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HEY @taylorswift I love you and this album SO MUCH. This is your best album yet. I am blown away by your talent and the way this album shows such incredible strength and power like nothing you’ve done before. I’m so proud of you for refusing to let people walk all over you and for continuing to do what you love despite what those people might say. I am SO excited to see all the things you’ll do next during this era. I cannot wait to see you in London on dec 10 and hopefully on tour next year to hear these songs live. I love you with all of my heart.

Love, Yasmine 💛

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Touring with him, insta prompt

yourinstagram: tonight. 


yourinstagram: aced it, baby. night one, done. 


yourinstagram: it’s new york baby, always jacked up. cheers en why see for the best night. harry’s still buzzing.


harrystyles: Paris, October.


yourinstagram: city oh love with my delicious outfit repeater. we shared a croissant to the hotel and a bottle of france’s finest champers. 


yourinstagram: mitchell rowland is a husband-stealer. 


yourinstagram: feels good to be home… for two days… 


harrystyles: Manchester.


yourinstagram: rather enjoyed being at the front tonight and seeing the action up close. i met a whole bunch of you and managed to tread on one person’s toes… which i’m deeply sorry for. the perfect way to love you and leave you, my dear. glasgow isn’t ready for you, @harrystyles. no one is ever ready for you. x


(170328) @subkultureent: dear shawols,

we just wanted to take the time to say thank you for making shinee world v in usa 2017 such a successful tour all around. although we brought shinee to the u.s. twice last year for the fanmeets, this was the first time ever that the group was able to perform on stage for its u.s. shawols as part of a full solo concert.

for some fans, shinee is the first group that introduced them to k-pop, and many more have walked this 9-year long journey with the group since the beginning. we know that a good number of u.s. shawols waited years to finally see the members perform live in concert, so seeing your enthusiasm, smiles, and tears of joy on the day of the shows was such a great gift to us as the company hosting this tour.

we want to thank the crowds in dallas and la for your unmatched passion and energy throughout the entire show. it was a full house at 6,000+ in each city, our biggest crowd yet, and the u.s. shawols did an amazing job at showing shinee all the love they can possibly show. the members were amazed by the overwhelming response.

thank you also to the five shining members of shinee, s.m. entertainment, dream maker entertainment, #shineeworldinusa crew and staff, venue / security staff, and our volunteers / street team. everyone played a huge role in making this tour one for the books.

thank you all again, and we hope to see you at our next tour in may! <3

the subk team


please read below for follow-up concert information:
* show photos will be uploaded on our website in the coming weeks. we will let you guys know on social media as soon as they are up.
* if you won a signed poster and didn’t pick it up, please message us on twitter, facebook, or instagram.
* if you have any merch inquiries, please email

Thankyou for teaching me to let go of my fears and my ghosts, thank you for letting me shine, thank you for the memories, thank you for teaching me to be myself… Until next tour…
It’s not goodbye…
It’s just see you later…


It’s my birthday today!! (I must say that being born on the 13th really is the best 😉) I already got the best birthday present, reputation!! I’ve been listening to reputation on repeat since Friday and I‘m so in love I can’t stop listening to it! Also the first dates of the Reputation Tour were announced today so what more could I ask for! I’m so excited!!!

@taylorswift Thank you for this amazing album. Can’t wait to see you perform at Poptopia next month and on the Reputation Tour next year!! (PS: Happy one more month until your birthday!!)




Today marks one year since the premiere of The Grand Tour.

Thanks for making me happy, thanks for the laughs, thanks for the memories, for the feelings, for the experience, for being you.

I’ve gotten to know some of my best friends, who’s made my life so much better, because of you three, and for that I am so, so grateful.

Thank you for everything, can’t wait to see what’s next.


