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Alright! I put together all the paintings I completed for October! Personal stuff ate up some of my art time, but I’m still happy with what I’ve managed to paint ^_^

Thanks again everyone for all the love and support! Love ya back <3 



Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut

Rating: M

Drabble Request by Anon

Written by xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

A/N:: If this is too cringe-y, tell me ! I will rewrite a better version. I was thinking of rewriting but I figured I will let you guys see what I originally have before I let you see an edited version. 

70- You look so hot

83- Are you a virgin

88- Daddy Kink

94- Come here baby girl

99- Watching porn

Never in a million years did you think you would ever get caught watching porn. You were sitting on the bed at your boyfriends house while you waited for him to get out of the shower. Little did you know, you were so absorbed into the porn scene you were watching, he was towering over you. “Jagiya..what are you doing?” he asks you, surprising you. You’ve never closed out a browser so fast in your life. You shut the laptop down before shoving it far away from you on the bed. You look up at him. 

“Uh. Nothing..” you say as you watch him. Studying him. His mood, the same as ever until you discovered his secret. His secret was so attractive but neither of you ever engaged in sexual activities before except foreplay and kiss. You thought maybe he was a virgin, that’s why he never engaged or he though that you were a virgin but you weren’t. But tonight you wanted him and you took his secret in your advantage. But you weren’t going attack. Not yet. 

He crossed his arms and walked away. “Are you a virgin Y/N?” he asked you out of the blue as he sat in his computer chair turning around to face you. Study you. 

You watched him. Studying him. “No. Of course not. Are you?” You ask him. And he shakes his head ‘No.’. You smirk. Perfect. You get up from the bed as you plan to leave the room. “Okay….daddy.” you drawl out as you walk down the hallway. 

Yoongi didn’t do anything at first. He thought he misheard the first time. But when you did it the second time, he knew you were playing games with him. And he did not like it. Not one bit. You were sitting on the couch watching tv with him when he asked you for a favor. You brought him a glass of water and sat down next to him. “Here you go…Daddy.” drawling out ‘daddy’ on purpose. 

He set his glass down, he was so tense you could see he was fighting his control. You smirk. But he gets up from his place. “Come here baby girl..follow me…I want to show you something.” He says and you look up at him. You can’t read his tone but you do as your told. 

As soon as you followed him down the hallway into his bedroom, he pushed you down on the bed, face down. “You know…Y/N..” he says into your ear. “I don’t like the fact that you’re trying to gain some sort of sick pleasure of riling me up.” he says as you feel him run his hand down your sides. “But you know, I’m about out of self control..” he whispers as he licks your earlobe. 

You let out a pant. You weren’t expecting your game to backfire on you. You honestly thought you had the upper hand when you knew his secret. “Yoongi..” you whisper out but he only chuckles. 

“You want daddy to come out and play? Then daddy will…” he grunts out as he sheds his clothes and sheds yours. “Turn around, lay on your back.” he says. You were hesitant at first until he gave you that look of his. The look of death. 

You do as your told a few moments later, to have him rub his length over your core. He was teasing you. Not giving you what wanted. You were a whimpering mess beneath him. He wanted you beg. “Yoongi…” you breathe out…”Please don’t tease me..” you tell him as you grab for his hands on his length. He pulls away flipping you over. 

“No, you wanted daddy to come out and play while I held my control..” he says through gritted teeth, “I’ve been holding my self control around you jagiya because you look so damn hot every time I see you.” he says as he brings your hips up into a face down, ass up, back arched type of position. He enters into you and he grabs a handful of your hair and pulls you up, pulling your hair. You whimper moan out. 

His pace doesn’t go too slow, but it’s not too fast either. He goes at enough pace just to tease you further hitting your spot when you grip the sheets clenching around him. He pauses. “Do not come.” he tells you and you whine. He flips the position causing you to know ride him in a sitting position. You can feel him entirely. As you ride him in butterfly position, you bring yourself to kiss him. The kiss full of lust and desire. When he pulls back, a string of spit comes out of both of your mouths. He plants kisses on your breasts equally before pulling back and licking your earlobe. “Come.” he demands when he thinks you have waited long enough. Your nails scrape across his back as you come undone on his length, and he pushes you back as he pulls himself out to stroke himself a few times before he explodes a load of his hot come on your stomach. 

He leans down over you and kisses you. Tongue meets tongue. Lips meet lips. He pulls back and crawls down your center to your core. He brings his mouth to yours causing you to immediately arch your back, as your core was still sensitive. He pulls away. “We got a long way to go babygirl..Daddy isn’t done playing.” and he’s back onto your core using his tongue technology as you grip the sheets screaming his name. 

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“We should go, like, get some….lunch…sometime…at the same time…together.” he says to you, his hands shoved in his pockets. 

You look up from your laptop, glancing at Peter who’s been sitting at the foot of your bed for the last hour. You guys have been talking, playing Uno, and eating whatever snacks Steve picked up at the store. 

“Yeah sounds good. Let’s see if anyone else wants to come.” you say absentmindedly, hopping off the bed and walking into the kitchen. 

“Well I was thinking that maybe uh just me and you can er go with just um us…” he tries, his voice trailing off. 

He’s been trying to ask you out for weeks. But every time he does, Tony or Wanda or Steve end up tagging along and it becomes a friend thing instead of a real date.

“Maybe later. I’m not really hungry and I’ve got a training session with Natasha.” you say, glancing at the digital clock on the microwave, “Actually, I gotta go right now. See ya later.“ 

You grab a water bottle from the fridge and give him a soft smile before bouncing off to the training gym.

"Dude.” someone says from behind Peter, “That was pitiful." 

He turns around sharply, heat rushing to his cheeks. Tony, Bucky, Steve, and Sam are sitting in the living room, look at him amused.

"What?” he asks in a small voice, trying to act like he didn’t just fail at asking you out…again. 

“What?” Tony mimics, making his voice high and girly, “You asking y/n to lunch, that’s what." 

The other guys laugh along with Tony, causing Peter’s cheeks to blush even darker. 

"First of all, I don’t sound like that.” Peter says, making his voice deeper, “And second, I wasn’t asking y/n out. We’re friends. That’s it." 

"Oh please. You’ve had a crush on y/n since she was first recruited.” Steve laughs, shaking his head, "And according to your phone, you haven’t stopped since.“ 

Peter’s eyes grow wide as he checks his pockets for the phone he knows is not there. He’s not the kind to keep a diary or journal or anything like that. But on his phone are texts he’s written but never sent, ones confessing the extreme crush he has on you. And others he’s sent to Aunt May, telling her about you.

