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I tell everyone that I’m happy you and I didn’t work things out this time and that I’m glad you found someone new again. Hell, I sit in the car and have to practically chant it to myself in the morning so I don’t lose it when I see her grab your hand. My face hurts from smiling and laughing too much in hopes that you’ll see how totally okay I am with this. We’re going to walk away from this one day and babe, you really screwed up pushing me away. You were my best friend and then you decided that you’d rather have their approval than mine. You’re going to wish that you could go back in time and tell me that you loved me even when I didn’t see it. You’re going to regret every single time you made me upset. You and her aren’t going to work out. In the end, we always will… Too bad I don’t think I’m going to have the energy to give us another chance. You ruined us. One day, you’re going to wish you hadn’t.
—  It’s nearly been a year

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💕💜 wincest! For the ask thing!

💕- totally Sam. Imagine Sam getting so frustrated with Dean when their out in public for flirting with the waitress and Dean doesn’t understand so Sam just shouts “WELL MAYBE IF YOU PAID ATTENTION YOU’D SEE THAT IM IN LOVE WITH You…”
💜- besides the one ^. Sam again. But when they’re dating. It took a year and Sam accidentally said it when they were laying in bed cuddling and it just slipped. Dean tensed up and Sam ignored him for the next to days. On the third Dean sweeps him up in his arms and apologizes “Sammy, I’m sorry. It’s just- mom. She was the last person I said that too and I don’t want to ruin that…”
(A month later Dean says it on Sam’s birthday.)


Hey guys! Just wanted to give a quick introduction. I’m K and I’m going to be bringing this lovely little mess Devan to the group :D I’m so excited to be joining and can’t wait to get started with all of you. Unfortunately I have to work today so interactions will have to wait until I’m home this evening. I’d 10/10 love to get some connections going for her in the meantime, though, so feel free to throw an IM my way if you still have things you’d like to see filled. I’ll send out my own when I get the chance :)

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Dear Bastian

I fell in love with you 5 years ago, oh I was one of those girls that only watch the world cup and nothing else and that june 13 of 2010 I saw a boy making a corner against Australia and he had a really weird name on his back but that moment I knew I had fallen in love, so I watched every match and I learned to spell and pronunciate his name before the world cup was over, and I cried that day against Spain and the day you were the captain against Uruguay. When the world cup ended I had time to learn about this boy, I wanted to see again so I learned about Bayern and I started watching them, Im not gonna lie at first it was for you, you were the reason, you made me love football.

If you remember it the 2010-2011 season wasn’t easy as a bayern and a Bastian fan it was hard, first we lost the champions league in the round of sixteen against Inter, then we lost the pokal semifinal against Schalke and later we fought in bundesliga to finish 3rd and go to the knock outs of the champions so we can play the next season and during all that I fell in love with Bayern, it wasnt just for you and next season my love grew up

The 2011-2012 season was even more traumatic: first your injury in november of 2011 playing vs Napoli, I cried, I saw you in pain and cried, then you came back but we lost the bundesliga it went to dortmund and we finished 2nd, after we played the pokal final and again we saw BvB celebrating, we had our hopes in the Finale DAHOAM, and well, we lost, in those penalties, and once again I saw you crying and I cried but I also cried because you had taught me to love that club and now we had nothing but pride. After that I saw you with the National Team and we lost againts Italy. This season was a nightmare

The 2012-2013 started at least in the Champions League with your goal against Valencia, YOU FAILED THE CL FINAL PENALTY AND YOU WERE SCORING THE FIRST CL GOAL OF THE NEW SEASON, then we made history, your dreams came true, you won the champions league with the club you’ve love, and what a way to win it winning the treble, you made history. Our club made history.

The 2013-2014 you won another double and with the national team became a WORLD CUP CHAMPIONS. that was it, all your dreams came true, there was nothing more to win for you in bayern.


Now you are leaving the club you taught me love, and I cant change your mind, you are leaving Bayern like a legend you went from thepunk boy breaking the club rules to the boss, a legend and our vice captain and Im so proud.

You left a mark on the club and I hope one day you’ll come back because I you retiring with the club that made you who you are right now.

and for me, well “You can change your wife, your politics, your religion, but never, never can you change your favourite football team.” you will always be my favorite footballer but I wont change Bayern. Thank you for your 17 years with Bayern and thank you for the last 5 years where I enjoyed your passion for or club.  

