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Fallout universe Health and Food-related headcanons

Because I’m a holistic health and homesteading nut… :’)

  • Sea salt is a major export of coastal states.
  • Another export of coastal states is whale blubber, which is extremely rare and difficult to obtain. It is a high-end source of carbs (see studies on Inuit diets if you want more about that) and would be a delicacy within upper-class settlements.
  • Salt is one of the only existing seasonings (and is used heavily in meat preservation, making cold cuts and little dried fish quite common!), any internationally sourced spices would have long since been used up, never to be replenished.
  • Because of this, Peppercorns are extremely rare, and a very high priced commodity prized more-so as conversation pieces than culinary tools.
  • Salt is also used in hair products. Mixed with warm water and vodka/rum it makes a great volumizer!
  • Tea brewed with hubflower has similar effects to caffeine.
  • Hubflower and mentats make one hell of an energy drink, like ginkgo tea on crack lol
  • We can assume that bees still exist post-war, because of the remaining flora in the Wastes. Honey is the major sweetener, although it is sold at a premium because beekeeping would be a very dangerous career. (Raiding parties would hit beekeeping farms hard)
  • If you see someone without a pocket-full of pemmican on them they’re probably dead tbh
  • Ketosis is common but not completely necessary. Farms and settlements often have razorgrain, maize/corn, tatos and various tubers, which are the major carbohydrate sources.
  • Razorgrain and corn flour/meal is a winter staple. Most people consist off of breads and snow-buried caches filled with thin meats in areas where the ground becomes inhospitable with the cold months.
  • Despite conflicting dialogue concerning the existence of fish, FISH DEFINITELY STILL EXIST
  • Pruno, moonshine, mead and beer are extremely common, as the means to craft them are widely available.
  • Common household nutrient supplements would include: cured liver, bone broth, and gelatin. 
  • Daily oral care consists of alcohol-based mouthwash (straight vodka, preferably), and brushing with tallow soap.
  • Tallow-based soap is readily available and decent hygiene really isn’t a huge issue with anyone who isn’t a piss-poor drifter.
  • ok but can you imagine cornbread with farm sourced honey and mirelurk eggs because i’m hungry as hell rn
  • In controlled environments with plenty of rest and medical supervision, stimpaks can help a person make a miraculous recovery from injury, and erase scarring. However, if used in a high-tension situation coupled with little rest and lack of consistent nutrition, scarring and/or perminant damage will occur.
  • The real-world equivalents of (some of the) Fallout drugs are:
    Med-X: Morphine
    Psycho: PCP
    Mentats: Methylphenidate
    Jet: Methamphetamine
    Calmex: Ketamine
    Day Tripper: Oxycodone
  • People raised in Vaults or who have defected from environments like the Institute have high mortality rates. If their lack of hardcore survival knowledge doesn’t kill them first, the shock of radiation poisoning will.
  • Obesity is next to impossible and a luxury only EXTREMELY wealthy people can afford. As excess weight gain is a product of energy storage (specifically carbs and sugars), the high protein/fat and low carb/sugar diet of the typical Wastelander would leave them in a state of constant energy absorption, coupled with the fact that not everyone is lucky enough to get even one meal a day.


“I’m gonna need you two to get married on a farm. A lot of my joke’s rely on that.” -Charles Boyle, about his future wedding toast to Jake and Amy.

B99 is filming at a farm do you see where I’m getting at

Also Dan Goor said there was no proposal this season but… who said you need a proposal to get married

It was the most happy moment of your life, the ending of highschool. The parting dance from adolescence to adulthood. Prom. Pulling into the driveway of your loves farm you see her mother taking a picture of her in her dress. She looks so beautiful. Your sweet Dylannetta.

