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Attack On Titan Chapter 91 Thoughts

Hmm, this new series seems pretty interesting.

I mean, World War II inspired settings aren’t original, but World War I is a little rarer, at least… and this Titan thing? We Evangelion now?

Wait.. you’re telling me it’s not a new series?


The truth is, I find this being a sort of “start of a new series” execution of this chapter super interesting because the last chapter felt like the end of a series. I haven’t quite seen something like this done this way before and there is a thematic point to it.

It’s the start of a new, but familiar struggle.

As we basically open up with once again, an Eldian boy looking for freedom.

The enemy is different, but still all the same this time around.

This is a very thematically important chapter because our new children are completely oblivious to the real enemy. They are completely complacent to a regime not very different from the one the walled people were trapped in - and our protagonist Eren was completely unaware of, too.

I think this series would’ve been absolutely mind-blowing to me if I were still a teen and it’s incredibly valuable that it’s so popular and aimed for that audience.

Because I know it would really help me to see the world from a very different perspective. It’s interesting how the anime director Tetsurou Araki said the very same thing in his recent small interview about season 2.

The whole purpose of this chapter is to show how a corrupt leadership controls it’s people. Because we have the context of the previous 90 chapters, what is actually happening here is clear to us, as readers and I think as a teen who didn’t think about or notice these things at all, this would’ve been a incredibly eye-opening chapter.

The main component of it all is ignorance and complacency stemming from it. This chapter finally tells us what “don’t be complacent” truly means in the context of the series. 

It means the ability to look at the society we live in critically. Which is incredibly ironic considering some of Isayama’s words a few years ago. Just goes to show that this kind of “complacency” affects us all and we’re not aware of it until a strong wake-up call.

I’m not from the US, but the patterns of the Trump presidency aim for the same kind of complacency: it aims to shut down any questioning of the decisions the government is making and Gabi has no such ability because she just doesn’t *know* and has been conditioned to not *know*.

The only thing the Eldians on the mainland need is a group of “aware” people, like the Survey Corps were for the people inside the walls - this story tells us to be “aware” and truly look at society.

So hey, the walls probably really do represent society. So, we probably either need to destroy the walls and rebuild them or keep them standing and simply change their shape somehow (so that there are no more Titans in there). Depends on the author’s perspective. 

This is such a valuable story to tell and I don’t think there are many out there.

Gabi and the other children’s wake-up call isn’t going to be pretty, but it might just be the start of the end, as this chapter is - and the biggest thing is that there would be a wake-up call at all. How do you learn the truth and become aware of the flaws of a society if everything is done for those flaws not to come to light?

I just find this chapter so fascinating. This explains basically everything about the Titan Trio and the situation of the Eldians on the mainland even if we only see one shot of Reiner.

It’s the unsettling air of how cheerfully Gabi accepts and talks about all of these things that have caused so much pain to all the cast we’ve seen so far and then there is this unsettling image:

Her eyes tell a lot.

I like Gabi’s character a lot because she clearly is a very strong-willed person, but like all the other children, she is still just a easily-influenced child.

Oh and the chapter answers the question of who the remaining shifters are - therefore Ymir has a much bigger chance of survival and the Coordinate and the memory erasure ability are confirmed to be the same, along with the Reiss family being the Fritz family.  

Reiner and Zeke are on a time limit, but we see Reiner and we’re told both are having successors chosen, so good - those spoilers weren’t true.

Oh and there is a 3-year timeskip, which I’m okay with. The mourning is postponed because the battle isn’t over yet - I’m much more positive we get something by the end of the story instead. You mourn after the battle is over.  

I really, really liked this chapter. Like, really, really, really liked this chapter and I only expected to like it a little.


Alright this finally uploaded, sweet Jesus… first of all, I am very proud of the thumbnail (chapter title is somewhat wrong, will be corrected later), but I’m not that proud of the background used in the video… I wanted to correct it but didn’t want to go back and render AND upload everything all over again.

This is my excuse for not writing a meta and a proper review, which I may get some thoughts on later, but for now, this is as honest as I get…. and let me tell you do I get honest. I talk about the various points of this chapter, but more specifically roast and criticize a certain character to death. Please enjoy this somewhat over-satirical and somewhat over-exaggerated review of one of the most interesting SnK chapters I’ve ever read! :D

They were always so careful, so that no one would find out. So…how did Erwin KNOW?

It was a question that had plagued Hanji Zoe for the better part of the morning and stuck around, a nagging problem for nearly the entirety of the afternoon.

It wasn’t that she doubted the man’s intelligence. Erwin Smith was just about as shrewd as they were made. When it came to happenings at headquarters, she doubted there was much of which their perceptive leader was unaware.

But she and Levi had been so careful. Taking pains to meet in secret. Even going so far as to plan some of their meetups to coincide with Erwin’s political meetings. There were no witnesses to their secret rendezvous, and neither he nor she had told anyone of the reoccurring encounters. No one in the Survey Corps should have known. Erwin Smith included.

But he did.

And that complicated things.

The note she’d received before breakfast made it blatantly clear exactly what Erwin knew. Equally clear was the fact that they were going face repercussions for their actions. Survey Corps Leaders were expected to maintain a higher level of decorum. A certain professional dignity, if you will.

He’d requested a word with both of them at – his words – the earliest convenience. Which meant now. But he was aware that she was in the middle of an experiment, so she felt it was within her rights to push back the inevitable, uncomfortable meeting until the end of the day.

More important still: she’d yet to tell Levi.

