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honestly like, if you genuinely dislike every single aspect of skam so much, and have something negative to say about every single choice made on the show, why even bother watching at all?

Yu-Gi-Oh! DSOD cheering~

On Friday, 13th May they allowed Cosplay, cheering and glowsticks during the Yu-Gi-Oh Movie. The Event was incredibly well received and sold out immediately (I couldn’t get tickets ;__;). In the video you can see some impressions.
They repeated the event on Sunday 22nd, and maybe planning to allow it more often…?
The fans created super cool glowsticks and decorations, see pictures on twitter:

So, you know what we have to do until the Movie comes to us! ♥

Finding our Footing: Jason Todd x Reader (Part 4)

• “So, peppermint hot chocolate?”

• Yup that’s a great way to start a conversation. Especially when you’re laughing at the choice.

• Okay, if we’re going to be fair, it is pretty funny. A giant man who’s intimidating as hell drinking a hot chocolate with extra whip cream. So you’re curious, if it bugs him, he can sue you.

• Actually no, you’ve got enough on your plate.

• “So, chai tea.”

• Oh so he’s a snarky one, eh?

• Seeing as you have no idea where to go from here, you give a small chuckle, glancing down at your cup with an embarrassed smile.

• A beat passes-

• “Do you come here often?”

• Cue looking back up with an exaggerated wink.

• And when Jason laughs, it’s a deep, belly laugh that warms your heart. You soon join in and any worry you might’ve had melts away.

• “Actually no, but if you’re going to be here, I just might.”

• That smooth mothertrucker.

• The conversation kind of flows from there, and suddenly your mouth hurts from smiling.

• He likes literature. LiteRATURE. HE LIKES LITERATURE.

• Fuck man, that’s attractive.

• The time passes a little too quickly for your liking, and you find yourselves starting to leave.

• “This was, enjoyable.”

• “Yeah, it was.”

• And you walk in companionable silence until you reach your cross roads.

• “I guess I’ll see you Sunday?”

• Okay, so maybe your group therapy isn’t the best place to meet a possible love interest but come on, the world should cut you some slack.

• “Or we could maybe get together before then?”

• YES.

• “I’d like that.”

• And okay, maybe it’s kind of sort of like a movie, where you’re looking down bashfully, and he’s got an arm scratching the back of his neck, and everything is kind of perfect.

• You know, if you ignore the baggage both of you have accumulated over the years.

• “I’m just gonna…”

• Ofc you just kind of slink away and mutter a goodbye. Ofc.

• (And then you get a text with a date and a time, accompanied by “Does this work for you?”)

• (You smile to yourself and look back to see Jason grinning like he’s so pleased with himself, waving his phone at you.)

• (Obviously you confirm it works, but after a timely “Doofus.” Obviously.)

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@glitter-lisp has been my saving grace today, pumping me up to catch up on my NaNo word count and tolerating my screaming about goals, so here’s 500 words of hand holding I promised them. (It’s not 500 words, it’s a little over 400, but it’s only one POV, so maybe I’ll write another 400 from the other POV)((Also this is unedited because I’m tired.))

River was fascinated by Moira’s hands. They were working hands – thick fingers covered in calluses, nails always either broken or trimmed. They didn’t talk about their pasts much, but River often wondered about Moira’s. Clearly, she did some kind of labour before becoming a soldier. The calluses weren’t new. Sometimes River ran her thumb over the pads of Moira’s fingers and imagined her as a hunter, drawing back a bow. Or the cracked skin on the heel of her palm and pictured her wielding a hammer against red hot iron.

River knew Moira had a family, before. She wondered if these rough hands ever booped a baby’s nose to make it laugh or played slap games with a child or cradled toddlers in her strong arms. Did she ever pick flowers or knead dough or thumb away someone’s tears before she had to give it all up? Did Moira have lovers or partners or flings? And did she miss it all?

Sometimes Moira couldn’t express often enough how grateful she was for River and everything in their lives that pushed them together. Other times, she got a faraway look in her eyes, and River could only guess that something had reminded her of home. Sometimes River knew that Moira was only visiting her because she couldn’t visit her family, and Moira said often enough that River was all she had in the world.

When Sister Crystal first got together with her boyfriend, she waxed poetic about him all the time, endlessly. River couldn’t complain because she had to have been much the same way when she met Moira. But what really stood out to her was the image of puzzle pieces clicking together. When they held hands, when they kissed, when they held each other, Sister Crystal kept saying they “fit,” they “clicked,” “like puzzle pieces,” they were “made for each other.”