“Y/n, I’ve been meaning to tell you something. We’ve known each other for a while now. And, I don’t know exactly how to say this, but…” Tony reads straight from your phone, making him cringe. 

The guys begin cracking up as Peter groans aloud, wishing he could melt into the floor. 

“And that’s not even the worst of it.” Bucky says, taking the phone from Tony to read it himself, “It’s the texts to his aunt that are the real gold.”

“Oh god…” Peter mutters under his breath, humiliation making his stomach queasy.

Before they can go any further, Peter shoots a web from his left wrist, aiming it right for his phone. 

Bucky’s metal arm shoots up, blocking the web.

“Nice try Parker.” Bucky smiles, tossing the phone to Sam.

“She’s great Aunt May.” Sam starts to read, “Her smile makes her eyes scrunch up at the corners. And her laugh is contagious. She’s really nice and pretty but she’s also super smart. And she’s so funny…”

“Aww Parker, why don’t you ever talk about me this way?” Steve asks teasingly.

Peter, unable to take it anymore, goes for another shot at the phone in Sam’s hands. Sam in turn throws it to Steve. 

“Come and get it!” Steve grins, waving the phone at him.

Anger and embarrassment rise in Peter’s chest as Steve continues to read. Without even thinking, he jumps over the kitchen counter and dives for the phone, only to be knocked to the side by Steve’s muscular forearm.

“But the greatest thing about her-” Steve continues, holding the phone away from Peter as he struggles to snatch it back.

He shoots yet another web that misses completely and Steve throws the phone back to Sam.

“-is the way she acts around me. It’s like we’ve known each other all our lives. I can tell her anything-” Sam reads with fake passion.

There’s a chorus of laughter from the rest of the guys that makes Peter wince. He rolls from under Steve’s grip and lunges at him, his fingers grazing the phone for a split second before Sam chucks it to Tony. 

“I’ve never felt this way about anyone…” Tony laughs.

“About who?” comes a questioning voice that makes everyone freeze.

Slowly, very slowly, everyone’s head turns to y/n who is standing in the doorway. 

“Y/n, I thought you were training with Nat…” Peter says shakily, wondering how much you’ve heard.

“She had an assignment…why are you guys all staring at me?” you ask with a smile, touching your hair self consciously.

All the guys look at Peter, waiting to see what his next move is. 

“Who were you talking about Tony?” you ask again, walking to the living room and sitting next to Tony. 

“Oh, I was just reading this lovely fiction story Peter wrote. You should really read it sometime y/n, he’s a gifted author. And you’re in it.” Tony answers, nodding in exaggeration.

“Hm, you never told me about this story Peter. Who am I in it?” you ask, taking a sip from your water bottle.

For a split second, all the guys are silent. Steve covers his face with his hands and Bucky seems to be suppressing a smile unsuccessfully. Peter quickly stands up from the couch and makes his way over to you, snatching his cell phone from Tony’s hands. 

“I’ll show you it later. Let’s go hang out in the gym.” he says rushingly, grabbing your wrist and leading you to the hallway.

You pull your arm out of his grip, looking back at the guys.

“Why are you guys acting so weird?” you ask all of them, the atmosphere secretive, like they know something you don’t.

“It was nothing.” Steve says, nodding at Peter, “We are gonna go pick up some lunch, why don’t you guys come?”

You look at Peter curiously, but he just shrugs.

“Yeah I guess.” you say, “Lemme change out of these workout clothes.” 

Peter waits until your bedroom door shuts before sighing in relief.

“Thanks for not telling her.” Peter says begrudgingly, crossing his arms.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don’t count on it for too much longer. You gotta tell her Peter.” Steve says, “She’s a good one, if you don’t make a move soon, someone else will.”

He gives Peter a clap on the back before walking off with the rest of the guys.

“Y/n is better than most gals, don’t lose her.” Bucky nods, giving him an understanding smile.

“Yeah,” Peter says to himself, “I know.”

I See You - Bill Denbrough - Imagine

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Fandom: IT

Requests:  Hi! Can you do a Billxreader imagine in which he has a crush on you but denies it. Then at the lake everybody teases but he is even more nervous at the sight of you in a swimming suit. At the end, he confesses to you. Thanks!

Word Count: 608 Words

Character Count: 3453 Characters

Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes, 25 Seconds

Warnings: None

Authors Notes: Enjoy!

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Gone Soft for You

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Hey y’all! I’m back with a new fic for one of my favs, Sirius Black himself. Hope you guys enjoy it and feel free to send me a messgae about anything! Also, I’m always up for request so send them my way! This fic is a bit lengthy so I spilt into two parts so if yall like it, let me know and I’ll post a second part. PS: gif isn’t mine!


It was a normal dinner at Hogwarts. James, Remus, Peter, and I sat at the table, laughing at the success of our latest prank. Yet, something still felt a little off as I looked down and around the hall. Then, I realized what was missing.

“Hey mates, have any of you seen Grace? She isn’t here.” I asked, glancing around the hall, looking for the blonde haired girl.

“What, do you miss your girlfriend?” teased Remus.

“Maybe she’s hiding from you with her fancy metamorphmagus power.” joked James, nudging the other boys, who all laughed at his joke about my girlfriend’s special ability.

“Oh shut up.” I mumbled, shoving James who sat beside me and kicking Remus’ shin under the dinner table. Peter snickered at their pain.

“She’s probably sitting with her friends, mate. “ Peter suggested. I nodded and scanned the table for her normal group of friends that she often sat with. I spotted them and decided to make my way over to the giggling gaggle of girls.

“S’cuse me ladies, have any of you seen Grace today? I haven’t seen her since lunch and I can’t seem to find her at dinner tonight. “ I asked.

“She told me during her free period she needed to study for her huge potions exam.” spilled a brown haired girl, whose name I couldn’t remember.

“Alright, thanks. I’m gonna go check up on her. “ I said. I headed back over to my seat with my friends.

“Well, was she there?” asked James through a mouth full of food.

“Nope, they said she was in the library so I’m gonna drop her off some dinner.” I said, grabbing my bag from the floor.

“Wow dude.” Remus was shocked.

“What?” I questioned

“It isn’t exactly the easiest thing to say…” Peter trailed.

“Oh just spit it out.” I groaned at my best friends.

“They are trying to tell you that you’ve gone soft bro.” James stated rather bluntly, more interested in his mashed potatoes than this conversation. I rolled my eyes, there was no way that was true

“Are you serious? I have not gone soft, you guys are making this up.”  I scoffed.

“Really? Since when has Sirius Black worried about where his girlfriend is and if she ate dinner? Hold up, since when has Sirius Black settled down enough to even have a girlfriend?” Remus explained, pointing out some truths about me.