I guess that redoing Jk’s sentences I can say ‘’The Allianz will always be there to welcome you home’’ I wish you the best, because that’s what you deserve, you deserve love and happines and I hope you find it there 

Happy 29th Birthday Shoutan!!  (*≧∇≦)ノ<※*・:*:`♪:*:。*・☆*

It’s been more than 4 years since I’ve been your fan and I will always continue to be your fan!! 

I still wait for the day when I can go to one or your concerts or events or even when you come to Taiwan. I know that day will come someday!!

Happy Birthday again!!!  (≧∇≦*)

On first watch I really liked 505. Some great dialogue and great Olitz moments. Little gutted we didnt see the date but oh well. Im gunna watch again later to take more in, but im guessing a fair few of you on here wont be happy. I am loving S5 so far!!

Obsessed with the Olitz residence scene to Marvin Gaye. It was so Dom/Sub and sexy and playful and interesting all at the same time. There was a parellel for me with this scene with 411, when Fitz has to secretly tell Mellie about the corruption in the White House and the kidnapping, but the level of intimacy and chemistry in 505 was on another level, but both related to west angola. On another note… Tony Goldwyns abs are a work of art, and Kerry in that nightie had me feeling all kinds of things, the two of them together are too much!!!

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The little snippet of them in the residence watching Edison on TV had me all in my fanfic feels. So domesticated and casual and in a weird way normal. It wasnt a heated quick moment, just them together. I love it sooooo much!!

A few people I was here for this week:

Leo Burgen - I LOVE HIM. He is such a great character, and I don’t know if  it is because Paul Adlestein plays him so well, but he was great this week.

The thing 1 and thing 2 comment had me weeing!

Patty Snell - she was hilarious, she had no fucks to give and put every one in their place. 

Marcus - For a second I thought he would be all about justice and go behind Olivia’s back but then I was like nah, not after last week he wouldnt. Im liking Marcus.

Cyrus was an absolute PSYCHO this week. He was a man possessed almost, it was kind of weird to watch. I find his character very frustrating but Jeff Perry does it so well I cant help but always be captivated by it at the same time. 

That scene at the end with Tony was phenomenal, both of them brought it and I loved the detail in what they said and the reality that they are family to each other in a sense. Obviously though this all came about because of the West Angola video so Fitz didn’t have a choice but I think Cyrus when he is on the inside will ALWAYS be there for him, more so than Elizabeth. Fitz noticing the detail from the book Liv got Cyrus was so special. The little intricacies in this scene made it so so special. Fitz all tearful had me clutching my heart.

The thing that worries me about this is how much leverage Cyrus now has. He holds Olitz in the palm of his hand essentially, with that video. If that is vouched for then they are done with. Cyrus has always loved to be the master controller but this will be a new sense of power and it is terrifying. A slightly comforting thought is that Olivia and Fitz know him very well, know his ways of doing things and as a team they are strong enough to hold him off. So ye, Cyrus has me on edge.

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Loved how this situation has back fired on Mellie and she has been shafted in a sense. She needs to be told where to go and be brought back down to whatever semblance of reality her brain is able to comprehend. Her slipping the ring is just another petty attempt to ruin them but she should know the brilliance of Olivia Pope and her team and understand that something like that would never hurt them. So ye, Mellie can keep trying and keep getting knocked back, Im here for it.

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Cyrus apologising to Mellie for bringing Olivia to the campaign. I was like?

If Olivia hadnt have come along you wouldn’t have even stood a chance at winning the election, regardless of defiance. So please stop. No FLOTUS, no COF. NOTHING. So im not buying that.

Side Note: Is Ella at some boarding school in Switzerland?

Edison Davis

I had been wondering when we would see him again, especially once the affair came out. It was a great political ploy to have him speak like that about her, but obviously behind the scenes he was anything but pleased. There was the obvious parallel with 211 and I am loving this from the writers. All these season 2 throwbacks.

He has a right to feel a bit peeved as he obviously did but back then, in the situation Olivia was in, telling the truth was never going to be the option. What did he expect. I do think she loved him at one point, or at least tried to. He was the only one I could stand her being with besides Fitz.

