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I was really worried after Merlin ended that there would be a huge drop off of fan stuff, fic and art and everything, but there hasn't been to a super noticeable degree and I'm really thankful to all you brilliant artists still giving us top notch fan work! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your time and effort, we love everything you put out! You're a fantastic artist and I get so happy when I see you posted something new! Thank you a thousand times :D

 ♥ ♥ ♥ thank you too ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Aaron: Stop shoving me, I've just woke up.
  • Robert: Yeah, but you're supposed to be catching up with Adam.
  • Aaron: Not until later. Especially when we could be catching up more in bed.
  • Robert: Yeah, well, I'm later than late, so...
  • Aaron: Come on, work can wait. You'll have no distractions for months while I'm banged up.
  • Robert: It's gonna be weeks, not months.
  • Aaron: Let's just enjoy my last day, come on. (KISS)
  • Adam: Yo, let's go!
  • Aaron: Go where?
  • Adam: Er... for a ride! Oh, come on. You said we could hang out.
  • Aaron: No, I said I'd see you tomorrow.
  • Robert: Go on. I'm off out anyway.
  • Aaron: Well, I'll just stay here with my mum and Liv.
  • Chas: No. Go on, Adam, tell him the truth. You need a hand.
  • Adam: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
  • Chas: Yeah, Moira's down a couple of workers and she's sitting Jack later, so she really needs the help. Go on. Go and be Moira's hero. But make sure you are back in time for your dinner.
  • Robert: Yeah, 2:30 sharp.
  • Aaron: Are you sure you can't ditch work?
  • Robert: I swear I'm gonna make it up to you. I'll see you at dinner. And don't be late.

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We're at Malwart, and I see an empty box that's clearly been forgotten. To note I work at a grocery store, so I see this all the time. My instinct kicked in and I took off the plastic, broke down the box, and put it in the cardboard cart they were using. I only snapped out of it when my mom asked, "Um, what are you doing?" Ugh, I think I'm in too deep.

My husband works there and whenever we go do our shopping he’ll do the same kind of thing. Put carts back, put items where they belong, pick up trash, face aisles, etc. I had to tell him that while I think he’s doing a nice thing and all it shouldn’t take us over an hour to get eggs, milk, and diapers. lol -Abby





We do SO much legwork for the boy’s teams it’s noooootttttt even funny omg. We do a solid 50% of their jobs; we promote, we create, we plan, we are meticulous and driven, and when we see a goal we want to reach, WE REACH IT. No questions asked. We have carried so much of this band and the boys as solo artists ON OUR BACKS (because let’s be honest, the fandom is the core of any band/movie/whatever) but we go above and beyond, and do it for FREE  because we love the boys and want to see them achieve and be everything we know they can be. So HOW on earth are we still viewed as silly, ignorant children? 

WE ARE ADULTS. And if we’re not, we’re on our way to being. The majority of this fanbase is comprised of well educated, determined, and diverse people who pool together their resources; whether age, or experience, or BOTH to create something powerful and cohesive. That’s not anything to sneeze at. And every single person who has handled the boys’ careers who doesn’t recognize who we are and what we have to offer are morons. Sorry, but we have said time and time again, “this is what we are, this is what we do, we want to work with you.” But they are so content to either take advantage of us, or plug their ears and ignore the fact that we are a major asset because they want to say they built this empire themselves. Sorry, boo. That doesn’t cut it anymore.

They want the validation of older fans. They want the watercooler chatter of “oh yeah, that Harry Styles! (Middle aged man) loves him! Reminds him of the days when music wasn’t TAINTED by pop and GIRLS. No, no, not /sexy/ girls, the crazy screaming ones. Yeah I hate those ones.” If that’s what you want, whatever, I couldn’t care less. But point to me even a group of FIVE men who will sit down at their computers for 8+ hours a day, streaming, tweeting, promoting, and creating concept art, all while balancing school/work, family, and personal responsibilities. I’ll wait. 

Keep pushing.

I dare you. 

But see where your clients end up when we stop doing the heavy lifting for you. You might even be forced to do it yourselves, and given the fact that quite a few people are questioning/confused by the disconnect between Harry Styles and Harry Styles™ that might be a little more difficult than you anticipated.

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Any thoughts about Engie and Pyro. Not necessarily as a couple but as partners or how they work together? I'm really enjoying these discussions. Ty for your time.

