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Mars in Fire signs
People with their Mars in a Fire sign (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are quick to assert themselves. They are the type to get angry easily and you will see their temper flare up. More than any other Mars sign, it’s the Fire sign Mars who can resort to violence when angered. They have lots of energy to burn and it can lead to spontaneous adventures and impulsiveness. One thing they hate more than anything? Boredom. They have to be doing something with their time. The Fire sign Mars are prone to becoming reckless and can often find themselves getting in a lot of trouble.

Mars in Earth signs
People with their Mars in an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are patient and strategic. They are not very aggressive individuals and can be patient with anger. They prefer to spend their time being productive and usually working on their long term goals. They can be very successful people because they’re always on-the-go and they set realistic and achievable goals for themselves. The Earth sign Mars do not mind getting their hands dirty every now and then because they understand and value the meaning of hard work and dedication.

Mars in Air signs
People with their Mars in an Air sign (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) spend most of their time and energy into mental pursuits. They are knowledgeable and can be social butterflies as well. For some reason, they do attract a lot of people because their energy is contagious and fun. They aren’t quick to anger, but best believe they can give a fierce tongue-lashing and a cold shoulder. The Air sign Mars are the types to “think before doing” and so they develop this cleverness to them. They may miss out on opportunities because they sit and ponder too much, but there are times where opportunities come knocking at their door.

Mars in Water signs
People with their Mars in a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) are indirectly aggressive. Often times, the Water sign Mars at their worst, have trouble containing their anger. Since they are attached to their feelings, they won’t do something unless it feels right with them. They are capable of achieving their goals, but only if it sits right with them and if it’s going to be long term. The Water sign Mars often do need a little push. They have an incredibly strong intuition and no one knows whats best for them like they know whats best for themselves.

You want / seek

Venus/Mars in Aries: an exciting, energetic, courageous partner
Venus/Mars in Taurus: a patient, reliable, sensual partner
Venus/Mars in Gemini: a witty, intellectual, sociable partner
Venus/Mars in Cancer: a sensitive, caring, homemaking partner
Venus/Mars in Leo: a loyal, generous, extravagant partner
Venus/Mars in Virgo: a modest, clever, organized partner
Venus/Mars in Libra: a charming, graceful, peaceful partner
Venus/Mars in Scorpio: an intense, mysterious, protective partner
Venus/Mars in Sagittarius: an adventurous, philosophical, wild partner
Venus/Mars in Capricorn: an ambitious, composed, aloof partner
Venus/Mars in Aquarius: an inventive, edgy, unique partner
Venus/Mars in Pisces: a dreamy, gentle, spiritual partner

Venus/Mars in the 1st house: who will compete with you
Venus/Mars in the 2nd house: who will spoil you
Venus/Mars in the 3rd house: who will keep you busy
Venus/Mars in the 4th house: who will keep you safe
Venus/Mars in the 5th house: who will entertain you
Venus/Mars in the 6th house: who will take care of you
Venus/Mars in the 7th house: who will devote themselves to you
Venus/Mars in the 8th house: who will understand you deeply
Venus/Mars in the 9th house: who will show you the world
Venus/Mars in the 10th house: who will push you to succeed
Venus/Mars in the 11th house: who will see the genius in you
Venus/Mars in the 12th house: who will escape with you

Be sure to check both. If you’re attracted to females, Venus may make more sense, and if you’re attracted to males, Mars may make more sense. For the house positions, you can also switch the roles (for example, if you have Mars in the ninth house, you could seek someone who you can show the world to rather than the other way around).

You need

Moon in Aries: an encouraging partner
Moon in Taurus: a supporting partner
Moon in Gemini: a listening partner
Moon in Cancer: a nurturing partner
Moon in Leo: an adoring partner
Moon in Virgo: a reassuring partner
Moon in Libra: a compromising partner
Moon in Scorpio: an understanding partner
Moon in Sagittarius: a decelerating partner
Moon in Capricorn: an energizing partner
Moon in Aquarius: a humbling partner
Moon in Pisces: a soothing partner

Moon in the 1st house: who acknowledges you
Moon in the 2nd house: who fortifies you
Moon in the 3rd house: who poises you
Moon in the 4th house: who emboldens you
Moon in the 5th house: who inspires you
Moon in the 6th house: who cooperates with you
Moon in the 7th house: who differentiates from you
Moon in the 8th house: who opens you up
Moon in the 9th house: who sets you free
Moon in the 10th house: who supports you
Moon in the 11th house: who accepts you
Moon in the 12th house: who realizes you

What’s Up for February?

What’s Up for February? Look to the night sky for a brighter Venus, Comet 45P, asteroid Vesta and more. 

Tonight, you can see Venus along with a crescent moon, Mars and Uranus just after sunset. No binoculars needed! 

While there are no meteor showers this month, behold the zodiacal light!

This phenomenon is caused when sunlight reflects off dust particles in the plane of our solar system. Use Venus and Mars as a cone-shaped guide on the western horizon in late February and March.

Comet 45P will be visible using binoculars and telescope and will make its closest approach to Earth on February 11.

Finally, bright asteroid Vesta can be found in the constellation Pisces.

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One more Long Exposure fan Comic, a shorty this time and I’ve is drawn Jonas so I’m satisfied, I’m done now 😂

Only thing I could think u’d get for an aspiring marine biologist that doesn’t like stolen sh*t while on a budget of buck all. Kinda an exceptionally sappy take on picking flowers. Hmmm.