“I have a heart! That doesn’t mean I have gone soft!” I rationalized.

“You’ve always had a heart, but you’ve never used it before! Well, not unless it was absolutely necessary. Now, you use it all the time. So, in other words, you have gone soft.” elaborated Peter, causing my other mates to agree. I rolled my eyes at my friends.

“Whatever, I’m going to see my girlfriend and bring her some dinner.” I said, grabbing my stuff and grabbing a sandwich and a water bottle.

“See ya later ya big softie!” James yelled at me as I made my way out of the hall. I shook my head and flipped him the finger. I wasn’t going soft, I was badass Sirius Black. Sirius Black isn’t soft. I shook my head again as I thought about my friend’s words. I reached the library and headed in. The room was mostly deserted and quiet as everyone else was at dinner. I spotted Grace quickly. She was sitting by herself, rapidly scribbling notes onto a piece of parchment while reading from a large textbook. I snuck up from behind her and placed my hands over her eyes.

“Guess who?” I teased.

“Oh hey Sirius.” Grace mumbled, seeming rather gloomy and still rapidly writing. Her hair seemed to have a tinge of gray, which was a mix of stress and dread. Grace normally had enough control to keep her hair a simple blonde but it changed when she started to feel a lot of strong emotions.

“Is everything okay love? You sound kinda sad.” I asked, worried.

“Yeah. Just stressing over classes but I’ll be fine.” she briefly answered my question without looking up from the papers in front of her.

“Grace, you have to relax darling. You’ve been here for two hours, take a break. “ I told her, gently taking the quill from between her fingers and closed her papers into her textbook.

“I really shouldn’t. I have a bunch of exams, homework, and major grades coming up,” she argued, trying to take her quill back.

“Not yet. Just relax for a minute okay? I brought you dinner so at least take a break to eat dinner. See, it’s brain food.” I insisted, sliding her book down the table and placing the sandwich in front of her. She sighed and gave in to my request.

“Fine.” She caved and picked up the sandwich.

“Atta girl. Now, how was your day?” I asked.

“It was alright, kinda stressful. Lots of work but that’s about it. Slughorn assigned a huge exam for next week and I really need to start preparing.” Grace told me, pausing to take another bite of her sandwich. “Enough about me, how was your day hun?”.

“Eh, it was okay. You should be proud of me, I didn’t skip a single class today and I only slept during three of them. Also, even took notes in Minnie’s class today.” I boasted which caused Grace to giggle. “Other than that, it was sorta lonely.”

“Lonely? Why was it lonely?” Grace pondered.

“Cause I’ve barely seen you all day!” I whined, sliding closer to her.  I wrapped my arm around her middle  while she rolled her eyes at my dramatic actions. She slide closer to me anyways and laid her head on my shoulder. She continued eating as we chatted about everything under the sun. Her hair slowly turned back to it’s usual blonder then faded into a pastel yellow.

“Yeah but I really should get back to studying. We’ve been here for nearly an hour.” she said, sighing.

“You’ve worked too long today already. Let’s go relax in the common room.” I suggested, holding her closer to me.

“Give me another two hours to wrap everything up then I’ll been done. Promise.” Grace pleaded.

“I’m coming in thirty minutes and I’m gonna drag you away from you if I have to.” I swore.







“Fine.” Grace agreed.

“I’ll see ya in an hour love.” I pressed a quick to her forehead and gathered my things. I placed one final kiss to her lips and left the library. I hurried back to the common room. I should have fought harder to get her to come back with me but I knew it was a losing battle. Man, that girl was stubborn. I reached the portrait hole and muttered the password before entering the room. My best friends were sat in the room, lounging in our normal spots around the red couches. They were cackling with laughter when I entered the room.

“Well, look what the cat dragged in!” Remus exclaimed, bringing everyone’s attention to me. I chuckled at the joke and joined my friends on the couch.

“How’s your pretty girlyfriend?” teased Peter, making me playfully scoff.

“Grace is fine. She’s in the library studying like a madman.”

“Was Lily with her?” James asked, his attention spiked.

“Nope, why? Is she still avoiding you?” I joked.

“Like the plague. She’s gonna come around one of these days, I can assure you.” he said with total confidence.

“Keep tell yourself that, dude.” I told him, reaching over and patting him on the shoulder.

“Anyways, how did dinner go? Did Grace enjoy the surprise from her big softy?” asked Remus, bringing the topic from dinner back up.

“Not this again!” I groaned, throwing my head back.

“Yes this again! I still can’t believe that badass Sirius Black is now a big softy all because of some girl!” exclaimed Peter, still in shock.

“I am not soft!” I argued. How could they think this insanity?

“Dude, you so have! You know the Sirius Black a year and a half ago wouldn’t have cared if the girl he was with ate dinner.” retorted Remus.

“We aren’t saying it’s a bad thing, mate. It’s just kinda shocking.” James explained. I sighed, knowing that what Remus said was kinda right.

“Grace is different, ya know? She isn’t just some girl, she’s something really strange. She has color changing hair and can make herself laugh like crazy. Then when she laughs too hard, she does this little snort and hiccups. She’s odd and outgoing. Grace is weird and nothing like the typical girl I’d go for. Yet, she’s absolutely perfect. It just feels like we are meant for each other. She makes me wanna settle down and have something steady for once in my life. “ I admitted, spilling my heart out to my mates who were all listening closely.

“Woah. You have never even thought about settling down before in your life. Grace makes you want that? Turn as soft as you need to just don’t lose that girl.” James told me, leaning over to pat me on the shoulder. Remus and Peter nodded along to James’ statement. We slowly leaned from the topic and began discussing the quickest escape routes with our newest prank.

“So if we drop the dungbombs then run down the corridor to the next hall to drop slippery sand, which is the quickest getaway?” asked Peter, looking at our plans

“Hmm, well, Minnie’s classroom is closer to the secret stairs and farthest from the witch statue. But, Minnie is probably going to run out and try to catch us since she’s gonna know it was us. So, witch statue is probably our best bet, the further from Minnie the better.” I logically planned, mapping it all out.

“Smart, smart. Okay so, we run into the witch and follow the tunnels to the other side of the school so we won’t be near the scene of the prank.” Remus said, writing the plan out.

“This is going really well so let’s try to expand and add a little something else. Nothing too crazy though.” James suggested. We all agreed and looked for possible spots for extra tricks. I took a glance at the clock and noticed it was a few minutes past an hour.

“Crap. I gotta go grab Grace from the library before she studies herself to death.” I told the boys before standing up.

