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caitlin: “for a hero you sure let a lot of people die”

snowbarry shippers:

caitlin: *calls barry out for fucking up all the time*

snowbarry shippers:

caitlin: *kisses barry in order to freeze him*

snowbarry shippers: 

caitlin: *stabs barry in the leg in order to stop him following her*

snowbarry shippers:

Drew this for this lovely hurt/comfort fic right here.  (Warning, this is shaping up to be staggering levels of hurt, so tread lightly and read the tags!)  The whole gang (save Keith) is in this scene but I just wanted to draw sad Pidge wearing Keith’s jacket.  (Let’s say she was the first who went to his room, haha)


SPOILERS FROM WHAT LEAKED TONIGHT IF U DO NOT WISH TO SEE THIS PLEASE SCROLL OR UNFOLLOW YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! Ok so this has to do with my beloved gem lapis! Yay!! So a lot of people said lapis was a scout and are made to scout. That’s kinda true but now we know for sure what Lapis’ are made for. They’re made to terraform! Yellow diamond sings- “An agate terrifies! And a Lapis terraforms!” So there we know what lapis’ are supposed to do. So of course our fav lazuli does that. What does terraform mean? Well it means to transform something to resemble earth to support human life. So let’s see for a minute. If they were made for that, then most lazuli’s are actually really young and were important to Pink Diamond. lapis helped build “Pink Diamond’s Zoo” along with other lazuli’s. She was on earth to study their environments. Which could explain why she got lost. She was probably studying a certain human/resource and stumbled into the war which caused her to be caught. Sadly. This just clarifies what Lapis was made for nothing too special or maybe it is! Just in case y'all were confused when yellow diamond mentioned lapis.

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A Fluffy Stucky Fic Rec:

for sliceosunshine

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Is it Dean on his way to steal your Angel??
Is it Thomas on his way to steal your Lion King DVD?
No body knows anymore!!
This is what happens when you find kiddy crayons on your tea break and have tumblr and vine compilations in front of you!

Apologies for the terrible quality.

But thatsthat24….how do you fancy being a majestic hunter a top a valiant moosey steed?


Quick Ramble about BH6 x Avatar Crossover, other charas head canons

So I’ve been reading all of your adorable tags and comments all day (that’s right, if you wrote something on that post i saw :P ) and wanted to add a few of my thoughts in response, although I have no clue whether you’ll see this ^ ^;

Indulging my rambliness, so beneath cut.  You have been warned.

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A Fortune teller and a Long Night.

Summary: After you and the boys have taken down a hive of Vampires they treat you to the one thing they know you love most in the world. The Carnival is in town, and the boys know there’s nothing you love more than Cotton Candy and Carousels, but Castiel doesn’t understand the attraction till he sees you.

Pairing: Castiel X Reader

Warnings: Fluffy! Smut! Unprotected sex! (You have been warned)

Exclaimer: Part two to Cotton Candy & Carousels.

Part one:

Castiel didn’t enjoy the way Sam looked at the two of you. It was strange seeing him stare at the both of you this way, with a certain kind of anger behind his eyes.  Castiel couldn’t help thinking why was he looking at you this way? Castiel looked down at you with his bright blue eyes and cocked his head to the side as he looked into your joyful expression.

You were truly happy being held in his arms, and with this information he never wanted to let you go, which could quickly become a problem, with the physical nature of his relationship with the Winchester’s he wouldn’t be able to help them if he never let you go.

He took a few steps forward with you in his arms; dean met both of you half way with a big cocky smirk on his lips making you roll your eyes before looking back up at Castiel. You couldn’t help giggling at the way Castiel held you in his arms, his jaw was set as he held you protectively, keeping you away from the muddy ground. It was sweet and completely unnecessary especially because you were wearing a pair of cotton candy pink Doc Martens.

“So Cas…you and (Y/N). You been hiding something from us (Y/N)?” you saw the humour glint in his eyes as he purposefully ratted Castiel making it hard to restrain your laugh at the serious tone. Castiel’s arms tightened around you and held you closer to his body, obviously Dean didn’t approve of the sudden revelation that was Castiel and yourself were now together. He couldn’t help the urge to protect what was his…you were his.