River looked down at her hand, fingers interwoven with Moira’s between them. They didn’t fit quite right, Moira’s thick, callused fingers against her long, slender, and graceful ones. Moira was significantly shorter, to the point where River either needed to bend down to take her hand, or Moira needed to reach up a little too high to be comfortable. They didn’t fit like puzzle pieces, didn’t fit at all, really, but River imagined those rough, working hands whittling away at a piece of wood to make them fit, and River smiled to herself. What’s a relationship without a little work, anyway?


Never Again

A/N: Sorry if this is a touchy subject for some people. Abuse is not okay! Hopefully everyone has their own guardian angel Castiel to protect them!! (Also not my gifs!)

Word Count: 2601

Warning: Abuse, possible triggers. (All is okay in the end though)

Song: She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5

“No Liam, I told you I’m not going.” you said as you gathered your things together. You were planning on going out to the Winchester’s for the weekend to help try and come up with a way to get the mark off of Dean. That meant seeing Cas. You hated not seeing him for so long. You couldn’t wait to wrap your arms around him.

You had known about your feelings for Castiel for some time now and despite everything going on between you and Liam, your boyfriend of two years now, you still felt guilty. You tried hard to push it down, pretend it was nothing more than a crush, but it wasn’t.

All of that was something you couldn’t explain to Liam. He didn’t know about the hunting life or Castiel. It was a part time thing for you and you had managed to keep him out of it. You felt like you were cheating. 

Now he was trying to get you to go to his rich family gathering with a bunch of snobby upper class people who always looked down on you. You knew that Liam’s parents didn’t like you, you weren’t good enough for their son. Some days you didn’t know why you were still with him anyways.

Liam was mean. He was always trying to make you into something you weren’t. He tore you down and made you feel small most days. Maybe it was those rare times that he actually acted like the man you fell in love with that made you stay. What ever it was, you always stuck around, putting up with the bull shit as much as you could.

“You are going. I’ll look like an idiot if I show up alone.” Liam yelled as he followed you down the hall.

“I went last time, and the time before that. Trust me, your parents won’t miss me.” you chuckled. That’s when his fingers wrapped around your wrist and pulled you back toward him.

“Maybe if you didn’t make me look so bad in front of them things would be different.” he said, gritting his teeth and showing his anger as his grip tightened on your wrist. You glared at him waiting for him to let go but he wouldn’t.

“Let go of me Liam.” you demanded. “God you’re such an asshole sometimes, I swear I-” you started to shout but were cut short when Liam’s hand came up and smacked you across the face. You fell to the floor, half from the impact and half to try and protect yourself. Tears formed in your eyes as you looked up at him. This wasn’t the first time he had done this. You weren’t overly surprised actually.

“Jesus Y/N.” Liam said, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Now look what you’ve made me do. You definitely can’t come now, people will ask questions about the bruise.” he added, gathering his things and grabbing his keys. He barely even looked at you as he made his way to the front door. “I’ll see you Sunday, maybe by then you’ll have learned your lesson.” he let out before walking out and slamming the door shut behind him.

Left alone in the silence you listened to the sound of his car pulling out of the driveway. You cried to yourself as you curled up in a ball in the corner, trying so hard to just hold everything together. How did you end up with a man like that? You felt sick as you thought about how you could of let yourself get in this position. There was only one person you could turn to right now. You took out your phone and dialled the number…


Sam, Dean and Cas all sat around a table in the bunker library going through every lore book they could find and spit balling ideas back and forth about how to remove the mark from Dean.

“We could just try cutting my arm off.” Dean joked. Sam gave him a serious and unimpressed look and shook his head.

“You think if it was that easy we would have tried that already.” Sam said, a small smile finally coming to his face. He looked up at the clock and once realizing the time he wondered why you hadn’t showed up yet.

“Where’s Y/N? She should have been here by now.” Sam let out and Dean checked his watch too, shrugging his shoulders. That’s when Cas finally tuned into the conversation, taking his attention away from the book he was so engulfed in moments ago.

“When did she say she would be here?” he asked, worry starting to set in. Sam and Dean saw it written all over his face and almost felt bad for the angel.

“Four o'clock.” Sam replied. “I’m sure she’s fine, Liam probably dragged her to that upper class shit fest after all.” he added, trying to reassure Cas that you were okay. But Cas knew in his gut something was off. He stared at the clock that read five thirty. It wasn’t like you to let him talk you into going to something like that. You put getting the mark off of Dean at the top of your priority list.