The only reason this was done so soon after the last is because Joeys Birthday was not a negotiable dead line so this isn’t a regular thing, I got other stuff I need draw 😆. But honestly just go read the original comic @longexposurecomic it’s so good, and they update quiet regularly. I might also recommend if you’d like more head canons to check out @mitjo and also @textsbetweensellwoodhigh (so much fun to read, good way to chill out).

And definitely go check out @smokeplanet on twitter and tumblr, especially today for the Wagner birthday, go see what they actually got from their friends and family (hopefully not a jar of bloody shells. I’m putting my money on socks, can never go wrong with socks)

On a slightly different note I did say I’d do another Solangelo fan comic but inspirations running a touch dry in that department and I don’t want to do a half baked job of it so it may be a while before any more fan comics are made (although this will be the last Long exposure fan comic). I have no idea what my next fan comic will be if any. 

I needa work on my background, i want to draw more Nordic coasts so a couple of those may be posted but probably not cause currently they’re awkward looking things.

That’s me done,

Take care of yourselves 

and to Mars if you see this, Good Luck and be good to yourself.

anonymous asked:

hi hannah, what planets do you think come out during different situations? its vague, but like i remember reading that your moon comes out when youre intoxicated. i assume you rising shows upon meeting someone for the first time, and then sun would be when you get to know them? thanks!

hey, I know what you mean! Great question

You will see your sun sign when you’re with your friends, taking personality tests, and in your general self and personality traits

You will see your moon sign when you are emotional, by yourself or alone, and with your family and closest friends

You will see your rising sign when you meet new people, think about how you see the world, and in your interactions with the world

You will see your mercury sign when you are debating, having a conversation, doing research, asking questions, and in your thoughts

You will see your Venus sign when you have a crush or relationship, in your aesthetics and clothing choices, how you see or think about love, and when you give or receive affection

You will see your Mars sign when you are reacting instinctually, in your instincts, when you are flirting or going for a crush, and in your energy overall.

You will see your Saturn sign in your schoolwork or work in general, in your behavior towards work, in your challenges and how you deal with them or overcome them

You will see your Jupiter sign in your luck, how you expand in life, where you want to expand in life, and how you learn or learn abstractly

You will see your Uranus sign in how you want to change the world, how you want to be a part of your community, and how you want to see the world change or rebel against standards

You will see Neptune in your dreams, your senses, and your spirituality or beliefs

You will see your Pluto sign in your generation, how you change and transform, and where you change and transform

There is a lot more depth and areas to these planets than just these, but I thought this covered a lot of the bases :-)

we know the game

on Ao3

nothing like some good old fashioned nonsense

this is basically crack. right well, i should stop writing after 11pm


Marinette has a few rules when it comes to her partner.

  1. Don’t let him take patrols on his own. He’ll fall asleep on a random rooftop somewhere because he likes to stay out until the break of dawn, watching over the city as it sleeps.
  2. If he calls after midnight, always answer.
  3. Don’t trust him with gifts. He always goes unnecessarily over the top and spends far too much money for her (or anyone else) to be comfortable with it.
  4. Don’t put him in charge of food. For the same reason as the gifts, but also because he’ll eat half the food before she shows up.
  5. Don’t smile at him too much in class. Alya is getting suspicious.

But it turns out that Marinette has to add a new rule to the list:

  • Don’t let Alya and Nino plan anything for the four of them.


“Are you sure you can’t come?” Marinette asks, pacing back and forth as Tikki watches her burn circles in the floor from the desk..

I really can’t,” Alya apologizes over the phone. “We can’t find a sitter this last minute and there’s no way my mom is letting Ella and Etta stay home alone.

“Could you bring them?” Marinette tries. “Because I can just bring more food and—”

Marinette,” Alya interrupts gently. “With this last week of akumas, I don’t think my mom wants even us going to school. A park without adult supervision? No way.

Marinette chews on her bottom lip and resists the urge to ask ‘what about superhero supervision?’ Instead, she asks, “Are you sure?”

Positive.” Alya sighs. “I’m sorry, I really wish I could come. But you’ll be with Nino and Adrien, you’ll still have a fun time without me there.”

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prompt given to me by @ask-royai-lty (like i dont have 3456347435+ sitting in my ask box) and a neat, 757-word exercise of Roy and Riza going viciously at each other’s throat and not in the nice way. 

She turned a heel towards the door, wanting to leave before level-headedness was lost between them. The music from Madame Christmas’s bar was muffled by an oak door, all she had to do was walk out of it and it would be done. He would fume and burn out before they showcased their regrets.

Roy snatched her wrist. A low growl erupted from the depth of his chest. “I didn’t say you could leave.”