Castiel was suddenly broken from his thoughts by a sort of laughter from you. You couldn’t help yourself as you kicked your legs and covered your bright candy apple red lips trying to smother the laughter escaping your lips from Castiel very serious and aggressive expression.

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“I was joking Cas, relax. I know (Y/N) is like a little sister to me but I completely approve of you two. Now you two scamper off and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” Dean winked at Castiel trying to do it on the sly as if you wouldn’t catch it. You rolled your eyes and chuckled shaking your head allowing curls to bounce and twist around your eye line.

Castiel looked past dean to see the younger Winchester jaw tick at his own brothers statement. That stern glare was still concentrated on him making Castiel tense again. Dean walked over to his brother and narrowed is gaze as the expression that was hard set on Sam’s face.

“Will you knock it off Sammy.” Dean clapped him on the shoulder pushing him at the same time, trying to remove him from the intimate scene that was only increasing his jealousy. Sam’s expression shifted into one of regret for not acting on his emotions sooner. Dean patted his back in a way to comfort him, but it only felt condescending.

“It’s ok Sammy, I’m sure they have a kissing booth or something here.”

Castiel had now placed you back down on your feet as you watched the two bother blend into the crowd before you. You twisted around in the loop that was Castiel’s arms and grabbed his suit jacket lapels pulling him down. His face was impassive and unmoving as you grinned like a Cheshire cat. This place allow you to escape the world you had become so accustomed to, it allowed you to relax and be yourself.

“Castiel I saw a poster for a fortune teller! Can we please go?” Castiel stood straighter and looked around him till he found the carnival scrawl letters ‘FORTUNE TELLER” lit up by orange pulsating bulbs. He tried to find any sort of indication of a prophet in the area, but there wasn’t a single one. There was no obvious aura of godliness or holiness.

“I think you are mistaken (Y/N) there are no prophets in this vicinity. If there was I would know.” Castiel tried to clarify your lack of heavenly knowledge, but if anything he made you confused. You shook your head and chuckled, he obviously didn’t get why you would want to see a phoney fortune teller.

“Castiel I know the fortune teller isn’t a prophet, that’s not the point, it’s just a harmless bit of fun.” You had managed to confuse the easily confused angel of the lord as you stood there in his arms. You quickly rose up on your toes and pressed your lisp to his in a quick peck. You ducked beneath his arms and grabbed his hands.

“Come on.” Castiel was confused to say the least, why would being told false prophecy’s be fun, they would raise your hope up without having any firm grounding or fact behind them. Making you feel nothing but regret in your own action when those prophecies didn’t come true.

You pulled Castiel behind you as you pushed through the velvet and bead curtains to be welcomed by an older looking woman. She took on the traditional gypsy look as she sat at a table in the centre of the room, tarot cards placed in a semi-circle. You slowly approached the woman who gave the two of you a warm smile, before gesturing to two chairs opposite her at the table. You sat down holding Castiel’s hand who slowly and apprehensively took a seat next to you.

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“Ah two young lovers, it’s so nice to see new love.” Castiel was confused, he was sure he had loved you since he had met you, but like he had already established, this woman was no prophet. Castiel looked at you and saw your large wondrous smile and decided to keep his thoughts silent and nodded, in false agreement.

“How can I help the two of you?” she asked her hands were laced together and she looked between the two of you. You smiled and leaned forward, grasping Castiel’s hand tighter as you looked down at the tarot cards.

“I would like you to read each of our futures.” the older woman nodded and moved her hands across the tarot cards before her. Castiel didn’t pay any attention to the older woman; he just kept his gaze on you as the woman drew the first card.

“The Ace of Cups heralds a new relationship filled with excitement, joy and happiness. This is the type of bliss you once experienced with butterflies in your stomach and a desire to spend every waking minute with your new love.” She handed you the card ad gave you a smile as she moved her hand over the cards again. You felt those butterflies rise up from the bit of your stomach once again as you looked shyly out of the corner of your eye to see Castiel silently mapping each and every one of your facial features.

