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hi guys, If you wanna see what I do with my life when not on tumblr you should add me on snapchat!!

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concept: ennard and eggs just becoming wacky roomates

there was a super super cute girl waiting for the elevator in my mom’s office building and when i was subtly checking her out she like did a double-take and said “i love your shirt!!!!!” re: my fun home shirt which…..omg

and she asked me if i’d seen it and i was like “….seven…times….” and she was like “wow omg i only got to see it once but i just had to tell you because you really don’t see things like that in miami and i have the same shirt” and basically now i’m all heart-eyes at this random girl who works on the third floor


So, have this house I did (It’s actually Rob Gronkowski’s Miami Party Pad, if you wanna see the inspiration) and was wondering if anyone was interested in it.  I can post more pics if you guys want.

There are 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms a game room, gym, kitchen ETC.  Let me know.  There is some CC, not a ton, but I dont want to spend an hour hunting down all the links if no one is interested   =/  Just let me know!!

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You seem like a cool person to really hang with! Spring break for most colleges is early April and they go to Panama. Are you going to be out dea?

Shit I’m jus hella chill. Maybe one day you can see! But ima be in Miami lol pull up

Happy 3rd Anniversary to my babies GOT7! I’m so proud of all of the things you’ve all accomplished CHEERS to 300 more years! Jaebum Jackson Mark BamBam Yugyeom Youngjae and Jinyoung! See you all this weekend in Miami ❤❤❤ #3yearswithGOT7


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Priti Transitions! I started laughing because I actually caught myself without my leg actually touching my arm! I was going to Koundinyasana but right to chin stand works 👏👏👏 Don’t you love when you pleasantly surprise yourself with your own strength!?

This will be the grand finally transition at tomorrow’s workshop🎊🎉✨ Don’t let it stress you out if it looks super intense. I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to really break this down with the help of props and yours truly 😇 See you tomorrow @lovelifewellnesscenter 12:30 🙏

Ps. Happy Earth Day 🌍

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09. 28. @nickrherrera: Ariana : your eyebrows are everything.
Me : thank you!
Ariana : want me to take the picture since you’re shaking?
Me: yes please !
Literally still shaking. Thank you so much @arianagrande for being a sweet heart. Can’t wait to see you in Miami!
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By: Lilla