see you soon bby

idk how sad or lame this is but i’ve been writing “I have worked all Winter, I will not fail Summer” on my arm every day for the past few months

somehow when i’m sitting in school thinking that i’m just never going to get where i want to be and FMLing, i look at it and it just makes me shut up and go back to studying and i become more determined than ever

I just keep thinking about seeing him live in August and being able to shout out that line when he performs that song, knowing that I’ve done my best and I’ll be getting my results back that same week and idk idk i’m excited and stressed and this is nonsense

just wanted to do an application post for bustedstars cause hoLY FRICK YOU GRADUATED YESTERDAY AND LIKE SERIOUSLY JUST FEELS LIKE YESTERDAY WAS HOMECOMING AND WE WERE BEGINNING TO BE FRIENDS AND WHAT NOT. anyway, even though we haven’t been friends for a super long time I’m gonna miss you so much cause you’ve become one of my closest friends and good luck in college cant wait for you to learn all the nursing stuff so you can be my personal nurse okay well love you bby see you soon probably

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY OPPA! Stay happy! Stay cool and an angel! Stay handsome bby! :) Hope to see you soon! I love you bby! Saranghae Suho~ya💙💙💙