“The star represents purity, oneness and transformative energy. It represents the strong bond that the both of you have with one another.” Castiel was still passive toward the woman who sat before him. His interest was taken by the woman next to him, as he gently ran his thumb over the back of your knuckles that had turned white with anticipation.

“The lovers, this further explains your unique bond, something that started as a friendship had blossomed into a love that in unique and completely natural, it is something raw that cannot be fully explained by words.  There is good chemistry and you’re likely to take your time with each other, caring for and tending to each other’s every sexual need.” Castiel suddenly stiffened at the last as did you. The words rang in your ears almost, you hadn’t even approached the idea of sex with Castiel, you still saw him as this heavenly figure that shouldn’t be touched by sex and sin.

Castiel on the other hand was struggling to contain himself. He had thought of sex with you many times, even though he had a limited knowledge of the actual act he could still image what your naked body would feel like against his own, and how your lips would feel on his, how he would feel when he…

“Castiel?” it was like he was thrown from his own throats. He looked around him slightly confused and then looked to the gypsy woman who was holding her hand out to him. Castiel dug a hand shakily into his pocket and pulled out the first dollar note he found and pushing it into her hand. He pulled you up quickly his strides long as if he was running away from the fortune teller. You stumbled trying to keep up with his fast pace.

“Castiel?” he didn’t looked back as he pulled you into his arms and looked you dead in the eye. His pupils were so dilated they completely consumed his irises. His chest was heaving heavily as he looked down at you. He slid one hand up your back and placed it in your curls pulling them slightly making you gasp. He pressed his lips firmly against your won making you sigh blissfully, as he swiped his tongue against your bottom lip.

Your head spun as you heard the familiar flutter of wings. You pulled away and found yourself in the men of Letters bunker, more specifically your room at the men of letters bunker. Your hands rested on Castiel’s chest as his strong arms kept you pinned against his body.

Suddenly he moved picking you up from the ground and threw you onto your bed you looked down your body as Castiel pulled your boots away from your feet and threw them heavily into the corner of the room before joining you on the bed.

Your breathing was erratic as you looked up at the angel of the lord gazing down at you as if you were something divine. Your heart hammered in your chest as he leaned down and pressed his lips against yours again. He nudged your legs apart with his knee trying to make himself comfortable, as he lay between your things. His hips pressing against yours as his hands moved up over your knees pushing away the petticoats beneath your dress. You gasped and panted against his lips as his warm hands rested against your thighs pushing them further apart. He shifted till his hips were perfectly aligned with yours.

Both of you let out a moan as you felt his erection press against you lace brief covered entrance. You looked into his heavenly blue eyes and saw the love that ay there but there was also the lust that consumed him. He rolled his hips inviting another moan to escape his lips as you whimpered beneath him. He pressed his lips against yours again, swallowing the noises you made as he continued to roll his hips against yours. You pulled away and looked up pleadingly at Castiel.

“Please Castiel.” Your voice was rough from moaning and whimpering, which only made Castiel push his hips harder against yours in a sudden bodily reaction pulling a long moan from both of you. Castiel realised that he liked it when you begged, not in a cruel or malicious way, but because it showed that you needed him as much as he needed you.

You could see the deliberation in his eyes as he stilled his movements. You slowly leaned up and pressed your lips against his lightly, before sliding your hands beneath his jacket pulling it away from his shoulders and moving onto his tie and shirt. His hands stayed planted on your thighs as you undressed him, peppering kisses across his stubble shadowed jaw as you pulled away his dress shirt and tie.

You hands slide over the toned body that lay beneath the suit and followed the trail of hair that led to the edge of his slacks. Your hands grasped the belt buckle and your skilfully undid it, he had no time to react as you slid you hand beneath his slacks. Castiel moaned as your hand grasped his cock, his hips bucked into your grasp as you ran your hands over his hard length.

He couldn’t help noticing your sate of full dress and quickly moved to change that. He unwantedly pulled your hand from his slacks with a groan of frustration, and pulled you up by your waist. His arms wrapped around your back as his fingers grasped the zip of your dress and violently tugged it down. Castiel pressed his lips against the taut skin of your collar bone and sensitive skin of your neck. You moan as you craned your head back, as his hands pushed down your dress and petticoats revealing that all you wore beneath your dress was your turquoise coloured lace briefs.