He’d been going about his day, lips puckered down in habitual distaste, despite being still blissfully unaware that their jig was officially about to expire. Hanji could only imagine what wonders that little tidbit of information would do to his expression, let alone his mood.

Unfortunately, she wouldn’t have to imagine much longer.

The experiment had run its course, conclusions had been drawn, and relevant data recorded. And now she was on her way to deliver the news – and drag Levi along to what would surely be a horrorfest of a meeting.

It really wasn’t fair, she considered.

Living the lives that they did – with the Survey Corps mortality rate at what it was – to not be allowed to indulge in the rare vice. For all they risked, she felt they had earned at least this much. Their secret meetups were a stress relief, really. Good for her morale – and Levi’s. She had half a mind to fight Erwin tooth and nail on this one. Sure, it might be against Survey Corps regulations – technically. But surely, surely there were other Survey Corps members with secrets far more sordid than they.

This line of thought had run its course when she at last found him. Outside the stables, he knelt over his horse’s tack. Running a cloth over the worn leather, he looked to be attempting to give the scuffed equipment a thorough polishing.

Boots crunching on the dry earth, she pivoted to a stop beside him. Leaning over the saddle, she pointed to a spot on the side. “Missed a spot.”

Levi grunted. “That one’s stained in the leather.” He gave it a half-hearted rub nonetheless.

She might as well get it over with. “Erwin knows.”

The cloth went still.

“About what?”

“You know what.”

Dropping the rag, Levi stood with a sigh. “He wants to see us then?”

“I got a note from him this morning.”

Hanji turned. Looking grim, Levi followed after.

“We’re going to fight it?” He asked. It wasn’t really a question.

“Of course we are.”

They weren’t going to give up their weekly toilet paper vandalization of the Military Police Headquarters so easily.

Like she said. Stress relief.
Preview for the upcoming CMV based off the fan fiction 'The Intern' by Lutte which mainly just focuses on Erwin and Levi. I have no idea when I'll have time ...

Preview for the upcoming CMV based off the fan fiction ‘The Intern’ by Lutte which mainly just focuses on Erwin and Levi.

I have no idea when I’ll have time to edit this, and I need more footage for it so here’s a preview ;D

SPECIAL THANKS TO RACHEL AND ERIN for acting in this and putting up with me at ungodly hours in the night.

If you guys want to see more of Rachel and Erin’s stuff please check them out along with more beautiful, perfect cosplayers at Order of the Rose Cosplay, seriously, they have the best panels even I still can’t get over the fact that I’m friends with these beautiful people.

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-who cries when someone dies in a movie

Eren: he’s a big crier at movies. As well as when someone dies, he also cries whenever couples break-up, the main characters goes through a hard time, or basically anything dramatic happens.

-who wears the ugly holiday garb

Levi: mostly because Eren forces him in it and he doesn’t fight because if he wear ugly holiday sweaters, Eren won’t make him do other things like sing carols and shit.

-who pays for the meals

Levi: mostly, just because he’s better at stealing the cheque first, but Eren evens this out by sneaking cash into Levi’s wallet without Levi knowing. Obviously, Levi knows anyway, and often sneaks the money back into Eren’s back pocket whenever he can. Eren has come to assume his jeans are fucking magical because he always finds cash in the pockets he forgot about….

-who slams the oven door and who plays the trombone

Eren… joked about doing it once, and the look on Levi’s face has made sure he’s never actually attempted it.

-who brings home stray animals

Eren: adores animals, especially dogs, and will bring stray dogs home at least once a month. Levi has to talk him out of keeping them constantly, but it’s quickly becoming a losing battle and now he’s scared the next mutt Eren brings home will end up staying…

-who leaves the bathroom door open

Both: after being together for half a year, they quickly lost all sense of boundaries and are that uncomfortably close couple who barely even notice what some people might find weird.

-who tells the ‘dad jokes’

Usually none.. but sometimes Levi will make one at random and leave Eren a groaning and horrified mess on the floor. It usually ends up with an exchange to leave Eren flustered. “I can’t believe you just made a dad joke!” “Well, Daddy likes to make jokes for his little pet..” “Don’t fucking try and sound sexy now!”

-who wants kids more

Neither are particularly interested in kids, not right now at least. Maybe in the future… far in the future… they have to get past the dog issue first. 

-who travels more

Both. Levi goes all over with work, and Eren just likes to travel. It’s rare for them not to go along when the other has to travel.

-who spends more cash

Levi: his job means he never has to worry about money, so he doesn’t understand the concept of saving or budgeting, whereas Eren is a lot more careful surprisingly. 

-who buys the things in infomercials

Levi: do you even need to guess? It’s the cleaning products, obviously.

-who draws in the dust on their cars

There’s no dust anywhere within a hundred feet of Levi’s belongings, thank you very much. 

-who starts the snowball fights

Eren: though Levi always wins, no surprise there.

-who throws away the directions to things

Eren: mostly without meaning to, and Levi is very much a ‘if I can’t instinctively work out how to use it, it’s clearly shit’ kind of person.

-who puts up holiday decor

Eren: He adores decorations and gets extremely excited when it’s holiday season. Levi used to complain about them, not liking the clutter and extra mess, but he gave up after seeing how much Eren enjoyed it.

-who is more likely to forget to bathe

Neither: baths and showers are one of there favourite things to do together.

-who gets more obsessed about things

Depends on the thing. Levi will always be a clean freak and a perfectionist. Eren will always get too passionate over ridiculous things. 

-who sings in the shower more often

Eren: He’s never managed to get Levi to sing a duet with him… yet…