I also thought it was very brave of Olivia to go to him given she knew what he must’ve been thinking. She is ballsy this season and not holding back and I like it. She is also vulnerable at the same time which is endearing.

It was never going to be a happy reunion was it really.

Olivias Interview

Now I know a lot of you on here are gonna be mad like why did she say she never met him, its horrible writing for Olivia blah blah blah…

I actually thought it was very honest, truthful, emotional and vulnerable. Olivia has grown so much already in S5 it is huge. She is openly talking about her feelings and she is committing to her love. This just shows how willing she is to go with this and I am so proud of Olivia.

The way I see what she was saying is this; their love has had such a huge effect on other people that if she could have protected them from it or prevented them from it then she would have, but she couldnt, she couldnt help but fall in love with him. She has always been about saving people and being responsible for them and she carries the weight of her relationship with Fitz with that, but she isnt apologising for loving him. She is sorry for the surrounding destruction.

Im not so sure about her comment of her wearing the ring as being weak? Is she saying she couldnt fend off the strength of his love for her, or she was too far gone to try and stop it?

Anyway, I thought she spoke with enough emotion to connect with people without being melodramatic and with enough composure to speak with such candor.

Were people really expecting for Olivia Pope to be all fairytales, romace, oh he is my prince? That is not Olivia Pope. She has never been in to fantasy.

No comments on Joke or Elise this episode, did nothing for me or too me. They need to give Fooley some screen time. Im not even caring that Olivia keeps going to him, she needs someone outside of the immediate OPA and WH circle to talk to, so whatever. He is essentially her shrink and her delievery boy.

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Thats it really off the top of my head after one watch at 6am. Im sure Ill have some more thoughts about it during the week but all in all I thought it was really good.

Now onto next week:

Not sure how I feel about a proposal/marraige next week. I know it should have us all going fangirl mad but I dont want their love to be cheapened and brought down to the same level as Cyrus and Michael, his whore. I want it to be when they were ready and on their terms. A proposal from Fitzgerald will be a thing of beauty though, and if they get engaged and then dont get married then maybe that’ll sit better with me. But Fitz is not divorced and it doesn’t look like Mellie is signing any time soon, so is that even legal?

Anyway its a promo, so it probs wont happen but Im interested to see how it pans out for sure!!.

I will finish with some Olitz dom/sub:

And last but certainly not least……. Their bodies, their hair, their outfits (or lack of), their positions… and lack of boundaries.


Suho: “not again~”

Baekhyun: “but…i was just talking to an ajumma!”

Chanyeol: “i’ll prove you wrong later, you’ll see”

Kyungsoo: “o-okay…”

Jongin: “You’re jealous of d.o aren’t you??”

Sehun: *guilty
*you keep talking about flirting his incident with a stranger.

Kris: “you make me love you more when you’re jealous~”


kris: *speechless

Xiumin: “what the fck are you talking about? i was just talking to luhan over the phone that’s it”

External image

Luhan: *hugs you

“you misunderstood it baby, im sorry. we’re good now ok? :)”

Lay: “hey im innocent”

Chen: “cut it out i behaved today, now tell what i’ve done??”

Tao: “stop that you’re making me nervous -__-”

When your fave gets a spotlight channel on Vine and you have absolutely no self-control so you end up doing yet another drawing for them! 😝 Extremely proud of how far you’ve come, Thomas! You’ve brightened up a lot of days and have caused even more smiles!! You’re one of the best people on Vine, to me, and I love you for everything you do and stand for!!! 😘❤ And this drawing totally could’ve been better, but its a rush job and I was out all day! 😁


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When Motionless In White were touring through Europe this year they also came to the “Rock im Park” festival. I went there to see them and hoped that they would do a meet and greet after the show but they didn’t… . So two weeks later after they had their show there they were back in Germany again doing a break from all the driving in my town. Some friends of mine and me where hanging around at the central station. And after some hours a guy with a M.I.W.-Crew sweater came up to me and asked where he could buy some weed. I asked him if he is a real crew member of the M.I.W.-Crew and he said yes. Then he told me that the guy next to him was one of the band to. I first didn’t recognized him but after some seconds I realized that Ryan Sitkowski was standing in front of me. I asked him so many questions and i hugged him. I was so happy. I also asked him if they’ll perform in Arizona next year and he said probably yes.