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Human Emotions- Castiel


Hello, May I request a imagine where castiel tells Sam, Dean and the reader that he had sex with April and the reader gets really sad bc she loves him. But Cas doesn’t understand so Sam and Dean comfort her, and later reader says why she was sad and it turns to castiel fluff n cuddles. Thank you and Sorry if was bad English! It is not first language for me :) xx

Reader is the Winchesters sister

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You basically choked on your drink. “You what?”

Cas had only recently become human and was still adjusting/ He didn’t understand a lot of things so you couldn’t believe what he was telling you.

“My time with April was very educational in helping me becoming better at being human, with the sex and stuff.”

“You had sex with April?” dean said also shocked as you felt your heart drop.

Since the Winchesters met Castiel he had been one of your closest friends. You fell for him instantly but who wouldn’t. He was beautiful and his eyes shone like nothing you’d ever seen before.

He simply nodded to answer Dean’s question.

“W-well she’s a very lucky girl.”  You said your voice breaking a little before walking off quickly before tears had a time to fall.

Cas looked confused at your brothers. “I don’t understand.”

Sam sighed and quickly followed you. He found you in your room with your head in your hands. He knocked quietly before walking in.

“I don’t want to talk Sam” You cry out a little but feel his arm come around you anyway and hold you close.

You cry softly into his chest. “I love him Sammy. And he doesn’t even care about me. Well enough to sleep with her!”

“Y/n…” Sam spoke softly. “Does he know that that you like him the way you do?”

With a shake of your head he sighed.

“Y/n.” Another voice spoke this time and it made your heart stop completely. Cas couldn’t see you like this.

He must’ve looked at Sam a certain way because soon you felt your brother leave and the presence of the angel beside you.

“Why are you upset?” he looked at you but you were facing away from him.

You look at your lap. “B-because you slept with April.”

He looked even more confused. “Why would that make you upset?”

“Because I love you cas!” You raise your voice and face him, tears staining your cheeks.

He swallowed hard and stayed quiet for a while before slowly pulling you in his arms. “You’re incredibly beautiful y/n. And I have this feeling with you. Every time I see you or hear your name. Like a thousand butterfly’s in my stomach…and I didn’t feel that with April. I’m not sure what human emotion I’m feeling but I’m certain it’s the same as what you call love.”

Your heart leaps in your chest before you kissed him softly, his eyes widening as he kissed back.

“Finally” you heard Dean groan as he walked past the open door.