Best Friend Series; Hoshi/Soonyoung

- you’ve been best friends with hoshi since you guys were kids
- you were nine years old and your dad asked you to go buy some yakult (those korean yogurt drinks in tiny little cups) because you ran out
- you go to the nearest convenience store and buy two packs and after that you’re on your way back home
- so like you’re skipping down the sidewalk and while passing by the park you suddenly hear someone yell “KOKO” before something smashes into you and makes you fall to the ground
- you’re like whO THE FR ICK but when you look up you see a cute little boy with chubby cheeks rubbing his red forehead
- you’re like “are you okay??” and the boy just nods before frantically getting up on his feet and shouting “KOKO” over and over and you’re like ??? who is koko
- apparently you said that out loud because the boy answers “KOKO IS MY PET CHICK I LOST HER”
- you’re like “pet chick??? why would you take your pet chick to the park???”
- he’s like “i wanted to show koko around because she never left the chicken pen i wanted her to have a taste of adventure BUT I LOST HER” and you’re like…… who is this kid
- you watch as he looks everywhere for the chick and he’s like tearing up as he shouts for his baby chick so you ask “……do you want me to help you find her?”
- the boy stops and looks at you with sparkling eyes and he screams “REALLY?? YOU’LL HELP ME??” and you nod and he’s super happy and you’re like what a cute smile
- you and the boy spend the rest of the afternoon looking for the baby chick and after what felt like an hour you find the baby chick chilling in a bush and you’re like… how the heck did you end up here…
- you lift up the chick and it chirps and the boy turns his head so fast you’re like how did you not break your neck
- he runs over to you and takes the chick in his hands and spins around with it while screaming and crying “KOKO I THOUGHT I LOST YOU”
- you’re like what a weird kid but you’re happy he found his pet
- the boy stops turning and runs up to you grinning “thank you so much for helping me find her!!” and you’re like “no problem!!”
- you see that the boy is all sweaty and tired and dirty after running around the park all day looking for his little chick so you rip open your pack of yakult and you give him one
- “this is for your hard work” you say and the boy just takes it with the most amazed look on his face you’re like it’s just a yakult you can calm down LOL
- he then asks “what’s your name??”
- you’re like woah this is out of nowhere but it’s (name) what about you??
- and this fricking KID strikes a pose and goes like NAEGA HOSH
- it’s silent
- until you burst out laughing
- he says “actually my name’s soonyoung but everyone calls me hoshi!!” and you’re like what a cute
- he then asks “can you meet me here again tomorrow?? i want to give you something as thanks for helping me find koko” and you’re like “uhhh okay sure”
- you get home and your dad’s like wtf took you so long the convenience store is only like ten mins away but you explain to him what happened and he doesn’t believe you and you’re like BUT IT’S TRUE
- the next day you go back to the park at the same time as the day before to find hoshi there with a bag in his hands
- when you approach him he hands you the bag and it’s filled with FRESH CHICKEN EGGS and you’re like what’s this for??
- he says “it’s for helping me find koko, thank you for your hard work!! these are the best eggs because her mom hatched them”
- and this my friend is a memory that you and hoshi still laugh about to this day
- to keep your childhood memories alive, every time you guys worked hard for a project or studied hard or did anything that required hard work basically, you guys find some cool spot around town and drink yakult while talking isn’t that cute
- hoshi’s the type who’s down for anything (nothing illegal though ofc)
- you could be like hoshi let’s get handcuffed to each other for a week and he’d be like YES and probably make up a speech about how it will strengthen your friendship
- reaaally good at dancing and always tries to teach you the dances he knows
- when he joins dance competitions you’re always there to cheer him on
- loves singing too so he’s always down to go karaoke!!
- he used to be self-conscious about his 10:10 eyes but after you told him you loved them, he grew to love his eyes
- but now he always has to mention when it’s 10:10am or 10:10pm and you’re like okay i know i heard it the past thousands of times hoshi I KNOW
- he lends you his pyjamas when you sleep over at his house
- puns and lame jokes together all the time but when his jokes are really bad you either slap your forehead or cringe
- when your jokes are really bad he laughs really hard and you both just end up rolling on the floor crying for the next ten mins
- always drags you into going into haunted houses with him even though he’s absolutely terrified lmao
- “psh i wasn’t scared it’s called acting
- always gets in trouble because he always accidentally screams excitedly over the smallest things
- sometimes you meet him at his family’s farm and you see him just laughing and playing with koko who’s thankfully still alive
- accidentally calls you koko sometimes and you’re like wtf
- and he’s like well it makes sense because you’re a…… chick FINGERS GUNS and you just slap the back of his head
- it’s too hard to stay mad at him. because of this he gets away with anything and it’s all your fault because you’re WEAK
- ALWAYS taking pictures of you guys
- you found it annoying at first but you get to see how you guys grew up together and you love it!!
- hoshi likes taking pictures with the exact same pose as a picture you guys took from years ago so you two can compare then and now
- but not much has changed because you’re both still as close as EVER
- when he goes to the convenience store or any little shop, he always gets two of everything he needs to buy one for him and one for you
- for your birthday, he always throws this huge birthday party for you but he always effs up like last year he set the tablecloth on fire
- there’s just never a boring day with hoshi
- no matter how bad your day is, no matter how heartbroken or sad or angry you are
- he always finds a way to make you feel better
- “hoshi”
- “hm?”
- “you’re the best”
- “you are too, (name)”

Natural Bonds

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Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Fluff, smut
Summary&A/N: You set out to share a place close to your heart with Taehyung. Together, you make it even more special. Dedicated to any other country girls who sometimes feel a little left out in the fandom.
Word Count: 4.3K

Home can be different for everyone. For some, it’s a physical place. For others, it’s a person. You are one of the lucky ones who have both. That both fit so flawlessly together is a gift unlike any other.

