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There’s something that you need to realize everytime you feel self conscious about what others think of you. We, as people, view the world and people based on our own beliefs, the way we were raised, our religion, the culture and society in which we are in, and much more but all of these have one thing in common, they are unique to each person. One person may view you as the most beautiful creature to have ever walked this Earth and another may not. Opinions change from person to person, this is why the only opinion that should matter the most to you is your own. See yourself as the most beautiful creature, see yourself for all you have to give to this world, and only see you for you. Do not let the opinions of others reflect your own self image and self worth.

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Hey there! I was wondering, have you read the throne of Glass series? I was planning to read it so I looked up some reviews and they were so mixed? And a good number were negative. They said that the main character was cliche and shallow and didn't live up to the badass assassin premise. Others said the plot and the world wasn't interesting enough. What do you think? Cuz I really want to read it! I'm in love with the ACOWAR series but if TOG isn't good then I don't want to waste my time. TYSM!

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I think it's disgusting how you write ABOUT TWO REAL PEOPLE! Jikook are not characters but real human beings! What's worst is that straight girls like you make them gay and have sex together! IT'S GROSS JUST STOP IT!

Ok, go pick up a fiction book. Like a hard copy fiction book you’d find in a book store. You see those names of the characters? Yeah those, guess what. THEY’RE GOING TO BE BASED ON A REAL PERSON, SAY WHAT??? The name is changed but the author barrow another person to create that character. Welcome to writing, welcome to the world of authors! As my teacher said “if you meet an author don’t be surprise if you end up in a story” cause that’s how characters are born BY REAL LIFE FUCKING PEOPLE. I could be as small as a ring you wear or your whole look. Now, yes, we are borrowing Jimin and Jungkook (and other members and other OTPS and other-) but they’re a character in a story. Even when it’s a non au they’re still characters and not the real Jimin and Jungkook. Characters based on real people is not new.

I am not straight, I am a Bisexual goddess thank you very much! Now, nothing wrong with being gay or sex, why do you hetro’s always get angsty over these things?

Maybe the reason you don’t see it is that it’s stuck to your back. What I mean is, a person’s admiral qualities - they’re just like, say, a pickled plum on a rice ball. In other words the person’s the rice ball and the plum’s stuck to their back. So, all over the world you can have rice balls made with all sorts of wonderful ingredients, all different flavors and shapes and colors, but since they’d be stuck in the middle of everyone’s back, someone could have a plum and not even know it. They’d look at themselves and think “I’m so plain, nothing but white rice,” even though it isn’t true because, turn them around and, sure enough, there it is. There’s the plum. So if someone is jealous of somebody else, well, then, it’s probably because it’s easier to see the plum on someone else’s back than it is on your own. Yup. I can see it. I can see it very clearly, Kyo. You don’t know it but you have a great big plum on your back.

in short, my first pride was lowkey unimpressive and watching white gays and White Allies TM cheer for cops the second the parade started and having to walk around 6 blocks to cross one street because the parade goes through like 3487564 blocks in the village was wild but the feeling of being surrounded by Others Like Me, being around everyone and seeing everyone so free and full of love and so colorful and alive and vibrant was amazing, like i felt normal like my attraction to women felt normal, being around other genders felt like a world i wanna live in, like not to be corny but it was like being invited to a family reunion full of all the family members you fuck with and actually wanna be around like the parade was eh but the event itself was magical

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44: things you said before you kissed me bellarke

AN: Wow this took me months to get to, and then minutes to finish. Sorry. But ily Jade.

I swear (everyday we’ll get better)


Clarke knows it’s not the same, but whenever she looks into his eyes, she sees the same things she always saw. There’s the world, she thinks, and the strain in his shoulders. There’s the fire and how it burns whenever he puts his mind into things.

The other day, she saw him skimming through the old photographs. It wasn’t much, not that they salvaged a lot in the fire. It was just the two albums, a small booklet of individual photos of him when he was a child, and one of the things he took when he was a teenager with a camera. There was his father in the booklet, who looked so much like him that Clarke could feel her heart break whenever she reminds herself that he doesn’t remember any of this.