He moaned at the sight of you. You had never had that reaction from a man before. But Castiel was no ordinary man, his hands traced over your curves cupping your breasts as he pushed you back down onto your plush bed. He pulled away one hand and quickly tugged off his slacks and boxers in one swift movement.

He returned back to the position you ay in before. His hips pushing into yours, his erection teasing your entrance through your lace briefs, but this time there was barely a piece of fabric between the two of you. He reached his hand back up and brushed some long (Y/H/C) curls from your eye line allowing you to look up at him more clearly. His fingertips danced along the skin of your cheek, he pressed your cheek against the pal of his hand and turned your face into it allowing you to press a kiss against it.

Castiel looked down at you in pure awe as he reached don and hooked a finger over the edge of your lace briefs. You nodded giving him a love filled smile as you leaned up and pressed your lips against his, he moaned against your lisp as he quickly pulled your briefs away. You moaned as you felt his tip press against your entrance.

You pushed up your hips making his head enter you with a moan. He pressed his face into the crook of your neck, before pushing in the rest of the way releasing a moan from deep within your chest. You panted as he stretched you. You pushed your hands into his hair grasping it by the root as he stilled.

He tried to concentrate but the feeling of your drove him over the edge. You were wondrously tight, wet and warm. Castiel moaned into eth skin of your neck fearful of moving within you in case he climaxed. He felt you tug at his hair urging your to move making you slowly pull out of you and almost all of the way out.

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He had to think of something, he had had sex once and he had almost forgotten if after it was revealed that she was a reaper. He shook those thoughts from his mind and remembered where he had learned it all from…the pizza man.

He suddenly slammed back into you eliciting a scream from you. You struggled to catch your breath as he hit your G-spot perfectly. Suddenly he pulled himself up and looked down at you with a worried looked, as you tried to come down from the pleasure he just inflicted on you.

“(Y/N) are you ok?” he couldn’t’ help feeling suddenly panicked at the noise you made. You screamed, he hadn’t expected it at all. Had he hurt you? How was he to know if he was doing something right if you were screaming?

You couldn’t stop the breathless laugh escaping your lips as you pulled you panicked lover back down to you. You saw his pupils were constricted as he looked over you. You pressed your lisp to his and smiled against them reassuring him before pulling away slightly to press your lips against his ear.

“If I scream Castiel if means I really like it.” Castiel didn’t need to be told any more as he repeated his movements. You tried to stop yourself from screaming this time but you couldn’t, the feeling of him thrusting in and out of you so violently brought you unspeakably close to your climax that the actual action itself nearly pushed you completely over after the first move.

Castiel felt your nails rake across his scalp and he could contain the moans and prayers that flowed form his lips. Words in both English and enochian poured from his heavenly lips making you arch against him as he hugged your body against his thrusting deeper into you.

“I love you (Y/N).” his rough deep voice coupled with those three wonderful words sent you over the edge. You felt your vision blur as you felt yourself tighten around him. He groaned as his hips stuttered. You gasped and swore as he moaned and sighed. You climax was mutual and one of the best feeling you had ever experienced.

Castiel couldn’t let you go. Not now, not ever, and you were completely fine with that. He slowly rolled onto his side keeping himself inside of you as he held you even tighter. Your check rested against his chest revealing his ecstatic heart beat making you smile. He gently stroked your hair as you lay there, exhausted and with many question to ask each other, but first you needed to give a reply.

“I love you too Castiel.”

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“Because privacy and…stuff.” Dean stutters, “Come on, Sam, just give it back.”

Sam turns slightly away from Dean and glances at the text messages, “Y/N, huh?” he smirks, this time, not trying to hide his smirk, “Let’s see what you two have been-”

“Sam.” Dean warns. 

“Wow, you two text a lot,” Sam chuckles, scrolling through the messages until his eyes widen and he looks up at a blushing Dean, “You-you two-”


“You two-you, you and,” he glances back at the phone then back to Dean’s guilty face, “You and Y/N, you two-”

“Sam, give me the damn phone back.” Dean grumbles, reaching across the table and snatching it out of Sam’s hands.