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maddmusic reference

this is what i use, i’m only sharing what i experience as i experience it. it might me different for everyone, but i hope this helps 💙

* paradise / coldplay
* oh ms believer / twenty one pilots
* soon / thumbelina
* astronaut / simple plan

* how does a moment last forever (montmartre)
* shouldn’t come back / demi lovato
* dark paradise / lana del rey [warning: this song tends to trigger extremely depressing daydreams, i only resort to this when i’m already feeling significantly sad)
* colors (stripped) / halsey
* the house that built me / miranda lambert
* danny boy / declan galbraith (can be interpreted as parent and child or separated sweethearts relationship)
* bottom of the ocean / miley cyrus
* talking to the moon / bruno mars
* never grow up / taylor swift

* sorry / halsey
* almost is never enough / ariana grande ft. nathan skyes
* just give me a reason / p!nk and nate ruess
* wildest dreams / taylor swift
* need you now / lady antebellum
* the heart wants what it wants / selena gomez
* she will be loved / maroon 5
* hey there delilah / plain white t’s
* what to do / demi lovato
* the last time / taylor swift ft. gary lightbody
* someone like you / adele
* back to december / taylor swift
* cosmic love / florence and the machine
* heart attack / demi lovato
* daylight / maroon 5

* mirrors / justin timberlake
* summertime sadness / lana del rey
* look at me / carrie underwood
* love alone / katelyn tarver
* if you told me to / hunter hayes
* come on get higher / matt nathanson
* when i look at you / miley cyrus
* wanted / hunter hayes
* everything has changed / taylor swift ft. ed sheeran
* a thousand years / christina perri
* all of me / john legend
* catch me / demi lovato
* fearless / taylor swift
* marry you / bruno mars
* begin again / taylor swift
* i see the light / tangled
* young love / kip moore
* death of a bachelor / panic! at the disco
* ours / taylor swift
* let me be your wings / thumbelina
* more than miles / brantley gilbert
* a year without rain / selena gomez
* bright / echosmith
* state of grace / taylor swift
* without you / lana del rey [warning: comes with feelings of dependence on paras, may break the fourth wall]
* drive / halsey
* starlight / taylor swift
* if i lose myself / onerepublic
* salvatore / lana del rey
* can’t help falling in love / ingrid michaelson or twenty one pilots or céline dion or elvis (the original singer)
* malibu / miley cyrus

* treacherous / taylor swift
* pillowtalk / zayn
* take me to church / hozier (especially sinful vibes with this one, watch out)
* wildfire / demi lovato
* casual affair / panic! at the disco
* lust for life / lana del rey (seriously recommend this song, not only is it aesthetically pleasing and sexy but it’s also full of hope and general positive inspiration)
* miss jackson / panic! at the disco
* criminal / britney spears
* crazy in love / sofia karlburg or beyoncé
* stars dance / selena gomez

* already gone / kelly clarkson
* jar of hearts / christina perri
* paper doll / john mayer
* goodbye / miley cyrus
* mine would be you / blake shelton
* when i was your man / bruno mars

* hold me down / halsey
* ballad of mona lisa / panic! at the disco
* gasoline / halsey
* teen idle / marina and the diamonds
* habits / tove lo
* chandelier / sia

* set fire to the rain / adele
* trouble / halsey
* grenade / bruno mars
* wild one / i am harlequin
* nicotine / panic! at the disco
* dear john / taylor swift
* stay / rihanna ft. mikky ekko
* i’m low on gas and you need a jacket / pierce the veil (super emo, suicidal vibes, highly emotional and poetic lyrics)
* love the way you lie / rihanna (there are 2 parts, i personally prefer part 2)
* teddy bear / melanie martinez (her music generally tends to focus on children’s lifestyle which can be creepy and seem pedophilic and i have mixed feelings about her but this one is kinda okay. just warning you in case you’re sensitive to it)
* dollhouse / melanie martinez (same with this one, i actually really like this one)
* cold as you / taylor swift

* clean / taylor swift
* i’m not a robot / marina and the diamonds
* if i die young / the band perry (it’s a reminder of the aftermath of suicide)
* warrior / demi locator
* human / cher lloyd
* human / christina perri (they’re different songs)
* fight song / rachel platten
* try / colbie caillat (on female body image and standards)
* scars to your beautiful / alessia cara (also female body image and standards)
* wide awake / katy perry
* saturn / sleeping at last
* lovely / twenty one pilots
* carry on / fun

YOU’RE MY HOME + FAMILY OF FRIENDS + PLATONIC ROMANCE + JUST HANGING OUT (with a hint of friends with benefits)
* sweater weather / the neighborhood
* love / lana del rey
* she looks so perfect / 5 seconds of summer
* team / lorde
* we are young / fun
* this is what makes us girls / lana del rey
* tennis court / lorde
* 22 / taylor swift
* LA devotee / panic! at the disco
* holy ground / taylor swift
* forest / twenty one pilots
* royals / lorde
* new romantics / taylor swift
* i’m yours / jason mraz
* house of gold / twenty one pilots
* castle on the hill / ed sheeran

* castle / halsey
* how to be a heartbreaker / marina + the diamonds
* heathens / twenty one pilots
* blank space / taylor swift
* dangerous woman / ariana grande
* control / halsey
* can’t be tamed / miley cyrus
* national anthem / lana del rey
* primadonna girl / marina and the diamonds
* centuries / fall out boy
* emperor’s new clothes / panic at the disco
* circus / britney spears
* music to watch boys to / lana del rey
* defying gravity / idina menzel
* homewrecker / marina and the diamonds
* off to the races / lana del rey

an extra bit of advice:

-follow up a series of dark/sad themes with a few happier themes
-try not to engage in the violent/depressing themes, but i know sometimes it’s just too hard to resist, so when you just *have* to daydream violence and the like, if it gets too intense for your health, cut off the music, take a little break, put on a happier song even if you don’t feel like listening to one yet
-please turn the volume down, darling
-drink water!! take breaks
-if you cry, it’s okay

i hope this helps!! sorry to the boys, these are mostly directed @ girls cause i’m a girl and so is my parame :// if you’d like to request more themes, drop them in my inbox or leave a comment and i’ll see what i can do for you!!