He doesn’t remember his sister, doesn’t remember Raven and Monty and Jasper. He doesn’t remember his nephew. He doesn’t remember her.

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how do I be in a relationship with my girl if she's depressed? we don't have sex, we see each other for a few hours once a week, we don't really talk. she's my world, i don't want to lose her i just don't know what to do.

I think it’s in the little things. You can still love someone when they’re depressed but you sadly can’t love the depression out of someone and it’s important to remember that and try not to get frustrated at her. I find having small things about everyday to look forward to, try and give her that in some way or help her discover that and create it for herself, encourage her to try doing things, make plans. It’s really nice having plans to look forward to for when you do see each other and it’ll help keep her motivated and again looking forward to something. Tell her what you wanna do, where you want to go, the different ways you love her. And tangible things. If you guys see each other a few hours a week (I know some couples go so much longer without seeing each other but nonetheless) it’s nice to have some tangible things and reminders she can keep with her when she’s sad and you aren’t there. Happy things, a book you liked, pictures, hand written messages, stuffed toy like whatever y'all want. Idk I know it’s hard, she’s lucky you love her so much. Sorry my phones gonna die I can’t type more and I forgot what else your question said haha

Remember you’re the most important person in your life though and your wellbeing is also a priority and the supporter needs support too so please be mindful of how this effects you also

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Oh, I am SO glad that you're coming back! I speak for everyone in this community when I say that this blog is one of the most lovely ones and personally, my favourite. You are SO appreciated! <3 I hope you had a great time in Japan and can't wait to see you around here again <3 Yes, this blog is really loved <3

thank u so much, that really means alot! I saved this message for almost a week bc it really made my night <333 

Not to get TOO flowery and sappy here, but the world is getting to be a tougher and tougher place, so to have this little space, a little fantasy, a little escape from reality, to pour some of my creativity and enthusiasm into, and encourage others to do so, too, is a gift that gives to everyone who appreciates it, and that’s a big deal, to me, anyway <– whoa run-on sentence how DARE I? Whateva whateva i do what i want.

(Japan pics coming soon, and a cute vid of me feeing the foxes at a fox village wherein you’ll get to hear my 11 yr old girl voice wooo!)

reason #12481294124 why i love munday:

people feeling good about themselves. all those cute faces all over the dash and people being nice to each other. realizing how genuinely beautiful, in every sense of the world, people are on here. seeing how some are super confident and some feel kinda insecure but we all get to share this, seeing all those smiles or bomb-ass contouring or cute outfits or amazing hair or eyebrows that are so on fleek they make you want to drop to your knees… beautiful boys, beautiful girls, beautiful transgender people, beautiful people from all ethnicities. people celebrating their religion or families or culture. people celebrating themselves. the confidence boosts…. i fckn LOVE munday i love all of your faces my dash is a freaking masterpiece right now and i want all of those pictures in the MoMa.

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i see the shalads celebrating they are in the 18th place of fandommetrics again.... what an incredible feat... lemme just... clean up the podium here... check my make up in my silver medal... okay ready to go

Aw they move up one place and think they’re on top of the world.

That’s cute

Now if you notice looking around you can see all the other kids with the same trophies as them that the adults all give to kids so they don’t feel left out,and all of them feeling just as special as they do.