Sam stares blankly at Dean, his mouth half open and his eyes wide, “Since when?”

Dean sighs and runs a hand down his face, “I don’t know, it’s been like this for a while I guess-”

“You guess?” Sam scoffs, “Dean, tell me what’s going on.”

“I don’t know!” Dean says a little loudly, immediatley lowering his voice and leaning in a bit, resting his elbows on the table, “I don’t know, man. The only thing I do know is that we were drunk and then the next morning we were in bed and I didn’t want to leave.” he sighs, “And there’s been a few times when we…” he waves his hands. 

“Oh my god,” Sam groans, “So, it’s complicated? You two slept together and now you don’t know what to make of it?”

Dean sighs and looks down at his phone when it buzzes, “I don’t know.” he says, smiling a bit at the text message Sam assumes is from you. 

Sam sighs and waits for Dean to text back, thinking to himself that it was a good thing he didn’t know how to use emoji’s yet. “Dean, look, I just think you should be careful, okay? Y/N’s been through a lot and if you-”

“Sam.” Dean cuts him off, looking up with tired eyes, “I’m not gonna…” he trails off and shakes his head, “She’s not some random chick, alright?” he says quieter, the tips of his ears turning red. 

Sam eyes his brother for a moment before leaning back and nodding, “Okay.” he says, and Dean relaxes, “Just…Make sure you don’t send any um…compromising pictures” he teases. 

Dean stops typing and looks up, a nervous glint in his eyes. Sam stares at Dean until the awkward silence makes him break, "Oh my god!”

Dean just smirks and goes back to texting you. 

Not A Spoiler-free Blog for S4 Sherlock

This is the obligatory announcement that I will be posting any and all Sherlock Season 4 Setlock pictures and possible spoilers on this blog. I will be tagging everything with #setlock #s4 so add those tags to your choice of post blocker if you don’t want to see them. :)

You have been warned. xx

The Fosters 2x20: “Not That Kind of Girl” Rambling #0 - Predictions

Jude: “I don’t get this! I don’t get you!”

In which I try to pretend I can make sense of the two promos we got for this episode because tbh I don’t think anyone can.

SPOILER WARNING: If you don’t want to know what happens in the promos or see the released pictures, do NOT continue reading. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Confirmed Stuff

So let’s start with stuff we know is definitely going to happen:

  • Someone was actually shot and injured/killed in 2x19 (this was confirmed by Hayden in an interview).
  • Jude is going to tell Lena about him and Connor. At the very least, he will tell her about the kiss in Jude’s room.
  • Jude is going to receive a text message from Taylor’s phone saying “I told my dad Im gay”.
  • Jude and Callie are going to have a fight about Connor, and Jude is going to get fed up with her (again).

Actually, that’s really all we know for sure. Let’s try to fill in the blanks a little.

Who got shot?

Connor is the most likely candidate to get shot, based on promo pictures which show Daria and Taylor standing horrified over someone/something and Connor in a hospital gown. We know it’s not Jude because he appears totally unscathed in the promo and he’s in the waiting room. It’s possible one of the girls was shot, but it’s very unlikely.

Was the shot lethal?

Gavin is signed for Season 3 and Jonnor is a major Season 3 storyline according to the creators, so if Connor was shot it was definitely not lethal. If it hit Taylor it’s also probably not lethal because someone’s using her phone in the second promo, and I doubt they would be able to get it if she’s dead. If it hit Daria, there’s no telling whether she died or not.

How are Lena and Stef going to react?

Lena: “Losing a friend is one of the most painful things to go through.”

Now we’re starting to get into the harder stuff. There’s no indication in the promo that either mom punished Jude for sneaking out, vandalism, and/or drinking (he definitely isn’t in jail), but it’s possible he was grounded or something. We can kind of guess how Lena’s going to react based on her comforting words to Jude in the first promo, but Stef’s reaction is up in the air. I think they’ll be so in shock that they won’t punish Jude (or they’ll think that not being able to see Connor is punishment enough).

