see you soon :)

Time doesn’t wait and slow down for anyone, as much as we want it to. When it is time for you to go, you just have to go as much as you want to stay. So remember to appreciate those around you while you still have the chance to. This goes out to my good brother who left us behind a little too soon. May you rest in eternal peace. We will meet again someday.

You’re the only one, that can stop my mind from going a million miles per minute. 
You calm my soul, and make all my worries fade away. You’re my happy place.
—  From Me to Her (from @musicnblood to @notbr0ken-justbent)

 quick doodle-comic!. i really have this idea in my head for so long and i decide to draw it !.
but i don´t really have time i’m suppose to be asleep but i´m not!. so yeah here you have it!!

sorry if i write something wrong! english is not my first language!
now i have to go!
( note: one of the Daughters of Hecate is me and the other is my sis Blue)

Sup..Its Marker/Mars/Ecto or whatever the hell yall call me. sorry for not being that active. I took a week long trip not to mention my homelife isnt the most stable or the  safest. I havent really been up to drawing recently due to artblock and the lack of confidence I have in my art as of late…..

But pushing away all the excuses im here to apologize for keeping you all waiting and I am really sorry about that…I love you guys. and updates will start again shortly on 

And here on Magic Marker. 

I thank you for your patience…