She literally had to put so much effort into recuperating from those nights. Literally on the next tour if you see Andrea, please do not mob her. Give her some space. She wants to meet us all but we gotta take care of her as well. If anything happens just be polite to each other and don’t push and shove. She’s an incredible woman that gives amazing hugs. 😭😭😭😭


Everybody that you see on this stage, we’ve all been talking about it so much lately how, um, this has been the most magical year of our lives, thanks to you. And… and now it’s gonna end, you know? It’s… it’s wild. It’s so many emotions. Um, and, you know, one of the things that’s been amazing is that I’m able to keep up with you when I’m not here, you know? Like, of course we’re all always gonna come see you in Melbourne. Of course I’ll be back on the next tour, obviously. But in between, in the meantime, I love checking up on you and seeing what you’re doing. And the way I can do that, because we live so far apart, is I can go on Instagram, I can go on Twitter, I can go on Tumblr, and I can see what you’re doing, make sure you’re okay, and everything. And I do that a lot. I’ll always check in with you. One of the coolest things about technology and all of that is I’m able to keep up with you like that. One of the things that scares me, however, about this whole thing where we all have these online identities, is that it opens up a lot of other channels for people to criticise you, and I see it every day. Um, I’ll go on your profile and look at your pictures, and every once in a while I’ll see a picture that you posted that was just cute, you know? You with your friends, you’re not trying to do anything wrong, you’re not trying to annoy anybody, and then you’ll see somebody just post a comment that’s completely unnecessary, and it’ll just be like “ugly”. That’ll be the whole comment. It’s, like, not very thought out, but it can ruin your day. And that’s… I look out into this crowd of people who have been so kind to us – you’ve been so welcoming to us being in your city, and you’ve been so warm to us, and so I never want anything bad to happen to you. I never want people to say terrible things to you, and have it ruin your day. But I guess these things are inevitabilities. And I guess I just wish that you knew that you are not the opinion of somebody who doesn’t know you, or care about you, okay? Every day of my life for the past ten years has been peppered with the opinions of other people on what I look like, who I am, whatever. And, um, lately I’ve started to prioritise your opinion so much higher above their opinion if they don’t care. I was in London, and I was going through it, and I was having a bad day, and I realised that I didn’t care anymore. And, um, the way that the idea hit me, I knew exactly what I wanted to say. And I had a writing session scheduled with a wonderful singer-songwriter named Imogen Heap, and we wrote a song, and we called it Clean. Will you sing along with this one?” - Taylor Swift

I Think (Kim Seokjin Imagine)

Request: Can i request a jin smut where jin is in love with his little sister’s babysitter. Idk but I’m kinda into this kind of scenario lol 👉👈👉👈

Pairing: Kim Seokjin x Reader

Gnere: Smut, Angst? (It wasn’t supposed to be but my mind just turned it into it. sORRY)

Warnings: none

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#47 The Interior Designer Part 2 (Harry Styles)


always wanted a The Interior Designer part 2

Part 2 for the interior designer pls?

Will there be a “The interior designer” part 2? Please make one, loved the first part and now i just want more 😍 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WRITE PART 2 to the interior designer 👩‍🎨🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Please write a part 2 for the interior designer. I really loved it.  

- Thank you for all the love and reading my work! 

PART 1  

“I want all of the boxes delivered today. I don’t care about the delay. I want it now.” I heard him scream as I walked out of the little studio I owned as my office, now. He immediately kept his phone down. “Vic, I need to talk to you!” He came and held my arms. “Don’t do this. Five years with me. C’mon, don’t throw it away.” 

“What are you doing here? I told you not to come see me.” I shrugged out of his hands. 

“On a text message. A fucking text message, Victoria!” He yelled and then, got his voice in control. “You can’t end a five-year relationship on a text message.”

“Oh, but you can obviously cheat on your girlfriend of five years. I’m glad we are talking though. I think this is the most we have over, I can’t even remember.” I rolled my eyes. “Anyway, it has been a week since that, and I see you finally got time to mend whatever you think this is…” 

“I was working,” He started. 

“No, you were fucking a girl you’ve been seeing for five months now.” 

His eyes widened, he was shocked. I hadn’t mentioned anything about knowing in the text, “You know?”

“Not about all of your affairs, but this one I do,” I told him. It still hurt. 

“Madam, Mr Styles is waiting for you downstairs,” My assistant came through the door. 

“Harry Styles? What are you doing with him?” He shouted as I collected my things from the desk. “Answer me, Victoria,” I sighed. He really thought I was his doll. “Fucking answer me! Are you fucking him now? Huh?” He screamed

“He is my fucking client, you fucking asshole. Get lost, and don’t ever come back here,” I yelled and walked off before I cried in front of him. 