Seven Minutes With You

Request: Hi this is kinda weird but can u pls do a reggie one shot/imagine where the reader is v shy and like gives that innocent vibe so reggie’s always messing with her and sayin things that make her blush especially in class when he whispers things in her ear and he’s just always putting his arm around her and poking her sides and she acts like it annoys her but in reality she has a huge crush on him so Veronica makes them play 7 minutes in heaven at a party? Sorry if this is strange. :(

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: This isn’t strange at all! When I read this at first, I was super excited, so thank you for requesting!

Pairing: Reggie X Reader

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by joeck

“Y/N!” Turning with a bright warming smile, you came face to face with the one and only Reggie Mantle. At the sight of his tall structure running towards you, you felt yourself blush but quickly pushed it away, not wanting him to see.

“Hi Reggie.” You greeted warmly when he reached you, leaning against your locker he smiled cockily over at you and you shook your head. None of this was weird. Since you’d move to Riverdale Reggie had made his obvious interest towards you known and was always hanging by your side.

When you’d first come to this school, you’d been confronted by Veronica and Betty who had kindly started talking to you when they saw you alone. That in turn allowed you to start hanging out with them, Archie and Jughead. They were some of the best friends you could ask for.

But after a week or so, Reggie had come up to you and sweet talked you with some cheesy pick-up line. You’d never been so openly flirted with and you’d never really had a boyfriend before so his comments made you easily blush and flustered. Though before anything more could happen, Archie had found you and dragged you off, saying that Reggie wasn’t exactly the guy you should be spending all your time with.

But despite his warnings, you couldn’t help but look back and realize how attractive he was. He was built and tall, way taller than you, and he was undoubtedly attractive. That was when you realized your slowly growing affections for the boy and from that day on it grew.

Luckily for you, Archie’s interruption that day didn’t stop from Reggie walking up to you the next day and doing the same thing. From then on Reggie walked you to classes, hung out with you during lunch whenever he could, teased you in and out of classes and always invited you to his games.

You acted as if it annoyed you, but you’d be lying if you said you didn’t like it.

“You going to Veronica’s party tonight?” Snapping out of your musings, you blinked turning up and looking at Reggie. He was grinning down at you, and you couldn’t help but feel your cheeks warm ever so slightly. Damnit, you had it hard for this guy.

“Uh… I don’t know. Not really my scene.” He pouted and you couldn’t help but notice how cute he looked.

“Aweh!” He whined, stepping forward he placed his hands on each side of you and started to tickle. You giggled, but noticed how every one had already left seeing as it was the end of the day, and mentally thanked so no one heard how loud you were.

“Stop!” You whined, giggles breaking through. Reggie laughed,  “not until you agree to come to this party.”

“Fine!” You yelled; “fine! Fine! i’ll go!” You let out a heavy breath when his relentless fingers finally left your sides. He chuckled; “see all you needed was some convincing.” He smirked.

You rolled your eyes, sighing. Closing your locker you turned to face him and despite how shy you were you couldn’t help but asked; “why do you even want me to come that bad?” You asked curious, your question must have thrown Reggie off as he jerked his head back and paused ever so slightly.

His shock didn’t last long though as he quickly smiled again and poked your stomach. You grumbled, swatting his hand; “you already know why Y/N.” Was all he said before walking off. You stared at his retreating back and couldn’t help but stare longingly; “I’ll see you at the party!”

What the hell did that mean?”

Nervously you walked through the doors to Veronica’s house, the rooms and halls already packed with people. You couldn’t help but notice the already drunk boys laying on the ground and the chatting girls as you walked through. You weren’t exactly sure why you agreed to come, well besides being harassed to do so.

But parties most definitely weren’t your scene and you felt super self conscious walking through the crowds of people as you tried not to get shoved down. 

You looked around for Reggie but sadly couldn’t find him, so settled on standing in the kitchen by the island and staring at whatever drinks were in front of you, trying to find one that didn’t hold alcohol in it. 

“Hey! Y/N!” Turning, you saw Veronica across the hall a bit, waving at you. You grinned at the familiar face and waved back; “glad you could make it!” She called and you laughed nodding. Part of hoping she would come over to you, but you noticed how she was dancing with Kevin, and she looked like she was having a lot of fun. Sighing, you played around with your empty cup, staring mindlessly.

Suddenly arms wrapped around your waist and hauled you off the ground, you let out a tiny scream as big arms picked your feet off the ground. “Hey!” You called, not knowing who was behind you. Suddenly you were set on the ground but the arms around your waist stayed there and hugged you tight against the mans chest; “glad you came.” He whispered in your ear and you instantly recognize the voice.

Turning in his arms, you slapped Reggie on the chest. “You scared me half to death!” You lectured him.

He chuckled, “sorry but… I am glad you know.” He smiled.

“That I came?”

“Of course. Thought you wouldn’t show.” you suddenly blushed, as you brushed a piece of hair behind your ear and stared down at the arms that were still wrapped around your waist. 

“Yeah well… Veronica’s my friend so…” 

“Oh…” Reggie said, and his arms came off from around your waist. Suddenly realizing what you said, you grabbed Reggie’s arm and tried to fight down your blush, smiling up at him. “But of course, i’m always happy to see you.” The frown that had marred his face easily disappeared and he grinned again, more confidently this time.

“I thought I annoyed you?” He teased.