Just so fucking adorable

I’m crying rainbows and puppies looking at it

Scrolling on Instagram and this is ANOTHER post that popped up on my timeline of the constant hate black men express about black women. So many likes and comments prior to it. I am so tired of black men slandering black women.
Y'all hate yourselves so much that you take your anger out on the ones who is a reflection upon you thinking you’re making yourselves look better when really, you look pathetic asf. Like. Black men are the only race who see their own women as enemies. 😂 Imagine how other people laugh at us.
The funny thing is, is that you swear up and down that how you see and treat black women is different from how the world treats you. When really, how you see us, the world sees you lol! You’re fetished by white women and finally get to be with them without being killed, that you think you’re one step above the pedestal. You think you’re better. So you go and slander the ones who are the female sex of your image, because since were women, were the only ones you can oppress. Because not only were black, but were women. Is that how y'all try to seperate yourselves so that you can feel as superior as the white man?
Little do you know with no self hate and some basic research and education, black women is the motherland of it all. And we carry so much meaning. The meaning society hides to keep our powers low.
And yall dumbasses fall right into the trap, because y'all still trying to be accepted by the white man.
It’s sad because more than half of nonblack women wouldn’t even look a black mans way if he wasn’t rich, famous, or an athlete, or the trend, excluding the sex fetish they have for black men. How many times have black men been jailed, shot, fired from jobs, and basically have their life ruined once they dare to piss off a white woman? How quick they put on those fake tears and run to the white man. And then what? Whole system goes against you and guess who takes y'all coon asses back? Who’s mama house you go to? Oh. A black woman’s.
Y'all degrade your own women to boost the ego of a nonblack woman in order to convince them of why YOU’RE WORTHY ENOUGH of THEIR love, little do you know, they STILL don’t give a fuck about you or your issues being black, but just knows you will treat them like a queen, give them good sex, and whenever they get tired, they can drop your ass for one of their own.
I even saw a black man calling the BLACK WOMAN names for forgiving cheating ass husbands, when it was the husband who CHEATED.
Y'all hate us so much that y'all look for any excuse to go against us. And black women, I’m so sorry this is what we have to go through. It gets tiring seeing your own men treat you like shit and really all of this shit is caused because of what happened hundreds of years ago. We all know were systemically brainwashed. We just can’t grow out of that shit.

As my beautiful @steorie talked about my tattoo in this interview, I decided to show it to the world ^^. Tyler liked it and James quoted it on a reply on twitter.
I’m so proud to have it for so many reasons, but most of all, because LOVE IS LOVE!

the 3 original drawings were made by Steorie, but they had to be changed a bit to be tattooable.

the 2nd drawing was a commission I asked her to draw for me and i bought as well the lineart of the 2 others. As you can see, I added Stephi’s signature because it makes me sick when people steal someone else’s artwork or repost it without saying who did it, and because she’s the sweetest person ever and I love her a lot. It’s an honor to have her with me forever!

her commissions info: HERE
her RedBubble page: HERE (the website is available in different languages)

DnD session!

Hey! Guess what, you already probably guessed from the tittle but, I’m gonna hold my first dnd session as DM!
It will take place on a peninsula that ends in a cliff., so it won’t be too vast, but I promise it will be fun. The town you start off in is a dwarven run town at the tip of the peninsula. This will be pretty darn open world and very free to choice other than the first quest. The first quest it just a starter for me to try out the water and for everyone to see if this is what they want to do.
This is in a fantasy realm under 5e rules, any race you want. I won’t be counting things like food, weight, or other components that are not part of main gameplay. Please do note that this will be very casual, so if you are looking for something more intense, this is not your cup of tea.
There will be three to five people depending on how many want to join. One spot is already reserved.
Happy trails!

Of Hearts and Hollows [Part 4]

Oh the wonders of being human…

Part 3

“I’d forgotten what being cold was like.”

Law turned his head to stare at the woman by his side, her brunette locks whipping behind her like a flag as the Polar Tang drew closer to port. Large white flakes of snow swirled between them, catching on the wool fabric of her sweater and dampening her bangs. She had a hand upraised, her eyes watching intently as the snow melted on her bare palm.

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Who Cares? / For You, For Me, For Evermore
McGee Maddox, Sara Esty, Nick Spangler, & Emily Ferranti
Who Cares? / For You, For Me, For Evermore

it’s plain to see, we’ve found by finding each other
a love we’ve waited for

i’m yours, your mine, and in our hearts
the happy ending starts
what a lovely world this world will be
with a world of love in store
for you, for me, for evermore

who cares? / for you, for me, for evermore performed by the first national tour of an american in paris. please do no share outside of tumblr. full audio available for trade.