From the first time you’d brought Taehyung back to your childhood home, he fit like he belonged here as much as you. He charmed your family flawlessly just as they did him. Mutual politeness rapidly gave way to the same teasing warmth you grew up with. It matched him perfectly. Now they always ask when you’ll be bringing him back.

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Rick’s sister (Daryl Dixon x Reader) Part 3

Fandom: The Walking Dead

A/N: I’m so sorry it took me that long guys! I’m doing my best to keep up with everything in my life right now so I hope that you will forgive me :) 

Imagine being Rick’s little sister. He thinks you’re dead but you survived somehow to find him and his group at the farm months after the outbreak. Now you live with the group and Shane decides to be a ‘jerk’ to you. After your argument with Daryl you find out that Andrea shot him. 

Part 1

Part 2 

You smiled softly as Carol joked about being happy to see a potato and being able to cook in a real kitchen. Maggie chuckled with the others and smiled at you while helping you dress the tables for tonight’s dinner. You had to admit that helping in the kitchen was soothing and it gave you the opportunity to think about something else than Daryl’s mean words and behavior. Suddenly, the sound of heavy footsteps into the hallway next to the living-room made you look up in the direction of the doorway.

“Maggie, what’s this?” Hershel’s voice said from the living-room’s door. You gulped as you could hear the annoyance and the disappointment into the old man’s voice. You looked up at him for a second then quickly turned your eyes to glance at Maggie who already seemed pissed off.

“I’ll help the girls with the potatoes…” You said just above a whisper and excused yourself in the kitchen to give them some space. As you walked next to Carol, you looked back at Maggie to see her arguing with her father and you sighed as you grabbed a potato and smiled at the grey-haired woman. Carol smiled back at you but her smile was tainted with pain and sorrow, you wanted to tell her that Daryl would find her daughter, that he was the only one who could do it but only thinking about saying his name out loud brought tears into your eyes. You looked down, listening to the girls with a neutral expression until you heard Lori complain about life once again. You loved Lori like a sister, after all she was your sister-in-law, but you knew what she did while Rick was fighting for his life in the hospital.  

“I’m glad to finally eat something else than squirrels over a camp fire.” Lori said and the other women laughed. Even if you were hurt and pissed off at Daryl, you couldn’t help but feel the need to defend him and his hunting skills. Lori’s words were meant as a joke but you were already too sensitive to catch the humorous tone in her voice.

“If it wasn’t for Daryl’s squirrels, we would all be dead right now… We would have starved to death, Lori. Try to be a little bit more grateful for what he’s doing for this group.” You said, not even bothering to look at them. “As far as I’m concerned, he’s the only one who’s still looking for Sophia and it’s the end of the afternoon.”

“(Y/N), honey, I didn’t mean it like that…” Lori started to explain but suddenly you heard a loud scream from outside the farm house.

Your heart skip a beat as you dropped the knife and the potato you had in your hands. Your head wiped to the side, looking out of the window and straight into the field before the farm. You could see some people running around and fear gripped your heart.

“That voice…” You whispered, your eyes meeting Lori’s frightened ones.

“Rick!” She gasped and suddenly she bolted out of the kitchen with you right behind her.

You ran as fast as you could, your heart beating against your chest as Lori kept screaming Rick’s name. Hershel and his family were also running outside and the old man asked what was happening but your eyes were focused on Rick and Shane. They were carrying an in unconscious man, Andrea was apologizing and tried to say that she couldn’t have known it was him. You frowned as you caught Glenn looking at you with worried eyes and that is when you understood.

This man was Daryl.  

You gasped and covered your mouth with your hands. Daryl was covered in blood and mud, his side seemed hurt and his head seemed… shot? Your eyes started to water without your consent and you glared at Rick, the fear of losing Daryl was overwhelming.

“What the hell happened?!” You almost screamed and rushed towards your brother to look at the hunter. You cupped Daryl’s cheeks and lifted his unconscious face up to inspect it closely. You bite your lips and shook your head in disbelief. “What happened?” You asked again but Rick only sighed and looked at you with sad eyes before continuing his trip to the farm’s front door.

“Rick!” You called out, hating that your own brother was walking away to avoid your question.

“He’ll be fine (Y/N), he’s unconscious but the bullet only grazed him” Rick said over his shoulder, making you stop in your tracks and turn around with your mouth slightly open.

“Bullet? Someone shot Daryl?!” You said in disbelief, this was insane. You looked around and your eyes landed on Andrea. The blond took a step in your direction and looked at you with pleading eyes.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N), I thought that he was a walker. I was only trying to protect the group…” Andrea said but you jumped in and cut her with a shriek.