You laughed, fiddling with your hair; “not all the time.”

Reggie opened his mouth to speak again, comfortably setting himself next you but suddenly a voice called out; “Reggie!” The both of you turned, seeing Moose waving you both over. “We’re playing a game, come join!” You turned to each other, questioning the other before laughing and walking over.

The living room was full and you walked in, noticing Reggie be-lining for the last spot on the couch. You sighed, walking across him to head to the edge of the couch to sit on before hands grabbed your hips and set you down on a lap. Blushing madly, you turned and saw Reggie grinning up at you. 

Leaning over, he set his head on your shoulder; “what you’d think i’d let you stand?” He whispered into your ear and you felt yourself blush even more madly. Everyone could see you which only allowed the embarrassment to set further in.

“Yeah! Reggie getting some!” Chuck yelled and you hid your face in your hands. Reggie laughed and finally peeking through your fingers you noticed the bottle set on the table before you. You let your eyes drift higher, and not surprisingly Veronica stood directly in front of you with a smirk on her face. Despite your seating predicament, you knew something was up.

“Veronica…” You spoke.

“So glad you and Reggie could make it Y/N!” She cheered, clapping but you could tell by the smirk on her face she was up to something. Turning, you caught eye of Betty and looked at her questioningly, she only shook her head with a small smile.

“So! Everyone I say we indulge ourselves in a little game of ‘Seven Minutes’ In Heaven’” she clapped and suddenly you felt your heart drop. You gave her a warning look but she only laughed.

With that Veronica spun the bottle, it landed on various different people but you barely paid attention. What with Veronica’s scheming eyes and Reggie’s arms around your waist and the fact that you were sitting on his lap, you found it a little hard. It wasn’t until the bottle undoubtedly landed on you or Reggie, whoever that you felt your heart beat pick up.

“Oooh! Y/N it’s landed on you!” Betty cheered and you narrowed your eyes at your two best friends. 

“I vote that you go in with Reggie.” There it was, the final words.  You blushed again and you cursed your innocence. There was cheer and suddenly you were standing, Reggie’s hands on your waist.

“Sounds good to me.” He grinned, mentally thanking Veronica.

“I’m not too sure…” You trailed off but Veronica ‘tsked’, “you played the game Y/N and these are the rules.”

Veronica helped push you into the closet and before you could even think you were in a closet with Reggie, the door locked behind you. You couldn’t help but blush and you fiddled with your fingers, a nervous energy radiating off of you. There was moments of silence before Reggie’s hand came in front of you and he poked you in the familiar spot that was your nose.

“Don’t be so nervous, Y/N.” He reassured.

You laughed, trying to play it off but failing miserably. “Nervous? Psshhh, not me.” You chuckled nervously.

Reggie chuckled too and silence fell over the both of you. 

“Hey Y/N?” Reggie suddenly called and you looked up at him, intently focusing on him. “What do you think of me?”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

“Well, would you ever consider dating me?” You froze, unsure on how to answer. You opened your mouth to speak but paused, unsure and confused. 

“I-I…-” A hand grabbed your face and pulled you against lips. You froze, shocked but eventually returned the kiss and smile against his lips. He grabbed your waist with his other hand and you let your hands press against his chest as he kissed you deeply.

Pulling away, he smiled down at you, suddenly nervous. “I’ve liked you for a long time… I hope you return my feelings?”

“Yes…” you whispered, still in a daze.

“Yes? As in you like me…?”

“Yes I like you!” You smiled and he grinned down, you pressed a kiss against his cheek and were about to deepen the kiss before you heard Veronica; “times up, do you guys need another hour or?” You blushed heavily as Reggie chuckled.


How to Analyze a Birth Chart

Hello Friends! I’ve decided to do a simple step-by-step guide on how to analyze Natal Charts. I recommend becoming familiar with the archetypes of the signs, what the planets represent, what each house reveals, and the impact of aspects before you attempt to read a chart. Remember it’s a learning process, so some confusion at first is normal and expected. Hopefully this guide can clear things up a little. I will use my natal chart as a prototype to demonstrate, simply because it is the chart I am most familiar with :)

Step 1: Naming the Planets and the Houses

This may seem silly and redundant- but before you begin to analyze any chart it’s important you name what sign each planet is in which house they can be found. For example, my Mars can be found in my third house, which is ruled by Virgo. Knowing about Mars, Virgo, and the 3rd house, I can infer that my style of communication tends to be direct and analytical. Again, it may seem amateur, but going through each planet and interpreting it at such a basic level will set up a foundation for further analysis.

Step 2: Observing Distribution of Planetary Influences

The first step to interpreting a birth chart is to observe how the planets are dispersed among the 12 houses. People with particularly “full” houses (2 or more) may display that portion of their life more readily and constantly. You can see I have both my sun and mercury in my Gemini-ruled 11th house, which is commonly known as the house of friends. As a result, meeting people, networking, group projects, communication etc. have been a constant theme in my life.

NOTE- Empty houses do NOT mean that that part of your life is “empty”. It is impossible to have a planet in every house. Empty houses are instead predominantly ruled and influenced by their cusp.  

Step 3: Cusps of the Houses

Next step, take a look at the cusps, or rulers, of each of the houses.  Different cusp rulers will affect how the house presents itself in a person’s life. For example, my 5th house, known as the House of Creativity, Fun, Sexuality, and Children, is ruled by Scorpio, which makes my approach to creative pursuits and fun as something that it to be done with much intensity, recklessness, and passion. Imagine how differently someone would interpret fun and creativity with their 5th house ruler in Capricorn- the possibilities are endless.