“She would have called.” Cas said as he got up from the table.

“Woah slow down Cas. Don’t jump to conclusions, I’m sure she’s fine. We’ll just call her and-” Dean began but was cut off when his phone started to buzz on the table. He looked and saw your name light up the screen. “See. She’s okay.” Dean smiled as he picked up the phone.

“Hey Y/N, we were just-” Dean started but you cut him off.

“Dean- uh- is Cas there?” you said, your voice more broken and sad then you intended it to be. Dean’s face fell still as he heard the pain behind your words.

“He’s right here, Y/N, what’s going on?” Dean asked, all of a sudden worried. Cas’ eyes widened and looked at Dean for answers.

“I just- Liam… he- I need to talk to Cas.” you stumbled over your words and pursed your lips, trying to hold back tears.

“Okay, okay. Hold on.” Dean said and passed the phone to Cas. “Somethings wrong.” he added looking to Sam and then back to Cas as Cas brought the phone to his ear.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Cas asked in a panic.

“I just need you. Can you come here?” you whimpered, now letting the tears fall freely. Cas felt a lump form in the back of his throat and anger boil up inside him. He knew what had happened. It wasn’t the first time.

“I’m coming right now.” Cas sighed before hanging up the phone and glancing over at Dean and Sam. “She’s not staying with him this time. She is not convincing any of us that she’s okay and that she’s staying with him. I won’t let her.” Cas exclaimed before he vanished leaving Sam and Dean with so many questions.


The sound of angel wings fluttering caught your attention and you looked up from the mirror to see Cas standing behind you. You were in the bathroom inspecting the mark that clearly outlined a hand print on your face. Cas looked angry as you turned around to face him.

“I’m sorry… I- I didn’t know who to- I couldn’t- I’m sorry.” you stuttered out. Cas shook his head and put a hand to your face, the mark quickly disappearing under his touch. You flinched a little as his hand stayed there for a few seconds longer. Your eyes shut and tears fell again.

“We’re leaving.” Cas said grabbing your bags off of the floor. “You’re not coming back here.”

“Cas… I- I…” you started but couldn’t even get the words out as you saw the look of anger in Cas’ eyes.

“You love him? How can you love a man who would do this to you?” Cas asked. You didn’t know the answer. Maybe it wasn’t even love. You were always looking for a reason to stay. You didn’t want to give up on Liam.

“I don’t know Cas, okay? I just don’t want to believe that he has turned into such a- a monster.” you cried.

“You think that he loves you? If he really loved you, he would never lay a finger on you. He would worship you and treat you like you should be treated. He’d bring you up, not down. He’d make you feel wanted and loved, not broken.” Cas let out putting the bags back down and grabbing your hands, exposing your wrists which were covered in bruises from Liam grabbing you.

“You don’t deserve this. You deserve better.” Cas frowned. Your tears stung your cheeks as they fell. Cas had always been there for you. Every time that you felt everything was falling a part, Cas was there to hold you up. Now he was just making you feel small, like you were stupid or naive to believe that Liam could love you the way he used to.

“Can we just go. I need to see Sam and Dean.” you whispered, feeling more broken than ever. Cas realized he had hurt you. That wasn’t his intention. He wanted you to realize that you should move on. That you deserved more. He slowly put a hand on your shoulder and you were immediately flashed to the bunker.

“Cas! Y/N!” Dean exclaimed, rushing over to you and scanning over your face for any trace of injury but there was nothing. Sam followed his brothers actions. “Are you alright?”

“Did he hit you?” Sam asked. You gave them a light smile and put a hand on each of their shoulders.

“I’m fine. He did hit me but I’m not going back there.” you said, still a little shakey. You made your way over to the table, looking over all the books that were strewn across the table. “C'mon, we have work to do.” you put on your best smile, trying to reassure the boys that you were fine. They nodded and you all took a seat at the table.

Castiel and you shared a few awkward glances every now and then. You were angry and hurt by him. You knew he was only telling you what you needed to hear and it was the truth. But you just didn’t want to hear it from him. Cas was the last person you wanted to look at you that way. Broken. Someone who needed saving.

After hours of reading and few drinks later, you were about ready to pass out. You shared one more longing glare with the angel before getting up from your seat.