“Are you kidding me?” Andrea took a step back and looked at you with watering eyes. “You shot Daryl!” You screamed again, your fists clenching at your side.

Andrea nodded her head and you lost it. You lunged at her, seeing red and don’t even understanding what you were doing. Your fists keep connecting with Andrea’s face until you felt someone grab you and tore you away from the blond as they lift you up in the air, your feet not touching the ground.

“Let go of me!” You screamed, kicking and fighting over the person’s arms.

“Calm down (Y/N)! Stop it!” You heard T-Dog’s voice say then Glenn appeared before you, his face showing fear and irritation.

“(Y/N), listen to me! Daryl will need you, what is done is done. Beating Andrea won’t help Daryl now! It’s not like you, (Y/N).” Glenn tried to reason you as he tried to lead you away from the group and into the house. Your breathing was laborious and your knuckles were bruised but you didn’t care, no one in this group really cared about Daryl and that was what made you lashed out. Finally, Glenn lead you into the house and you let him, you knew that he was right and you also desperately needed to see Daryl.

“You’re okay?” Glenn asked when you entered the hallway that lead to the bedroom where Daryl was. You looked at Glenn and shrugged your shoulders but suddenly everything caught up to you.

“I… I don’t know what to do if he… I don’t know Glenn. I’m…” You stuttered, your voice breaking at the end and tears went down your cheeks. Glenn sighed and brought you in a warm hug, you hugged your friend back and let your feelings take over for several seconds before pulling away and smiling weakly at him.

“Thanks.” You told him just above a whisper, making him smile then open his mouth to answer but suddenly the door a door at the end of the hallway opened and Rick ran outside.

“(Y/N)! Can you help?” Rick said in a rush before going back in the room. Your heart jumped in your chest and you rushed in the room, looking back over your shoulder to thank Glenn with your eyes. The young man smiling softly to encourage you as you stepped into the bedroom.

“What can I do?” You asked in a rush, your eyes glued to your injured hunter. Hershel was starting to cut Daryl’s undershirt as he looked briefly at you then focused back on the task at hand.

“(Y/N), can you come over here and hold his head still, please?” Hershel asked in a calm voice and you nodded your head before rushing to the other side of the bed and kneeling next to an unconscious Daryl and you placed his head carefully on your lap.

Hershel nodded in approval and removed the shattered undershirt of Daryl’s chest. Even in the current circumstances, you couldn’t help but blush at the sight of the hunter’s muscular chest. You glanced up at Hershel to see him smirk knowingly, indeed his behavior made you blush even more. Hershel turned Daryl on his side carefully and your eyes widen as you saw his back. It was covered in scars, some were hidden under the thick layer of dirt and mud that was covering his skin but you could see what kind of scars they were. Your heart hurt for him and you could feel the tears in your eyes threatening to fall but you swallowed them back and closed your eyes to calm down. As Hershel started to tend to his injured side, you softly ran your fingers through Daryl’s short hair trying to give him as much tenderness as you could with this simple gesture. You were lost in your thoughts but suddenly your brother’s voice brought you back to reality.

“What happened to your hands?” Rick asked as he got closer, his features wearing concern and confusion as he saw you being soft with Daryl. You looked up at him, biting your lips and shrugging your shoulders in hope to avoid the conversation.

“Nothing.” You answered but Rick tilted his head to the side and you knew that you were in trouble.

“(Y/N) …” Rick warned and you groaned in annoyance, rolling your eyes.

“Fine! I knocked Andrea on her ass for what she did, that’s all.” You mumbled, playing with one of Daryl’s short lock.

“You did what?!” You heard Shane scream and your brother turned around to calm him down.

“She got what she deserved!” You defended yourself and glared at Shane as Rick tried to make him sit down once again.

“You stupid girl! You’ll see what I’ll do when…” Shane started but Rick got in his face, staring him down.

“When what, Shane?” The tension in the room was palpable at this point. Shane breathed in and out heavily while Rick kept glaring at him. “Don’t forget that you’re talking to my little sister, Shane. I won’t let you threaten her without saying anything.” Rick told the taller man before him, Hershel looked at you as you observed your brother closely.

“Rick, drop it. Doesn’t matter.” You mumbled again, wanting to only focus on Daryl.

Hershel kept working as the two men calmed down but suddenly the man on your lap jumped awake and looked around in fear. Your eyes widen and you couldn’t help but smile and let out a sigh of relief.

“Easy son, you’re hurt, easy.” Hershel tried to calm the hunter down but Daryl was still trying to get away from him and, consequently, from you too. You took his head carefully into your hands and tried to make eye contact with him to soothe him down.