Step 4: Angular Houses

Now that you’ve gotten a feel for how your houses express themselves- let’s pay particular attention to the Angular houses. The 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses are considered extra influential in a chart, which means the planetary influences in these houses tend to show up clearer in our lives- some astrologers even consider these planets to have “extra strength”. I have an Aries Saturn in my 10th house, which has made me ruthlessly committed to my career and work goals. Even though my Sun is in Gemini, which stereotypically should make me flighty, my Saturn Aries is strongly placed it overrules my flightiness when it comes to goals and work ethic.

Step 5: Aspects

With an understanding of the different ‘houses’ of our life, and how our different planets express themselves, we can now move on to how all of it relates with each other. Aspects. Aspects reveal to us how our planets work together, whether it is in harmony or in conflict. For example, I have my Gemini Sun (11th house) sextile my Leo moon (2nd house) and from this I can imply that my personality is balanced between its drive and its emotions. If I analyze deeper I could say since the sextile is between the 2nd and 11th house, I gain a natural sense of fulfillment and security when I am providing for my friends, or vice-versa. The possibilities are endless and take a lot of intuitive, critical thinking.

NOTE- the basic aspects (trine, sextile, conjunction, opposition, square) can come together to form a LARGER aspect such as a T-square or a Grand trine. These aspects are the MOST influential and should be given the MOST attention when looking at a chart. You can see I have a Grand trine between Mercury, Mars, and Neptune.

Final Step: Interpreting As a Whole

I’ve just skimmed the surface of what chart analysis offers. The more you delve into a chart, the more information will be revealed to you. My greatest piece of advice is: Use your intuition. Trust your intuition. No one is simply a “Cancer sun sign” or a “Leo Ascendant”, every person has largely unique personalities with endless layers. The more you understand this concept, the more you can pull away from strict stereotypes and start to understand people as individuals.

Please ask any questions.

All my love,


First Meeting

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Bold and Italicized= Khuzdul

Italicized= Elvish

Also this could be a very, in the future, spin off of this but like it could also be read as a oneshot. Whatever floats your boat.


You shrug out the elf’s grip. You could walk on your own. You watch the elves in the front and all of them have fiery hair or brown hair and it’s obvious that the one leading the group is of a different race of elves. You’ve heard that the Prince and King were of the Sindarin race but you did not think it to be true.

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2am (M)

Namjoon x Reader

Word Count: 3k

Summary: Namjoon is stressed out in the studio and needs your help 

A/N: this was requested and I’ve never really written smut like this before so I hope its good. 

The sound of your ringtone brought you out of your deep, dreamless sleep. Without opening your eyes - mostly because you couldn’t - you stick your arms under your pillow, searching for your phone that was buried somewhere in the space around you. Brushing your fingers against something solid, you tug it out from underneath the pillows, and crack an eye open to see who was calling you at this god forsaken hour, groaning when the light of your phone screen blinds you.

Glimpsing Namjoon’s name, you answer the call, grateful for the dimness that the dark calling screen provides.

“Hello?” you murmur sleepily, your eyes sliding closed as the urge to go back to sleep overwhelms you.

“Baby,” Namjoon speaks, his voice sounding a little bit hoarse. Probably because it was ass o'clock in the morning.

“Hmm?” Forming words becomes increasingly difficult, as does staying awake enough to listen to your boyfriend, hoping that he called you for something important at this late.

“Baby, I need you,” he whines on the other end.

You can’t help but sigh. “With what?”

On the other end, Namjoon sits in his studio, barely suppressing a groan at the huskiness of your voice. “Come to the studio, please.”

“It’s late,” you tell him, forcing your eyes to open.

Your boyfriend was fucking horny, you thought irritably. You wished you could say you were surprised at him calling you late at night, begging you to come to the studio to get him off, but it wasn’t the first time this had happened. It wouldn’t be the last, either. Namjoon was in the studio busting his ass to create new content for the comeback that the boys were planning, and sometimes the stress got the better of him, blocking his creative process. When it did, he would go to you, seeking on outlet to for all the stress that tended to build up. And being the good girlfriend you were, you would always go out to help him out, even at ridiculous hours, knowing that he always gave back to you tenfold the next chance he got.

You would be lying if you said that it didn’t get on your nerves, since he would mess with your sleeping schedule like he did to his own, but you could never say no. Not when you could hear the exhaustion through the phone, tinged with frustration, or seeing worry lines marring his handsome face whenever he facetimed you. Namjoon led a highly stressful life, and you didn’t want to add to it by playing in petulant girlfriend. You wanted to be his pillar of support, someone he could go to when he needed someone to lean on, or to listen to his problems, or just to suck him off in the studio so that he can relax a little. Joon owned your entire heart, and he’d give you the world if you asked, the least you could do was be a haven away from his stressful one.

“I’ll send a taxi to pick you up,” he bargained, his tone edging desperation. “Please, baby, I can’t think straight.”

“When was the last time you ate?” you asked, forcing yourself upright and rubbing the sleep out of your eyes.

“I can’t remember, but we’re supposed to be on a diet.”

“I’ll bring you some snacks,” you promise, shuffling out of your warm bed, feeling yourself become more alert as you exposed yourself to cold air. “And water too, you have to stay hydrated.”

“You’re too good to me,” he mused.