“Okay, see ya dude.” waved Peter. I waved goodbye and heading out of the common room and to the library. I reached the library in a matter of minutes. I pushed open the large doors and began looking for Grace right away. I found her sitting in the same spot as early expect her hair was flashing crazy colors. It was pure white with giant patches of red throughout it. Wisps of blue weaved throughout the strips of white and spots of red. I knew white was stress, red was anger, and blue was sadness. As seconds passed, the red thinned into strips and the blue grew into large patches. I rushed over to her right away.

“Grace baby, what’s wrong? Are you okay? What happened?” I spit out, rambling and squatting next to her. Tears were running down her cheeks and her eyes were red.

“I-I-I-I…. It-it-it-it…too-t-t-t-t o-o-o-o  mu-mu-mu-ch-ch-much.” she cried out, throwing her head into her hands.

“Shh, shh, shh. It’s alright baby. I gotcha, it’s gonna be okay. Just try to breathe okay? Let’s go up to my room and calm down okay?” I soothed, rubbing my hands up and down her spine.

“N-n-o-o. I ca-a-n’t. I have t-t-to stud-dy. I d-d-on’t get a-a-any t-thing!” she sobbed, yelling in frustration.

“It’s alright, we can study later. You need to take a break and calm down, hun. Come on, let;s go.” I said, quickly packing up her stuff into her bag. I slung her bag over my shoulder and gently pulled her hands away from her face. Her face was wet with tears, her cheeks red and blotchy, and her eyes were bloodshot and swollen. I pulled her up from her chair and picked her up off the ground. She wrapped her legs around my waist as she stuffed her face into my neck. My hands held her under her legs so I was holding her like a baby. I hurried out of the library and walked toward my dorm with a sense of urgency.

“Si-si-sirius?” Grace said, still crying fresh tears.

“Yeah baby?” I replied, rubbing one of my hands up and down her back in attempt to calm her.

“I’m s-s-so s-s-sor-r-ry!” she cried again, getting herself worked up once more.

“Hey, hey, hey. Don’t apologize for anything Grace. It’s all okay, you are allowed to get upset and cry hun. Don’t you ever worry, I’m gonna make everything okay, I promise. Let’s go up to my room, change into some comfy clothes, and we can lay down and relax.” I told her, holding her body closer to mine. She was still crying.

“O-o-o-k-kay.” she stuttered through her tears. I hummed in response and pressed a kiss to her head. I took as many shortcuts as I could and walked as fast as I could. A few minutes later, I reached the common room.

“Sirius mate! You’re back! We have this epic prank planned! You won’t even believe – woah. What happened?” James stopped suddenly in the middle of his sentence upon noticing Grace.

“Everything’s okay, she’s just a bit stressed. Um but don’t come up for another hour or so. I’m gonna try to calm her down and stuff.” I explained, glancing at my girlfriend who was still weeping softly.

“Yeah, of course mate. Take as long as ya need.” Remus nodded. I said a phrase of thanks and hurried up the the steps that lead to the dorm. I ran up to my shared room and headed inside. I closed the door and sat on my bed with my girlfriend still in my arms.

“Gracie? We’re alone now, I brought ya up to my room. Do you wanna tell me what’s happening?” I spoke softly, running my fingers through her hair.

“I haven’t been sleep and I have so much work with so much pressure to succeed. It’s just too much stress.” she explained, lifting her head from my neck. I reached up and wiped the tears from her face. She wasn’t sobbing anymore and her tears stopped flowing. Her breathing was still heavy.

“Well baby, why don’t we get changed into something comfy and get some tea to calm ya down some more okay? Then we can go get some sleep.” I said, pressing a light kiss to her forehead. Grave merely nodded in reply. It took a couple more minutes for her to calm down and slow her breathing to a normal rate. “You better now?” I asked.

“Yeah. I think I wanna take a shower, ya know, to try and relax a bit.” she sniffled.

“Whatever you want hunny. You can shower here and I’ll bring you some clothes to wear. I’ll ask Lily to grab you some stuff alright?” I told her. She leaned down and nodded against my chest.

“Alright. Thanks Sir. Towels in the closet?” she asked, leaning up and kissing my cheek.

“Yup, take all the time ya need.” I said. She nodded and got up, heading toward the bathroom. “I’ll pop in and drop off clothes when I get them.” I told her.

“Okay, I’ll leave the door unlocked.” she said. Grace took a brief pause before continuing. “Um, thank a lot for, ya know, all of this. It, uh, means a lot to mean and I’m sorry for being such a bother but, uh, thanks for caring for me anyways,” she stumbled, strands of her hair turned a dusty pink meaning love. I smiled and lightly kissed her.

“Hey, you aren’t a bother, you can always come to me with this kinda stuff baby. I don’t mind taking care of you, you take care of me everyday. I’m here anytime you need me hun. I love you.” I told her, pulling her close against my chest and holding her tightly.

“I love you too Sir.” she mumbled back, her face pressed against my sweater. She took another minute and another deep breath before getting up. I stood up as well and placed my hands in her hips. Her arms wrapped around my neck as I leaned down to kiss her once more. Our lips moved in sync as Grace moved her hands to behind my head. She lazily played with the hairs on the nape of my neck as I wrapped my arms tighter around her. Slowly, we pulled apart and rested our foreheads against each other for another moment or so.

“Alrighty, go get your butt in the shower, I’ll be back.’ I smiled, spinning her around toward the bathroom door. She giggled and made her way over.

“Okay, okay, jeez!” she laughed, faking defense. She then sent me one last grin and slipped behind the bathroom door. I stayed smiling at the door like a goon for another few minutes before leaving the dorm and softly closing the door behind me.

Together (Yondu x reader)

You messed up again. So bad that this time it wasn’t just the crew yelling at you but your Captain too, your lover. Standing in the middle of the room you listened to his rant without a word. Your eyes cast down at your feet knowing if you looked up and saw the familiar disappointment on his face you would break down right then and there. It had become a constant look on his face after every job. Normally it was just the crew that looked at you with foul gazes. Although they never said a word to you in front of Yondu when you were apart they made it very clear how much the despised you being there. The only one in the crew that even seemed to like you as Peter Quill, the young Terran Yondu had picked up a little while ago. 

“…The hell were ya thinkin’ girl! Ya that soft headed that ya couldn’t keep one little guard out?!” Yondu yelled. He glared down at the woman in front of him and saw her shake. Hearing her whimper an apology he took a deep breath. He didn’t want to yell at her like this but he had to keep his tough look in front of his crew. The other times he had let it go but this had cost them an big amount of credits. “Look at me!” he yelled and watched as her teary eyes met his. He could tell she was trying to hold them back, embarrassed to cry in front of everyone. Seeing the sadness in her eyes he tightened his jaw and let out a sigh, “Ya mess up again girl and yer gone!…Go on and get outta ere’.” he said and watched as a single tear fell and landed on the floor in front of him. She said nothing as she looked down and made her way out of the room. Once she was gone Yondu felt his lip twitch and glared at the rest of the crew, his anger from having to yell at his girl getting to him. “Well don’t cha fucks ave’ some work ta be doin’!” he growled and watched as they all quickly left the room. Looking down at the wet drop still on the floor Yondu furrowed his brows and took a deep breath. He’d give her time to cool down and then he’d go see her.