“I’m hitting the hay, it’s been a long day. We’ll try again tomorrow, yeah?” you let out as you stretched your arms above your head. Castiel kept his gaze on you, running over every detail of your form. He wondered how anyone could physically harm something so beautiful. But what was worse than that was that he had hurt you emotionally. He couldn’t believe himself.

“Good night Y/N.” the brothers said at the same time causing a small chuckle out of all of you.

 “Goodnight guys.” you said before turning and walking towards the room you always stayed in when you were here. Cas sat a little while longer, not able to focus on reading anymore. All he could think about was you crying yourself to sleep. Sam and Dean noticed how irritated Cas seemed and shared a knowing look.

“You alright buddy?” Dean asked. Cas got up from his seat and looked toward the hallway.

“Excuse me.” he said before making his way toward your room. The boys decided it was best to leave him be and went back to their reading. Castiel approached your door and hesitantly knocked before opening it and slipping in. You were sat up with the lamp on, holding your knees close to your chest.

“What do you want?” you sighed out. Cas made his way to the side of your bed and sat down on the edge, staring down at his hands before he looked up at you.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. That’s the last thing I wanted to do.” he let out. You stared at him blankly and got up from the bed. Cas watched as you went to your bag and pulled something out.

“What you said to me, yes it hurt. But it was the truth.” you said before turning to face Cas again. In your hands was a pregnancy test. “But it’s not why I’m leaving him. I mean it was the the final thing to drive me to make my decision, but this is why I have to leave.” you walked over to Cas and showed him the test that read negative. Cas’ eyes widened and he looked up at you.

“You- You’re pregnant?” he exclaimed. You shook your head and laughed. He actually looked so happy and his smile always made you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

“No silly, that means negative.” you replied. Cas gave you a confused look and you sat back down next to him on the bed. “I took this this morning because I’m late. But it was negative. In that five minutes that I was waiting for the results I thought about what I would do if I had a child. I couldn’t stay in that house with Liam. I realized that if he would lay a hand on me, he would lay a hand on our child too. I couldn’t have that. Then, even when it read negative, I thought about how one day it might read positive. Then what would I do? So I had to make a decision. And I’m not going back.”

Cas smiled at you and put a hand over yours. You felt your stomach flutter as your hand flinched under his touch. Something about it felt so warm and safe. You didn’t have to run away from your feelings for Cas anymore.

“I’m not going to let him touch you ever again.” Cas let out. You gave him a small smile and brought and hand to cup his face. “Ever again.” he repeated and you nodded, pressing your forehead to his.

“I know, Cas, I know.” you smiled. With that the angel removed any distance between the two of you by crashing his lips to yours. He gripped your waist and pulled you in even closer. Your lips molded with his and moved completely in sync. You lightly bit down on his bottom lip, causing a lit whimper to escape Cas’ mouth as he pulled away from you and gazed into your eyes. He brushed your hair back from your face and smiled lightly.

“You do not understand how long I have wanted to do that.” he chuckled. You shook your head as you pressed your lips to his once more before pulling away. A faint blush played on both of your cheeks as you stared endlessly at each other. “Do you think it’s possible for an angel to fall in love with a human?” Cas asked, pulling you closer to him with every word, obviously afraid of losing you to them.

“I don’t know,” you winked. “We can check the lore books if you want. It would require you to let go of me though and we’d have to stop doing this.” you teased before pressing your lips back to his. He tugged away with the biggest smirk on his face.

“No, that’s fine. I think this right here is proof enough that it can happen.” he said as he leaned in again and kissed you again.

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Can you pls write an imagine where the reader is the youngest of the pack and everyone tries to protect her, so Isaac, Stiles, and Scott see her talking to the guy she likes and they get all over-protective and embarrass her, then shes mad at them?😊

This is it, proof that there is a God in the skies. Your crush is actually acknowledging your existence, not only that, he was actually flirting with you.

‘So I was wondering if maybe you and I could go to the movies this Saturday.’ he said smoothly

Before you could say “Yes, dear lord YES!” you felt someone put an arm around your shoulder.

‘I’m sure she would love to, but Saturday we are going fishing.’

You look over and see Scott.

‘OK, um Sunday maybe?’ your crush tried.

‘Sunday, is reserved for church you heathen, our little (Y/N) is pure, as in the ring and everything.’ Stiles said as he too appeared out of no where.

‘Maybe we could just eat lunch later today.’ the cute boy tried.

‘She’s on her period, cramps so bad she barely eats.’ Isaac said upon his arrival.

‘Um, maybe next time then (Y/N).’ he said.