You could hear the smile on his face. “It’s because I love you.”

“I know, baby. See you when you get here.”

The line went dead as he hung up, probably calling a cab for you. Stretching out your limbs, you pull on a pair of pajamas and dawdle to the kitchen to gather up a few things for Namjoon to eat. You hoped he would let you listen to what he was working on.

“Joon?“ you call out quietly, peeking your head into his studio.

Namjoon was hunched over at his desk, staring blankly at the monitor sitting in front of him. At the sound of his name, he turned to the doorway to see you stepping inside and carefully shutting the door behind you. Relief filled him at the sight of you, as if your presence alone activated all the happy chemicals inside his body. You smiled as you approached him. He noted that you were wearing one of his hoodies, observing how cute you looked drowning in the fabric. He especially loved how you managed to make batman pajama pants and black vans look good.

He opened his arms to embrace you, taking the plastic bag out of your hands to place it on his desk before pulling down into his lap, holding you tight against him. It had been more than a few days from the last time you two had seen each other, since he had pretty much started living in the studio while he composed. Namjoon always seemed to miss you when he did return home for a shower and a nap, as you worked a regular 9-5 job. He buried his face in the fabric of his jersey, noting how it mostly smelled like you.

"I’ve missed you,” he spoke into your jersey, his voice muffled.

“I’ve missed you too, Joonie,” you coo sweetly, gently running your fingers through his hair and against his scalp.

Namjoon shivered at the feeling of your fingers gently massaging his scalp. It reminded him of the times you two would shower together and you would wash his hair for him, massaging your fingers into his scalp as you lathered the shampoo through his hair. Having you wash his hair had to be one of his favourite things in the world. It even came close to you swallowing his entire length in your hot mouth.

“Baby,” he whispered, looking up at your face as you stared down at him with a soft expression. “Please.”

You didn’t even have to hear him say the words to know what he was asking. You could feel his question pressing against your thigh, wondering how long he had been like this. Namjoon’s libido wasn’t as high as everyone expected it to be. Sure, he had the mind of a pervert, but that didn’t mean he had the stamina to match. When he was in a mood, he was in a mood, but it wasn’t all that often. Those days were saved for when he’d leave for tour, or for schedules overseas as you liked to give him something to think about while he was gone. But for the most part, Namjoon worked long hours, he was tired when he came home, and he was always faced with decision with sleep or sex. It was 50-50 most days.

“You have to eat after,” you tell him with a stern voice as you moved off his lap and onto the floor between his legs. “And stay hydrated too. Water is better for staying focussed longer than coffee.”

You boyfriend stared down at you in anticipation, pupils so far dilated that there was hardly any colour left.

“I swear to god I’m going to marry you one day. You’re the only person who would tell me to take care of myself right before you suck me off,” his voice had taken a darker tone, with a husky lilt as he watched you tie your hair out of your face.

The innocent smile you threw him only served to turn him on more as your reached to unbutton his pants. “I don’t want a pre-nup, I want to take all of your money when you piss me off enough that I leave.”

“Only if you let me come over to your house every weekend to see the kids so that I can make you fall in love with me again.”

You chuckled as you pulled his pants down enough to take his cock out. Namjoon helpfully lifted his ass up off the chair so you could push his pants down past his knees, not liking when they would get in your way. His cock sprung out of his pants, and you noted that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Typical, you thought as you gripped him in one hand, smirking when he hissed from the contact.

“How long have you been hard?” you asked, giving him a few loose strokes, watching his relax from relief as he slowly let the pleasure overwhelm him.

“Too long,” he answered, slightly breathless. “Please don’t tease.”

“Whatever you want, baby,” you smile up at him, making sure he was watching as you opened your mouth and sunk down on him.

Namjoon threw his head back and let out a loud groan, slumping back in his chair from the raw relief that you provided, as well as the pleasure that burned hot inside of him. You were way too good for him, he’d never let himself forget it. Here you were, down on your knees in front of him at two in the morning after he had woken you up, sucking him off without him even having to ask you to do so.

He bucked up into your mouth when you had fit as much of him in your mouth as possible, and hollowed out your cheeks as you sucked, making sure to run your tongue along the underside of his cock. His hands immediately came up to grip your head when you did so, forcing you down to swallow more of his cock, praising you as you obeyed, gagging as you struggled.

“You can do better than that,” he scolded, letting you come up for air, still enjoying the way your hand ran up and down his cock while you caught your breath, tightening as you reached the head. “Let me fuck you face.”

You took a deep breath. “Let me deep throat you first,” you consented.

A moan escaped Namjoon at your words as you lowered your mouth onto him once more, not stopping once he hit the back of your throat. You had slowed your pace, relaxing your throat as you eased more of his cock into your mouth. Namjoon made you stop, holding your head still as he shallowly thrusted into your mouth, hissing at the way your throat would tighten around him. Slowly, he pushed your head down further as he gently bucked up in your warm mouth, eyes screwing shut when he felt your tongue run along the underside of his cock.

You breathed through you nose, ignoring the burning in your throat, and the tears beginning to prickle in your eyes. Your discomfort wasn’t a priority right now, you reasoned, throat tightening around him once again as you reached the base of his cock, trying not to focus on how it seared your throat, or how your knees were beginning to throb.

“Oh, fuck, baby,” he groaned, holding your head still as he lifted his hips, forcing as much of cock into your mouth as possible. “So good, so fucking good, fuck.”

