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Mark: Whether I’m gay or not has no reflection –

Owen: No, it does. Just listen –

Julia: I don’t think that you have ownership of horror of this crime.

Owen: Can I just say, I find this, I find this astonishing.

Julia: I’m not Jewish and I’m not gay, I’m not French, but I still am equally horrified by these crimes.

Owen: This was a – I’m being yelled at, which is incredible.

Julia: Stop talking so [we hadn’t do].

Mark: That’s the headline: ‘Isil wages war on gays in west’. Now you share that view, that basically this was deliberately targeted on one part of the community rather than the freedom to enjoy yourself no matter what your sexual orientation is.

Owen: What are you talking about?!?

Mark: I’m talking about the coverage in the newspapers.

Owen: It’s not some abstract, kind of, he just picked a random club out of nowhere. He picked a club because it was full of people he regarded as deviants. That’s why he attacked the club.

Julia: It’s a hate crime, this is an act of terrorism, it was an attack on gay people, absolutely, it was horrific. However, my mind guesses this man probably would be as horrified by me as a gobby woman as he would – genuinely, genuinely – this is the thing. We don’t know right now. We can speculate, but we don’t know how much of this is motivated by just his homophobia.

Owen: We heard from his own father about his revulsion – why are we trying to deflect? Why are you both pick-

Mark: We are not trying to deflect. We are trying to reflect what is being said by the authorities here and –

Owen: Can I ask, what argument are you trying to pick here?

Mark: I’m now going to quote from what The Telegraph is saying…’his father said…[he] may have targeted the gay community after becoming angry when he saw two men–’

Owen: ‘May have’? He did! Why are you saying this?

Julia: ‘After seeing two men kissing in Miami some months ago’ – he may have been angered by many other things since then!

Owen: I’m sorry. I just find this the most astonishing thing I’ve ever been involved with on television. If he’d walked into a synagogue, and massacred dozens of Jewish people, you wouldn’t be saying what you’re saying now.

Owen: This bizarre attempt to deflect from this –

Mark: We are trying to draw parallels in terrorist attacks on people who are being attacked whether they are enjoying rock music in Paris, whether they are gay people in Florida enjoying a night out.

Julia: I completely accept it, as [Mark] does, that it was a homophobic attack, but for me the issue is there are going to be homophobic people, there’ll be people who hate black people, or who hate gay people, or hate Jewish people. There are going to be people, who are lunatics, who are fanatics –

Owen: Who are “lunatics”! Stop using these words, Julia!

Julia: Is it possible for me to finish one sentence?

Owen: If you stop using words like “lunatic” to talk about homophobic terrorist attacks!

Julia: Well thank you. Whoever these people are, and whatever their motivations are, the key thing is we’re always going to have mad and bad people in the world.

Owen: Mad and bad people. Okay.

Julia: And the key issue is, that they can’t do too much or any harm. When you have free access to assault weapons in a country like America, then they’re able to put their hatred of other people –

Owen: Yes! Obviously!

Julia: – into effect, and do damage. That’s the issue for me.

(discussion between Mark and Julia on gun control and the U.S. …Julia: It is absolutely absurd, if America were not going to do something about gun control after Sandy Hook in 2012, if you’re going to watch six- and seven-year-olds being massacred and you don’t think you need to act, they are never going to act.)

Mark: There’s something else here in The Telegraph coverage, which I think we need to bring up, Owen, in relation to your point. And that is, I think that we’ve got at least a call from a spokesman for Stonewall saying that people would be feeling vulnerable, and basically indicating –

Owen: Oh, you’re going to have an LGBT voice talking about it. Interesting.

Mark: Sorry?

Owen: Nothing, carry on. Go on.

Julia: Owen, seriously.

Owen: I’ve had enough of this. I’m going home. Sorry. No way.

Julia: Owen, genuinely, we’re trying to have a civilized conversation.

Owen: I know you’re having it, I don’t want it!

Julia: I know you’re upset, you’re very upset –

Owen: Yeah, I am, I’m very upset. I’m very upset.

Julia: Everyone’s upset and angry about this, but storming off a TV set –

Owen Jones, Mark Longhurst, and Julia Hartley-Brewer discuss the Pulse nightclub shootings, 12 June 2016


One of the interesting things about growing up in Miami is that you see a lot of film and television productions. I remember seeing a Harrier jet in the middle of the street near my father’s office because True Lies was being shot there. Scenes from The Crew and episodes of Burn Notice were shot a few blocks from my childhood apartment. The causeway by my high school was shut down because they needed to shoot, of all things, the music video for Sisqo’s “Thong Song”. And these were just the productions that I personally encountered, there were tons more that I won’t bother naming. Yet in all these years of seeing my hometown on big and small screens, there wasn’t a single one of them that told a real Miami story about real Miami people from real Miami communities. Everything was some kind of cheap music video, some capitalist nouveau riche fantasy, some tropical bikini fantasy for white people. You never hear about the immigrants from all over Latin America and the world hustling in warehouses, flipping merchandise, laying marble tiles, praying in strip-mall churches. You never hear about how the City let public housing be cannibalized by fancy contractors so that they could build private residences to push subprime mortgages with. And you sure as hell don’t hear about the black and brown people living in Liberty City, much less about those that are queer. But that is what makes Moonlight a film of rare power, in that it renders, in masterful strokes of black and blue, a story that was once invisible. Personally, the film resonated deeply with me, even though my young life in Miami was different from Chiron and Kevin’s. For the first time in my 30+ years, I saw fragments of familiar experiences (riding sad in a sad metromover, smoking a blunt on South Beach at night, jokes about jitneys, black beans from Cuban diners) in a film of staggering beauty, written and directed by fellow Miamians working with a Miami crew. And holy shit, it was the best film of the year. <3 [Edit: It actually fucking won best picture]