Going straight to your room you shut the door and threw yourself on the bed, crying into your pillow. Nothing ever changed. You could never do anything right before, what made you think you would be able to do things right as a ravager. Yondu had saved you from a slave auction. No one would buy you that day and after the auction was over your owner had taken you into one of the side alleys and started beating you. He said that you were too clumsy, too much of a fuck up to even sell at half price. When the whip went to land on your back again you heard a sharp whistle and looked up from your crouched position to see a blue male dressed in red leather standing at the end of the ally way. When he gave another whistle a arrow flew back towards him and he caught it with his hand. 

Yondu had been walking by when he heard the all to familiar sound of a whip and a small yelp. The two sounds that would never fully leave his mind. Looking down the dark ally way he saw a man standing above a crouched figure. The larger kree man raised his whip again and again and brought it down over the helpless creature. Feeling his blood boiling Yondu gave a whistle and sent his arrow through the kree’s chest. Once the man fell dead Yondu gave a second whistle calling his arrow back. Catching it he looked to the smaller person still curled up on the ground. When he saw it was a woman his eyes went wide. Slowly making his way over to her he watched as she backed away to the wall. Holding up his hands he showed her he meant no harm. “Hey there now. I ain’t gonna hurt ya girl. Whatcha name?” he asked and saw her eyes peek out at him.

Looking at the blue man you shook with fear. Swallowing hard you opened your mouth, “y/n.” you whispered.

Smiling Yondu dipped his head. “Well hello y/n. My name’s Yondu Udonta…”

That day he had invited you to come join his crew and be a ravager. It had not taken you long to fall for the man that had saved your life and before long he made you feel like your life was starting to look up. But no matter what the love you had for him couldn’t make you any more valuable. You still messed up on almost every job. You couldn’t fight. Couldn’t shoot and you were far too clumsy to sneak around. The only thing you were good at was fixing things but that was about it. It turns out everyone was right you were useless. Feeling your heart clench up you rolled over to look at the small figurine Yondu had gotten you on your last trip to Nowhere. It was a little earth creature known as a mermaid. They weren’t real apparently, just a made up story. She was delicate and beautiful… everything you were not. Feeling tears roll down your cheeks you heard as some one walked by your door. 

“…I don’t know why Yondu keeps the bitch around.” one man said only for another to chime in. “Yea be better off to put her off on the next stop.”. “Maybe if we’re lucky she’ll just off herself on the next heist.” He chuckled.

Hearing their words you gasped and felt your heart drop. Looking down you knew they were right. Yondu would be better off with out you here to mess everything up. Pulling out your halo pad you opened up a word document, 

Dear Yondu, 

Thank you so much for seeing the potential in me when others did not. I’m sorry I always messed everything up for you. I’m sorry I wasted your time. I did not deserve any of your effort. Please tell Peter thank you for being my friend. This is not your fault. Do not blame yourself, I’m just doing everyone a favor. I love you. 


Placing the pad on your side table beside the mermaid you stood from your bed. Whipping the tears away with your sleeve you opened the door and made your way down the hall towards the docking bay. 

Yondu waited long enough in his book. He went towards her room and knocked on the door. Hearing nothing he knotted his brows and went to the next door down. He didn’t knock as he opened the door to Peter’s room. 

“Hey! There’s a door for a reason!” Peter yelled crossing his arms over his chest.

Yondu growled at the boy and rolled his eyes. “Hush boy! My ship, my door. Where’s y/n at?” Yondu said.

“Why want to go kiss on her.” Peter laughed. 

“I’ll eat chu!” Yondu said before slamming the door shut and going back down to y/n’s door. Knocking again he still heard nothing and gave a sigh before opening the door and walking in. Seeing the room empty and dark he furrowed his brows. The only light was coming from her halo pad that was still on. Walking over he saw something written on it and lifted it up to read. reading the words Yondu’s heart dropped to his stomach and the pad fell to the floor. Running from the room Yondu made his way down the hall, shoving people out of the way. 

You looked out at the empty space and felt as another tear fell from your eye. Stepping into the airlock you took one last breath before bringing your shaking hand up and pressing the button. Suddenly all the gravity was gone and you couldn’t breath. It was freezing and your lungs felt like they were getting crushed. Closing your eyes you imagined Yondu, his smile, his touch.

Getting to the docking bay Yondu ran over and looked out into space to see y/n floating. Her hair turning into a halo around her and ice quickly forming on her skin. “NOOOOO!” he yelled. Grabbing the closest mask he stepped into the airlock and smashed his hand over the button. Using the rockets to get over to her he pulled her into his arms and flew them back over to the door. Once they were back inside he threw off the mask and rockets and looked down at her. Her skin was freezing and drained. “No. No. No baby.” he mumbled. Placing his ear on her chest he heard nothing and started to panic. Opening her mouth he leaned down to breath air into her lungs. Pushing on her chest he felt his own heart about to beat out of his rib cage. “COME ON! BREATH!” he yelled down at her. Giving her more air he heard her cough and suck in air. Her eyes only fluttered for some time and he heard her whisper his name before she fell unconscious. Lifting her up he carried her towards his own room. Laying her on the bed he grabbed the oxygen tank out of the hall and placed the mask over her mouth. Pulling up a chair he sat beside the bed and waited for her to wake up.

Your chest felt like it was on fire as you woke up. Opening your eyes you looked around you to see you were not in your own room, but Yondu’s. Many times you had been in here and wondered if this is what your afterlife looked like. It would make since, his room, with him was the only place you ever felt happiness. Where you ever felt loved. When your eyes roamed over to meet red ones your past thoughts of this being the after life was diminished. Yondu sat in a leather chair by the bed with a hard glare on his face. His jaw was tightened but his eyes held nothing but worry.

Seeing her awake Yondu felt relief wash over him but it was quickly replaced with anger. “were ya thinkin’ girl?” he growled. Seeing as her eyes again began to water for the second time today he remembered all that had happened and let out a deep breath. This all had happened because she was sad… sad enough to end her own life. Knowing he needed to take a gentler approach to this he leaned to rest his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands. Rubbing over his scared face for a moment to calm down he looked back up to see her eyes cast down. Sighing he moved to lay beside her, pulling her into his arms he let her bury her face into his chest. He rubbed the back of her head and neck as she cried. “Shh it’s gonna be alright darlin’. We’ll get through this together.”