WBJune: Day Twenty-Three

The Sky

Shoutout to @nightspeakswrites for help with this post - wouldn’t have been able to figure out any of it without her.

So, let’s talk about the sky in Veda City. Obviously the sky is very much like the sky in our world, because Veda City exists in an alternate version of Earth, but there’s still some stuff to talk about. Firstly, the light pollution in Veda City is massive. The stars are largely blocked out at night except for the brightest ones and the moon, and it’s rare to see any other stars. There’s very little smog in Veda, as the city is completely green, but the skyscrapers can block out a lot of the horizon and skyline, depending on where you are in the city. Generally speaking, the further away from Central you are, the better luck you have at seeing stars, with the Suburb district having the cleanest skyline and most stars - but even, then, there’s only a few.

During black outs, which are rare, but have happened a few times, many more stars become visible, as Veda City is several hours from any other major city via highway. In fact, if the entirety of Veda City were to go dark, there would be no light pollution in the entire city, and the stars would be completely visible. Not that there’s ever been a city wide black out. At least, not since the city was much, much smaller.

This makes stargazing rather difficult in Veda City, but romantics can make up for it with the beautiful sunsets. As Veda City is bordered on three sides by natural beauty - forest and rain forest to the north, ocean to the west, and mountains to the east - there’s always a beautiful place to set up to watch the sunset on a romantic evening. And of course, there’s always a handful of people who find a way to the tops of the skyscrapers to watch the sunsets as well (a feat which Nat becomes rather infamous for, in their later days of Veda City).

In terms of the daytime, Veda City gets a fair amount of sunlight, as it isn’t quite north enough for the sun to be greatly affected. The ocean helps - reflecting light back toward the city, and the solar panels keep the city nicely powered alongside the wind mills and hydro-electric power.

There aren’t a lot of atmospheric metahumans in the city, or powers that would be considered to be atmospheric in nature. There are several which qualify to some degree - Nat Carter is a living lightning rod and lightning doesn’t hurt them, Neil Cunningham metabolizes sunlight into general human enhancement, and there’s a few others - but none which say, control the weather. At least, not yet. Possibilities are endless in Veda City, after all.

Lastly, it should be noted that Veda City has an observatory in East Residence. It’s a massive thing built into the base of the mountain, and has a highly advanced telescope that overlooks the stars over the ocean. It’s largely only used by scientists and researchers, but a few crafty students could probably make their way into it, no trouble.

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this may be silly, but i've been playing the dragon age games recently and i find myself really fuckin wanting a game like that in the dc universe, where you play as a gotham rogue and have other famous rogues as your "companions" and can gain approval with them and romance them. girlfriend and i have been talking about this constantly. "ask about fear" "crane greatly approves" "(correct answer to riddle)" "edward slightly approves" "we should be worrying about the environment" "pamela approves"

see i would love this to death in a perfect world but also knowing DC and everyone affiliated with them who could possibly make this a reality, it’d be straight nonsense and while i could possibly see them using a fallout 4 ‘bi by algorithm’ cop-out then we’d have to deal with characters like harley or ivy being available to someone’s shitty guy character.

but unfortunately until the day comes that us gays take over DC by force (which we will) i would be deathly terrified of what kind of sweet hell would come out of this 

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I'd like to say on the Aiden drawing you did for his new Armor is AMAZING I loved it! Aiden is my favorite character from season 1! And will you make more Mcsm season 2 fanart?

this makes me so happy!! i have my own vision of the mcsm world that im so glad i get to share with everyone and it makes me beyond happy that others actually Enjoy that vision! aiden is an incredible character and i really hope we get to see him and the blaze rods again, even if just for a brief moment! (fingers crossed for a redemption scene). i will Absolutely be making more s2 content, i thrive in this series