Oh, this is fun! When it’s the two of them hanging out on the battlefield, I see them as having a mutualistic relationship, which is a sort of behavioral symbiosis. (Like, have you ever seen those birds that perch on big animals like rhinos and elephants and eat ticks and other parasites off of them, which benefits both animals? It’s like that.) Pyro will keep close to the nest for supplies and healing but also help Engie out by spychecking—a little flame puff will do—and deflecting rockets with airblasts. It also provides a little spot that the others can jog over to if they’re on fire and get put out in a jiff!

I think Engie appreciates the company when this happens and has figured out how to understand Pyro’s speech better than any of the other mercs. He’s polite about not asking them any personal questions, though. Questions like “what’s your family like?” or “where’d you grow up?” or “are you actually several snakes in the semblance of a man?” He’s curious, of course, but you have to respect these boundaries when you work closely with others.

Pyro’s happy to have a party headquarters where all their best friends like to come! They all leave pretty quickly, though, which is fine because they always come back. Sometimes they come back covered in bubbles and seem upset, so Pyro dries them off. Balloonicorn says that they can trust Engie, which is silly because why wouldn’t Pyro trust one of their very best friends? Sometimes Balloonicorn tells Pyro things they don’t understand, but they know it means well. Pyro just wants to party!

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To the table that pointed and scream-laughed at me while I cringed in pain as the tray of wine glasses fell and shattered on my feet and my hands: I literally hope you fucking die. I was so kind to you all night. I worked my ass off to fit you in when you were too fucking dumb to not make a reservation. I'm not an actor performing slapstick. I'm covered in cuts. If I see you in my restaurant again, we'll see how hilarious it is when it's your food I'm dropping, right in front of your table.

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(I feel like this is gonna sound horribly rude) Are you going to tell us when you're moving completely to taptastic? My family is low on money due to multiple problems and I can't really pay for it. And I'm always waiting anxiously for the series so I want to know when you aren't posting it on here (I'm really really sorry if I sound conceited or rude in this)

Actually you don’t have to pay a single coin for viewing my work on Tapastic (i don;t know how many time I have said this), you just view it and Tapastic count the time viewer see the ads to pay me. It’s like youtube, the more view the higher pay. Thats why I said please turn off your ad block when viewing my work on Tapastic. If you view it on Tapas app its even better.

I will made an announcement of course, so that you can move from following me here to tumblr. You don’t sound rude at all, don’t worry.


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My boss has done me wrong in so many ways on the schedule in the past couple of months, including not telling me whether my request for time off has been approved or not, and leaving me to find out it was when I show up to work at the time I had requested off. She texted me a couple days ago, saying she had "meant to schedule me to close on Friday," and to see if I could close even though I'm scheduled off. I said no, and that I had plans. I'm not gonna help you when you clearly don't help me.

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Hey :3 I really love your blog and your writing, it's amazing <3 Um, I have one request... I just beat the game yesterday and OH MY GOD THESE EMOTIONS! So I would be really happy if you could write something about the chocobros reacting to their s/o getting emotional when they beat a video game or see a sad cutscene or so. (Since Prompto loves video games himself I'm very curious how you think he would react ^^) Thank you and keep up the good work <3

Look… I just beat FFXV yesterday, too, and so this ask is fitting perfectly. I’m like crying because I found an extended version of Somnus (the one where she’s singing) and I couldn’t stop myself from listening to it. agh.

anyways fun fact: this is the 50th installment to the masterlist. *pops confetti*

thank you. <3

Noctis is one of those people who brushes off the sad parts of video games but is actually Deeply Affected™ by them and precisely a month later, after his s/o may or may not have gotten over the sad part, he’ll bring it up like “I can’t believe they all died at the end…” and his s/o will either be like “i just got over this how could you” or “I KNOW RIGHT,” this can go either way. He won’t shed a tear because he’s not affected on an extremely personal level, but he’s still gonna be sad about it. It’s like hearing your friend’s cousin died. It’s sad.

If his s/o is crying over a video game, you can bet one thousand gil that Prompto is crying too. Like, most of the time it’s not even from the game. He’s still deeply affected (on a deeper level than Noctis) but seeing his s/o cry makes him cry, and they’ll both be in tears very soon. He’s the one that’ll plow through and keep playing even though he can’t see the screen cause he’s crying. “Prompto, I think it’s time for a break,” his s/o will say, still blubbering, wanting to perhaps escape the game for a bit. “These poor characters have to keep going so I will too,” he responds, his voice thick with tears, and really his s/o can’t refuse that argument.