Hearing his words you nuzzled into his neck and fisted your hands into his shirt, afraid this may all just be a mirage. One last trick this life had to pull on you.

Kissing the top of her head Yondu closed his eyes, “I love ya too." 

With those three words you knew this had to be real, even if your wildest dreams you never could think of him loving you. Feeling him kiss the top of your head you knew he was telling the truth and that with time and his help you could get through this.


Get Up (Daveed Diggs × Reader )


(Y/N): Your name

(H/L): Hair length

(H/C): Hair color

(E/C): Eye Color

(H/S): Hairstyle

(S/T): Skin tone

(N/N): Nickname

(L/N): Last name


(Y/N) and Daveed are rival aspiring recording artist trying to make it big in the hood. But, Daveed is also a drug dealer to make money and pay his rent. (Y/N) is a dancer for music videos on the side.

AU: Inner City/ Hood Au

Warnings: Cursing, Sexual Clipping. Lyrics, Sexual humor, Sexual behavior, mentioning of drugs and alcohol, use of drugs.

Word Count:2,842 (It’s a lot lovelies)


 Beep beep! Beep beep!

  Daveed was sprawled across his bed as his alarm went off.  He groaned and rose up from his current position. He scratched his head and mindlessly turned off his alarm clock.

“Fuck….What time is it….?” He turns his head and sees that it’s already 9:30 pm. As he picked up his phone, the screen lit up with several text alerts.

Rafa- Yo, D! Are we still up for working on that song you were writing @ the studio? Groff is buying us some studio time! [8:00 am]

Ant- Daveed, do you got what I need? I’ll be there when you call. You have till 3:45 pm sharp. My boss will kill me if I don’t have it.😫[8:30 am]

Groff- You on your way? Studio opens in 15min.[9:05am]

Rafa- Also I got us a performance for an opening act at the club for some chick new to the game, but it starts at 4:30 pm! Our first gig up we gotta be there on time!![9:10]

“Shit, I’m late!”

He picks up his backpack, his pen, a little black notebook, his glasses, his phone, one bag filled with Molly, another filled with cocaine, and finally a bag filled with weed. He jumped out of his apartment window and ran five blocks to get to the studio.

As soon he got to the studio he looked across the street. Across the street, there was a rival studio that opened up. The building looked clean and modern. But in an inner city grudge way. He sees a group of girls, four girls to be exact. They all gossiped amongst themselves but one out of the four girls caught his eye. She had (H/L) (H/C) in an (H/S), her skin was a perfect (S/T) that complimented her beautiful (E/C). She was quite voluptuous and had a curvy figure. He found himself checking her out. One of her friends tapped her shoulder and pointed to Daveed.


Philippa smirked and whispered to (Y/N).

“Ya know (N/N), he’s pretty hot….” She turns around noticed that Daveed was checking her out.

“And it seems like you are his type.~” Philippa taps (Y/N). (Y/N) turns around and puts her hands on her hips. (Y/N) looks at Daveed, checking him out for a quick second. Daveed smirks and winks at her suggestively. She blushes and quickly turns away.

“H-He is pretty handsome, but he is part of Lin Star Studios. It won’t work out.” Jasmine rolls her eyes.

“You would probably bang him if he was in our studio.” Renee giggles and walks up the staircase to the door.

“C’mon girls we’re gonna be late.” Jasmine, Renee, and Philippa continue up the stairs. (Y/N) looked back at Daveed. She winks at him and blows a kiss at him. Daveed smirks and catches it. He blows a kiss back.  Jasmine looks back and shouts at (Y/N).

“(N/N), you coming?”

(Y/N) shouts back, “Yea! I’m coming!”

(Y/N) runs up the stairs and waves Daveed goodbye. Daveed checks her out as she walks off. Rafa grabs Daveed’s shoulder and pulls him to look at him. Rafa punches his shoulder.

“D, where the hell have you been!?”

Daveed smiled and punches his shoulder in return.

“Late start. Couldn’t bring myself to get up. Now let’s get to the studio. I have a finished song.“

“But what the other song?”

“That one will have to take a while.”


Daveed walks into the studio and Jonathan looked at him in pure acrimony. His face was as red as a tomato.

“D!!! What the hell is up with you and being on time!”

“I was writing a song but it’s not finished.”

Rafa rolls his eyes heavily.

“You said you have 2 songs!”

“The first one is currently being on hold! I had a burst of…”

He began to think about (Y/N). Her curves, her flawless (S/T), and her (H/L) (H/C). The more he thought about the more lustful his thoughts would become he instantly came up with a song. It may have been a bit explicit but it was his first performance. Go big or go home.


Daveed sits down at his desk and instantaneously write erotic and coarse verses in his notebook. He creates a title that gives the song justice. “Hot Fuck, No Love”.

“Ayo Rafa!!! Can you make me a beat in about a half an hour?”

Rafa’s eyes widen in horror.

“Thirty minutes!?! D, I know you can rush when you get inspiration but this is insane!”

“I’m a busy guy and we need this done quick! This is the opening act for tonight’s show.”

“Alright D, I’ll try! But no promises it’s gonna be in 30 minutes on the dot!”

Daveed smiles as he walks into the recording studio and he puts on his headphones.


 Jasmine, Philippa, and  (Y/N) Walk out the dance studio sweating and practically gasping for air. They were working on the choreography for (Y/N)’s first ever show as a recording artist. Philippa choreographed it, and Jasmine added some finishing touches to make the dance as clean and attractive as possible.

“Damn that choreo took us forever.” Philippa wiper several beads of sweat off her forehead. She takes a quick sip from her water bottle and sighs in relief.

Jasmine sat down in a seat in the break room.

“You’re telling me! Besides, you made the choreo to easy and childish. (Y/N) is now 22, Remember? She’s a grown woman! She should be able to choreo that’s a bit more complex and….Explicit~”

(Y/N) sighs in relief and giggles.

“Thanks for helping me out girls it really means a lot to me! You guys are experienced artist taking time out of your day to help me out!”

Philippa smiles and Jasmine gets up and hugs her.

“But we are also your best friends,” Jasmine stated with a smile.

“And best friends are always there for each other!”

Philippa piggybacked on what Jasmine said with a kind smile that caused her cheeks to become rosy. She checks her watch and sighs.

“Hey, Jasmine! We gotta go! We can’t be late for studio time! The song is due tomorrow!!”

Jasmine quickly gets up and runs to the studio.

