the morning with his lips around your clit. He’d love to hear you pant out his name and have your fingers in his hair. Jimin loves to see your chest rising and falling heavily while he pleasures you. Your face twisting in complete pleasure. He loves being the reason you choke on air and unravel underneath him. 

 Yoongi: Begging, Denial, and tears. Yoongi likes to tease during oral, he loves denying you of your release just so he can hear you beg for him, “Oppa, please, please let me cum.” Your words meant nothing to him and made that known. He wouldn’t want you to cum on his finger or in him mouth, this oral session would quickly turn into him roughly fucking you. The overstimulation of his cock in your already throbbing and sore core would end up with you in tears causing Yoongi’s organsm to spill into you. 

J-Hope (pray): Rough, permissions, and after care. There is no giving ‘JUST’ oral. This man, lord he was into taking you any and everywhere. One morning you were in the kitchen making him breakfast, the night before still spinning in his dirty mind. His shirt hung low enough on you but once you bent over he could see the heaven between your legs. Pushing your chest to the counter he couldn’t help but rub his growing erection against you core. Causing you to become wet, “Daddy-.” The words fell from your mouth sooner than usual since you were still sensitive from the night before. Sitting you on the counter he roughly and I mean roughly fucked you, the catch here was you couldn’t cum or even ask to cum until he told you to, he would make you wait till you were shaking in his arms. You’d be so weak from the previous fuck that’d he’d bathe and clothe you in aftercare. The best medicine for your sore body was his cuddles and that exactly what you got.

Jungkook: Receiving oral, praise. Jungkook, loves and I mean loves watching your full lips around his pulsing cock. The way your eyes met his and how you hummed sending vibrations around him was amazing. You’d attempt to tease your boyfriend but that just ended in him fucking your mouth causing tears to roll down your cheek, which he wiped away.

Rap Monster: Sixty- Nine. He likes to give and receive, you like the feeling of him groaning against your clit. He loves that you choke around his large cock when he suprise a you by entering one of his thick digits into you.

Jin: Good God. Jin doesn’t do oral, he finds it unnecessary, Jin loves to use toys on his princess. Vibrators and sometimes normal dildos. He made sure you wore you kitten tail plug everyday and loved to tease it inside of you when you were sleeping just so he could change your dream around hear you moan his name. Don’t become disobedient and touch him or yourself either, Jin would hate to have to tie your hands up.

V: Screaming, hot and dirty mess. Taehyung loved how breathy and raspy your voice became when he slide the two digits into your pulsing core. “Oppa- mhm- fuck please don’t stop.” You’d whimper out to him, causing him to move his fingers faster and run his tongue flatly against your clit. “Ah- slow down please.” You scream out when it overstimulated you and you were damn near shaking. “Oh go faster, your wish is my command baby.” He’d capture your erected nipple between his teeth and for the first tie in your life you’d squirt. Baby, good luck to you because you’re in for it, he'a fucking you all night until you squirt for him again.