What’s the deal with that text conversation?

Taylor (text message): “I told my dad Im gay”

The most likely scenario surrounding that text message is that Jude was banned from seeing Connor (and/or vice versa) and Connor got his phone taken away, so he’s using Taylor’s phone to communicate with Jude. (Hence why there’s a message saying “Hurts like a bitch” and “I told my dad Im gay”). The second most likely scenario is that Jude and Connor tend to flirt with each other through text message and so Jude has Connor listed as Taylor but I find this to be somewhat unlikely given that they don’t even really flirt in person (not verbally, anyway). It’s not Taylor messing with Jude, that would be a full reversal from her character development and would make no sense. It could be Taylor coming out, but that wouldn’t make sense storyline-wise, would go against Taylor’s character development (again), and would mean that Taylor got shot, which is unlikely.

What are Callie and Jude fighting about?

Callie: “Excuse me?!”

I think Callie’s strangely specific big sisterly instincts are going to come into play here: the ones where she only cares about Jude’s physical state and not his emotional or mental states (expect a rambling on this sometime after 2x20 comes out, by the way!), and the tensions between them about her relationship with Robert and Jude’s relationship with Connor and just the way she treats Jude in general are just going to come to a head and things are going to get nasty. We know that when Jude gets mad, he goes all-out, so I admit I’m kind of excited to see what an angered Judicorn will do to Callie.

Have any nagging questions about the Jonnor storyline or the techniques (both subtle and not-so-subtle) the writers use to portray it? Want me to ramble about something of interest to you? Send me an ask, and if I find your prompt interesting I’ll see what I can do! I respond to all asks, publicly and/or privately, so don’t be shy!


Heads up, semi-long rant on Doflamingo; you have been warned.
You see, the reason why I love Doflamingo is how complex and profound his character and back story truly is. He’s an unbelievably layered character whom you could write several thesis’ on.
Let’s start with the fact that he was born a noble, bred to feel and think as if he was superior to everyone and everything; that he was a literal god. Now that’s a very deplorable way of thinking but he was a child and that was the environment he grew up in; he didn’t really have any choice in the matter.
Furthermore, he grew up in ‘heaven’ and to suddenly leave that place and to be tossed into the real world was, to someone like Doflamingo, a literal transition from Heaven to Hell. However, he still maintained his innate superiority and felt he was above the people around him, such was the dogma that had been fed to all including Doflamingo.
However things turned sour and he was shown that the world was cruel and would not cater to his whims. He was betrayed from all sides: by his family, by the nobles and by the people. He had seen just how cruel this world was and he, through an epiphany, realized that this world could no longer exist and that it needed to be reborn, in his message that is. 
His character was, at first, seen as a spoiled brat that was throwing a tantrum. His brother on the other hand grew up to be a decent person with straight morals who didn’t venomously seek out to end life. Here we can see a clear and distinct juxtaposition of nature vs nurture. And it really is well done. However, here is where Oda’s brilliance shines through. Doflamingo isn’t just a product of simple nature - he may truly have been born evil but that’s not the only factor -, he was also bred to be evil; Doflamingo is a case of both nature AND nurture. Doflamingo has been under the control of others all his life, the others always being in the guise of nobles or executives. Doflamingo had been treated as a king without a choice, forced to be one and hated for it. He relishes in his power and has been spoon fed the fact that he is entitled to rule all, yet he is treated as if he had desired to do all this. All he wanted was to live the life he had been born with, but fate chose to throw him into a cruel world, to separate him from his family, to make him inherently evil and then to throw him into the hands of people that pushed this evil further. 
In many ways Doflamingo has always been a puppet of others, never really having any say or control of his own life or destiny, but the tragedy was that he never saw the strings, he never really heard the commands, but he always followed through on them.
Doflamingo is a truly complex and layered character and I am elated that he got such a huge arc to showcase some of that complexity and it’s one of the reasons why I don’t want this arc to end, cause it means I won’t see my precious Doffy again; presuming he lives, it would be a long while till I see him in action again.
Really, guys, Doffy is one of the best characters Oda has ever done.