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Time Magazine - July 16, 1979

« Do you see the man? » the prosecutor asked last week in a Miami courtroom. On the witness stand, the pretty blond woman swiveled in her chair and pointer a quivering finger at a slender, dark-haired man. « Would you identify him for the record? » continued the prosecutor. The silence that followed was suddenly broken by the suspect, who is leading his own defense. « That’s Mr. Bundy, » he said, referring to himself in the third person. « Thank you, Mr. Bundy, » said the judge. Replied the defendant: « You’re welcome. »

A fateful encounter. A strange proposition. Many many  stupid decisions. 

Welcome to being the new “bodyguard” of the man you were once, probably, meant to kill.

Who cared about that?

He certainly would if he ever found out.*

au with my boyfriend born from a crackship :^) 

*spoilers: he does find out

Girlfriend from back home

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2k words

Being a girlfriend of one of the boys and living back at home.

Jonah: Minnesota to California 1993 miles 

Stillwater may have been a small town but it was always bright with friendly people, especially when Jonah was there but after he left for L.A everything felt different, for you at least. You didn’t have anyone to do a bi-weekly movie date with or twice a month ice cream date let alone walks in Minnesota’s chilly weather but that didn’t stop you from facetiming when you both had a free moment or even cute little visits every once in awhile. People always told you long distance wasn’t a good idea, ‘He’s a pop star now…he could get any girl he wants.’ 'Think of the people he probably brings home every other week’ but Jonah wasn’t like that, of course here and there he had regular teen boy wants and needs but he would never think to go and ruin what you guys had just to fulfill them. 

“Just remember once you graduate you can visit whenever you want,” Jonah told you as he laid in bed on face time. It was currently 10 pm for him and midnight for you but when you asked him to face time that was his only concern.

“I know but it just feels like forever.” You told him, you would be lying if you said you weren’t crying before the call because of how much you missed him but you didn’t want him to feel bad.

“I know but it’s not…two more months and then it’s a summer with me and the boys, plus your dream college is in California…you could go there and then we’d get to see each other all the time!” He added in an excited voice as he gave you a small smile. “It’s Sunday for me but Monday for you…you have school in a few hours, get some sleep so you can pass all your tests or the quiz or whatever they give you.” He added.

“Okay, I love you Jonah.” You mumbled as you looked at the screen.

“I love you too,” he told you before letting you end the call. Jonah rolled over on his back letting out an air of breath. “How do you and Christina do it?” He spoke getting Corbyn’s attention.

“It’s hard but we just do…I’d hate to not be with her and I hope she feels the same way so we put on our battle armor and just do it.”

Daniel: Oregon to California 670 miles

Daniel was one of those guys that girls looked over, everyone wanted the bad boy that was super attractive, well Daniel was the nice guy who was gorgeous and you couldn’t ask for better. Daniel had been back to visit his family and you as it was your guys one year anniversary a few days ago.

“Do you have to get on the plane tomorrow? It’s like a ten-hour drive, we could road trip back to L.A.” You asked looking up. Daniel gave you a smile keeping his arms securely around you. 

“I wouldn’t let you drive me because you’d have to drive ten hours back by yourself, plus I’m not going to L.A. I’m meeting the boys in Florida.” He mumbled, his eyes closed and head back on your pillow.

“Oh yeah, excited to see the Miami girls?” You asked with a slight roll of your eyes knowing the answer he’d give you.

“Most definitely, just don’t tell my girlfriend I said that.” He said with a slight smirk as he opened his eyes to look at you.

“Oh shut up.” You rolled off of him getting off the bed, “I hate that you’ve been here for four days yet it’s felt like an hour and you’re leaving soon.”

“Well then let’s go make the most of it, that way you won’t miss me too much when I leave, we can go to the music store where we met and I caused you to knock over a case of CDs with my amazing looks.”

Don’t get cocky now…you scared me, let’s not get it twisted.“ You told him, "But sounds good, let’s go before they close!” You shouted as you ran to go get your shoes.

Jack: Pennsylvania to California 2731 miles

“Maybe because Valentine’s day is coming and I would love to have you here because my friends want to go on a group date and I can’t go on a group date by myself.” You told Jack over the phone.

“What if I can’t even fly out there?” Jack asked as he shuffled around his room, he had gone upstairs to answer your call as Logan was downstairs with the boys and he knew that would mean chaos everywhere he went.