“Hey, hey, Daryl. Don’t worry, you’re fine. You’re fine, Daryl. You’re at the farm, everything is alright.” You whispered to him while softly caressing his cheeks. Daryl’s breathing started to calm down as his eyes locked on yours. You smiled softly at him and kept caressing his cheeks. “You’re safe now, Dare. I’m here don’t worry.” You said in a soothing voice and Daryl finally calmed down and let Hershel tend to his wounds.

You kept playing with his hair while Hershel patched him up and you could have sworn that you saw him lean into your touch for a second. After a while, Hershel patched Daryl’s head up and you sat next to him on the bed while the old man finished his work on Daryl’s side. Rick asked Daryl what happened and where he had found Sophia’s doll as he laid a map on the bed just before your knees. Daryl pointed to the map, his voice slightly rougher at he was still emerging from his daze. You couldn’t really hear what they were saying as your attention was entirely focused on Daryl. You were suddenly feeling tired because of the stress’ aftershock but you were happy to see Daryl safe and sound in the bed and talking with your brother.

You smiled as you watched your brother and the others leave the room, you got up in reflex to follow them as you saw Rick waiting for you at the doorframe but before you could follow him Daryl gripped your hand in his to make you stop. You looked down at him, frowning in surprise.

“Stay? Please?” Daryl asked you just above a whisper so only you could hear. You looked at him for a second then nodded your head and smiled as you sat back down next to him. Rick smirked at you and slowly closed the door behind him to leave you and Daryl alone.

The silence in the room was oppressing, you knew that he was feeling guilty. You saw it in his eyes but you also felt awkward. You couldn’t be mad at him after seeing him hurt and after thinking that he was dead, you simply couldn’t. You watched as Daryl tried to sit up in the bed, holding his side and wincing.

“Daryl, you shouldn’t push yourself too much.” You tried to make him lay back down but Daryl talked before you could move.

“I’m sorry.” He suddenly said as he looked down at his hands, Daryl was tensed and seemed worried. The man knew that you wouldn’t accept his apologies and that he had screwed up big time but he still wanted to try. “I’m sorry for what I said to ya earlier today. I’m an ass and I know that I don’t deserve it but…”

“I forgive you.” You quickly said before Daryl could bring himself down even more, surprising him with your soft smile and your forgiving nature once again.

“Ya… Ya forgive me? Why?” Daryl asked his eyes slightly wider than usual. You blushed slightly then shrugged your shoulders.

“I know you’re not a bad guy, Daryl.” You started still smiling but your heart jumped when you remembered the previous events. “You almost died today and I… I lost it. Completely.” You answered a bit ashamed of what you had done. You looked down at your bruised hands and sighed, scared of how Daryl would react if you showed too much interest. Daryl extended his hand and reached to hold yours to catch your attention. You looked up into his bright blue eyes and let him hold your hand in his strong and calloused one.

“I don’t deserve your kindness (Y/N) …” He said, his eyes never leaving yours. “But I’ll try to redeem myself … again.” He said the last word smiling slightly, making you chuckle and reach to touch the rose into your hair. Daryl smiled at you and intertwined his fingers with yours, a gesture that take you aback.

“(Y/N), I lied when I said that I didn’t care about ya. What Shane said this morning was kinda true. I mean, I gave ya my breakfast because I know you’re giving yours to Carl and I care about ya too much to let ya starve yourself. I’m not good with feelings, I don’t know how to do this…” Daryl said making you smile at him and squeeze his hand.

“We take it slowly so you’ll feel comfortable around me. That’s the most important thing because… I care about you too Daryl. I can’t lose you.” You said and bend down to kiss Daryl on the cheek, lingering a little bit longer than necessary. Daryl nodded his head, blushing furiously as he felt your soft and warm lips against his skin.

“We can do that.” Daryl agreed, clearing his throat nervously.

You smirked at him and chuckled softly, your heart finally filled with relief and happiness. Unfortunately, you didn’t know that someone in the group was listening to the both of you from the outside the opened window.

Shane smirked as he heard your conversation, determinate to ruin your life. The dark man had enough of the Grimes’ luck and happiness, Rick and his sister had to pay for what happened to him.

In his eyes, Rick and (Y/N) were responsible for everything. They were weak and he will take care of them, for the sake of the group. Or more precisely, for Lori and Carl.

I hope that you liked that part guys! What do you think Shane is going to do to ruin the reader’s life? 

Prompt #7 and #19 for Daryl Dixon

Prompt: “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.” AND “I wish I could hate you.” with Daryl Dixon x Reader (TWD)

Words: 520

Warnings: Language, just straight fluff tbh

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” You groan, seeing Daryl walk back to the farm with a few squirrels in each hand.

“Looks like I won.” Daryl smirked, walking past you.