You could only watch in mortification as he walked away.

‘Are you guys kidding me!?’ you yelled at then.

‘What?’ Scott asked innocently.

‘Why did you guys do that? He thinks I’m fish killing, PMSing virgin now.’ you hissed angrily.

‘Well technically we didn’t lie, so you kinda are.’ Stiles said.

‘Watch it.’ you warned.

‘Anyway we did you a favor, he only wanted one thing. He seemed the love em’ and leave em’ type of type.’ Isaac dismissed.

You groaned as you stomped away.

‘Another cock has been blocked.’ Stiles whispered before high fiving Isaac and Scott.

seraphira  asked:

hello!!! i was wondering if you had any victuuri+makkachin stickers left and where you sell them?? i'm sorry i couldn't find a link to your store or anything aaaah your art is adorable! pls let me know and i hope you have a wonderful day thx ^-^ <3

I hope you dont mind if i make this public :0

I have a TON of stickers still! But…I dont have a store haha.

 If you want to buy one (or some?) I’ll price them at $1 each and I can take payments through paypal! Email me at if you’re interested and I can calculate the shipping prices and pp transaction fee for ya

oh and also

for those going to sacanime I’ll be cosplaying yuuri friday and (maybe)sunday so if you see me I’ll be handing these out for free there!


the fire is starting to die by the time lizzy gets there.
“i can’t do this every night, stefani,” she says. “it’s too far.”
stefani is cross legged in the dirt, toying idly on a guitar. she says nothing, and the notes carry out into the black night.
“are you mad at me? i have to get up early, you know. sunday chapel.”
“Maybe i’ll see you there.” stefani says, sing-songy, and they both snicker. yeah right.
“give me that already,” lizzy laughs, grabbing at the guitar. stefani hands it to her and it looks right in her arms. not too big, not too small. perfect.
lizzy plays hesitantly, nails dragging across the strings erratically.
“You’ve got it. Try an F major.” stefani encourages. she’s laying on the ground now, arms crossed under her head, looking at the stars.
“youre not even watching!” lizzy complains. “how are you gonna know if i’m doing it right?”
“I’ll know.”
theyre quiet for a while, and stefani doesnt notice that she’s stopped playing until she feels the body heat next to her in the cold desert night. close but not touching.
“so have i gotten any better?”
“Yes,” stefani says, head stubbornly fixed forward, refusing to meet eyes. “So much better.”
it’s a crisp night and there isnt a light on for miles. stefani gulps, takes a deep breath. wishes she could float into the stars.
“Do you love him?”
The fire is out now, the smoke wisping into the night sky.
“i don’t know.”

How do I get to know God?

I hear this question all the time! Knowing God is a relationship - the best one you will ever have! A relationship is a constant thing, you must talk to each other daily and seek each other every moment (think about a friendship: you can’t just say a few words to them and maybe see them every Sunday when you got to church! To know someone you must spend time with them) You must spend time with God to get to know him, you must talk to him, seek him, read his word! If you want to know God, pursue him - he is already pursuing you! 

People will always have struggles in life, that’s just the nature of this fallen world - but the solution is always the same for each one: Seek God - seems simple doesn’t it? Well it is! This gospel isn’t complicated!  No matter your pain, your worries, your feelings, your situation, your sin, your family, your past - GOD WILL NEVER STOP LOVING YOU ! This whole life was never made for us to use selfishly! Give everything up to Jesus and he will live our lives through us better and more beautifully than we ever could alone! Don’t waste this life with trying to seek your own desires, we think we know what we want but when we get to know God - we realise it was simply him all along! 

‘But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you,’ (Matthew 6:33). What does that really mean? - The only thing you are supposed to do in this life - Is seek God! Get to know him! Everything else good is a product of knowing him and seeking him everyday! That’s where the power is - there’s no five step programme, or book series or ‘christian course’ that you need to go on to know the love of God - He is right there with you and all you have to do is turn to look at him to see his fiery eyes of love!

GET TO KNOW JESUS: and he will teach you what freedom looks like!

GET TO KNOW JESUS: and he will teach you how to love!

GET TO KNOW JESUS: and he will set you free from yourself!

GET TO KNOW JESUS: and he will teach you to forgive!

GET TO KNOW JESUS: and together you will set the captives free!

GET TO KNOW JESUS: and he will show you what it truly means to LIVE!

You have only one mission in this life ! Get to know your amazing heavenly Father and only then will you taste freedom!