see you monday fans

GIANT WOMAN - Amethyst and Pearl

This is my interpretation of what our lovely Giant Woman could look like if
Amethyst and Pearl were to fuse in their current forms (those being the forms at the beginning of season four).

Check out the Speedpaint below!


[TRANS] RaStro’s Couple shirt

Rhian: Can’t wait to see you monday Glaiza! I’ve got gifts for you from the fans!!

Glaiza: They are the sweetest! Let’s exchange gifts 

Glaiza: I want to go to the taping but they said I’m #TeamHouse for now. #ExcitedForTheExchangeGift

Glaiza: I still don’t have taping tomorrow. Still no couple shirt T_T

Rhian: Just drop by…here in the south! =P haha walking distance 

jikook w/ badboyjungkook! [pt 7]

title: crushes, badboys, and frienemies? [part 7]
parts: [part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8] [part 9]
description: jimin’s willing. jungkook’s still mourning. taehyung’s on the hunt.
“ah, yes, hyung? what is it?”
“i just…wanted to tell you something i’ve kinda locked away for a while. but you have to promise not to tell anyone or i’ll shove you in front of a fucking tank, you got me?”
“y-yes, hyung, of course!”
“…i think i like taehyung.”

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[INFO] Jackson will be on a Chinese show See You on Monday where he’s going to meet lucky 40 fans chosen from all fans on weibo who submit their letters to Jackson. GOT7 will fly to Thailand on the same day (- Jackson) to promote their new CF for Ent Cola.