Since their group had arrived here on your family’s farm, you’d been in this competition with Daryl to see who could bring back the most food. To see who was the better hunter.  You both use your bows, which was what ignited the ongoing competition in the first place. He was undoubtedly better than you, way more skilled, but you would never admit that to him. You would go out and hunt for food as well, but he never failed to come back with more.

It pisses you off, honestly.

“I swear to god, I’m going to get more one of these days. It’s bad enough you win almost every day, but you’re so goddamn cocky about it, too.” You roll your eyes.

“What’s got your panties in a twist?” Daryl grunts. He’s used to you being light and joking about the manner, but today, he was just getting to you. Not only are you on your period, but you tried extra hard to kill squirrels today, sure that you’d come back with more. But, no, of course the man has to beat you.

You make me feel like I’m not good enough.” You huff. “Before you and your group came around, I thought I was pretty good. You’ve completely ruined my confidence, you know.” You laugh, only half joking.

“Ah, relax. You ain’t that bad.” Daryl sets the squirrels down and then goes over to the well to wash his hands.

“Mhm.” You mumble.

“’M serious. You’re pretty talented. Not as much as me, but you’ll get there.” You can feel Daryl’s hand brush up against yours as he finishes washing up. You blush, but look away so he doesn’t notice. You’ll admit you have feelings for the man- who wouldn’t? Once you get past the hard exterior, which you finally had, he’s a great man who is extremely sweet.

“Not as much as me? Really? Jesus, Dixon, you really are cocky. And here everyone thinks you’re and shy.” You tease. “You know, I really wish I could hate you. It’d give me better motivation to kick your ass in hunting.”

“Why don’t ya?” Daryl suddenly turns around, a serious look on his face.

“Why don’t I what?” You ask, confused.

“Hate me.”

“I don’t have a reason to.” You shrug. “You’re a nice guy.”

“I just… I don’ know. I’m just not used to people bein’ nice to me.” He mumbles. “I’m not exactly everyone’s favorite person.”

“Well, people obviously don’t know what they’re missing out on.” You smile at him.

Daryl smiles at you, a genuine smile. It was sweet, and you could tell that what you just said got to him in the best way possible.

“You’ll still never kick my ass in huntin’, though.”

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You walked into the abandoned farm to see Sam talking to Ruby. The girl who he seemed to be so fascinated by who wasn’t even a girl.

She was a demon, a freaking demon who defined everything you tried to get rid of in this world.

She leaned in and placed her lips on Sams, and he didn’t stop her. He indulged in her, when he should have been with you.

You weren’t dating him but you were in love with him.


He pulled away from her and turned towards you.

“Y/N, what are you doing here? I thought you were at Bobbys.”

“I was, but um, I- I should go. Bye Sam.”

“No Y/N, wait-”

You ran out before he could get to you, why was he kissing her?

You were stupid enough to think he actually had feelings for you.

Sam stood at the entrance of the farm looking around for you.

He should’ve told you, he should have told you how he felt.

And now he might have lost the only girl he ever loved.


Part 1

Warning: mention of rape and abuse!

It feels weird to live in a house with constant water and electricity again. But it also weird to be reunited with your old friends, even when most of them are already dead.
And they changed.
Not in the negative way as far as you can say, but they did.
Especially Rick whose blue eyes became cold and kind of wary whenever he looks at you and thinks you don’t see it.

“What happened after the farm? Were you with a group?”

“ I was alone.”

He didn’t believe you.
Even when it was the truth.
Well, kind of. You were with a group, but it was involuntary.
And you were alone in the small room with the dreary grey walls and the few blankets on the ground.
You can’t tell him and the others. You probably should, but you don’t know how they’ll react.
How Rick will react.

With a sigh you step in the shower, warm water streams down your body and you close your eyes in enjoyment. The shampoo smells delightful tangy as you spread it over your body. You grimace as your hands slide over the bulging scars where they marked you. Fighting against the nausea in your stomach and you quickly concentrate on washing your hair. Hot tears watering your eyes as you rush out of the shower and pull the big towel around your body like it could protect you.
As you look in the mirror you see nothing more than the image of the young woman you used to be. There was a time where you were proud of your body, but when you look now on the clearly visible ribs and hipbones…
“(Y/N)? I’ve some clothes for you. Can I come in?”
It’s Michonne, Rick’s girlfriend and from what you’ve heard a good fighter. You like her and her calm nature.
“Yea, come in.”
“Here.” She smiles and gives you the clothes, her eyes laying on the scar in your face. “You know that you can trust Rick, right?”
“Can I when he doesn’t even trust me?” You ask quietly.
“He does trust you, he’s just worried.” She watches you through the mirror. “He talked about you.”

Of course, he did. He had to explain who you are.

“Before I mean and also Andrea spoke about you.”


