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“It’s a thrill to meet you, sir.”  Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens run into the Undertaker after Raw, and Kevin’s sell of that chokeslam is a thing of joy and beauty. {x}



You want a train ticket? It’s yours, alright. You wanna get out of here? Done. I’ll lie for you. I’ll sneak you out. Hell, I’ll even drive you. If you want more, if you want to make sure whatever’s happening here stops, then I can help you with that, too.

If You Could See Me

After 1.06 what if Betty and Jughead decided to keep their relationship a secret, or rather attempted to. 

A fic about Betty and Jughead working out the facts of their new relationship and cute, fluffy moments… also how the group finds out about bughead. 

Slight AU does not follow the events of 1.07 onward

———————————— Chapter 2 —————————————– 

It all felt like a dream. Two weeks had passed and it never stopped blowing Jughead’s mind when Betty’s hands so naturally held his own, or how their lips fit together perfectly like two pieces of a puzzle.

The young pair had agreed that keeping their relationship a secret was in both of their best interests. With everything else going on it seemed nice to have something just for the two of them. A place of comfort that truly no one else knew about, something no one could push them out of.

What the two didn’t expect was how difficult it actually was to keep their budding relationship a secret. The little movements, the small things that began to change as their relationship moved forward that threatened to blow their cover.

They sat in the student lounge, Jughead talking relentlessly about how their English teacher was hindering his creativity. Betty couldn’t take her eyes off of the dark haired boy, and as a few strands of hair fell forward onto his face. Betty felt the urge to draw them back carefully with her hand. Little moments like that made their secret difficult. If everyone knew not only could Betty brush his hair back, but lean into his side and hold his hand in her own. But they didn’t know… so she could, as much as she wished she could.

“Betty?” She heard Jughead ask, breaking her out of the internal fight in her head.

“Sorry, what was that?” She replies, looking dumbfounded as Jughead laughs next to her.

“I asked if you agreed that we should be given full creative freedom when writing for our English class,” he explains. “We’re asked to do creative writing but we can’t actually write creatively.”

“I guess, but it’s not like out teachers are looking for our own version of A Modest Proposal,” Betty smiles at him understanding his frustration. She’d most likely hear more about it later.

Jughead continued his rant that if he were given the freedom he desired maybe he could write something like A Modest Proposal. Honestly, Betty just wanted him to stop, to make an excuse to get him to go with her to the Blue and Gold just to have even a few moments to be them, be together.

Without thinking, Betty rested her hand on Jughead’s lower thigh, a subtle message that he almost instantly understood to slow down and take a breath. He figured it meant that she understood, and he could breathe and take a break.

Jughead closed his eyes and put his hands up in defeat. The two recovered quickly remembering where they were. Recovering not before Veronica noticed something change between the two.


The pair thought they got away scot-free as they worked together in the Blue and Gold office later that same afternoon. They had been working for just over thirty minutes before the conversation they had almost every day began. “This is getting more and more difficult each day. The hiding.” Jughead states, turning swiftly in his chair to face Betty sitting comfortably on the couch.

“We could just tell people,” Betty stated, half joking.

“I guess, but I have to say, I love having this all to ourselves,” Jughead smirked as he pulled his knee up to his chest.

“You know Juggie,” Betty started, getting up slowly to stand infant of Jughead. She put one hand on either side of Jughead, resting them the table behind him to lean in closer. “I’ve never had a secret like this before,” she whispers.

Jughead put a hand to his chest in faux shock. “Is that all I am to you, Betty Cooper? The dirty little secret to launch your impending teenage rebellion? I’m hurt.” Betty laughed, playfully slapping Jughead’s shoulder. She leaned in quickly capturing his lips with her own.

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All the Atleti children together. Love them.


Hey All.. It’s Spacey Subject 101 time and for a subject suggested by a fellow Spacey Cadet this week’s subject is “Who Would You Like to See Kevin Work with on Screen”? This was a tough one for me but I decided on these two Jimmy and Kevin..they just make me laugh whenever they’re together. I would love to see these two in a film together. I loved Jimmy in the flick “Fever Pitch” and I love Kevin in anything so these two in a comedy would be all I would ever need in film making. Ok, that may be a little over dramatic but I would really love to see these two in anything.  

Ok, it’s your turn please post who you would love to see Kevin work with?

Source: Late Night Show

Credit to @eaudepanache for this week’s SS 101 idea