“Well, what are we waiting for let’s go!! See ya (Y/N)! Your first ever session starts in 10 minutes! Don’t be late!”

“Trust me I won’t! See ya!”


   (Y/N) boils some water in a kettle on a hot plate to make herself some tea. Renee walks up to her with two mugs and honey for their tea.

“Hey (N/N), how is your performance set coming along? You’ve been working on that for weeks!”

“It’s going well…Well..I guess…I’m just really nervous!! It’s my first ever performance with the first songs I’ve ever written!!! None of them were recorded yet! I mean what if I fuck up the tempo! What if the tracks get lost! And don’t get me started on the choreo!!”

Renee giggles and puts her hand on her shoulder. She looks into her eyes and smiles.

“(Y/N), listen to me. I recommended you for a reason. You are extremely talented and pretty experienced on the mic for a fresh out of the hood artist with no training. And your singing voice is just to die for. The R&B and Hip Hop game alike need more females like you! You will do great! Now drink your tea and get in the recording studio! You gotta record your songs before you perform, honey! Also, you have to go shopping with Jazzy right after! Remember we have a schedule!”

(Y/N) smiles. Renee was always there for her when it came to her music. They were close ever since they were kids. She always knew what to say.

“Thanks, ReRe.”

She pours her piping hot water into her cup and makes her tea.

“I think I’m ready to record my first ever set, Renee!”

“That’s what I’m talking about, (N/N)! Let’s get in the studio!”


“Alright, Alright!!! What’s up party people!?”

      The club was packed and the crowd goes wild as while the MC rallies the crowd up! Young women and men are screaming for Daveed. Some were chanting his name, others were saying things that you probably shouldn’t say in public.  Talent scouts came to the club for Rising Stars night. Once a week aspiring recording artist who were trying to make it big would perform a set that contains 6 songs. They were looking for young men and women between the ages of 17-25 who can sing, and/or rap their hearts out and who age well.

  Luckily, Daveed and (Y/N) fit the criteria.

  Daveed just turned 24 about month ago but he was writing verses since he was 18 years old. He would rap along to gangsta rap songs as a kid. He looks a fairly young and had an amazing body.

   (Y/N) just turned 22 about a month and a half ago. As a birthday present, she got a top of the line laptop with music creating software and a notebook for songwriting. She has been singing since she was 4 years old and dancing since she was 6. She looks like she is still 18 and is extremely curvy.

Rafa took out his computer as he walked over to Daveed with the file for the instrumental open.

“It’s all done and edited for ya D!”

“Thanks, Rafa! How does the crowd look?”

Rafa looks at the crowd from backstage.

“Packed and ready for a show.”

“Good. I’m ready to deliver that show.”

Rafa laughs and punches his shoulder.

“Aight. You’re on man!”


“Now introducing, tonight’s opening act, Daveed Diggs!”

Daveed walks into the stage and waved at the crowd. Jasmine smirked and pointed on stage.

“Ayo, (Y/N)! Your boyfriend is the opening act. It must be a good sign!~ You better bring it tonight!”

(Y/N) blushed as Daveed walked onstage stopping at up center stage. He turned around and sees (Y/N). He winks at her and smirks.

Daveed began to think about  (Y/N ) again while he was on stage. He thought of the lustful inspiration that drove him to create his song. He breathed in and looked up at the crowd. He began to rap his first of the verse of his song.

“Finger on the button.

That Cold War threat.

Finger on the button.

Got that lover in a cold sweat.”

Some members of the audience were in awe at the fact he could rap, other were bumping and grinding up against the person next to them. Talent scouts were taking notes on Daveed. He continued to perform and he turned his head to (Y/N)’s direction. He sees her dancing, swaying her hips in a hypnotic motion. He smirks and walks off, still rapping but is staring (Y/N) dead in eyes. Like a lion looking at his mate.

“Your loving on such and such

And so what is love?

It’s just a frame of mind

And boxed in by sex,”

His hands trace (Y/N)’s curves and hold on her hips as they swayed from behind her. Her hands wrapped his neck as she swayed her hips back and grinds up against him. His lips brushed up against her ear as he continued to rap. His tone changed to seductive and flirtatious.

“It’s toxic

And the single is intoxicating

And all the waiting and masturbating

The dick is chafing

Where’s the lotion?~”

As his performance came to a close, he walked back up onto the stage. As the outro of the song, rolled in he walked off the stage winking at  (Y/N).


Jasmine and Renee are giggling and teasing (Y/N) [Who is currently red in the face] while Philippa does her makeup.

“Soo…(Y/N)….And Daveed… ~”

Renee chuckles at the thought and (Y/N) blushes and sighs.

“It was probably just for show.”

“Or it’s a good luck charm from the sex gods” Jasmine chimes in, giggling.

Philippa rolls her eyes.

“You guys are such children. Let’s just focus on the gig for now. When we get to (Y/N)’s place to chill, we can talk about Daveed, the god of rap and sex. Alright?”

Philippa had a smirk as she finished (Y/N)’s makeup and addressed the girls.


The MC began to speak again as (Y/N) walked towards the stage. Daveed passed (Y/N) whispered in her ear.

“Good luck, beautiful~”


“Introducing, (Y/N) (L/N)!!!”

She walked on stage while she received at cat calls from Daveed, other men and some women in the crowd. Several teens who snuck in the club look at her in awe. She took a deep breath and began to sing.

(The song you are singing is called Gangsta by Kehlani)

“I need a Gangsta

To love me better

Than all the others do.

To always forgive me

Ride or die with me

That’s just what gangsta’s do.”

Everyone in the audience stared at you in awe, especially Daveed. Talent scouts quickly took notes. She danced and swayed to the beat in perfect timing. She noticed Daveed’s eyes grazing over her body. She walked downstage and gets on all fours crawling across the stage towards Daveed. She gets up and bends down to be at Daveed’s eye level. (Y/N) lifted up his chin and begins to sing once again. Her voice is sweet, seductive and alluring while she sings to Daveed.

“My freakness is on the loose

And running all over you~

Please take me to places, that nobody,

Nobody knows.

You got me hooked up on the feeling!

You got me hanging from the ceiling

Got me up so high I’m barely breathing

So don’t let me, don’t let me, don’t let me,

Don’t let me go~”

(Y/N) gets up and walks downstage and finished her first song, leaving Daveed mesmerized. Throughout (Y/N)’s set, Daveed couldn’t help but stare. He felt like he was on Molly, weed and LSD all at once ever since she looked at him and vice versa. When (Y/N) finally ended her performance, she blew a kiss at Daveed and that what got him going. His heart began to race and he felt like he was on Cloud Nine until Rafael grabbed his shoulder.