Gladio finds it kinda amusing and endearing when his s/o starts getting emotional over a video game. He had to keep himself from laughing when he heard them cursing at their game through the walls. Like… when his s/o starts crying over a part, he’ll give them a huge hug – from behind, so he doesn’t block their view of the screen – and he acts as their rock because he’s not shedding a single tear. His eyes don’t even sting. The most emotion you’ll get is a frown, maybe a curse? Because Gladio maintains this sort of detachment from fictional works so he doesn’t get so drawn in. He wants to experience it, but not be overwhelmed by it. So when his s/o’s favorite character dies, he’ll listen to them ramble and agree with them that yes, that was messed up.

Ignis kinda mirrors Marge from The Simpsons in this sense – if he comes along and his s/o is in tears, if he didn’t know about the issue previously he’ll probably ask if one of their characters has come across some troubles. Ignis, like Gladio, tries to keep himself detached from fictional works, but he’s not very good at it. He’s somewhere between Gladio and Noctis on the scale of reactions. He’ll listen to his s/o ramble about it if it’s a thing that he wasn’t there for. If Ignis was there from the beginning of the game to the point where his s/o’s favorite character died or the like, he’ll be upset, but it’s like a “I thought they were gonna die but I didn’t think they were actually gonna die” kinda sense. Still, to compare how upset he is, it’s like the feeling you get when you drop something, like “oh no” but you know it won’t break.

I totally blanked on Ignis’ part.

Where are all the freaks at?
  • I spoke with my little brother this morning a little more and he's wanting to help drum up some activity here. Any ideas, guys? He mentioned very briefly that maybe a contest to be a guest here with us and some oral.👅 I told him though fun as that may be, sounds pretty illegal. Lol keep him in check guys. I'm off to work now. Can't wait to see what you guys leave for me when I get off. 👯 pun intended
  • Robert: Why don't you just sack off work for the day?
  • Aaron: I'm better off keeping busy.
  • Liv: Morning.
  • Aaron: Hiya.
  • Robert: Hiya. - You could be busy taking me out for lunch, never mind humping a load of old scrap about.
  • Aaron: I can't expect Adam to carry the business, can I? It's gonna be bad enough when I'm inside.
  • Robert: Nice to see you've got a sense of humour about it. While you're sleepwalking your way in to prison, what are the rest of us supposed to do?
  • Aaron: You can stop fussing for a start.
  • Chas: (coming in) Special delivery from Marlon the great.
  • Liv: What is it, a cake?
  • Chas: Mm. He's done it special for Lisa. Look. Ha-ha. Double choc-chip chocolate fudge. Wow, about 4000 calories a slice.
  • Liv: Well, whoop-de-dooo for Lisa then.
  • Aaron: Oi you, you'll trip over that bottom lip if you're not careful. Oi! Why don't you come to the scrapyard, help me for half an hour? I'll make it worth your while.

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There a giant sign hanging on the front of the door of my work clearly stating our hours. And yet, every day, there are always those people that knock, pull, and bang on the door trying to get me to let them in. I don't care if you see me here, I'm in the process of opening the store. It's not all just magically set up by itself. It also happens with closing too. I'm sure plenty of people can relate. It just pisses me off when people get mad at me for not letting them in when we Are. Not. Open.

you realize football is a huge part of your country’s culture when you leave home on sunday around 4pm and barely see people on the street and if you walk in the front of the houses you can hear the sound of a football game being broadcasted. when you’re just chilling at home when a game is on and then you hear your neighbors screaming and setting off fireworks when their team score. when you are out in gamedays and see people stopping by in bars or somewhere else with a tv to see how the game is going. when every 4 years people get together to paint and decorate the streets with your country’s colors. when every 4 years everyone stops to see your country playing. when people can leave work or school earlier just for that. when you see that even when your family isn’t that much interested in football, you grew up surrounded by it. when you can’t imagine a different life.

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Almost 400 Lizzington fics have been deleted off of AO3 already. I'm far more heartbroken over this than what happened on the show last night.

I hope this doesn’t continue. I see no reason to delete works that can still be read and enjoyed. Just tag them #AU and #pre shady af retcon. We all know Lizzington was real and JB is lying through his teeth. And when it’s finally revealed that oh btw that old gross shirt really wasn’t our Red’s or whatever then we can tag our fics #see we fucking told you so.

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Could you explain the post about the credit system a little more? I'm assuming you're referring to financial credit but I'm not entirely sure how it works against disabled people (I totally believe that it does and can see how it would in general but I'm just curious to know more info since I never really thought about it myself and I'm disabled.) If you're not up for it that's fine too though! Sending spoons!

So speaking from personal experience, my credit has been ruined by medical bills. I pay them off as soon as I can, but when you have medical equipment and other urgent care costs, shit happens.

Eventually the bill gets sent to a collection agency and then your credit tanks and you’re Doomed. Same goes with other types of debt, which is unfortunately a reality for a lot of disabled people.