“You let it sound like I’m something special.” You narrow your eyes at her.
“You were to them.” She chuckles and heads to the door, turning one last time around. “Supergirl.”
Against your will you snort amused. Glenn gave you the nickname after he saw you fighting the first time and after some time everyone called you like that. Also Daryl, even when it was more ironical.
With a better feeling you go downstairs after you got dressed, looking for Rick. A smile appears on your face as you find him in the kitchen where he feeds Judith. Some of the baby food is on his right cheek, but it doesn’t seem to bother him.
“Hey, can we talk when you’re done?” You ask and sit down across from them.
“We can now.” Rick nods as Judith suddenly puts her head on his shoulder and yawns.
“Ok.” Thickly swallowing you look at him as the first tears run down your cheeks. “I-I lied to you. I was with a group…”
A bitter laugh leaving your mouth. “… or let’s say they forced me to stay with them.”
“What happened?”

You were so happy that you found a group, even when you weren’t sure if you should go with them. Most of them were men, but also a few women.
But it was your best chance to get away from the streets and so you followed them to the building and didn’t question it as they locked you in a room.
“We need to be sure that we can trust you.” One of them said and you believed him.
They gave you food and water and also let you shower.

“I was so stupid, Rick.” Your hands are trembling as you wipe the tears from your face. “I thought I found the heaven with all the food they had and water. But it was hell.”
You can see that he knows what comes now, anger flickers in his eyes.

They drugged you, otherwise you can’t explain the dizzy feeling in your head. A painful yelp escaped your mouth as they threw you to the ground and pulled for your jeans and panties.
A pool of blood built between your legs as they forced themselves in you, pressing your head and upper body to the ground as you tried to crawl away.

You stop as Rick’s fist meets the table and Judith let out a whine.
“They did that to your face, right?”
“They did more.” You admit quietly and stand up.
While you’re taking a deep breath, you pull your shirt over the head. His eyes widen in shock and he shakes his head like he can’t believe it.
“I quickly learned that my screams… my screams turned them even more on.” You get back in your shirt and sit down again. “So, I tried to stay in silence.”
He nods understands and reaches out for your hand. Your fingers interlock with each other and the old feeling of friendship you shared is back.
It feels good, so good.
“How did you…”
“Escaped? I don’t know. One night there was a fight and one of them forgot to lock the door. I just ran.” You shrug slightly.
“Where is the building?”

Revenge. He wants revenge.  

“I don’t know. I barely remember the way, only that it’s in the woods.”
“Ok, ok…” He says and pulls back as Judith sobs quietly. “But you’ve to give me something, (Y/N), so that I can help you.”
“I just.. there was name they mentioned again and again.” With a frown you try to think about the night when you ran away.
It’s like your brain erased it.
“Tell me the name.”
You look up at him. “Negan.. the name was Negan.”

Part 3?

drama-ostrich  asked:

SF/UF/US Brothers with a S/O that own a pet pig, like its a full grown pig that you would see at farms

Fun fact, my cousin has a rule at his farm. You can’t eat anything you name. They have a pet cow now.

UF!Sans secretly loves the pig. Pretends to be neutral to it. But nope. He feeds it table scraps and it is now sleeping in his and S/O bed. Together, with their combined power, Sans and the pig shove S/O out of bed.

UF!Papyrus hates the mess it makes. But he’s a reasonable skeleton, and if the pig is well behaved, and at the very least trained to do it’s business outside? Well then it’s not that bad.

US!Sans is on a mission. He’s going to train S/O’s pet pig to do tricks like those on Youtube. Sans puts the pig on a training schedule. Sadly, the pig is having none of it, and just keep waddling back inside. 

US!Papyrus loves the pig. He and pig regularly nap on the couch, and the pig has practically moved into his bedroom. Ever few minutes he has to open the door to let the pig in and out. Also the pig is mysteriously becoming covered in cheeto dust.

SF!Sans immediately introduces S/O’s pig to his pig, Teacup. Sans makes a battle body for S/O’s pig and begins training it. Somehow, both the pigs are becoming an unstoppable force. S/O fears for the safety of the human race.

SF!Papyrus shrugs. One more pig, alright then. He immediately adjusts the dinner preparations to include S/O’s pig, And just like Teacup he talks to it. Sometimes it seems like they carry out an entire conversation.

After the abolishing of the Atlantic Slave Trade, many slaves that were from Africa were left to live in the island plantations they worked on. Some of these lands later evolved into countries such as Jamaica.

Many of them were from different African countries and thus communication was a bit of a challenge since education was restricted.

So they came up with their own language which is now popularly known as Creole English A fusion of bits of different languages including English. So you’re likely to come across some words in patois that can be found in many African languages most predominantly Ghana. It is believed most of the slaves that were shipped to Jamaica were from West coast Africa.