“Ayo D you did great!! The scouts look impressed.”

“Huh?! O-Oh yea! Thanks man! Wanna head back to my place? I gotta some Hennessey!”

“Sure man!”

Rafa and Daveed walked outside only to see a limo waiting for them.

A medium lengthed hair man and a dark suit walked out of the limo. The man has a kind smile.


“Lin!! What are you doin’ here?”

“I heard today was your first show from one of my people. But I’m also here for my…..Stuff.”

Lin was the most powerful and well known mafia boss in the city and Daveed was his dealer. But nobody was scared of him. He is more kind than menacing. He anonymously donates millions of dollars to orphanages and charity. He loves children and classic oldies. He was a gentle soul but if you get him pissed you better pray. He once had hired someone to kill a man since he doesn’t like blood on his hands. He owns Lin Star studios to give him a cover up.

Daveed smiles and puts his hands in his pockets.

“Yea I got your stuff but how are you gonna pay me back.”

“I’ll pay you back based on the quality and quantity. Besides I wanted to throw you a celebration for you performance. Ya know as a late birthday present from your old pal.”

“Aight, man. It’s a deal.”

Lin hands the weed to Oak and the Molly to Anthony to try. Lin rolled up a hundred dollar bill for the cocaine. The three men tried it all at once. They all nodded in approval.

“Alright…I’ll throw a party at your place, give you a ride home, unlimited studio time, and about $230 bucks.”


“Good. Now you and your friend get in the car. I may have a hella lot of money but no enough time. That unfortunately I cannot buy.”

anonymous asked:

Ok your junkrat scenarios are like the best overwatch imagine I've ever stumbled upon, may I ask for a scenario how the little girl acts and how junkrat is when they all are in overwatch and she's allowed to go because junkrat and (road hog hopefully he's more fond of her) are like ok no we taking her with us. Thank you so much!!💜

I’m so happy you like them!! They’re so freaking cute to write Junkrat loves his daughter.

(His horrible thought came to mind that now Junkrat’s daughter is back in society, away from the radiated outback, what if they try to convince him to give her up, either to the state or a regular family. Like, they try to explain that she’ll have a nice normal life now that she’s here but he has to say goodbye. Omgno)

“No kids.” The grumpy old white haired man firmly says with his arms crossed. “A high tech facility full of weapons isn’t a place meant for kids. It’s too dangerous.”

Junkrat looks at 76 like he’s just grown a third AND a fourth head. “Well, we ain’t comin’ unless she comes wit us. That’s the deal. There’s the door if ya ain’t happy.”

Both look to Roadhog then, to which the hog just crosses his arms, heaving out, “The kid comes too. Take it or leave it.”

The man sighs heavily and his shoulders sag. “Fine.”


When Junkrat tells you that the three of you are moving, you’re kind of anxious. A new place means new dangers and new enemies that you know nothing about. But, when you voice your worries to him, Jamison promises that he’ll keep you safe.

“You’ll get to find new places for ya blankets. There’s also a lot of pretty things to see, and there’s nothin’ wrong with the water so ya can learn how to swim.” he says, “plus they’ve got a lot of food for ya to enjoy.”

So, just because Jamison promises that it’ll be fun, you bundle up whatever items you have and move into the new Overwatch base without complaint; which makes Roadhog quite happy. However, upon seeing the huge intimidating building and walking down its brightly lit, stark white walls, you can’t seem to find the fun just yet. Does your dad feels as dirty as you all of the sudden? Looking back, you see that you’re actually leaving a faint trail of footprints behind you and you quickly snap your attention forward, pretending that you didn’t see anything.

You don’t have shoes, always kick Junkrat in the face when he tries to make you, so your little feet make soft smacks against the ground with every step. It feels weird but much better then dirt and gravel, so there’s a plus. You, Junkrat, and Roadhog are left to settle into your new living space. It’s bare and cold, like most new places.

Roadhog can see the discomfort on your face, so he says, “Why don’t you go find some hiding spots around the room. You need them.” He hands you several fresh blankets and pillows. “Take these.”

You nod and drag them after you as you begin to search. And in the end, it’s actually is quite fun. Junkrat finds a good corner to set up in and you soon follow after him, laying out your things under the tables and trying to get things somewhat similar to what they use to be. After that, you find two other places; one in the large gap between the two couches pushed together at the ends, and another under the cupboard in the bathroom. Junkrat let you take the doors off so you don’t have to worry about opening and closing them too!

Roadhog even let you have a space in his new room, in his unused closet, but that’s only for special occasions.

At bath time that night, as Junkrat sits next to the tub, fiddling with something in his hands, you scrub your hair and play with the bubbles. Baths are freaking weird. You’re so use to just quickly washing off with a hose, only using the water for stuff like that every once in a while.

“What'cha think about this place, darl’?” he asks, not looking up from the gadget.

You shrug before sculpting a nice bubble beard around your chin. “It’s okay. The floor is really cold through. I like my new hiding places.”

“That’s good! And the floor won’t be so cold if ya wore socks and shoes. I keep tryin’ to tell ya.”

You lift your foot out of water soapy water and wiggle your little toes, sticking your tongue out at him.

“Smart arse,” he laughs. “What do ya say to getting some new snacks for your hideaways after ya bath?” He looks to you and cackles at the sight of your nice beard. “Can I have one too?”

You nod and he leans down on the edge of the tub for you to apply the suds to his chin. He gets a nice beard but not as nice as yours, of course.

Once the water turn cold, you climb out and get dressed. And when you’re ready, you hold out your hand for Junkrat to take, like normal.

“Let go get some grub! And I promise, the people here are gonna treat ya nice.”

Starry Eyes - part 07

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A task force was quickly assembled.

North’Ark was part of the unit. Their orders were clear: Get in, kill everyone, find the prisoner, and get out. The shaman sharpened his axes and gave offerings to the elements to pray for their safe return. Once that was done, he prepped Icefang with a war saddle. He glances over at One-Ear and Firemane. Neither wore a saddle, or any other sign that they were tamed. North’Ark remembered the first time he had seen Kelutra fight mounted. She had been astride Black-Ember, and they had been so in tune with each other that no saddle or reins were necessary. They simply moved like a single unit, all communcation done through weight and touch and subconscious understanding. He was envious. Both were children of Warsong, but only she could fight like one.

The horn sounded, and he mounted up, followed by Kelutra’s worgs. The troop was mainly composed of Horde soldiers, though some Alliance and Demon Hunters had joined. Korrash was leading the host, and they moved out.

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playing melbourne tonight. spent the afternoon exploring the city & talking about solar eclipses & drinking water from glass bottles

see ya at howler for the show