Also for most credit cards, you have to have a job/significant income to even qualify. For a lot of us that’s just not possible. 

The only credit card I have is a secured card through my bank, which if you don’t know is where you pay the bank up front for the limit of the card and then you can spend that like you would with a normal credit card. But it builds good credit more slowly than a normal card.

So basically what little credit disabled people are able to build up for themselves is destroyed by unexpected bills that are sent to collection agencies and stuff like that.

Poor credit (or lack of credit entirely) stops disabled people like me from qualifying for home loans, even if we have some income and/or people who would help us pay for the mortgage.

We can’t get out on our own because nobody ever gives us a chance.

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Distraction! What do you think will happen when kageyama and hinata graduate? Do you think they'll still be working towards each other even if/when they aren't on the same team? I'm a big iwaoi fan too, i kinda see them separating the same way. What do you think?

I’ve been stewing on this ask on and off since the day I got it, and I’m having such a hard time coming to just one conclusion, and my reason for that is that I have my shipper-goggles conclusions and my canon-based conclusions, but I will try and talk about the most plausible options here.

As far as canon goes, I think…right now, it’s too difficult to judge. They haven’t even been teammates for a year. The only thing gluing them together as of now is the team, and their quick, and I don’t think Kageyama, at least, would hesitate to leave Hinata behind and find something aside their rivalry to spur him on. Kageyama doesn’t need Hinata to play well; any high caliber spiker will do, even if they don’t have quite the same click he and Hinata had, and any high caliber opposing team will be enough to rev his engines. 

Hinata…I think Kageyama would be both his carrot and his stick long after they’ve parted ways. For Hinata, Kageyama has always been a target and a hurdle simultaneously, and I don’t think that will change if they end up playing on different teams one day. 

As far as storytelling goes, I do think the rivalry will always be a part of their characters and their relationship, but I don’t think Furudate has a clear-cut winner in terms of where the pair should end up beyond high school in relation to one another. I don’t think people would revolt seeing them on the same side of the court or staring through the net, and right now, I can’t see the narrative swaying either way. I’ve tried nit-picking at it, but their partnership crops up just as often as their rivalry. Outside characters have a tendency to lump them together, and they are often admired and feared as a pair, but that doesn’t give us any real indicator as to what Furudate has planned. 

Personally, I don’t see the manga continuing on passed nationals. This is what it has built up to all this time, with this Karasuno, facing off against these teams with these players, and I don’t know what direction the story could possibly take after this that would keep it interesting. With that in mind, I think if this is something to be addressed in canon, it’ll happen as an epilogue, and as much as I’d like to see them playing side by side somewhere in the future, I’d be just as hyped seeing them on opposite sides of the court. 

Where they end up will depend on how far into the future the narrative takes us, I think. If they reach Olympic heights, there’s no way to have them facing off against each other - there’s only one team to play on. If, however, they stop at university (the more realistic option, but…it’s sports anime), I’d like to see them on opposing teams. I think that would be the best (and more likely) course to take, but what I don’t think will happen is that they will drift apart entirely. I think, even if Kageyama finds a new team with better players, Hinata will continue to light the same fire in him the moment they see each other. 

BUT my ideal scenario is the two of them sharing a little flat in a big city, playing on the same university team and struggling to keep their grades up, living off of cup noodles and milk and only eating real food when somebody cooks for them, sharing a bed even though the flat has two rooms, but they’re not dating because ew, gross, who’d ever want to date Bakageyama?! Except they share clothes and they cuddle and they’ve kissed once or twice or maybe too many times to count (they were drunk, everybody kisses when they’re drunk). 

They still bicker and they still fight, everything is still a competition, and Hinata is still sure he’s going to beat Kageyama one day, but until then, playing together is good enough. Until then, they’ll stay side by side. 

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Okay I gotta tell this story because it still pisses me off. When I worked at a grocery store I'd sometimes get the "blocking" shift, where you gotta go through the whole store and straighten and tidy up everything. Anyway, one night I'm on the cereal aisle, and this man comes walking up with a box of such. He looks at me as he passes by sees what I'm doing, walks halfway up the aisle, and puts THE BOX IN SIDEWAYS. So I gotta walk all the way back and straighten it back out. Fucking dick.

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I have a really sick relaitive. Sick like hospitalized bad. Sick like they haven't woken up in 3 days. So when I bawl my eyes off my boss when I'm telling this, my boss just say "ok, sorry, you can work in the back office so clients don't see you". I lost my faith in this retail work before, but now I know I work with a monster for a boss.