“So, these are the three models you selected for the fridges,” I have him the booklet. “All of ‘em are available so, you just have to select one. Also, they stopped selling the model for the oven in your mum’s house, but this one is pretty close so, tell me if we should book it.”

“I like this one, you will merge it with the cupboards right?” Harry asked. 

“Yes, and we have the buyers ready for the old ones so, if you finalise the oven, we can get it delivered tomorrow.” 

“How are you holding up?” He asked suddenly. I came to work the very next day. It was extremely unprofessional to discuss my personal life and scream at HArry for my ruined relationship. This contract meant everything to me and, I didn’t want to risk it. 

“We rather not discuss my personal life, Harry,” I smiled. 

“I know, he was at your office today when I came to pick you up,” He said. “And, client and all, I know. I’m also your friend. I’m here for you,” He kept one hand on mine. 

“Thank you, I will be fine…really!” I told him. “Let’s move to the curtains. You’ve been postponing this since forever.”

“I can’t decide ‘em. These are the sheer ones?” He whined, opening the shade book. “Where are the heavy ones?” I handed him the other booklet. 

The house was finished. I had finally set up his photo wall, and that was the last thing left to do. He was hosting a party tonight to celebrate it as well. “Hey, wow,” He stopped looking at the wall. 

“Are you happy?” I asked. 

“It’s beautiful. Thank you so much! This feels like home now,” He sighed. “Oh, here is the final cheque,” he said giving me the envelope. 

“Thank you so much,” I thanked the lord for my first payment alone. “So, this is it!” 

“It’s been an incredible journey! And now, you have your first showcase tonight. Lot more clients to come!” he cheered. 

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity and believing I could do it.”

The party went in full swing, and I couldn’t believe the amount of appreciation I got for his house. I felt blessed and so lucky. Harry introduced me to different people, I’d never met before but should have since they knew my ex-boyfriend. He didn’t contact me after that day, and I was getting over him. It didn’t hurt now, and I was fine. 

“Ria, I didn’t invite him. I promise. But, I can’t throw him out either. It’ll be a controversy,” Harry whispered in my ear, as I saw my Ex move towards us. Harry’s hands were on my waist, and I saw his eyes focus there before he brought them up to scan me. I hated him. That was the only feeling in my heart. “Hey, man. How are you?” Harry greeted him like a kind host. 

They talked, and he looked at me, “Great work, Vic.” He said like he didn’t expect it. “You could design our house like this as well. I would’ve known your potential as well.” 

I hated dated this guy for five years for him to say this. “I think, it was Harry’s encouragement and support that I brought my true potential out - which obviously, ‘our’ house never had.” 

“When she gets on your nerves, and you’re bored of fucking her, we’ll talk-” He told Harry, ignoring me as my face reduced with his comment. 

“Oh no, I think it’s just you who has to fuck his way through to get work. She just did it with her talent,” Harry gave his classic smile and then, stare. My Ex rolled his eyes and walked off. “Are you okay?” He said, holding my face. “Don’t let him get to you.”

“Yep, I know. Thank you for sticking by me,” I smiled. 

“Let’s go meet more people!” He pulled my hand and took me inside the hall. 

After a few months…

“Hey!” I answered Harry’s call. We had been talking quite often, and I was hinting flirtation at most times. 

“So, you know I sold my L.A. house,” he told me. “And, I don’t know if you take international clients or not, but I bought an apartment in NYC and, it’s just not me. When can you schedule mine in?” 

“Next week, since you have been pestering my assistant for months!” 

“Oh yeah, that was me. I will see you next week. You might have to travel with me though, I’m touring.”

“I don’t think I can work in such conditions, Mr Styles,” I teased. “And, it’ll be weird. I mean, your Interior Designer is accompanying you on tour. So random!” 

“Yes, it won’t be so weird if you let me take you on that date you’ve been postponing. Then, it’ll be my girlfriend touring with me and designing our house!” 

“Did you just say our house?” 

“I did, huh, didn’t I?” he laughed. 

I’ll be here this week until Sunday. Please send in your requests for all my stories and even new ones if you think you want a work from me. 

Thank you for all your support and love! 



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