1. Adrue – Medicine

Medicine in the Patois language is Adrue, pronounced “Aduru” which actually comes from the Akan language “Aduru” or “Aduro” which also stands for medicine.

2. Afasayah – Wild Yam

Wild yam in Akan is termed as “Afasew” and the Jamaicans term it as “Afasayah”, you see the similarities?

3. Afu – Farm

They term the plantation or the farm as “Afu” in Creole English, same as “Afuw” in the Akan language.

4. Anansi – Spider

Thought only the Akans call it Anansi right, the West Indians also call it Anansi too.

5. Bafan – Baby

A baby below the age of two is called a “Bafan” in Creole English and the word was derived from “Bofra” in the Akan language.

6. Broni – White person

They say Broni too in Creole English

7. Casha – Thorn

Thorn in Akan is “Kasei” and in Creole English the word is “Casha” which is where the word was derived from.

8. Dokunu – Kenkey

The West Indians say Dokuno too.

9. Nana – Grandparents

Nana means grandparents in the Akan language, it means the same in Creole English too.

10. Opete – Vulture

We say Opete, they say opete too and it means the same.

11. Poto-poto – Mud

Akans will say, potoo or poto poto, the Jamaicans say same too.

12. Kaba-Kaba – Unreliable

Means fast fast in Ewe, to describe an unreliable person in Creole English but the word is also predominant in the Ewe language too.

13. Mumu – Dumb

Mumu means dumb in both the Ewe and the Akan language and it also means same in Creole English.

14. Kongkos – Gossip

The Jamaican will say, Kongkos and the Akan will say, Konkonsa. Hope you catch the drift.

15. Dote – Ground

Dote means ground in Creole English and in Akan it means sand and you can clearly see where it is coming from


Let me acquaint you with the curriculum vitae of Mr. Blaine Sternin–or “Brad Cunningham,” as he’s known in Maine, “Royce Thibodeaux” in Louisiana, and “Santana De La Cruz,” the pride of Albuquerque, New Mexico! This is a man who once made a living selling rare autographs, until it was discovered that Madame Curie and Sugar Ray Robinson had the same handwriting. And would you care to see the deed to my 50,000-acre kelp farm?

scullysaliens  asked:

2, 8, 19, 27, 34, 49 !!

Hello! Sorry this is so late, and I hope they’re believable- I’ve been a busy bee working all weekend so they’re a little rushed!

2. Who is the big spoon/ who is the little spoon?
-I’d personally say Bernie is the big spoon the majority of the time, pulling Serena close after a long and stressful shift, feeling her body relax against as their breathing synchronises… Until Bernie starts her snuffle-snores, then Serena rolls her eyes and slowly inches away from the vibrations being emitted from her partner’s chest.

8. Who sleeps in their underwear (or naked!) and who wears pajamas?
-I like to think Serena sleeps in very little, maybe doing a little dance as she undresses for bed when they’re both in the mood 😉 In summer she often just wears underwear, her silk sheets cool on her body. I think Bernie would probably wear pajamas as a result of her army days, and for curling up to Serena to keep her warm with when she starts shivering in the middle of the night.

19. Who loves to call the other one cute names?
-Serena at first I think, then Bernie comes round to the idea as their relationship becomes more open. Serena loves to call Bernie “my big macho army medic”, and I like to think “my labrador retriever” when Bernie’s having a particularly bad hair day. But Bernie keeps slipping “sweetpea” into conversations now, maybe “sweetums” when she’s wanting something 😜

27. Who takes a long shower/ who sings in the shower?
-Serena has the long showers, forceful and burning hot in an attempt to relax after a tiring day. Afterwards she enjoys a mug of hot chocolate as she listens to Bernie’s rendition of “Titanium”, a favourite after they watched the first Pitch Perfect film together. Bernie can never remember all the lyrics, and her actual singing ability leaves /much/ to be desired, but the sound of her voice surrounded by cascading water always leaves Serena with a smile on her face.

34. Who would wear “if lost return to…” t-shirt/ Who would wear “I am…” t-shirt?
-Serena would wear the “if lost return to…” t-shirt, but Bernie modified it to “If found in the wine isle at Tesco, return to Berenice Bloody Wolfe.” Bernie’s shirt says “I am Berenice Bloody Wolfe, and no Serena, we have plenty of Shiraz at home.”

49. Who is the driver/ who is the passenger?
-Bernie is usually the driver. The two go on endless day trips during their rare time off work together, and Bernie cannot read a map to save her life. “God knows how you survived in the army” Serena would mutter as she gestures this way and that, and Bernie would always reply “You see more goats, you know you’ve reached more farms which means civilisation. Not hard. But there are less goats in England, which proved to be bit of a flaw in my philosophy. Hence why I have you.”

Thank you very much for the ask!