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GIANT WOMAN - Amethyst and Pearl

This is my interpretation of what our lovely Giant Woman could look like if
Amethyst and Pearl were to fuse in their current forms (those being the forms at the beginning of season four).

Check out the Speedpaint below!

Chrysoberyl - Yellow Diamond and Yellow Pearl

My daughter, my lovely monster, my adorable Queen of fear and destruction:
Yellow Chrysoberyl.

Now, why did I chose to fuse Yellow Diamond and Yellow Pearl?
Mainly because all the fusions of those Homeworld Gems I’ve
seen so far have been between the two Diamonds/Pearls.
So I was like, why not fuse a Diamond with her Pearl???

[I know, I just blew your mind.]

So that’s what I did!
Why did I chose Chrysoberyl for those two?
The gem is not only one of the hardest gems right after the diamond,
it’s also a gem which stands for discipline and leadership, which are
both qualities this Queen would have.

I really adore how she came out and I also like how the colour scheme came out in the end.

Check out the Speedpainting below!


[TRANS] RaStro’s Couple shirt

Rhian: Can’t wait to see you monday Glaiza! I’ve got gifts for you from the fans!!

Glaiza: They are the sweetest! Let’s exchange gifts 

Glaiza: I want to go to the taping but they said I’m #TeamHouse for now. #ExcitedForTheExchangeGift

Glaiza: I still don’t have taping tomorrow. Still no couple shirt T_T

Rhian: Just drop by…here in the south! =P haha walking distance 

Variscite - Lapis and Peridot

Here we have Variscite, my fusion of Lapis and Peridot!
I thought a lot about which gem I’d use for those two, and settled on
Not only is it a gem that is on the softer side (look at her, she
soft af) it’s also a gem which stands for love and personal power, which
is quite symbolic for Peri’s and Lapis’ relationship IMO.

Also, ignore the crappy shadowing and what in the name of Chuck 
are proportions? I sure as hell don’t know :’)

Check out the Speedpaint below!

Red/Brown Aventurine - Steven + Jasper

honestly I cannot

Okay, may I introduce?
This is Red/Brown Aventurine, the light of my life and purest and most magical creature there is.
She is a fucking mess. She doesn’t have her emotions together (and yes, Aventurine identifies
mostly as female, fight me if you want to) and is in a constant state of AAAAAAH.
But she’s also soft af, can be the sweetest and is an actual puppy. If you treat her well she will be
the best mom you ever had and she will kill to protect you.

… I really need to fuse her with Amethyst.

ANYWAY, why did I go with Aventurine?

It’s a Quartz and Jasper and Steven (or well, Rose Quartz) are both Quartzes,
so that was requirement number one for me. Aventurine is also a Quartz which is similar to
Malachite (whom I have to draw at some point, btw) and I like to draw that parallel by showing how
different this fusion between smol soft Steven who wants to give his Very Best™ and Jasper is
in comparison to Jasper and Lapis who is damaged, bitter, sarcastic and salty af (I love Bob, don’t get me wrong).

Aventurine is also a gemstone (or mineral) which is supposed to help you to keep your shit together
when it comes to panic, anxiaty attacks and being a scattered idiot; we all know that Dorito Mom and
Steven could both use those properties.

So here we go, my favourite Fusion (along with my Yellow Diamond/Yellow Pearl one) so far:
Red/Brown Aventurine!

Check out the Speedpainting below!

Tanzanite - Lapis and Pearl

Now, my lovely LaPearl or Pearlapis fusion (whatever you want to call them).
The gem I chose for those two is Tanzanite! Tanzanite is supposed to
relieve stress and depression while it enhances composure and
harmony, which are not only things that Pearl and Lapis desperately need,
but I believe that they could help each other out to achieve that!

Now, Tanzanite is my beautiful ballet mom and I really love how she came out.
I’m not quite satisfied with the colour scheme tbh, but I really love her design.
And hey! I didn’t have any problems drawing her hands, so that’s good!

Check out the Speedpainting below!

jikook w/ badboyjungkook! [pt 7]

title: crushes, badboys, and frienemies? [part 7]
parts: [part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8] [part 9]
description: jimin’s willing. jungkook’s still mourning. taehyung’s on the hunt.
“ah, yes, hyung? what is it?”
“i just…wanted to tell you something i’ve kinda locked away for a while. but you have to promise not to tell anyone or i’ll shove you in front of a fucking tank, you got me?”
“y-yes, hyung, of course!”
“…i think i like taehyung.”

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[INFO] Jackson will be on a Chinese show See You on Monday where he’s going to meet lucky 40 fans chosen from all fans on weibo who submit their letters to Jackson. GOT7 will fly to Thailand on the same day (- Jackson) to promote their new CF for Ent Cola.