“Then you’d be the worst boyfriend ever, come on Jack, keep up!” You said in a joking tone, “No but on a real note if you can’t I understand.” You added after a moment.

“I will do everything in my power to get there so I can see you on Valentine’s Day,” Jack said finally making you smile. Now it didn’t take much for Jack to tell everyone that you really wanted to see him for valentines day and for them all to agree. So after getting consent with David, he had a flight booked, though he would on stay one day he knew that it was enough to please you and that’s all that mattered to him.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” He shouted over the phone, he was currently in your living room though he hadn’t told you that.

“Isn’t it six in the morning in L.A?” You asked as you finally sat up in bed getting ready to start your day.

“Nope, it’s currently nine in Pennsylvania time and I’m kind of bored just sitting in your living room.” He mumbled as the call ended. It took you a moment to come downstairs but you did, and he didn’t think he’d ever see you run that fast. “I’ve missed you too.” He told you as you pushed him a bit.

“A heads up would have been nice.”

Corbyn: Virginia to California 2648 miles

The distance was something you and Corbyn had grown to understand, you both focused on your career paths along with making time for each other. One thing Corbyn really wanted was to graduate that way he could be in the same room with you when you both accepted your diploma like you both had wanted. Though he was in a band and had a hectic schedule he stayed on track which is something that you both wanted for him, you never pushed too hard knowing that if Corbyn wanted it as badly as he said he did then he’d finish. 

“I don’t think I’m going to pass on time.” He had told you in a quiet voice, you were confused until you finally realized what he meant.

“No, Corbyn…what happened you were so focused and you told me you were almost done…how would not be able to pass on time?” You asked him as you put everything down. School ended for three weeks and everything was done for you, now it was finals and you had been studying like crazy.

“The band was kicking off and I thought if I told you I was finishing everything on time then I would actually do it but I didn’t and now I see how much work I have a head of me and with us about to start the something different tour soon I don’t think it’ll happen.” He explained you were silent for a moment trying to think of what to say next without hurting either of you.

“I wish you had been honest with me…I understand that this band is what you want and you’re loving it and they love it and your fans love it…but I thought our number one rule was, to be honest with each other. You’re so far away and honesty and trust is all we’re supposed to have. If you lie about something as small as finishing an assignment how am I supposed to know if I can trust you Corbyn?” You asked this time he was the silent one. “I need to study, can we talk later?” You added.

“Yeah, I just have one more thing to say.” He started, “I’ve already finished my exams last week and I already passed! I just needed to milk it out a bit.” He yelled. You let out a sigh of relief.

“Corbyn! Don’t do that, I was really upset! I hated the idea of you lying to me, or the idea that I wouldn’t get to see you accept your diploma!" 

"I’m sorry! But hey, I fly out the day of you last final so I get to see you for a week before we get to walk across a stage." 

Zach: Texas to California 1405 miles

You and Zach were young, to be dating or as your mom and dad said to be boyfriend and girlfriend because you two hadn’t gone on proper dates, at fourteen and now to be sixteen you had come a long way. You missed him a lot actually and thought you were good at hiding it, it was killing you. You weren’t normally the jealous type but to be sixteen and be dating Zach Herron who now everyone wanted was a little nerve racking. Though he told you that you never had to worry sometimes you still did, you couldn’t help but think of all of the girls his age in California that was gorgeous or perfect for him, but then again you thought of Zach, the kid you knew before the fame and the kid you still knew. He was honest and he was sweet and if he really wanted someone else he would have told you because that’s how his mom raised him.

"Are you ready to see Zach!” Reese yelled as you helped her make cupcakes. she said she wanted to do something special for the boys as they were always so nice to her when they were around. 

“I am, are you ready to see Zach?” You asked as you helped her set the timer, she nodded her head as she opened the dishwasher. 

“Mom said we need to rinse them and then we can put them in here.” SHe said moving her hair out of her face. Cleaning wasn’t the hard part, it was decorating as you tried to explain to Reese that it needed to cool off first.

“Reese, They’re ready are-” You had started but you had been cut off with her screaming Daniels name. You quickly got up making your way to the door to see the five boys piling in. It was like a wave of emotion hit you as you let his family get a moment with him before finally making your way over to wrap him in your arms.

“I missed you so much.” He said, you wanted to reply but it felt as if it was a dream like you’d wake up and everything would disappear, he’d be back in L.A far away from you.

“Is that what love looks like?” Jack jokingly asked as the boys watched you guys continue your reunion. Zach who opened his eyes to look at his band nodded. 

“Especially if it’s with her.” He spoke, you had met the boys before but you felt rude for not speaking to them, you gave each one a hug before making your way back to Zach.

“Thanks for keeping him in check.” You spoke making them crack a smile.Though you missed him, he was having the time of his life and that was a journey you were willing to risk because life with Zach was a lot better with a life without him.

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you've seen Stevie Boebi's twitter recently?? She might be coming to Miami xD

the amount of messages i received about this. i checked the twitter poll and i’m nervous to see how many of you guys actually put Miami in hopes that her and i hang out. I’m nervous cause i know none of you have any semblance of Chill™ lmao