He didn’t let you go as he suddenly stood out of his chair, his hands holding your head tight so as to not dislodge him from your throat. You looked up at him with wide eyes, excitement rushing through your veins, and arousal settling between your legs. He stared down at you, smirking as he saw the tears threatening to fall, and your face turning red as you struggled to breathe with his cock crammed down your throat.

“I’m going to fuck your face now,” he informed you, not giving you much time to answer before he pulled himself out of your mouth partially, enough to let you get a breath in, before ramming himself into your mouth again, this time with much more force than before.

There was nothing for you to do but to grip his thighs, and relax your throat for the brutal intrusion of his cock being rammed as far as he could go with every harsh thrust of his. Namjoon gripped your head in his hands, messing up your pony tail as he fingers threaded through the strands of your hair. Breathing through your nose had become a struggle as he seemed to force the air out of you with every thrust.

You held the hem of his shirt up so that it wouldn’t fall into your eyes, lightly scratching your nails against his abdomen. He rewarded you with a particularly hard thrust when you dug your nails in harder against the flesh of his stomach. It was difficult for you to try not to gag anymore as his cock bruised your throat with his hard pace. But that only served to please him more since it would cause your throat to tighten around him much more violently than before.

All the while he moaned and groaned, praising you for taking his cock so well, and for letting him fuck your face. Namjoon was most definitely not quiet in bed, as he always loved to let you know how good you were making him feel, not bothering to keep his sounds quiet. Whenever the two of you fucked when you weren’t supposed to, it was always him that had trouble keeping his mouth shut, opposed to you who could come without making a sound. Because of this, Joon had made if his personal mission to do everything he could to get you to be as loud as possible when he had the time and energy, which always included overstimulation and multiple forced orgasms. It was sweet, sweet torture that you could never say no to.

Namjoon looked down at you, watching the way his cock would disappear into your mouth to the depths of your throat, taking perverse satisfaction in the tears that had started to slip down your cheeks. You stared up at him, unable to stop the tears that escaped, the two of you maintaining eye contact as he fucked your throat, probably bruising your oesophagus in the process. You stared at each other with uncontained lust, watching the other as Namjoon slowly started to lose control of himself, feeling himself near his orgasm.

Knowing that he was going to come soon, you dug your nails into whatever skin of his you could reach, purposefully forcing your throat to close around his cock every time he pushed into your throat not caring how painful it was. Namjoon could feel the sensation building as his balls tightened in anticipation. His thrusts got harder and sloppier as he neared his orgasm, eyes screwing shut as the feeling threatened to overwhelm him. You pressed your tongue up against his cock, massaging the ridges and veins that you could reach.

With one last deep groan, Namjoon pinched your nose shut, and reaching to grip your throat, not letting any air through as he buried himself to the hilt, thoroughly enjoying the way you gagged and tightened around him.

“Take it,” he demanded, staring down you with dark eyes. “Take my cock, baby, take it. Make you swallow all my cum.”

You couldn’t stop gagging around him, especially when he had started coming down your throat. You throat was closing around him as you struggled for air, unable to do nothing but swallow all his cum as it spurts out from his cock, deep into your throat. You couldn’t even taste it, that’s how far he was in your throat. Namjoon shuddered above you as you sucked around him, milking him for everything that he had. When he was sure that he had no more come to give you, did he release you, falling into the chair behind him from exhaustion as you rocked back onto your ass, sucking in deep breaths.

Seeing you on the floor, taking heavy breaths and massaging your throat, Namjoon quickly pulled his pants back up before reaching to grab a water bottle from inside the plastic bag you had brought. Unscrewing the top off, he had offered it to you, watching in concern as you drank hesitantly from the bottle still trying to catch your breath.

“Are you okay? Did I hurt you?” Namjoon fussed, helping you up of the floor.

He pulled you onto his lap again, softly stroking your arms and hugging your body against his own as you leaned again him, throat burning painfully, chest heaving while you were trying to catch your breath.

“I’m fine,” you reassured, your voice cracking slightly from being thoroughly fucked. “Do you feel better?”

Namjoon swore he could’ve cried from the way you were softly running your fingers along his cheek, knowing that your throat was probably sore because of him. Still, he didn’t hear one complaint from you as you sipped at the water bottle he had given you, silently offering it to him.

“Yes baby, I feel much better. Your amazing, really, thank you,” he kissed the top of your head, taking the water bottle from you and sucking down half of it in one breath.

You yawned, exhaustion forcing your eyes to slowly drift shut now that all the excitement was over. “I’m so tired, I’m too lazy to go home, can I sleep here? I’ll go back in the morning.”

“You won’t have a good sleep, you know the couch is uncomfortable,” he reminded you, frowning when you got off his lap and dawdled over to the couch.

“I don’t even care right now, I’m so tired I could sleep on the floor.”

“I’ll wake you up in a few hours so that you can go home and have a proper sleep in your own bed.”

You yawned once again, curling into a ball on the couch. “Mmhmm, make sure you eat your snacks,” you mumbled sleepily.

“I promise the next time I get a chance, I’ll eat you out for a whole hour,” his words went unheard by you, as you were already asleep before he could finish his sentence.

Snickering quietly, Namjoon grabbed his jacket that was hanging off the back of his chair, gently draping it over you to keep you warm.

“I love you,” he whispered, pressing a soft kiss to your cheek before moving back to his desk, his mind free from all the stress, and able to compose properly again.